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Has anyone already built a bug out place? Problems? Answers?

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Yes this would be cool to hear about, also if you have built one picutres would be excellent! too bad I don't live near any abanded missles silos, that would be ideal for a pre made bug out location...unless the soviets haven't updated their strike locations on their guidance systems. =(

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I have built on land in sand on the sea under the sea

in the flood plane on a cliff in the air and I do not know where,

ever heard the cry of the lost dookie bird ..... or the fukarwe indians


you need to more specific how large is it permanent does it need to be moved


portable rigid or flexible roll up wiring plumbing AC heat


how many what the terrain like are there trees how tall or grass what kind of earth


how far down to bedrock camouflage needed hard or flexible roof


for a small phenomenal fee I can LOL


any way there ya go..

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the problem is not enough money for me. I have delusions of gradeur and wanted more than my pocket book could afford. That said dont try to do it all at once. Take a step at a time and its doable. The old saying how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time comes to mind.

Also build bigger than you think you need. You can never have enough space for all your stuff. And as soon as you fill up one part you will buy more stuff and fill that too. And think about if you have a group or family who will be coming to use the bug out location. They will need space to preposition items and for things they bring with them too.

Think NO POWER, solar or wind or hydro power with battery backups for led lighting, fans, battery chargers, etcetc. All things you need to think about. How will you pump water, lights, heat, cooking, washing, medical, etcetc when there is no power.

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I believe that too many people believe that a ‘Bug out Place’ has to be something like a fortified piece of land containing bunkers and the like.


Having the fortifications may be all right for some but we believe that in times of hardship the people who would be prepared to work together for the common good would outnumber those who wanted to isolate themselves from others.


It must also be remembered that a fortification may be ideal for keeping people out but it can also become a prison because those outside have a really good chance of keeping you inside as prisoners in your own fortification. Having fortifications attracts the attention of neighbours and before long the whole district usually knows that there is an ‘Oddball” in the area.


We live on 16 hectare rural property in a mud brick house with enough arable land and good water supply that allows us, at the present time, to grow a large percentage of our food and provide us with the greater part of our firewood supply. We have an underground shelter that can be used as either a fire or storm refuge and our property cannot be flooded out.


Although we live entirely off the grid and have our own solar power system we are also geared up to live entirely without mains electricity. Electricity in times of societal breakdown will neither feed nor clothe you.


We practice successional planting with the vegetables and this eliminates the need to store many of them that we grow and by growing a larger than usual number of different vegetables it allows us to have a good diet all year round.


Our nearest town is about ten kilometres away and has most of the services and shops that we need. We know or know of most of the people that live within 30 to 50 kilometres of us and if ever the system as we know it failed we feel that we would be safe here because most of the other people would end up having the same problems as we would have.


If you want to survive any situation you should already be living where you believe that you have a very good chance of doing so and have the available ground to supply you with most, if not all, of your food supplies as well as water and fuel.

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yoyo & Bazza your both on track.


build out of found free material cut offs of metal buildings sheets wood pallets {remember to treat the wood so it wont rot}


make some home made brick blocks if you have clay and dried grass you can make adobe bricks just need to have a wide enough roof in areas to keep rain from splashing and washing out the sides or paint it with waterproof latex.


check your laws private signs off road ways are free game as they are not on private property they are not legal

are a violation of law you can take them railroad easement is used and the railroad ignores these as long as it does not

interfere with passing trains but there again it's free wood.


and think A frame and packed dirt / clay floors retained by a perimeter of stones.


there are a ton of ways to build for free or on the cheap ask to do cleanup on construction sights make sure you take only what your suppose to it can turn into a continuing deal.

ask for bricks and blocks left after the home is complete or sold or old piles of these.


many times the only thing stopping you is asking the right person or asking period many old buildings have parking lots

the owner want's cleaned but cannot afford it if your willing to make and sign a self insured notice and do it for what you can

garnish from selling the scrap or using it you may get the contract.


Pride cometh before the fall I will dumpster dive for stuff and a lot of it has value old store displays etc I have sold a ton of

old clothes racks to garage sale businesses.


salvaged wrecks and whatever it takes to make a dollar do I like it NO not really but if I have a goal be damned if I won't find a way to accomplish it if I need money for X I will try to find it some way some how.


and the great part is anyone can sometimes you have to be willing to do what no one else will and keep your word and do it

like you would want it done and be gracious honest and respectful those keys open many doors and keep you in good favor

with those you trade or do business with.

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