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You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good knife.

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I will admit it right up frond...My name is Dan and I am a knife addict! There that is out of the way. I have WAAAAAAY to many knives and can't resist them. I probably buy a new one on average about every 5 to 7 days.


There are a lot of cheap knives out there. In many cases you get what you pay for but then in the case of most expensive knives that is NOT true as far as usability. A Good expensive knife is probably only a little bit better than a moderately priced knife. You are paying for art and that is a different thing. For some of us well made tools are a high art form and we will pay for that high level of quality even though functionally it is little better than a knife that is 10 to 20 percent of the cost. I LOVE Damascus!!


My newest knife is an excellent example of the knife makers art of simplicity and function. It is light, razor sharp, good quality high carbon steel, reasonably attractive and tough and cost 12 bucks.


If I was looking for a nice locking folder for someone I would seriously look at these. They are one of the few that offer the Carbon and stainless options. I don't know about their stainless but the carbon knife came very sharp. I whuped it on my steel, slapped it on a strop a few times to clean the edge and it shaved smooth almost like a straight razor.


The knife is made in France by a company called Opinel It has a Beech handle with a metal two piece collar. When you open the knife you twist the collar and it locks the blade open. When you close it you twist the collar the other way and that locks it closed. The only metal is in the collars, the hinge pin and the blade so it is very light weight and pocket friendly.


It makes me thing of my old Case Sodbusters which were much like them in size and shape but weighed a lot more and didn't lock. They come in sizes from tiny to too big for a pocket and for the price are one of the best buys out there in folding pocket knives. They are a little like a Mora. They aren't intended to impress anyone...just work well and not cost an arm and a leg.


Look at them on Amazon. Look up Opinel Knife.

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To me the purpose and use of a folder is a mostly different area than a good fixed blade knife. The advantage of a folder is that you can have it WITH you all the time. Since I was 7 years old and my Dad gave me my first knife I have carried a knife. Without it I feel just totally Naked. What I carry has changed over the years but there has always been a good knife in my pocket. I would be in trouble now if I was a kid in school. I carried a Buck 110 in my right hip pocket all through high school!! An Old Timer Stockman has ridden there a lot, Case Sobbusters are an old favorite, as have been several Kershaw assisted openers. Right now I'm carrying a Leatherman Freestyle.


Sheath knives are for woods running. My old favorite was my Dad's Kabar that he brought home from WW2. I also have the Kabar short that is just like it only a smaller blade.  I have a big Buck 119 and the smaller 102 Woodsman. Mora, Cold Steel and Shrade are well covered. My real favorites though are the ones t hat I have made over the years. My first one and still one of my favorite is a smaller Bowie that I forged from an old file. I even machined a blood groove in it like the Kabar before I rehardened and tempered it.


Too me even the fixed blade knives fall into two categories. After the belt knife I want a big "knife". The Kukri is a favorite but a good Cold Steel Machete is hard to argue with. I live in a jungle sort of place and need the machete more than an ax most of the time...besides it is fun waving a big old blade around. Cold Steel alows me to do this on a budget. I love the Katana Machete. I turned it into a hand and a half by triming that ugly long handle down and it balances a lot better. The Cutlass is fun but my wrist isn't as strong as it used t o be. I usually have the Cold Steel Bowie machete on my back on the side of my pack. It is shorter but still big enough to do the deed whether it is chopping or battoning.

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Good stuff and I am a knife addict too.


I know it may seem strange but some Chinese and Pakistani knifes are OK for their price range like 10 bucks with a sheath and full tang.

Only have a couple of requirements that it is full tang and a blade minimum of 7 inches and durable I can deal with the rest.


one I have on every key ring is a Swiss army Classic I carry at least one other folder larger but both are in the edge chain.


like the food cahin you need more than one to be useful more like 4 small medium large and HONKIN" the honkin' are machetes or mini chetes

as they have over 12 inch blades so not a Bowie but not a machete either.

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