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IPSC. power factor ( minor or major )

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125 minum is required for minor division, up to 164 power factor. Past that it becomes major division.

165 minum is required for major division for power factor.

Bullet weight times FPS divided by 1000


9mm... 124grain X 1157 fps = 143,468 divided by 1,000 = 143.4 Minor.

40 s&w 180grain X 1013 fps = 182,340 divided by 1,000 = 182.3 Major.

38spl 158grain X 863 fps = 136,354 divided by 1,000 = 136.3 Minor.

357 mag 125grain X 1333 fps = 166,625 divided by 1,000 = 166.6 Major.

45 acp 230grain X 858 fps = 197,340 divided by 1,000 = 197.3 Major.


IPSC means ( International Practical Shooting Confederation ) for those that do not know.

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back when they started that I quit all competition matches.

Unless that formula was factoring knocking down steel plates and a specific distance all I saw was a way for people with money to control the membership and winners.

yuppies rub their sh*t all over everything nothing fun or happy is ever safe from a friggin yuppie.


Tests have shown the 357 mag is the selfdefense and urban combat winner and yet it is not highest on the list

the 22 has killed more people than any other round and yet I saw a youtube video of some selfdefense guru that said he could not find the eveidence

even from the fbi REALLY so the caliber and firearm is never listed in murder statistics LMAO.


Numbers do not impress me for a number of reasons sometimes you do not have options your in your home office and all you have in there is a 22 what are you going to do sit down and cry ?


Anytime some group adds international as the first word in their club you can count on the fact they do not want any hillbillies or rubes in their play pen and they start adding rules on everything including apparel come out wearing military BDU's and watch the fun.


It is the MAJOR that brought about the 10MM and the 45 GAP  40 S&W high pressure cartridges that filled a hole were there was none

every stinking rag that called itself a gun magazine had a flowing fight about knock down power and MAJOR and 45 over 22 in a gunfight.

and I made money hand over fist from building custom crap trigger jobs milling drilling and grinding a perfectly good gun into junk.

people were blowing up 38 super guns trying to make major TOO FUNNY.


then we had shok buffers and dampened recoil  rods vented barrels hula hoops and herpes what a world full of people chasing their tail.

I am now proud to say I am NOT a member of any organization group or in affiation with any segment of freaks geeks straigts queens debutants or friends of the  pussywillow not interested don't GAFF I do not take mail from any or want any and and am on the do not call list.

You will not find any stickers on my vehicles I do not wear coroprate emblems in as much as possible.


Practical shooting HUMMM let me think what is practical about shooting on a range a bunch of ammo and get no meat for the table

practical would mean you get something out of it and what you get is nervous ticks that do not apply to self defense or are detremental to self defense like slide racking clearing presentation waiting for a buizzer starting from a certain position shooting from a specific or learned stance

it is repressive it retards certain capabilities and represses other knowledge in fact forbids it.


then there are a hundred others including mounted cowboy action shooting benchrest shooters  ATA, IDPA,  NSSA ISSF LMAO

the Chinese have a shooting team from a country that does not allow a citizen to own a gun now that funny as hell.

Even Air rifles are now having associations and confederations too funny.

I always wondered if your at home and you get broke into and your a cowboy mounted guy do you have a saddle in every room

so you can get ready to shoot the dastardly intruder ?


Well I am kidding but some of this goes a bit far and some is for fun but mostly I find that poor people can't afford to do sh*t any more because of yuppies have screwed it up we used to go shooting rats at the dump when I was a kid now you have to have parental oversight and owners do not allow citizens on the property and you cannot have a pistol under 21 or a rifle under 18.

unless you own a lot of land you cannot shoot at home you cannot shoot inside in a city that has any ordanances against

discharging a firarm even if it is only wax bullets.


I don't have a need to prove anything I don't have space for medals  ribbons or palques especially for trophies I threw all that out years ago and all I got since.

I remember when I got out of the service in the early 70's  I piled all my sh*t up in the parking lot of LAX and burned it.  now all I have to have are my birth cirtificate, passport SS card V.A. card, a debit card DD-214 and a fishing  hunting trapping &  operators licenses and insurance card  OH BOY AM I FREE OR WHAT :lol:  YEA it's times like this I tell the whole world to jump up and kiss mine.


OK let's hear it


Ameica the beautiful, the home owners assciation won't let you paint your house unless it meet their requirments.


don't let your septic tank go bad if so then your paying out your azz for sewer water and trash

from sea to shining sea.

the water rights are not your own LALALALA LA LA

did you forget to pay your light bill that your taxes paid for the nuclear plant and tax deferrals for LALA LALA LA

and brother hood

And killed the coal, mining  and Oil jobs lala la la la laaaaaaa

now you can't even make a fire in a park unless you bring your own wood

lala lala la la lala from sea to shining sea

the snail darter and spotted owl have more rights than you lala la la lala la la




NO I mean it,  the end is coming when I don't know how long it's anyones guess it is very sad to me at least .


You know how you eat something bad and you throw it up and you start to feel better ?  well thats what I feel about

my life all the old actors that I thought well of now I see are freaks and loons weirdo's and worse.

too bad you can't puke up bad memories.


The Indians the men hunted fished and defended and the women did the gathering child rearing nurturing

cooking and making little indians and it was good then the white man came along and thought he could make it better ?

Before 1929 there were no land taxes no wage tax no hunting trapping or fishing licenses no driving licenseses

no pilots licenses you could drink in public smoke anywhere fight if you felt like it maybe a small fine

and someone thought they could make it better REALLY look around and plase tell me where in the hell is it better ?


when I was a kid we dreamed of all that we have now and did not realize that I wished now we never got it.

we could dream of places never seen by man now that is not possible we could see places few if any white man had ever seen

not so any more we would fly in rocket cars in the year 1980 LMAO

no more wars no bigotry no hate the United nations was going to solve all our problems science and nature in harmony

what a crock of sh*t

And the real funny part is we still do not know who shot Kennedy or if a youtube video caused Benghazi 

rules yea I gave them up.

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Hey what ever floats your boat their snake.

IPSC is not for everyone.

From what I know it's not a yuppie sport.

Most of the people that I know that partisapate are not rich by any means.

Their is a difference between hunting & a shooting sport & some seem to think that iPSC is a waste of time & money.

To each their own & what is best for their own needs & wants.

I never frown on others as to what they do or like to do, it's their choice & none of my business and I will leave it at that.

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yeah snake a lot of the old actors turned out to be commie loons really makes me sad...I hear you man the sh*t just keeps rolling down on us everyday and it wont stop unless something goes BOOM!

but take heart it aint over till the fat lady sings...

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well at least I do not feel alone in my assumptions and that makes me feel less out there,  and nothing really wrong with IPSC

or any other club I know some of any group are stick in the mud types and most are great people just out trying to have a good time.


It is just that I remember how nit picky and almost bragard a few were waring IZOD one of my favorite brands I do like quality

but somehow they smeared it it was not all wealthy people I have to apoligise but the few were real hard to stomach.

could not hit the barn if locked inside and come in after a match complaining about something or what they read

about some genious smith in Cali  I got a little red under the collar and told one to send his gun to Clark or Wilson.


I loved the shop surrounded by hunting and fishing gear the fire pit we called it was a pipe with sand and foam in the corner of a concrete room

we had to test all weapons never a repair to come in or go out or go out for sale that was not test fired the first for our protection the last for theirs.

I had tried for a few years to get on there I had worked another shop I made ok money but not as much as my other professions but man I really loved it and when someone would come in and foul the air it would really wrankle me as 99% of others loved it as much as we did.

the new stuff the import crates full of antique treasures cosmoline scent was thick in the air sometimes powder from the pit

and the place was beautiful dark wood lots of fancy molding none of that aluminum counter trim stuff.

We could smoke cigars even LOL the manager was a old bud of mine once he motioned me to the back and said if that bast@rd does not quit

being a pain tell him to go down the road to the tax office and spill his guts there, they are used to all that bitchin" LOL some of the best days

of my working life.

all my other jobs were just waiting fro their chance to put me in the grave or me to make one mistake high pressure big money and no peace.

all that edge of your seat stuff was great before and then it seemed like the bean counters or agency was twisting your tail at least back then we could

slap 7 bells out of them and not worry about our job sometimes your got slapped back a little tussle cleared the air and set things right.


What is weird is I was never a racist a sexist or a prude about anothers religion or sexual preference I have worked with them all and felt that was their personl  and most private part of their life I ate many a good meal from a friends partner sat on floors eating with the right hand invited to

all kinds of ceromonies of other faiths by friends and loved it I like diversity I am not always comfortable but I try to be respectful and polite

so just how in the hell did we ( the white or in my case mostly white some indian got in the wood pile ) get blamed for all the bad JUJU in the world

where ever i left it I had great friends,  most places were no worse than any large city and most were not pock marked with recent bullet holes.

seems like the new generation thinks mine made all the mistakes too weird there is enough blame to go around IMO.


this is not to say I have not had some problems or situations that made me cut short my stays at least I can say I did not start it or caused it

I was a forced innocent bystander or paid accomplice, other times my contract held me until other arangements  could be negotiated.


Back to the topic Major I alway thought that each arm and caliber should have its own catagory maybe a few could be cobbled together.

power was a problem some were shooting 45 ACP @ 700 FPS or less you could use al denti' spaghetti for a recoil spring, while others

were shooting ball one or the other would get all bent out of shape so rules had to be defined and refined to make it more fair.


I am always surprised how much money time and effort a person is willing to invest in cheating and then gets miffed if they are caught.

Just to win a match that only real mantle of winning is honor and sweat equity and that is very imporant not at all like combat

you never hear people calling another a cheat just because they used a rock instead of government issue to make it.


I always though a combat match should atleast have paintballs fired at the shooter to give the label ( combat )  some validity

they would not be so rock steady,  on target and cocky  if they got shot in the nuts with a paint ball.

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