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Fishing, Hunting , Traping on you- tube channels.( who are you watching )

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Deermeatfordinner on You-Tube is what I have been watching for the past 5 months now.

This guy is humble & knowledgeable in many ways & a joy to watch.

Not to mention he has 3 lovely dogs & good looking girlfriend in his videos.

Glad I stumbled & watched one of his videos & I haven't stoped since.

Their are others that I've been viewing on You-Tube like Hickock 45, Nutnfancy, Southernprepper 1 & Wilderness outfitters, just to name a few.

So who are you watching & a help in your prepping needs & to the community as well?

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I watch hickock45, nutnfancy, southernprepper1, alonewolverine1984, iraqveteran8888, bushcraftonfire, thehossusmc, wildernessoutfitters, knifeHQ, thefirearmguy, joergsprave, soulsurvivorX2, gunzngear, NRA. dansdepot and many more...

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I cant say I follow any of them I do get bored and watch some different ones mostly ones where some nimrod ends up at the emergency room.


there are many tricks on starting fire but it is getting it to stop on que is more important.


I did see some that were great for preppers on a budget if folks have money it is not that hard to get prepped.


I get stuck downloading OLD movies and old TV shows I want my flash drive to have a cornucopia of viewing material so if we don't have a EMP

world wide or black whodous black out I wnat to watch reruns of laugh in old moster movies and muder mysteries and surf movies

I am about to delete youtube it has stolen from it's supporters the best information prints and audio and now is kicking off everyone that had original content but allowing foriegn posters to have the same movies audio and crap as long as it is not in elglish.

yea we started the internet we paid the bills helped guide and promote these companies and when the good stuff is here they kick us to the curb

and want more money for less content we pay for a connection a computer and even if your a member your still going to pay 1.99 for every movie

even 60 year old stuff as time warner and sony are greedy grubby buggars so hey I got mine I am waiting on the next youtube or else I will

eventually just get off the net it is becoming more tedious I think the final straw is when they start taxing it

Even a much as I like posting and such the time I was away I did accomplish a hell of a lot I may just have to find other interests.


I have as quite a few done this for a lifetime prepping was living not a fad we like fresh vegetables meat and outdoor activities like hunting fishing trapping we may not have gotten into tanning our hides or making soap we had some of the know how I don't remember being poor although we

were by no means wealthy but the way we lived allowed us to use our money for boats vehicles and fun we did not spend alot for heating

food or trending clothes back in the day.


When I grew up everyone I knew smoked and had a zippo or a ronson a pack of flints and a bottle of lighter fluid in the glove box and a carton of cggs

behind the seat along with a rifle a pistol shells  and a couple of fishing rods & a tackle box and tools my dad had the same sh*t in his truck.

alway had a blanket in the summer laying on your back on black top was not healthy.


I know we always had a barn outbuilding or shop tractors trailers paddle and powered boats tarps large and small animals some years we tried goats

pigs turkeys sold hay sometimes we planted one thing and another year another we fooled around it was not for survival although we could just as easily did it for survival.


I have come to a conclusion in order to survive no matter what if you have pure salt your going to be ahead of ever swinging prick out there

if you have natural charcoal again you the man If you can identify wood / live trees and harvest them you the man

if you know how to smoke salt cure and dry meat fish and fowl you the man


I will tell you a secret weather is mans first and most deadly enemy over all other things farming is a failure waiting to happen especially in a TEOTWAKI scenario meat salt dried or smoked to preserve will last years charcoal will filter water and start fire and wood for heat.

water from the ash of hardwood gives lye water for soap making washing and making hominy from corn.

distilation of course has many uses and will serve to make money from spirits or water.


If you do not have at least a hundred pounds of salt and 5 or so bags of salt cure and sugar cure all this other stuff is crap

I know what to make tea with I know some wild herbs and local vegetables and roots a couple of mushrooms.

but in 90 days all that can be desrtoyed eat up or dried up

I seen fire wipe out a county the only thing standing was a rock smoke house with salt or smoked meat and fish


last but not least knowing how to witch for water or know by location where fresh water may be with out infrastructure water will also be the one most important natural need that should something go wrong will also be the hardest thing to find as if no one is around to mind the chemical plants

railroads sewage plants it will all flow down hill into the aquafers or the lakes even to your well and only time charcoal and proper other treatments

will make it just safe enough to drink


I love canning but with no lids you cannot can so your handcuffed by innovation or machinery  a garden to supply a family without power would take

everyday all day to maintain and you would have to plant 2 to 3 spring summer and fall / winter

hand water and hand hoe if you have a lage animal you will have to mow with a scythe or  sickle.


What everyone forgot was most never made it colonies traded with each other those closer to civilization and harbors traded for fresh meat and crops

they traded tools so those out lying areas could support their need even explorers went out and were resupplied or came back many died in less than 2 years out in the wild so a grub stake was just that food and tools I love all this survival crap men real men died fast average lifespan was 45 or way less children one out of 4 made it to 10 most women died early as well especially in child birth and just after.


NONE of this will change if we do not have good doctors hospitals and medications with electricity half this planet will die in 90 days and that will only make matters worse for the ones left disease even with antibiotics will take another wave.


as long as you have protien clean water and a warm or bug free place to sleep you may skate by.


I do agree with BOB's GHB's and at least trying to figure what to pack and specific knowledge of trapping fishing and hunting fire making

beyond that we are a very spoiled and gear oriented society that in short order will devour all it's resources or destroy them.


I was laughed at when I stated 22 was the go to caliber a long time back but consider if areas are toxic and there will be what is there will

stay there and is not a resource because you will die trying to reach it.

refineries do not just make fuel some are chemical and others man made to order ultra toxic if no one shows up to keep things in check

a region or even a state may become so volitile or radioactive toxic even biologically dangerous locals would find out by contact and that leads to more contact and so on running away may not help as I have done a bit of checking and the over lap of carcinogen readiological an chemical dispersment

in certain areas will wipe out the north east a big section of the midwest and the coastal areas in a daisy chain.


the diversity that is our nation will also help to destroy it. because we are so used to being well paid and normal hours if we just stagger or trip

this nation is in for a real wake up call it takes experience technology and such specific knowledge to keep it in check I quiver at the thought

of any and I do mean any trickle down effect cities are where much of our brain trust is they are the most vunerable.

once certain people are out of here by death or movement a slow crumble like watching a sand castle being absorced by the tide will happen.


We have found a society where you cannot walk away someone has to be on site 24 / 7 and they rely on fire and special services response

should a problem like a power failure and their backups do not kick in .

an EMP in any form would start the china syndrome and nothing could stop it it would wrap the world in days no water fire would wipe out whole states

as there would be no water plant would explode and burn electricity and automation that prevent it will be off line

any of the deep fault lines and caulderas if even one exploded it would be a nightmare.


I am sure all these well meaning youtubers have their heart in the right place but it like sticking a matchstick in a crack in a dam these apocalypse

movies LOL none have scratched the surface in fact if anyone is alive I would be very surprised I think the people that will survive live were there is no technology and little power use it is funny because we are prepping for what we cannot possibly survive and they could if the had something to survive with and all our poison will endanger as well as minimize what resources they have I really think the northern hemisphere is toast IMHO.

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Well get down to Wally world and buy 40 pound bags  of water softener salt and build a table out of  some hard or fruit  wood lage enough to

hold the lagest cut animal your going to cure have a wood rail so the salt does not roll off so you can salt  pack and cover leave it to do its thing

for up to 10 days and then your ready to cold smoke.


all I know without refrigeration drying  salt and or dry salt packing or smoke or pickling are ways of preserving and you can make sausage patties or link

you can hot pack after cooking and cover with their hot grease and they will seal in a mason jar.


here heat is our enemy you have to clean cook and save for a few days maybe keep it alie and take it as you need it but without electricity

that is a lot of work and you need cages pens nets or a corral or tank depending on your critter.


I am still working on my vineagar I only have 6 gallons and 1 apple cider I want at least 30 gallons of each as that is the size of my barrels.


I want more Morton's salt and sugar cure as well as seasonings especially about a gallon of pickle spice I have about a pint.

I can make cure but Morton's is already blended and safe I have recipies but unless you can test your chemical strengths it is not perfect.


So do not feel bad it takes a lot and we may have to cut back on spices if we do not have a lot it keeps picled items more paletable instead of

just a mouthfull of vineagar.


you need lemon lime or some citric powder stored in a sealed mason jar to make dried items to prevent browning and enhance flavor


so much and so little time the great part is dry stuff does not go bad it may get so hard you have to chisel it out but it is still good as fresh.


salt a 55 gallon drum would be a good start for a family

white sugar can be made into brown by adding mollassas 100 pounds or more

brown sugar 5 gallon bucket

viniilla REAL a gallon

Black pepper whole and ground keep flies off smoked meats. agallon

red pepper flakes (keeps flies away like blow flies ) gallon

soy sauce a gallon

Worchester sauce a gallon

vineagar 30 gallons of each white and apple cider you can make others with the spices you like

damn near every other spice you can name mostly mace, cinnamon, clove, all spice, nutmeg, annaise, cumin, powdered garlic  and others

a gallon of each is not too much people do not realize all those woderful flavors are combinations of these, and if they are not vacuum sealed

they will get sticky or get weak or even go bad.


Oil is the hardest to keep the seal has to not breath the head space needs to be very small like  a narrow neck bottle as it absorbs ordors

oxidizes quickly and all this can be overcome but it means repackaging from plastic.


I figure whatever may come could last years we may could augment but I think depends on the value or what is money things could come in spurts

pineapple bananas citrus fruit almost like going backward 200 years what would be weird is that we could still have technology it is all a guess.


all I know is people bought everything in 100 pound sacks the sacks were either muslin coarse cotton or burlap and that was used

and barrels wall mart sacks were not yet invented

 so I have this also after smoking meat a sock to cover it from muslin to keep off dirt and dust in our world we may have to store them under

a awning or in a barn and prtected from vermin with a metal sheet covering overhead as rats and mice urinate all the time they are incontinent 

so you do not want them able to do that over your stored meat if your smoke house is full.


I know that refrigeration compressors have been run off small gas engines to make a cold room but the one I saw was cooling a foot thick stone

block house about 8 X 10 foot and an arched stone roof here it would have to be shade and dirt covered to hold the cold.

not to mention it would have to be run off a small diesel as gas today is total garbage and won't last time wise where diesel will if treated

and kept in a good tank with a tight seal.

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