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Mason jar sealers for dry food and dry goods.

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Thiss is a good item to store dry goods you need one for regular & widw mouth jars as well as some vacuum plastic bags.


I freeze things for 10 days and let it set on the counter for 2 to come back to temperature before I save them

in mylar in buckets or vacuum sealing in jars.


Some good things to store are Grits malt-o-mealcream of wheat non dairy creamer box or book matches

bullion vegetable, chicken, beef and tomato spices of all kinds pemican - jerky  the ist goes on.


It may seem like a extra cost but the jars are then a possesion so as long as you have extra lids they last for years

size by jar for how much you think youcan use but they can be resealed either by a break bleeder systen you can find

information on the net or by using your bag sealer as most have a hose attachment.

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I have been using " FOOD SAVER " brand I may need to say that when you use them you do not use the lock ring just the seal

if you want you can heat the seals just like regular canning some are now saying you do not need to or should boil the lids.

always boil the jars to sanitize if you can if they are clean or new just make sure you wipe the rim with a barley camp cloth and let dry.


I use a magnetic rod to get them out of the boiling water and wait until the lid dries from natural heat convection and set it on push on the jar sealer

and turn on the suction pump on your sealer the sealers silicone seals on the glass ring below the threads.

you need to hold the sealer down on the jar or the air will bypass the silicone seal.


This is for dried food or non food items dried food like pemican or jerky does have a shelf life a few months all we are trying to do is lengthen the

time of our food and or if you get a bunch of meat that you hace salted or smoked  or grains noodles etc. to hold them without refrigeration, and protect them from vermin while in storage I have yet to see a rat chew through a mason jar.


Yhis will also work with a hand held vacuum pump { brake bleeder } or off one of your vehicles vacuum lines in a dire emergency.

I like the brake bleeder as it requires no batteries or electricity and one with a gauge you will need any where between 25 pounds to 30 pounds

and as always check the seal in 24 hours to see if it came free.

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Ditto on the Food Saver brand for sealing Mason Jars. My wife has been doing this for several months, then she "suggested" we try putting all of the jerky I make each month "up" in the Mason Jars. Works like a charm. I agree with Snake, the "cost" of those jars is not a cost at all, I view it as long-term insurance and a true investment that pays huge dividends. Besides, those mason jars WILL have significant barter value in the future as well.

We also hit one of the local "thrift stores" and my wife is a hard core poacher of the "used" jars. We sterilize them twice, then set them aside for our use, not had any issues so far. Any jar that looks or SMELLS "iffy", doesn't come home with us. Have picked up quite a few dozen that way for about 15 cents a piece. Good price, worth the scrounging at the thrift store. I view it as US getting paid to prep.

My wife has gotten into the practice of canning various meats as well, seems that fresh protein works well for canning in mason jars and a pressure cooker. We've done beef, chicken and pork so far, turned one of the downstairs bedrooms into another "storage pantry".

Learn to can, it's a valuable skill to have.

Oh, and I've seen a lot of Food Saver vacumn sealers at the thrift stores in my area as well, extra bags can be had for a lot less than brand name at several big box and sporting goods retailers. We use the rolls, that we seal on both ends, instead of the pre-made bags, far less expensive.

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You got a keeper ( wife ) mine likes to make jelly and preserves I am going to can more whole chicken and rabbit  ( deboned) from our



Pickling is easy and lots of free recipies online

sausage eggs beets and small onions as well as mixed vegetables and peppers makes stuff that you could not keep last for extra months

or untill the next season.


Of course you may have to sleep on the couch those pickled egg farts are deadly :lol:

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