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We all must take climate change into consideration .....  hotter .... colder .... what does the future hold?

I would recommend a book by John L. Casey .... DARK WINTER makes interesting reading and raises the issue of what exactly should we prepare for.  


The need to be prepared is a given ..... what we need to be prepared for is not.


This book presents the likelihood of a different future from the "politically correct" one being presented by those in government and the "green" groups.



Think you will enjoy the read .... like to know what you think.





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The one thing I lnow about weather is wait 5 minutes and it will change, at least here in Texas.


Reading such information is always good there may be grains of knowledge that may be useful in the future.


All I can say is I am a survivor and not because of anything more than God did not want me yet.

Weather is a fearsome enemy and it changes the survival dynamic.

Hunting fishing especially in a boat as well as sporting events during a lightning storm very deadly.

Every time it rains the next rain event depending on your region as to when it may rain again.


Deserts are increasing in size water ways are falling in certain areas I have no Idea of the cycles but ask your local farmer

south of here it seems as if they go through 7 to 10 year droughts here if we do not get much rain between January and March our yearly total will be low so most likely come july and august we will be in drought.


This is a local normal cycle but world events can effect local weather a Hurricane off the African coast can make it to the east coast or into the gulf sending heavy rain / floods as well as devestating winds.

At any time we could have a volcano spew tons of earth and ash into the Stratosphere and blot out the sun bringing cooler temperatures

and shorter growing seasons if a growing season at all.

That is why people need to prep to have enough in severe times.

Bangladesh Russia and China and the gold coast have had times when the crop totals were so low they had to buy grain from other nations

What if global conditions made it to where nations had just enough for their own and will not sell on the market and the prices willl soar.


Global warming has been debunked BUT that means nothing the earth changes sometimes violently and in a day so many historic events prove

that is why history is so important especiallylocal history  so we can know what are the posibilities and take some action now to be able to

survive what may come.


There are 3 camps on global warming one is sure it is happening one does not think it is or will bother us and I am in the 3rd be ready for anything

I am not going to call anyone a liar or get into an argument over probabilities from A to Zombies but to be as prepared as I can lessens the

suffering I may would have had to endure.

If your not ready the economic problems as in higher food and water prices will sap your account that you need to use elsewhere.


People do not plan to fail they fail to plan and in a plan have alternatives.

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