Training with your BOB ( bug out bag )

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How often do you train with your BOB.

I always ask this question to like minded people that I know.

Most say never & answer, it's there when I need it.

Some say that they have it at home or that it's in their car/truck.

I'm quite surprised that they don't walk with it to any distance at all, in most cases.

Me thinking most will fail in short order, without training/testing their BOB.

I my self, I've walked mainly at night with my dog in tow. 3 to 5 Km. pending how I feel.

No firearms in the bag do to Canadian by-laws, but I do carry a couple of knives.

I also do 5 reps of 30 push up's & pull up's with my bag strapped on at home.

Weight of my BOB is about 80 to 120 lbs. Yes I'm a pack mule. LOL .

I like pushing my body to get in physical shape.

I've also fired handguns & rifles with my bob on at the shooting range standing, just to see if I can hit my targets.

I get weird looks sometimes, Don't care what they think.

I train with the knowledge knowing what I'm capable off doing.

What say you, have you trained with your BOB lately ?

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i take mine on 2 mile walks it weights in at 48 pounds, so far it doesn't seem to be a problem. so far its only flat trails i've gone on so i need to try some rougher trails before i say i can do alot with my bob...


80 -120 pounds WOW!


your definitely stronger than i am...


i haven't tried shooting with it on my back thats a good idea...


now as to the contents of the bob i haven't tried using very many of them i know thats bad but i am trusting that they will perform as described...

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I have used everyting in my BOB all of my life so it is not an issue I do look for more modern tech equipment


I have converted to all AA, AAA and 9 volt batteries I have coverters that allow the use of the AA batteries I use the ENLOOP converters

they weight virtually nothing and I have the option of C or D cells I do keep my personal lighting to 9 volt and AA  but if I need to I can

make C & D cells I have 4 converters each and 16 AA batteries AAA I have 8  you can find them on Ebay.

I have battery clips  that hold 2 = 3 volts I can wire them to have 9 volts if I need this option and I hae some extra 9 volt clips.

as well as some high entensity white LED bulbs that run off 3 volts.


I have at least 4 large bic lighters and a couple in all the vehicles loose fire is the most important thing I can make fire chemically and by friction

as well as I have ferrocium rods and a few carbon steel knifes in different types.

also some different size Fresnel lens and a couple of small magnifiers one on my Swiss army knife

Flint rock is common here and I know what to look for but it helps to have some petroleum fuel as the spark is not near as good as ferrocium


every chance to exchange better lighter weight tools or items I do.


Pak- lite ultra run 80 hours on high and many hundreds on soft setting

AAA battery mp3 player and a micro AM FM radio

Crank usb chargers are quite small now and can be used to recharge AA and AAA

I use a small solar cell for my 9 volt batteries.


I have made jerk lines and fished hand lines as well as made my own traps so that is not an issue


hunted fished trapped and tracked I ain't no Daniel Boon but I have had enough experience to get by.


have a set of gimlets to bore holes in wood so making various things like meat smoking racks

or box traps  with grass or vine as cordage is no problem.


I have enough HDPE sheeting for ground sheet or a tent and ponchos it is very durable and long lasting has a high UV tollerance.


I am glad I live in texas not much climbing.


a good catapult / sling shot folding wrist support type


have EMT training so minor first aid is covered I say minor but that is way above basic and far below full on surgery.


keep a note book for some information like flora for plant safety medicinal and edible information.


Rope work rigging and knots no problem there.


I know quite a bit of texas having run oil tools over the state so a compass and I can get where I may want to go.

I have a astrological navigational chart I am not well versed but I can find my way if I have to.


hammer axe stiching / punch awl machete chisels files  punches rasps craw knife hand saws YEPPERS sharpening stones and hones YEP


Know how to make hide glue done leather work and I keep a spool of raw hide thread and a lace cutter.

can do basic sewing and have a selection of needles cloth and ulpholstery leather and canvas


can witch or douse  for water.


my BOB has what I need for all these things some are small far a large task but I figure I can only pack 60 pounds so I have had to

make consessions to keep the weigh down /  balanced for a long term BOB.


A 4 way rasp

magnetic bit tip screw driver

bastard file

a few jewelers files-- square flat triangle oval and 1 handle

a small draw knife

a hatchet medium length handle

Stiching awl {tandy leather }

A sewing palm for heavy or thick material

chisels 1/4 and 1 inch

machete saw back

Stanley Shark saw as it is short and light not for fine work but I am not planning on making fine furniture & works to cut up game.

you need to clean right after  it as blood will rust the blade

set of gimlets

hole punches working with certain materials a clean hole will prevent ripping as well as ringing it with stiching.

nail setting punches

mini tubing cutter as copper or aluminum tubing can be cut short and rolled back like a grommet.

stud setter works on copper wire and soft steel

2 KRU vodka stainless steel bottles and copper tubing in case I have to distill water with some silicone plugs they can handle 500 degrees +

few hand tools chanel lock pliers vice grip plires oval head wrench crecent 8 inch for all of these others are too small of too heavy.


and all the other crap a pen style diamond STEEL sharper a credit card diamond 1000 grit and a arkansas stone

full tang belt knife Swiss army champ plus  and a Swiss army classic monucular half dozen carabiners

elk hide leather gloves a couple of compasses small card type  and lensatic milspec


ebay has many types of used SS surgical clips sicirrors hemostats picks probes tweezers blades chisels etc at good prices.

and it does not hurt to have a old school style LARGE  blood pressure cuff as it can be used to stem blood flow from  a artery

it takes time but if you can keep from bleeding out it will repair itself up & to a point a tourniquet that is to narror can cause more damage

and it is more difficult to keep pressure at a specific area and tension quickly.


I have a few BOB's I bought all my packs from goodwill or Salvation army as well as other stainless steel cookware etc.

trial and error trying to nest items


food for me is drink mixes instant coffee tea bags  flavored protein powders some cans of potted meat and I like the new pouch tuna

sugar and hard candies as well as salt black pepper and cayenne pepper garlic powder.jerkey slim jims & olive oil


all the meds I have are travel size or single dose so I can cram them everywhere I can unwaxed dental floss lip balm

POY-SAN a nasal inhaler works great last a LONG time

small stainless steel fish hooks and a spool of braided line 30 pound test

note pad carpenters penciles and sharpener make great pointy sticks Home Depot rocks


whoopie cusions make great alarms small cheap and if they break the rubber is alway a good resource.


get a chinese wax wood staff 6 foot and have a frog gig make a spear tip from copper tubing  and brass

great walking stick and weapon

100 foot of 550 para cord

P- 38 or P-51 can opener {john wayne can opener}

credit card knife these are great fits in your wallet.

a couple of small neodynium magnets

diamond nail files

a church key {can bottle opener}


remember holsters belt and pouches none of this is any good unless you can carry organize it and have quick access.

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Wally I might get there before I need mine we never know about our health.


I was considering a rickshaw / reverse wheel barrow or a single wheel drag with some training wheels or wood dowels to keep it from tipping over.


Most of this is aimed at readers if there are any  LOL as you know most of this Wally.


I recall one of many members posting on this I just cannot remember the topic line.


you need 2 pipes rods bars angle iron etc for your hand rails going to a largest diameter tire {bicyle} you can find but you need to fill it with

something like silicone to make it a solid tire if we have to use this a flat is a killer.


now if this can be done with consideration for alternative use of all the parts to make a shelter if the weather turns bad

or you can turn it upside down and make a tee pee with a 3rd rail and a bolt.

I have seen one man kyak or canoe drags like this.


A rope {padded} going around the neck in front of the shoulders and under the arms connected to each rail you could rest without having

to drop your load and reaclimate to start again. the out riggers would act like training wheels so it would not fall and drag the operator over

with a little trial and error it could be hooked to a belt so if your shoulders are already strained it would help physically.


I think a system like this will increase a persons load by some modest amount as well lower the center of gravity of large items.

if we all have to go mobile this could be used at lower speeds behind a bike motor cycle or an animal.


if we are forced to bug out even when you make camp you will have to forage for wood or other materials if you find a good bunch how will you

move it to your camp or in this case you can move your camp to it and then be able to take some with you.

In the desert if you find something flamable it might be dried dung or dried up cactus or dead wood you will need to take it with you

as where you decide to camp may not have fuel.

or you may have to carry a child or injuried person we never know what situation may come that is what prepping is weed out the chaf

and concentrate on the seed or core of what it will take to survive in a world with limited availibility of resources.

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I would have a sleeping bag if weather were harsher here but I like a oiled canvass tarp and a couple of wool military blankets.


The benefits are these can be reconfigured as a wind break shelter half and still offer chill and insect protection.  At certain times of year biting flies mosquitoes and other critters explode and even good clothing will not protect a person from hundreds of insect bites look at any episode of Naked and afraid or Survivor every person complains of the insane itching can;t sleep or lack of sleep from insects.  I cannot recall the numerous times I posted on this one and most important issue because you do not see people here like in Africa is we have insect repellent and equipment doctors and drugs but we also have a VERY MINOR number of people that live out of doors. In the last 10 years the increase in insect born diseases that can directly or indirectly effect humans and some are deadly has increased many fold.


a good repellent like DEET 100% is good for treating externally your sleeping gear if I am going to be out I treat my boot tops and cuffs a spritz up to my knees watch where I set clear off camp area of ground litter.  many places have leaches ticks spiders and sand fleas and flies flies are infested and every minor scratch is a open door to disease.  I carry a mosquito net. wear long sleeves and long pants head net and gloves because there are times of the year that you will get swarmed.


You can also use the bed roll as a pad rain cover for gear hammock gear sling extra warmth if you do not have a sufficient enough jacket.

getting damp drops your temp and with a breeze your compromised.  I cannot tell how many times where the normal night temps drop 40 degrees from mid day.


I choose a bed roll over a confining sleeping bag adding grommets to your tarp for lace or hitch points make them very versatile.


I have been bitten by just about every friggin bug on the planet to a point of fever and mind numbing itching and having them buzz your ears all night ruins sleep and much needed rest.  being in the bush for long stretches is physically draining if you cannot keep up a proper diet and rest add in extreme cold heat and sweating that in itself is problematic being bitten with hundreds of bites tired hungry dehydrated only increases the drain.


Hydration is NOT about drinking 11 glasses of water a day water leaches the minerals from the body if you do not have fresh replacements your becoming anemic as well when your young this is less an issue but children and the elderly spiral down if the get some cold or other problem. like being a punch board for mosquitoes. One tick bite that results in a bullseye mark your about to be very F.U.


Today is not 50 years ago Zika Rocky mountain spotted fever SARTI Tularemia lyme disease H.A. and others are only a start and were rare now the east coast is a lyme disease area here the Tai Pan mosquito can a carrier of ZIKA    malaria is found in the U.S.A. dengue fever etc etc We are in new territory and many of these cannot be cured only managed and have long term effects damaging organs and interrupting cellular and hormonal functions over the life of the HOST / person.  America has one of the best insect control practices over the counter repellents please USE THEM  medical tests and screenings are fantastic you do not want to need them IMHO.


Training with a BOB is great but have and use every method of protection against insects and unseen things like meningitis, tetanus and tularemia can be gotten from rabbits and rodents especially from their blood  or being bitten by a tick or mosquito that has bitten the effected animals so hand washing and protection is paramount.  having good cover like clothing bed roll jacket wtc is important but having repellent is more important.

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I usually take mine for a walk once a month, with a BO rifle and pistol. The loadout altogether is probably 40 lbs, closer to 50 in winter with additional heavier clothing. Problem I have up here in Maine in winter is keeping the half gallon or so of water in my BOB from freezing. 


I go pretty minimalist, don't really have much shelter in mine besides a tarp and heavy reflective blanket/bivvy. Luckily, there is no shortage of local terrain/foliage to create shelters and insulation from.

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I carry a lot of tools I do maintenance that requires many tools before battery operated tools we had hand tools like a Yankee screwdrivers brace & bits keyhole saws and jewelers saws and chisels.

I know how to cut glass without tools.  Unfortunately I do not see these skills used or even taught  today.

Some of the tools are hard to find as well as pricey and without a "personal trainer" there is a learning curve.


There are techniques like using leverage, wedge & pin, mortise joinery that are not explained or required screws & fasteners  have made a lot of this knowledge antiquated but in a world without power or in remote locations is an absolute necessity.


Location location location in a desert your not going to need the same tools as in a tree choked forest nor are you likely to need some things in a swamp you need in the woods. each person will have to load their BOB with tools that will help them survive their elements. we have 100 foot pines swamps and very thick underbrush there are a couple of large predators. and the weather is a matter of extremes up to 60 degree differential. this is not uncommon for the whole of the U.S, but needs to be addressed with a properly fitted out BOB.


Some weight will of a BOB be shed over time by breakage, use or loss. using the right tool or being cautious / careful so you do not break a tool or injure yourself with your tools or what you build ladders are one of the most misunderstood and badly built that can kill or cripple ! I know of no one that has not cut themselves with a knife that uses one on a regular basis it is not will it happen but when.

An axe is very dangerous and it need to be parallel to the ground as you swing bend your knees to a point where if you miss the head will not strike you but the dirt or the buttress or trunk of the tree. limbing a log or cutting limbs is where people screw the pooch  and it does not hurt to have steel toed shoes / boots and or chaps watch footing I have had to run people to the hospital for falling on a sharp stob or a splinter run through a hand.  Splinters certain wood like cypress will fester as soon as possible remove a splinter The size of a Splinter is relative people have been run through by "Splinters"  "TOOLS" are dangerous either directly or by the work they do the more they move or lift the more CRUSHING or CUTTING force is exerted when they fail or slip.  A friend pulled a nail the head popped off and he fell 2 stories to the ground and OUCH ! Animals are keen on reacting at a wrong moment and any person in the way is going to take a beating pinched in a gate crushed against a wall stepped on drug again it is a matter of when not IF.  Ropes and animals now that is an accident waiting to happen LMAO.


Reading and using tools in a controlled environment is NOT THE SAME as real world application.

A 3/4 horse angle drill in a 1 inch bit of wood is NOT the same as drilling a log or beam an 8 inch grinder loves loose clothing and searches for it ! cutting trees and timber is insanely dangerous when it goes wrong or you make a mistake like cutting into a hollow tree or one full of bees or wasps / hornets.

some timber like cottonwood and sweetgum split crack and shear at the most inopportune moment.

mistakes cutting a tree under stress or hung and a small 4 inch tree can take off your head especially when using hand tools like buck saws axes and wedges.


The reason why man builds shelters and homes is to fool himself that he is protected from all the dangers outside --- then a tree falls through the house or a lightening strike I did that for a while emergency cover up where a home is damaged by fire or a car and anything else and you have to block up cover and clear damage so the home owner can stay or keep it from more damage from rain etc.  Many times I got the contract to rebuild and remodel.  some NEW homes are no more than a dead-fall trap. Another incident a man was finessing a beam into place with a framing hammer and the beam kicked out fell on his head and parted it when asked what was he thinking, " I wasn't" he replied.

I was hanging a "top wire" on a fence I had tightened it when a weird sound made me through myself to the ground and the wire parted, snapped back and tried to do me harm.


It is not what you know that will kill you it's what you failed to imagine there are few scenarios where you should not consider well all the possibilities before acting and in a BOB all that innocuous stuff will cripple injure and or kill you if it does not it may place you in a situation that will.  I have seen all kinds of accidents because I have worked where many skills were required on a single remote job site, Sh*t happens many years ago a man dug a well and struck water the water came in the ground gave turned into a slurry and buried him alive and his hole collapsed on top of him ! all he was working with was a shovel.

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A long story in a short version.

I have a member at my club that bugged me for almost a year to teach him how to use the items in his BOB.

My gut feeling was that this person wanted to learn, but does not have the motivation or will to do so.

Last week I said to him that I would teach & train him as long he's willing to learn.

Early this week I called him for some training in the freezing rain & snow, he tells me the weather is too cold to go out to train.LOL.

He would rather train in warm sunny weather, LMAO.

My rant, you train in all weather conditions, no exceptions.

A lot of want to be preppers out there, only a few that can handle the task at hand.

Have you used your items in your BOB lately?

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what you need is enough sense to have nearly all of this cached near your BOB.  Why risk having to carry it if shtf? mess up knee or ankle on the way and you will never arrive. Weaken yourself with fatique and disease will get you. if you can't run with it, say 100m in 20 seconds, it should not be in your BOB. all this settler stuff and no combat stuff is a mistake. 

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