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22 magnum / 17 HMR / 17 HM2 available in your area.

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For the past few days 22lr ammo is starting to arrive in store shelves in limited amounts in my area, which is a good thing. Price cost for them is a crap shoot, from 27 to 80 dollars plus tax for a brick of 500 rds pending make & type of ammo.

As for 22 magnum, I have not seen any for almost a year now.

17 HMR is available always but not in large amounts.

17 HM2 this ammo I have not seen at all not even a single round, at least not in my area which is Ontario, Canada.

So what's available, in regards to 22 mag, 17 HMR & 17 HM2 in your area / neck of the woods.

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I am not ready to call a conspiricy I think that the want is not yet satisfied most people that have arms, have one of these calibers but never considered them a defense round so they never stiocked enough on hand for an extended need.

So this is causing all the new stock to be bought up as soon as it hits the shelves or is listed on the web sites.


before all this histeria places I had worked for or shoped at never had more than a few cases or 20 to 30 bricks on hand in fact most never had more than 10 bricks and in either case it would be mixed brands  it would take a moth or more to sell out and of course as in times of plenty we just ordered what we needed now you have to include shorts CB's shot shells and all the different velocities and then the magnums and new 17 cals.

Depending on the size town and number of stores one person could buy all there was in one day this is not impossible for any other caliber so all this procrastination while the sheves have your caliber is confusing to me.



all rim fire is hard to find here I saw a bit of 22 mag but no 17 cal at all 22 LR is still hard to find by Quality manufacturers I have seen a mix

of off brands and high prices.


IF and I do mean IF we do not have any front page news troubles I hope to see some on the shelves BUT if we have troubles like what we have

seen in Europe all bets are off.


some Calibers are still like chickens teeth look for 444 Marlin I can see if something happens most calibers will become extinct and only

a handful will be left  like 9mm 38/357 223 or 5.56 30cal 12 ga. even these will be under pressure and the rest will be hit and miss and then dry up.


I have been waiting for the return of filled shelves and it has been 2 years + and still no return to normal and choice is limited.

so get some form dies and common or easily convertable brass for your arm as well as all the other components or be without.

I know if we see Paris events here or canada the cupboard will be bare quickly IMO.

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Today I went to a sporting goods store that I have not visited for over 10 years.

I was blessed with timing, when I arrived there.

They just received a shipment this afternoon of CCi 22lr quiet ammo, Winchester 22 magnum ammo & Hornady 17  HMR.

Picked up 100 rds of 22 magnum ammo, 2 boxes which was the allowed limit per person. 

Going to see if I can get another 100 rds tomorrow, knock on wood. That's if they have any left. Fingers crossed.

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It's magic :lol: or nepotisim I have seen where the counter helps significant other has a "SHOP" and as soon as the stuff hits the shelves

they have family swarm the place or hide it in plain sight {under the counter and sell it to only "FRIENDS"


It is the way it is sometimes it is sold as the rules require but in a large town the jungle drums are like lightining before your can say jack robison

it's gone.

At least you have seen a trickle more than I have seen in the last year.

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