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410 shotgun is no pipsqueek and you don't need special tools to reload

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recent investigation into reloading the 410 I stumbled on a single #0000 out buck shot that leaves the muzzle @ 2,700 FPS.


this is very much like the old smooth bore muskets that took deer size game althoughat short range the old hunters had to

learn stealth as welll as tracking.


First there are brass Magtech hulls out there you do have to use different {larger} components as the internal diameter is larger track of the wolf and some other black powder component sellers can help you just let them know your using the Magtech hull for whatever gauge your shooting.


my experiment with 444 marlin brass for use in the 410 has shown promise at least these shells will not come apart like the plastic hulls after a small amout of reloading.


they do not require fire forming to the extreem and although they are 2.25 versus 2.5 a lot of what composes a shot shell is spacer so cutting off some of the petals of the wad is no big deal or using different wads cards or shot buffer will

as long as the shot or slug is lead then you do not need to worry with barrel scoring / damage.

if you use steel or BB's or whatever you need a plastic shotcup to protect the bore.


The next thing I am trying is the 9.3X74 R brass and fire forming them to almost a 3" brass case out of the 20 runds I have tried annealing I only have gotten 3 to form perfectly I will have to re-anneal and fire form again.

One problem I did not anneal far enough down the case and that left a bulge and I don't like the look and it would cause a

problem loading with components so back to the bench.


303 British is also an option but I have found you have the same issues as in fire forming the 9.3X74R and end up with

a case just shy of the 2.5 mark.


None of this is of my own ideas but from information garnered from the net and some old reloading manuals.

I think it is interesting and if your an owner of a 410 and have limited resourses this gives an option.


After what I have experienced I think for anyone if you can find some 444 Marlin cases one box would be more than enough to last many years.

Using pistol primers and the loads from 2.5 inch hulls and instead of crimping you use an overshot card and glue it in place with some elmers glue. the positive to this is building the collum is not as critical as the end of the case is open

any crimp has to be tight with no room or it can act like a blocked barrel.


Well I though I would pass some of this along so if anyone is interested I am still toying with this so it is not a mainline project only intend to form these and have them as backups should there be a plastic hull shortage.


there still seems to be a 22 rim fire / long rifle shortage of decent priced quality ammo and last I looked the selection of

plastic hulls for shot shell loading has dwindled from past experience.


I am glad to see I was partially correct of the NATO ammo being more available over many other calibers I see shelves filling up but still many calibers are not being made and bullets designs are being dropped now you have only one or 2 choices when you used to have at least a half dozen to choose from and the prices are much higher. for half the product.


Depending on what happens I still do not think we will get back to where we once were anytime soon if ever.


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IGNORE THE DATE this camera wants you to use up all the batteries to set the date {time for a new camera----

WELL forget it would not upload the photos. but HERE ARE SOME WEBSITES I GOT SOME INFORMATION FROM--


a couple of pics to the left is the 9.3X74R fire formed to 410 and the center is a 444 Marlin  as you can see from the crimp line it comes close to the

2.5 inch .410 and the other is close to 3"


the tools to the right are a case spinner from LEE #5 and the stud using some #0000 steel wool you can clean these easily the rod is a decapper look through the steel caps and look for the falt bottom ones.

from an old set I think a simple steel plug that will hold the butt of the case drill a hole larger than the primer and you have a hand held decapper.

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