bob leeper

fixing my sights

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i found an interesting method to increase my aim usin iron sights on my mosin nagant russian

i found a bit of irredescent green weed whacker line superglued to the top of the forward post in my front sight made an excellent guide to zeroing in on the target. i find the little dot of bright day glow green which is just a dot sticking up and the bullet hits what ive got the dot sighted on right smack dab in the middle..the dot glows even in low light situations and i can take down that buck from 200 martians to five hundred martians (just short of 500 yds or so.. ) SWEET meat for my hi power rifle..

funny i got the same green dot sight on my air rifle as well (factory placed) ..whod a thunk it? so passing on the tip to all who shoot for dinner , breakfast etc... happy hunting yall

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hey but weed wacker line is pretty cheap although I like tritium they are an expense some cannot afford


good catch Bob and HI wally long time no been in here looks a bit thin I would think as to the signs of the times


there would be some interest in prepping leads me to think that most will not be prepared.

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