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ISIS/ISIL are like weeds in a garden, they pop up almost everywhere.

A bigger pill, besides air strikes is needed.

They have threatened to do harm in the backyards of U.S.A , Canada, Australia, & other countries.

To my Christian brothers & sisters, watch your 6 in your daily walk in life.

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Short answer ..... No.    Our government to be polite is a very bad joke when it comes to terrorists.   To say that they have no clue would be being kind.


When an organization states that their plans include killing anyone who does not conform to their version of their religion and calls for attacks in the USA .... my response were I in a position to do so would be to end them one and, woman and child.    

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Far too many IDIOT politicians (I know and oxymoron) seem to "think" they are far better military strategists than our actual military professionals. I would remind THEM, that Hitler thought the same thing, and look where it got him.

Boots on the ground, with all-out unrestricted war against ISIS, is the ONLY WAY, to "degrade their capability", to use a popular phrase being tossed around out of the White House recently.

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For the second time this week, 2 Canadian forces personal have been killed in Canadian soil.

As I see it, it's the doing of terrorist living in Canada.

I personally am pointing a finger at ISIS / ISIL  & they are to blame for their acts of terror.

These pecker heads will have justice served to them in do time.

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For the second time this week, 2 Canadian forces personal have been killed in Canadian soil.

As I see it, it's the doing of terrorist living in Canada.

I personally am pointing a finger at ISIS / ISIL  & they are to blame for their acts of terror.

These pecker heads will have justice served to them in do time.

For the second time this week, 2 Canadian forces personal have been killed in Canadian soil.

As I see it, it's the doing of terrorist living in Canada.

I personally am pointing a finger at ISIS / ISIL  & they are to blame for their acts of terror.

These pecker heads will have justice served to them in do time.

yes i agree they will get whats coming too them...

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Today I read from Fox news, that ISIS/ISOL  was telling all their sleeper cells to attack & kill all police & military personal.

They were mentioning places like America, Australia, Canada, England, France etc.

Looks like these moslims want to dance with us, but they don't know how to dance, when given a chance.

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Sorry, I've been 'off grid" for awhile.

I do beleive that "the reason" we've not seen any terror attacks (not that our current Administration would EVER call it a terror attack), here YET, is becase they are planning a much larger scenario than we can envision.

I look to see well-coordinated Paris or Mumbai-style attacks on soft targets, elementary/middle schools, churches and densely occupied shopping malls by SMALL groups of attackers.

This would create a huge PR campaign victory for them(not giving away anything to them on this either), as well would cause apoplectic panic in the White House. That place now, goes into crisis mode, when the reception for the play-off games isn't so hot.

So, a coordinated multi-target terror attack will cause our current Organizer-in-Chief to be unable to make ANY decisions. His Paralyisis-of-Analysis is bad enough without well-coordinated attacks.

Don't think we will ever see aircraft style attacks again, far too expensive to set up, small cells of 2-6 attackers is far better for OPSEC(on their end), and extremely cost-effective from a logisitics standpoint.

Make no mistake, we ARE going to get hard again and again, before this current Idiot-in-Chief's term is up.

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TPS you were off the grid with that comment your need to check your vehicle for tracking devices :ph34r: , have you seen any BLACK SUV's in your area?


Nothing you stated is not true and a very high probablity, There is an upside only 5 were released from Gitmo and Liam Nealson protected us all by lambasting

The movie American sniper and the 2nd Amendment or owners as the problem :lol:.

Of course his last three movies made him a butt load and in all of them his character slaughtered like a meat packing house now if I felt like him I would not do any movies that were violent and do versions of crothch novels and maybe comedies.

So I blame the viewers of his movies for giving him the money and stature to kick us in the pants when ever the spirit moves him.


I think Isoroku Yamamoto was right in his quote that " We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass."and it is a hurdle that anyone who ever considered the over taking of America has had to consider and reason enough to try other ways to undermine our society.

We can see the fencing and testing of our armor hacking of systems testing of our security and borders "or the lack there of."


AS the powers that be cherry pick what gets wrapped in a blanket of need to know we do not have any information on  events before

September 01 2001 that may have been trial runs that for whatever reasons failed.

We have even less knowledge of events since ingnorance may be bliss but for ignorant people it is only another reason to make snide statements

against our security efforts and our 2nd amendment rights as well as our other freedoms and liberties.


If closing of Gitmo would eliminate terrorism then closing of all prisons would eleiminate crime murder and drunk driving with injuries wouldn't it ?

Stopping drunk driving alone would save 45 to 70 thousand lives.

and closing of municiple and state jails would ring in a new peace on earth and good will toward man, people would pay theiir fines

no drunk in public or wife beating destrucion of private property, You know all those little things that don't matter.

If a little is good a lot is better it is a social engineering event who's time has come let us all forgive and close all those horrible prisons because

prisons cause crime and guns and vehicles are the reason for the murder rate, public transportation no personal vehicles.

if we would make all knifes with blunt tips like safety scissors we could save even more lives as well as bubble wrap clothing for children and the mandatory wearing of helmets untill they are 18 then the government could step in and enhance the powers of OSHA and we could all sing cumbya

and stand on a mountain top and sing the old coke song "I'd like to teach the world to sing lala la la la"


What a crock of guano... :rolleyes:

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The police and military personel have NOTHING to worry about. Those wimps don't have the nuts to attack someone that might fight back. Cartoonests, Kids, Aid workers and inocent civillians are about all they are up for.

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The way I've been viewing things on a global scale as of late.

Nothing is safe anymore.

Muslims terrorist will kill anyone who does not believe in their faith/religion.

I'm a " INFERDEL " in their eyes. Oh yes I am. 

I'll do a Tap Dance for them only, Double Tap !

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What is saddest is that Christians and Jews are NOT infidel to true Muslims. An infidel is someone that does not believe in the one true god that all three religeons share. The Islamic extremists are like the KKK and such in the Christian faith. Yes, Kluckers ARE very Christian. That cross they burn in your yard represents the light of Jesus Christ. I was raised DEEEEEP in Klucker country and they aren't one bit better than Islamic nut cases. LOL, they hated me more than if I had been black. A black person was born that way, I CHOSE to be a motorcycle riding hippie!


We need to dump the religion out of all this and treat them just like what they are... psychopathic monsters that need to be killed on sight. If you're hanging with them you die too. This isn't a cops and robbers game it is war and when you are at war you accept that there is going to be collateral damage and civilian casualties.


We keep losing small wars because we refuse to fight a war and instead treat it as a police action and get our butts kicked. Twice the Bush's have successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory doing this. You can ONLY win a war with the Arabs when the population fears you more than it fears your enemies. Until that point they will harbor and help them.

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You are correct about Christians, Jews & Muslims there Danm.

Extreamists / Terrorists could be one person or a group of people.

A person in general chooses to be a good loving person in life or chooses to be a bad evil person.

We all have choices in life which GOD allows us to do.

All of us will have to answer to GOD one day by our actions in life on earth. This is what I believe in & others might not.

Nobody is perfect, but one can try to be in their life.

What's missing in life now days is love for one another & caring for each other.

Way to much greed, corruption & selfishness is what I see in this world.

That is why the world is falling apart.

Love your neighbors the way you love your self & everything will workout in the end.

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I agree with most of this.


problem is THEY do not and will not so we have 2 choices wipe them out or isolate them.

I could stop all this but no one listens so what is the point political correctness is going to ruin us financially or through

a collection of bad decision making we screw ourselves, Sorry I think we are already on that bus and about to reach our distination.


The idea that they are willing to die for their cause is not news but they have a secondary motive it is called heaven their ambition is to

gain glory and heaven if you can stop their ability to go to heaven you have exxentially stopped their will or want to risk hell and damnation.

and as well the loss of any glory or hero worship.

phsycological warefare is not new but it works as long as the fear you create is real and proven and your willing to use it and deal with the

consequences because everyone else wants you to play by rules they impose even if your enemy does not.

they call it taking the high road or moral ground there is no morality in killing in warfare it is brutal and messy IED's are not sanctioned

using children and women as suicide bombers as well as mass murder of civillians and yet we allow it as we do not change our tactics

to destroy their ability to gain heaven and glory, because it is considered Immoral they can get away with anyting but we cannot.


letting our people die for some intangible misguided set of rules that your enemy does not adhere to is insane and I am sick of a bunch of left wing

and right wing cream puffs who are not fighting and have never fought telling people in the field how to fight.

and then threatening them with prison and court martial for  the slightest infractions.


Should an enemy use restraint and follow rules of warfare then so should we if they murder POW's and civillians so should we

there is a reason you cannot use a slug in boxing because the user has a unfair in fact almost a certainty of winning.

well friends we have allowed our enimies the use these methods and tied our peoples hands behind their back.


some of our soldiers caught a group of men who shot at them for the 3rd time they had been released by a local court manned by local tribal leaders

who stated that they were not combatants and no threat well our guys decided that if the fix was in they had to defend themselves and

one or 2 took them to a drainage canal and shot them one of the group got all guilty and snitched them off and now they are setting in Leavenworth


First having a tribunal made up solely of foriegners without  oversight and backed by our government is atrocious and sadistic

having foriegn nationals in a pre raid or security meeting is handing your troops over to enemy agents as far as I am concerned.

Our so called military leaders know this and have allowed it and have in many wars and that has given the enemy vital information

and sometimes we were sure that some of these were selling information or agents of the other side and played this game of intrigue

using our boys as bait, while desk jocky's play wack a mole instead of keeping security and classified information in a strict loop

they are worried that one of their coalition members will be insulted by being excluded.


I feel it in my bones that most of the casualties we have incurred have been from security failures / leaks and information decimination by non American agents.

You cannot tell me that a placing of a device by a enemy at a critical point on a route that has been screened and is under airial survailence is a coincidence? a mobile attack is possible like a taxi chances are they will find a target but it is not the same odds wise, at least to me.

It takes a lot of time to dig a big hole in a road and then bring in a truck and off laod a device if cell phones are the problem

we should have cut them off but the powers that be were more worried that denile of certian services would be to much of a hardship and threw our people to the dogs

recent news said that the government has radar capable of seeing inside homes and have had and usd it without warrants

while our guys have been door kicking and getting shot it sure appears that our government is a sadistic bunch of parinoaics

all the great technology is notused to protect our military but used to spy on we the people we can track a car chase but not be able to watch a road we know a convoy of our soldiers will use you can find video on youtube where pilots shot groups setting

devices now where are all the satellites that can see a golf ball ? where are all the AWAC's and drones I guess they are to expensive to protect our troops we also have heavy lift heliocopters and planes and still we would rather risk lives than

use these.


Amazon will be using drones to fly goods to your door but we can't see a handfull of buttholes digging a hole in a road, is this not surreal ?

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Snake, the ONLY "black SUV" around my area, is the one I drive....

I do agree that, the truly prepared Americans now will be the real first responders to the small organized attacks I spoke of earlier, MUCH, to the chagrin of the current Administration. I do have faith in my fellow countryme, that we, will not sit idly by wringing our hands while a few scum bags professing religious altruism slaughter innocents.

I am also of the strong opinion, that most of the would be jihadis, have no concept of the wrath they will face from ordinary Americans who will respond with utter outrage at being attacked yet again. I simply do not believe that the alleged "peaceful, loving " congregants of Islaam, have a concept of how Americans will indeed respond to their violent predation against people who truly believe in religious freedom of expression.

I have zero faith in any politician, to protect, serve anyone other than their own selfish hide. I would much rather count on ordinary Americans to do their real duty as a citizen of this Republic, whicb is something the current infection in the White House cannot fathom nor could they possibly grasp the significance of loyalty to the US Constitution and the preservation of ACTUAL civil/constitutional rights.

If I "am the enemy" of the current state, then I wear that badge proudly. I trust my neighbors FAR more, than the illegitmate turds in Washington, D.C.

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I think I am to a point where no matter what I will mind my own business as any action will be misconstrued or contorted by anyone who does not agree.


If I do nothing and let the chips fall where they may, as I don't have a big S on my chest and since watching the weird backlash from American Sniper

it appears that at least half of all Americans would be for or against you and those would be the same ones on your jury.


the funny part is that if the powers that be decide your over the line it could take you 3 years to get a trial or you could be placed in an American style

gitmo with no statrus and hung out to dry.


I Know that when 911 happened Bush Jr. stated that WE "the people" were not to act that they " the Govenment had this" so since the present

government feels the same way I will not butt in, not my job I am not in the loop It is above my pay grade and any other demeaning term that

haters would spin it.


I have decided to be a disinterested bystander I no longer watch news or listen to radio and since the leaders of the pack for candidates started

with a bunch of loosers I doubt I will even bother to vote for the first time in many years.

I changed providers and during the interim I found I do not miss cable or dish TV a most of the programming is sh*t I found that I only watdh

a half dozen shows and the rest are pure vomit.

I am over it,  done to death with all the drama, debate and hogswill that passes for intelligent conversation befuddles me.


A friend had Fox news on and a general was spouting a load or tripe after he was done I wondered if he should not be checked for low T.


I think the people that get it will be fine,------ or not

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    • Онлайн Кредиты Алматы
      Где взять займ с плохой ки?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Быстрое решение по вашей заявке!
      Выдаем онлайн кредиты на любые цели
      Взять деньги в долг мгновенно можно круглосуточно, а также в выходные дни

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