Ebola Virus

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Personally I think that this is all part of Obummers grand plan.


You push through Obummer care so that you can control health care.


You militarize the local police forces. Why do the various police agencys <some of them fairly small need an APC?>


You refuse to seal our borders.


The surge of illegals that crossed the border have TB and various other ailments. The children that have TB and other assorted maladies are now in our schools with our own children. I'm waiting to see how that plays out.


You allow international passengers to enter the country without any type of safeguard to filter out those who may have a communicable disease.  <He rejected a law/act     that would have allowed the quarantine of international passengers for up to three days for observation if they showed symptoms>.


As of this afternoon there were over 100 people in Dallas who are being observed for symptom of ebola.  At least six of them are quarantined in their home.


I can see a major outbreak here in the states and martial law being declared as a result. The FEMA camps could be used as detention centers for the infected.


...but then maybe I'm just being paranoid...

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Ok, first thing that you need to understand is that the media in this country is WAAAAYYYY out of control. They are more about MAKING the news than reporting it. A few quick FACTS about Ebola. First off, despite a few reports that I've heard on a couple of media sources, this Ebola is NOT an air born virus. You have to get real personal with someone to get it. Secondly it isn't near as deadly as they are making it out. In Africa, because they have nearly no medical care at the village level, it has a 90% lethality. In the US and other first run countries it is in the 50% area.


Ebola has been in Africa for several decades. This is a FACT. The population of the countries where it is most prevalent has doubled in the same years that Ebola was wiping them out. I eard a nut case Doctor on a nationally syndicated radio shot say that if you don't die of something else fire in the US then you WILL have Ebola! Whay bullcrud!!! If this desese was even half as bad as they are making it out it would have almost totally depopulated West Africa by now.


You are not contagious until you start showing symptoms. Without good and immediate health care you are DEAD in a hurry. This is a saving grace for it because it kills its vectors before they have much opportunity to spread it. Like most viruses, it doesn't survive its host for long. It IS deadly over there because they don't have much in the way of health care and are usually compromised as far as their immune system even before they contact it. Another problem is that the people are very uneducated and look at viruses as sort of rumor. They freaking raided a clinic that was trying to care for Ebola victims and stole the bedding!!!!! In some cases they actually took the bedding right out of the laundry unwashed and coated in body fluids!!! YUCK!!!


People in the media and sadly too many Americans in general don't understand that educated does NOT always mean smart or even knowledgeable. I remember a group of Berkeley Professors that assure the President that if we invaded Kuwait and their oil fields caught on fire that it would be an extinction level event because the smoke would block the sun and send the world into a world ending ice age. We did, it did and it didn't cool us off a bit!! They could have asked some less educated person that could THINK instead of quote some textbook and the answer would have been, "If they catch on fire and we ignore it the total smoke and green house gasses released in a year wouldn't equal 5 minutes of what Mt. St. Helen did for several weeks!!"


The media seeks out these poor ignorant nut cases. Right now they want us to look and worry about ANYTHING other than watching while Washington gives our country away and backs our enemies and finances them.

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i don't know danm this time around something seems different they aren't able to contain it like they have before. and a 50%(actually 40%) mortality rate is a litte scary...i do agree however that the powers that be do want us focused on anything else but the washington gov't...

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I think what you are sensing is the increased emphasis that is being placed on it by the media. This round IS more widespread than most in the past but not actually by all that much. Ebola is basically a species jumping virus that always originates from fruit bats. They seem to do like most small mammals and their numbers grow and then shrink in a sort of unexplained rhythm. Right now we are having a bit of a plague of squirrels and bunnies around here. They are suddenly everywhere. They have just suddenly overpopulated and are eating our gardens up. They seem to run on some sort of 10 year cycle. ????????.


The big problem this time is that it got into the larger metropolitan areas and their government won't/can't control their people. Ebola is NOT something that your local witch doctor can cure nor is it something that your enemies paid to have you cursed with. They raid the Ebola clinics because they see people go there just a little sick and then die there of Ebola. Ergo, those clinics are the cause of the illness.


I agree, it IS a very scary illness!! I won't be kissing any strangers or playing in any open sewers any time soon so I'm not personally worried. I also wash my hands and bathe everyday. You only get it by DIRECT bodily contact with body fluids from a person that actively HAS and is SHOWING symptoms. Familly and health care workers are the ones at greatest risk. Also you have to understand, soap is just NOT a big thing in Africa. We also don 't throw our body waste products out in the street anymore here as they do in many of the villages.


Even with all their medical weakness, there isn't a single country in Africa that has a shrinking population.

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Alright, I was wrong. I did not "think" that the jack-offs in the US government would politicize Ebola and the Enterovirus, to keep the "hopes" of unlimited Amnesty alive. The Chief Pimp and his puppetmasters in DC, will do just that, sacrifice the innocents all for political expediency.

What does it matter that the US does not have a travel ban to AND from the infected countries in Africa? Nosiree, can't have the electorate seeing hundreds perhaps thousands of "Africans" bemoaning that they cannot freely travel to the US to infect the rest of us.

Can't keep those with the Enterovirus from Central and South America OUT of the Estados Unidos, that would give the political enemies of the Regime, more ammounition ot keep "Amnesty" off the political books for the remainder of his term. Not that, that, matters at all, he's just going to use his Executive Order power and grant them amnesty anyway. I can only hopem that he, his family get both Ebola and the Enterovirus, would serve him right politically.

Heaven knows the scum bag deserves it. Keep your powder dry, be careful what you touch in public, and use the antiseptic bleach wipes whemever you can in public, including on your shopping carts. I believe the bleach wipes, will be the only thing that kills on contact the remnants of any infection that is present in the population so far...everything is political, so what if some kids die and are paralyzed in the name of "amnesty"? These people are despicable cretins.

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The level of Stupid is off the charts.  The health care workers have no clue ..... dressing like you are going into an operating room for a normal medical procedure is NOT the way to dress for an exposure to Ebola or any other contagious disease with kill rates in the 50% area.  Even the TV shows get it right....full hazmat gear and then decontamination before removal of gear. 


These people are going into a room where the patient has coughed/ sneezed/ spit/ thrown up ..... so there are body fluids in the air and on various surfaces all over the room.  You would think that they would be using  high power UV lights and disinfectants in the room to help protect their workers.  

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This is just a thought in my part, when the lights go out, or should I say when hydro is not fixable for some time.

What's to say that the Obama plan starts the virus pandemic, if not multipal virus to the general masses.

News would not spread as quickly, without T.V , Radio & Internet.

A pendemic could happen rather quickly & nobody would know what's going on,

I hope this does not happen in my life time, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anything can happen & could happen, it's just a matter of time.

I'm not trying to fear monger here, just looking at different views & possibility as what could happen.

Stay healthy & safe folks. Pray & ask for Gods guidance daily, for God provides to all that receives & obey his commandments.



In GOD I trust, everyone else, keep your hands where I can see them!

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All I know is 50% of people tested are ignorant or stupid and that scares me more than Ebola, it only killed thousands ingnorant & Stupid has killed millions or billions.

The weird part is both are preventable and its free it is called school and even a day old newspaper or tossed out magazine can interupt the ignorant cycle people in third world countries beg for schools and children would walk till their feet bled to go and our children are being socaily engineered

and the ones that are genius level are so laser focused to thrive in that one world they cannot always get a chance to see

other political or social viewpoints, as they are totally vested in one camp .


Although I did not agree with some of it,  Sam Keneson comedian had some good points go to where the food and water are.

he pointed out that people are not all brainiacs.

Jerry Seinfeld had another view of the same anomoly.

I wonder how people can be so different and lack understanding of more than one concepopt as plausible or important in their lifetime.


I keep hearing we need to feed people then they make more little people that need to be fed now we even have to dig wells for them who was the great satan that did all this before we came into being ?

once we help we become the great satan to another group of people it is insanity we give food water medical schools the commies come in and

give them guns and we become the great satan I am bumfuzzled we keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

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The truth is that ebola is a lot like aids; scary but not truly all that contagious. If it had been it would have basically depopulated Africa a long time ago. Their medical care there is mostly nonexistent in most of it and their idea of sanitation is a joke. Hell, Wally at one point they rioted and raided the hospital where the ebola patients were being treated. They STOLE the bed sheets and mattresses right off the bed that the sick people were dying on!!!

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CDC " Central Disease Control "  Today is reporting that 500,000 to 1.4 million people could be infected with the Ebola Virus by mid January 2015. OMG.


Well looks like we are going to get a airliner full of new refugees .....is Ebola considered a disability ? if they stay more SSID payments going out.

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CDC " Central Disease Control "  Today is reporting that 500,000 to 1.4 million people could be infected with the Ebola Virus by mid January 2015. OMG.




See, the CDC is full of it AS USUAL!! Their predictions are usually about on par with the national weather service. I have a pet rock that averages better than either of them at predictions. By January of this year the ebola thing was about done and gone.

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I wouldn't count on Ebola being completely gone.

The gennie is in the bottle so it may seem.

Just might show its face again & bite us on our butts.

About a few months ago a nurse that was in Africa that had the Ebola virus & was cleared of the virus.

She was living in the UK some where & the virus appeared again some how.

I wouldn't count on it being gone completely yet.

I feel we're living in the days of the 4 horse men now!

Its all coming together in the book of revelations.

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Ebola lacks the characteristics to cause a pandemic. It isn't an airborne virus, it isn't especially contagious and the death rate is too fast and high to make it spread like people fear.  Remember this, anytime the government is involved bad news is the thing that all the scientists go far. The more gruesome the better. REMEMBER, there is NO money in good news! 

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I think we need to be more concerned with the Zika virus in the time they say it will take to make a antivirial will take up to 18 months.


My suggestion is to use a good multivitamin with a zinc as an add on it has shown many good effects against the common cold lung / chest infections etc.

But people do not need to use this beyond normal recommended dosages it can have a reverse effect if taken to extreme it is a metal not like other organic vitamins like vitamin C that you can take more other vitamins you could do real harm to your health use common sense.ask a doctor have regular checkups etc etc read the following about Zinc and make your own decisions.

I have also heard of people that have nail or skin fungus or problems  even stinky feet and it has helped.




holistic medicine is just short of being worth while because it is not being tracked by testing a feel good report is not a good guide.

Heavens Gate thought that neutering themselves and having special diets YES SPECIAL DIETS  they were concerned with the body even though they supposedly cared less for up and to the point of killing it.


People can convince themselves of anything I like facts if it works good if it has drawbacks I want to know if one is good more is better is just silly.

waste or overdosing is silly not to mention dangerous and your organs will pay the price and organ damage is extremely painful.

be sensible be safe and read as much as you can on a subject and not everything on the internet is true. 

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yes it does but I'll bet you there is a weaponized version if it were not originated from one but that is neither here nor there it is the 900 pound  gorilla in the room.

Zika is a problem for future generations it is like downs syndrome a life long problem that cost billions a year we need to take all the diseases on and find some way of mitigating them.


look at lyme disease it has debilitating effects and what has been done for that ? we are getting behind drug companies are more interested in managing with drugs not curing anything a lifelong customer is better than a one time fix like small pox vaccine that cost pennies.

Small Pox is a virus as Mumps and chicken pox we have vaccines for those why not Lyme is a bacteria why have we not treated it as the threat it is and could be worse as time goes on.


2 trillion in the sand remember that what have we been sliding back into the ooze while throwing away our country to animals like ISIS....

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