Ebola Virus

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Ebola virus, their is no cure for it as far as I know.

My spider senses tell me that were in for a rough ride, if it spreads world wide. 

If it comes to my populated area in Ontario Canada, I'm running for the hills.

I'll will not make any physical contact with anyone if a major out break happens.

I'm worried about this one. God help us all.

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Yes the USA has some of the best doctors & having a victim doctor arriving on US soil is a big mistake.

But I think it's part of the Obama plan, I'm thinking. Pushing for the health care system with this outbreak. This is just a thought.

Also the Builder bergs etc etc, the super rich want to rid of 80 to 90 % of the worlds population, what better way than the Ebola virus.

Gas mask & chemical suits at the ready, if you don't have one.

Better get one, My 2 cents/pennys for all it's worth.

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There are a lot more "simpler" forms of virus' that can kill a LOT faster than Ebola can.The contagion from uncontrolled cholera, dyptheria, hepatitis, smallpox, can easily be introduced into a municipal water delivery system, AFTER, the water is enroute to end users. This is well known to terrorists and governmental entities alike, so far, no one has done it.....yet.

We've little to fear from an Ebola contagion in North America, unless, of course, we are trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration along the southern border. Those agents and law enforcement officers are having to engage with very high-risk infected persons, having who-knows-what, and that my friends, IS, a recipe for disaster that is uncontrollable.

Ebola isn't that big of a deal here.

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Other forms of virus that we have a cure for can be controlled in most cases.

Ebola right now does not, from what information that I'm gathering at the present time.

What you don't know could & will kill people.

Water particals can be controlled some what, don't drink it if it's contaminated.

Me personally I drink mostly rain water that I gather from my roof top into rain barrels.

I filter the water with coffee filters first, then sand, then charcoal, then into a berkys home water system.

Finally I boil the water & let it cool down then drink it.

Really small metal particals  like lead is much harder to remove from water.

Municipal water that comes into my dwelling I haven't used for personal consumption more than 15 plus years now.

I'll use tap water for laundry, washing car, the garden & baths/showers.

I'm causus about certain things that's just me.

We all take our chances  everyday in what we do.

I prefer to have the odds & percentages a lot smaller in my favour if I can help it.

Paranoid I'm I, may be in other peoples eyes.

Like I said, what you don't  know can kill you.

Live your life the way you want, eat drink be happy.

Ones life can be short or long who's to say.

In the end we all going to die some day.

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We should remember that all viruses mutate and eventually lose their "potentcy" after becoming airborne. Also, Ebola is transmitted at present, ONLY through coming into physical contact, with an infected person's body fluids(take your pick), and it stays viable on hard surfaces IF, those body fluids have become deposited on those surfaces.(for some time, depending upon the CDC or World Helath Organization-each has different timetables for virus longevity)

Again, all viruses mutate over time. I spent most of my time after being on active duty in the USAF, in the USAF Reserves teaching medical professionals how to conduct their activities in contaminated areas. While Ebola is a nasty virus, there are far faster ways of causing mass casualties and death, with good "old fashioned" viruses, of which at present neither the USA nor Canada have enough to innoculate their populations for prevention of infection.

The chances of Ebola making it to Ontario, Canada in it's most virulent form, is about the same as me morphing into a Black-Chinese woman that only speaks Spanish after winning the California Lottery-after TWICE-being struck by lightining on the same day.

I wouldn't spend MUCH time or mental effort on Ebola at present, until we see scores of infected patients in North America, instead of the two we currently have. Just a thought is all.

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I still have my concerns about Ebola arriving in Canada.

One of my club members travels to Africa 2-3 times a year.

And theirs many south Africans in Canada as well.

Some travel back & forth, visiting family & what not.

Not a hugh percentage of the virus coming here, maybe/maybe not, but still a possibility though, at least in Canada.

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I heard today that 1,000 plus people that are infected with the virus that are not even a counted for, in south Africa.

News stations are told not to say anything about this.

Time will tell how much of this virus spreads.

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WHO ( World Health Organization ) is predicting 77,000 to 277,000 people will be infected by the end of this year if this outbreak is not controlled.

Revelations in the Holy Bible is happening before our eyes is how I see it. 

Not to say that this is the only issue that the world has, cough cough.

Weird weather, flooding, roummers of war, economy etc etc.

The picture looks bleak. but prayer & confession of our sins is the answer.

Amen !

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Experts  Warn  Only a  Matter  of  Time  before  Ebola  reaches  the  U.S.A.



An analysis published this week, noted that over 6,000 travelers fly from Nigeria to the U.S.A. every week.

One of the countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak.

Thousands more are being allowed to fly from Nigeria to the U.K , Canada, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates & China among other countries.


Do the Math folks, as to where this Ebola virus could be heading.

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While everyone is freaking out over Ebola, the virus from Honduras or another of the South American countries has already been spread over the USA by our idiotic government.  The illegal minors have been sent who knows where and are now in our school systems spreading what ever diseases they have to our population....You have been observing the "News" I hope.   The official word is it only affects young people but if you read some of the comments sections the reality is much grimmer.  Several of the adult posters describe having had the same symptoms and having a hard time getting better.....the medical people often have no clue what the patient actually has and by the time they figure it out you are sick as a dog.....assuming they figure it out.   Not what I would call a good thing....especially if you have a weak  immune system to start with.   We as a nation  are so far under the Stupid rock as to make it not funny at all.  Distance, sanitation and a strengthened immune system are prime requirements to stay healthy in the present situation....not always possible for many of us as we are exposed to the general public population on a day to day basis.

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Sierra Leone starts a 3 day nationwide lockdown today Friday.

In a effort to halt an Ebola outbreak that has left thousands dead in the region.

I think a 30 day lockdown plan would be much more effective to truly know who are infected with this virus.

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Today I had a chat with a person who belongs to " doctors without borders ".

He was saying that their is likely over a million people infected if not over 10 million.

I hope what he's saying is not true. As we are left in the dark of not knowing these things.

News is always down played to keep the masses thinking that everything is OK & in control.

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