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Protection for your feet. ( Boots/Shoes )

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Their are a lot of different brands types & models of foot ware out their for the consumer.

Some are worth every penny, some not so.

What do you use as foot protection for daily usage. ( hiking, camping, tactical training etc.etc.)

In the city I use running shoes, from spring to fall. In winter when snowing Kamik waterproof boots rated for minus -30 degrees.

When camping/hiking I use Timberland shoes.

Tactical training I use Kodiak boots with steel toe protection.

I'm no expert when it comes to foot ware. Just want quality for my money.

We all have budgets & I wouldn't spend more than $150 on a pair of foot ware, that's just me.

What's your choice of foot ware in your daily walk?

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i am a tennis shoes kinda guy...i have some timberland tennis shoes i use ALOT i should get a pair of timberland boots too...i think your price of 150$ is a good range for a pair of boots

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