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Making smokeless gunpowder?

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Anyone here, make their own smokeless gunpowder?

I've been searching the web & coming up empty for information.

If you have any info as to how one can make their own smokeless powder do share & post if possible.

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you have got to be kidding?


NITRO cellulose the first part ought to let you know you cannot do it not to mention retarders and binders that regulate burn rate


extruders and cutters that precision cut to length or antistatic drums to roll spherical and all that I am sure takes experience.


and the static free as well as humidity controlled area then you have to have special tools and still a mistake for them is moved up or down


and named or numbered to suit the burn rate.


I have seen recipies for BP OMG yea they got the ratios about right but the combining is where they lead you astray if you follow their


method you will be called DOA by the JOTP or the coroner.



unlike BP there is a whole lot of science involved and critical measurment equipment as well as custom blending of the latter portion of the name.



If you see a SH*T load of black suburbans at your house you now know why searches for that will raise eyebrows.


Looking at the burn rate chart I see how many failures they made and it makes me wonder how much testing equipment they ruined


as well as if I remember correctly one of the dupont's died or was horribly injuried producing his formula and he kinda knew what he was doing.


Then there is the waste from making one component you will have no way to reclaim that or use it for another purpose and that is 85%+


and all of the components require licenses and special storage as well as paperwork out the kazoo.


it is not practical nor is it sensible even with all their safety precautions now and then they loose a site as well as workers.


besides that kind of information is would be dangerous in our present situation especially since children are as they always have been, CrAzY


they loose eyes, fingers and die with  fire works.


It is unstable temp sensitive as well as friction, impact and static in fact as far as I know it has failed under strict lab conditions


this is a non starter or bad JuJu  and nothing good will come of any posting on such a topic.


As any cowboy action shooting fan will tell you BP works not in most semi's and work like reduced power loads but as we find from


history IE the Civil War BP and long knifes kill, Teddy Rosevelt hunted with the predecessor to present day powders and took all


African game as well as the game on the North American continent.


I would have a lot of brass as BP does break down brass.


everything needs to be cleaned with warm soapy water dried and oiled just as if you were using BP or corrosive ammo.

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I'm not kidding.

My brother in law is a university professor in chemistry.

All we need is the formula & I'm sure we'll give it a try.

Made black powder in the past, just for learning experience.

Hey if the black SUV's show up it my door steep, so be it.

I've got nothing to hide & I'm not running away. 

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OMG OK the name itself is the formula DUH ! and a search of the archives of the patent office It may not have the precise recipe


like KFC but it will have a crumb trail, and if he is the professor I should hope he has a gas chromatagraph ( cookie crumb)


and a spectrometer then you have to look back into the old turn of the century film camera process (another cookie crumb)


my dog could figure it out from there.

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