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The surge of illegal aliens WILL introduce more of our citizens to tuberculoses some are resistant to any known treatents.


If you or your child are placed in a jail or your family member works in law enforcement or the SYSTEM they


are in danger of contracting one of many diseases.


I wonder why this has not been a talking point not to mention the many other diseases as Mexico does not innoculate.


we already have a resistant flu from the middle east.


Criminal conviction will be a barrier LMAO they barley can afford to keep paper records most have been in war for most of


their lives PTSD from hell as they never fought by any rules rapping, torture and firing squads as well as any other form


of intimidation how many of these "children" are gang members or the children of gang members looking for a legal IN.


don't make me say in time to come "I told you so".


Iraq and Afghanistan look for problems here stemming from our involvment herion use is up and a hundred other issues.

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Did everyone forget PUBLIC SCHOOLS oh yea your children will be around children that may have been a prostitute male or female


or a dope runner and maybe even a killer for one of many gangs through out Mexico.


The most savage and highest heead count for a gang hitman was a 16 year old think about that a moment.


Again the people in power have decided their agenda was and is more important than OUR citizens especially our children.


Today I hear where 275 soldiers are going into Iraq did anyone read about the Alamo? does anyone remember the trainees that turned on


their trainers and murder them? does anyone remember anything?


If you have 2 people there that want to do harm it will happen and now I hear our people are going to involve Iran OMG!


I just heard that these elements are not coordinated REALLY well a total DUDE could use the weapons we left behind.


Orilley what a wing nut and some pathetic idiot stated that having and knowing how to use those weapons was another thing LMAO


our military as well as gov sites get hacked daily.


Our nation has to do NOTHING, But seal off direct travel from the African continent and middle east and watch the pacific rim closely


sending any asscets into the area only makes them a bullseye.


Iran is the father of all the activity in that region so asking them in is like asking the MOB to run liquor stores.


Again our diplomats are playing checkers and Iran is playing tournoment chess.


now I see where they are saying children are crossing the border and shoing pictures of highschool age people we have enough child murderers


home grown we do not need to import them.


Hide and watch we will see a spike in blood violence drugs and gangs in our schools where these "children" are left and as old as most are


they will not finish high school as they have not the time to aclimate and will resort to survival mode and be selling dope to or pimping off


your children.

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It has been mentioned but I think most people either ignore or consider we are able to handle a crisis but the reality is "we don't know"


and that is unacceptable to me If I had children they would be home schooled or be ready to make the transition quickly in case their


school had an outbreak of a viriulent strain or new disease or other troubles we may not see at this moment.

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While it IS frustrating to no end, to hear my neighbors complain, moan, gripe and complain, I ALWAYS ask them," how long ago, did you vote in any election?" The answer with only one exception, "Oh, I never vote, my vote doesn't count." Well, yes it does, and those too LAZY to vote, don't deserve the time of day and DESERVE the kind of elected leadership they get, period.

Too many people are too apathetic and that is exactly what the enemies of this Republic are counting on. For those who refuse to make any basic preparations for hard times,-whatever form those make take, personal, regional, national, worldwide, how are YOU going to explain your laziness to your starving children? How are YOU going to explain your decisions to God, after you've intentionally made your children suffer needlessly?

I would add that the current border situation along our southern border, that those responsible for that whole mess, and the stinking fetid conditions in which innocent chidlren are being forced into, MUST be held accountable on this side of the border. While I disagree intensely with what the Progressive-Slugs have done in fomenting this "human tragedy", I am beyond disgusted by their vile and vain attempts to gain political capital from the suffering of innocent children. That is beyond despicable.

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