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heavy chevy

new ideas to save money

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Any one have any clever ideas to save yourself some money for that extra can of beans? The coupon thing looks time consuming and the major reason the prosper is because they double their coupons. I have been saving my change in a small jar when it fills up its a good amount, I use it to take the girlfriend out to dinner and movie. I use to put cash in an envelope and hide it somewhere so when i found it I was surprised.

like to hear other ideas.

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Well it is not a new idea or original but I read from Jackie clay's canning articles where she would buy #10 cans of whatever


on sale dent cans and such and can them ( in mason jars) as well as cook up a surplus of food and can it cooked and ready to eat.


I have found that prepping saves me a ton of money I only need to shop sale items as I have a well stocked pantry so I am not at the mercy


of being forced to buy when items are off season or not on sale this is also good for everything else.


I buy oil and filters for oil changes on sale 5 quart jug and try to keep a couple on hand as well as 30 weight for mowers generators etc.


most everywhere has auctions find the junk auctions in your area it is amazing what you can find old tools even canned food I have bought


Banana boxes full of Toilet paper ( torn plastic wrap bundles are not put on shelves) saves 50% or more


I have bought box lots and pallets and resold what I did not want in my garage sale or online or traded it with people who flea market


for something they have.


my needs now are faily simple I want more canning jars some specialty tools and sundry items once I bought a truck load of T posts for


50 bucks 6 footers had to be a couple hundred traded for a pile of metal studs I am always swapping and trading for something.


I have gone to a manager and gave them a cash offer for odd lot or items no longer stocked hell all they can do is say no and the reality is


the amount of labor to deal with the stuff is not worth the hassel for them better to take 25 cents on the dollar and get it off the floor


and move in stock that makes money NOW instead of making nickles and dimes for weeks and moving it multiple times and in the process


scratch and dent a portion each time.


I found where to get free angle iron 2X2 inch along with some hardware associated with it that is great for farm & ranch use.


one thing I recall is I changed out all my bulb for high output led bulbs that will cut your electric bill as well as a timer thermostat


animals can handle 78 to 80 degrees depends on breed and before you are set to return have it fall back to your comfort level.


water heater blanket and timer or a demand unit extra insulation in the attic film on sunny windows caulk windows renew door seals


ceiling fans water barrels for watering your plants and yard and you can reduce your bills by half.


drink Kessler Whiskey it tastes just like Crown Royal at way less LMAO and watch your friends drink it and they can't tell.


well that was back in the day I do not drink any more but I had a gallon in a tip server that was premium once it was empty


I replaced it with resonable priced pop skull.....

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really good stuff so far. Budgeting is definitely a winner in my book, i use to track my spending and see where I need to cut back, I made changes to stop buying soda drinks and eating out so much for one it gets expensive and its bad for your health, I had high cholesterol and I attribute it to eating fast food and too much red meat. In my area I can buy pallets like Snake mentioned, but I don't have the room to hold onto that type of stuff, so i buy at the flea market and stop up on stuff that I use regularly at cheaper prices. 

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My wife and I "coupon", NOT like the extreme couponers on the not-so-reality shows. However, we found that our local paper, which usually has Sunday ads and Thursday grocery ads and coupons, will offer their subscribers 4 or 5(we have this one) Sunday papers for a mere $20.00 a month. This gives us FOUR times the coupons we would normally get. WE spend LESS than one hour per week, cutting coupons to use. The coupons are also sorted and placed in a large binder containing baseball card sleeves, so we can readily access those coupons.

We shop from a list, period. We've found several stores will "price match" competitors sale prices, and Wal-Mart SuperCenters and WalMart's Neighborhood markets do this as well. We keep the ads together so IF, a new or inexperienced checker questions the price, we have instant proof.

then we add the coupons for additional savings. We buy in bulk. For example when spaghetti sauce with meat is on sale, we buy all that we can of that particular brand, use it as an addition to  our homemade sauce for lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, etc. A little goes a long way.

We routinely save a minimum of 65% or more on our grocery shopping forays and ALL that we purchase, goes to replenish the preps stock.

We eat from the preps we routinely store, so we aren't shelling out for expensive freeze-dried foods, etc. We store what we normally eat.

so, we found out that we normally have a "routine" in our menu. it's about the same for a two week period. Simply add up what you ACTUALLY use (amounts) for each meal, for that two week period, and PRESTO! times those amounts by 26, and you have an itemized "list" of what you need for one year's period of time. It's that simple.

Now we do not spend inordinate amounts of time or money on this.

You should know that the food/grocery industry offers more than 5 BILLION dollars per year in coupons, and over 4.8 BILLIONS of those dollars are left on the table by consumers too lazy/stupid to use those coupons, because they are embarassed, think it takes too much time, etc.

The grocery stores, get the following for accepting manufacturers/store coupons: the price of the item, a minimum profit/handling fee from the manufacturers of 10-50 cents FOR EACH coupon the stores redeem, and increased sales volume. Think it doesn't pay for a grocery chain to accept coupons? Think again. The grocery stores are counting on you NOT using coupons, that's HOW they make their extra profit per item margins. So, don't be "that guy" who leaves ALL that cash on the table at the grocery store. We save the savings we make each week, and it adds up to over $3,000.00 per year.(my wife is ruthless in the war against we consumers!) Yes, we are at war, and the sooner we "understand" that the grocery stores are designed to separate US, from as much money as possible, each and every time we walk through those doors, the sooner we can even up the odds. Hope this helps a bit. IT WORKS ANYWHERE in the Republic!

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TPSnodgrass I live in los angeles, no stores here offer coupon price matching, but couponing works no doubt. I will have to look into that option. At the moment I'm just buying grocery store generic items or shop at costco in bulk has its savings as well plus i get to eat some costco pizza afterwards. I save the Harbor freight coupons and have a large stock of free 9 led bulb flashlight.

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salvage stores offer reclaimed jars cans and boxes from crushed cases if you take the time most is in perfect condition


dented cans should be used now keeping pristine cans for storage.


I buy my spices at a couple of these I watch for new content and when it comes up I buy banged up or ripped labels


I check all of it for date and seal and repack it in mason jars pepper alum cardumum allspice mace ginger bay leaf


paprika chili powder etc etc etc. are NOT from the U.S. they are imported and as the price of fuel or labor rises so will


the price of all these as they are the overlooked comodities hell I keep a couple of gallons of yellow mustard.


and ketchup spiced do not go bad if vacuum sealed in mason jars and kept in a dark area like under a bed.


my dogs eat like people as the hot dogs and sandwich meat is sold there is still good (check it for date etc.)


also dog & cat food in dented cans and repackaged mixed brands in plastick bags is very cheap my dogs and cats lick their


nethier regions and each others so why buy exotic brands in perfect cans when they eat lizards and dead birds and squirrels ?


they seem to like it and what one won't eat the other will.


I have found all kinds of over the counter medications and things like lip balm vasiline and much more at half price or more


dogs can take pepto and asprin as well as many human medications like benadryl a internet search can give dose and other information


asprin expiry date is not set in stone it lasts longer than that we must keep informed on facts of expiration and useful storage and


real out of limits dates.


if your racked with fevewr are you really going to not take tylenol that is out of date? and just suffer?


yes it is better to have fresh but if there is no choice then it is not an option most all items are sold out of grocery stores that are kept cold


as a morgue if you keep them in a cool dark area of your home I see no reason why they will not remain effective for years.


salvage stores sell dented cans if your going to use these up in the week who cares ones you find in perfect condition keep for storage


I buy coffee in vacuum sealed packages and stack them in a bucket coffee is imported should there be a problem it has value and trade potential.


salt sugar lard alcohol (drinking) and spices are going to be hard if not imposible to find like 22 shells are now.


think ahead or be left behind real vanilla is both a alcoholic drink and a spice pectin for jelling jams salt for keeping meat without refrrigeration


in fact a drum of flour powdered bullion sugar rice and salt are not the worst things to have if you have a large family.


People today have no concept of the energy and time it takes to extract or render lard or cooking oil or what it can alternatively use for


only 100 years ago it was bullet lube when mixed with kerosene old cooking grease or rancid was used for axle grease on carts and wagons.


waste not want not be prepared or be scared IMHO.

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