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It is time to say Goodbye for awhile

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In the last few months and  days some truly horrific and troubling events have taken place and


Very little banter has come of it in the forum.



It seems as if there is a general apathy, complete malaise or worse, I personally think it is worse.


After watching Fox News this morning and IMHO they are the best of what is out there only a few of them


Think they are Journalists to the type of Geraldo Rivera I know we need reporters not journalists unless peopel are


Uninformed as to the difference a Reporter, reports the news does not ad-lib insert personal opinion or


Jump to conclusions.


A journalist attempts to inject themselves into the story or become the story and philosophies or injects their own


Political or social engineering twist on the story and how horrible what they are witnessing is and of course they


Finalize the story with their opinion, not fact.


The abject and superficial nature as well as so few posts I feel like anything I could post would be beating a dead




Supposedly there are 300 million persons in the U.S.A. And if a podium such as this cannot muster enough


Emotion to keep it moving at a faster pace I have real concerns about our future as a nation or a power.


I feel if you're going to lay down and give up at least do it in the middle of the road so you're an impediment to


Those you disagree with.


I feel real trouble ahead serious life changing events and maybe worse decades of problems one after another.


Stemming from failed policies from Ronald Reagan to present.


I have a leaning toward center to right generally, but I can see both sides I am a realist I do not delve into the


Feelings and politically correct sentiments.


If this is the way the world wants it let er' rip tater chip.


I see the next big push will be for legal prostitution since one of the Taboo's, marijuana has become legitimate


Gambling has already been legal in many states and in some form or another, even if outright gambling has not


Lotteries have, and the money they were adopted for are not being funded and most places it goes to the general fund..


The areas around the casino's are dead zones no other business seems to survive people so not leave the


Hotel / casino thus surrounding business that though they would thrive have died.


We will see similar anomalies in legal marijuana, tax money derived from sales will not out pace the need for


Child care and custodial services, welfare will rise, poverty will swell and prices will fall due to over competition


Quality will start to slide and since bath salts and herbal replacements are known, these will snap back like a


Steel cable,


Heroin was slipping into the darkness until we got caught up in Afghanistan now it is back with a vengeance


I guess the french connection as well as the Marseilles route is doing quite well now that Air America has


Made new friends in the hell of Afghanistan, China, India and Pakistan.


It took 60 years and billions of dollars as well as the lives of many Agents police and human fodder to


Keep heroin out of our country now in a decade, it is like rats infesting every crevice.


all we have left to sell are our women, children and perversion we have sacrificed our children and progeny too


a perceived right and forgotten our responsibility as human beings 60 million dead babies unborn unloved and forgotten.


Then we took God out of schools first in metropolitan areas and it filtered down and we now see the fruits of our


Rejection of God mass killings more suicides today a child was planning a attack on his school to murder people


he saw everyday we have and are creating monsters without conscience or moral compasses or even common sense.


IN fact Common sense is dead, we were sliding into the morass of decline before 9/1/1 sine then we have kicked in


The after burners we are not satisfied with eventually being in hell we want to get there now.


When your proud that your son in law is a legal pot selling millionaire it won't be much of a jump to accept your


Daughter is the top draw on a porn site and little sis and & brother are cornering the back stall at the local park.


Funny I remember when the Lewinski thing broke, "it wasn't sex" I guess that is what you'll be telling the boys on the


golf course and your wife as long as it is "NOT SEX" and you can drive around in a NEW vehicle every year it's OK!


Now whole Islands are swappers theme parks, text and have a rendezvous in an hour or just for tonight FREE.


more than 50% of marriages end in divorce and a threesome was just granted a right to be married.


Bill Murray in the movie ghost busters said it best and here's the video.


I could tell you things that would make your blood curdle and piss running down your leg I am the person your family


warned you about BUT, if I lived like that I could not show my face in public.


There are certain lines I do not cross or do I associate with those that do.


To all that tried to make this place meaningful my hat's off to you may the road rise to meet you etc.etc.


and for those that I have had interesting post with thank you and may you do well


Goodbye and good luck, I think you're going to need it.


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In general I think that the fact that we are here indicates that we are not all that comfortable with the direction things are going in. In general I seldom spend much time dwelling on specific news items. In general I think the problems we face are systemic and the news items are symptomatic rather than being, in themselves, the problem. The fact is, America and Americans are not living in a REAL world and don't understand that the rest of the world sees and lives in a totally different world.


The stuff in the Middle East Trans European and the Far East is the SAME stuff that has been going on for EVER. Only Americans find it shocking and feel the need to wallow in it. We are a little like a dog that just found a fresh cow patty and just have to get in it and get it all over us.


We also can't seem to see ourselves and will pitch a fit if any other country does EXACTLY the same thing that we are or have done. What Russia is doing right now is little different than what we have done in Iraq, Iran in the past, Afghanistan, Libya...


We can't seem to understand that you just can't establish a WORKING Christian Democracy in and Islamic country and are always surprised when we do it and the people there immediately elect another tyrant to lead them.


We even do it to ourselves here and can't understand why we keep getting kicked in the teeth by people that we are trying to "help". We don't want people to spank or scold their kids then can't understand why so many kids don't seem to have our moral values. We encourage and PAY people to be irresponsible and lazy and then are amazed when they won't work and have many many kids when they can't even support themselves. The American way is dysfunctional now and would be seen as an abomination by the founding fathers that we offer "lip service" to as if we truly honored their ways.


Sorry Snake, we've done our best but alas, we are living in a time where the slide towards destruction is like a rip tide and resisting it on so many levels will exhaust you. At this point my advice to all is to be ready and stop fighting the tides. The way you survive a rip tide is to go with it as much as possible while angling off to the side until you can escape it. If you fight it head on and keep just trying to swim against the current you tire and die.


The survival/prepper movement has reached the saturation point. Like anything when you've sold something to everyone that has ANY interest in it then the demand goes down and it fades away. It is a little like the hula hoop and yo-yo used to be. This sort of thing comes and goes. When I was a kid my Dad believed in being self-sufficient. That faded but when I was a Young Man we were survivalists and then that faded away this was the prepper movement but they are all really the same thing just being revisited over and over. My Dad's generation sent young men off into WW2 and they SAW first hand that the ilusion of safty is only temporary and so they came home and never saw things the same, My generation had Korea and Vietnam and learned the same thing. Now our boys and girls are coming home from the middle east and understand the same thing.


The problem is that since the Civil War, The "peace and quiet" of America on American soil has been undisturbed so most people foolishly assume that there is NO WAY bad things can happen here! Elephant Do Do!!! When it happens some will be ready but unlike any other country that I can think of, most Americans can't even immagine it much less prepare for it or deal with it when it happens. Europe KNOWS that war and mass destruction is REAL. Russia, China South America...they All have experienced war at home in the life times of their elders.


We, when it happens will be devastated!! We will lose half of our population in and even minor short term sort of disaster because in denying the possibility we have blocked any REAL preperation. Our cities are death traps filled with people that will just sit there and die while waiting for someone else (their government) to come and do something. Look at New Orleans!! They just sat there in a danm hole and died in the hundreds when there was no reason that ANY actually should have died.


Relax my friends. In a world filled with the blind the one eyed will be kings and we have both eyes wide open.

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Snake, I look after you fondly. Stay safe, check your six all the time.(for obvious reasons)

I am in and out of this forum sporadically, becasue I've been keeping my head down and managing our family priorities to make sure we are fully prepared for the Storm we see coming, just over the horizon. I pray that we are flat out wrong, but my faith tells me otherwise.

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LOL, this is all a natural part of things. I remember when I was a part of a militia back in the late 70s and early 80s. It just faded out and everyone got older, had kids and lost intrest. The same was true in the 60s too. People were building freaking bomb shelters all over the place...then they lost interest. I saw this coming. After the 12/21/12 failure of the world to end things started to slip. This is my last round up. Unlike others I've found an almost endless facination with the subject. Even now, when my personal survival is meaningless, it's still facinating to me.

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Take care Snake.....I hate to agree with the common consensus but the writing is on the wall so to speak.  All any of us can do is the best we can....prepare to the best of our ability and educate those willing to learn.  If enough are prepared, then the country will survive....perhaps even be improved by the reduction of free-loaders in the population, time till tell.  How far things will fall is the great unknown....if too much knowledge is lost, it will be a hard, up hill struggle to even survive.  May God be with us all.

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