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The Jihad continues...

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Just woke up to more news with Bloomburgs spew about gun control and Al Queda in Syria openly.

Tie that to the Russian thing and someone is trying to sell more weapons i'm betting.

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Well been away a few days and see the world is still at each other and the left wants to tell the right what to do so nothing has changed


but we are still paying millions of dollars a day looking for a lost jet If the black box is within 500 miles of where they are looking survivors


are unlikely very very unlikely.


and then I heard somewhere we are on some other mission to piss away more money but for you the tax payer they got nada nothing squat !


this buch of crap of exporting goodwill and democracy and winning hearts and minds is not working IMHO but who am I ?

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There will be consequences !  LMAO


I never eat while watching any news, the gag reflex or guffaw spasm might cause me to choke puke or both.


Ol' Hemmer on Fox has a new nervous tic he holds his pen in his hand pointing in the air did it 3 times while looking at the camera


Like a squirrel looking at a bird feeder.


OH the other disaster was a Korean ferry I guess we need to send millions for that the Captain was not concerned he scurried off on the first


Lifeboat so if he does not give a sh*t about his own why should we?


The news acts like this is NEW well the same thing happened on the Costa Concordia disaster, when humanity does not hold persons of


Authority to a higher standard than this is what you get a sliding standard until there are no requirements or expectations of honor or responsibility.


Do not get me wrong we have weird emergency actions here like put your pillow in your lap and grab your knees during a plane crash


I thought it was a terrible idea but this Captain was a genius I guess he figured if he told everyone to stay below decks he would have less


witnesses at his trial as the information I could get was no abandon ship order was given or instructions.


A ferry is not one of the vessels where people are concerned about disasters because they seem like a bus they come and go it is rare that


one has a problem considering how many trips they make.


and when they do have a problem even though many have traveled many times they have never read the signs or mentally register the area


Of life boats, rafts and flotation devices as well as fire suppression equipment.


People are sheep for the most part and I have no understanding of this if your in a situation the natural instinct would be to help or you would


Want help for yourself or friends and family members, but many people are so self absorbed they never take a CPR or simple first aid course.


or take a few training videos of fire basics as when to use water or CO2 or use ABC type and how to use them and when to back up as a 5 pound


bottle is not going to be effective for long and you do not want to get hung in a backdraft.


I have a ABC extinguisher and a large container of Baking soda next to the stove.


when I enter a business or a conveyance I try to notice kick out windows and exits as well as any safety equipment like fire boxes etc.


Personal responsibility it's more important now than ever I wish our schools would educate our children and if they would make this a pass or fail


issue for each grade level the attachment of such importance would help drive home, you have to choose to be an ignorant twit.


and it is a choice.


Chance favors the prepared mind by Louis Pasture


there are some interesting bullet points of values leaders should have on this site.


go to youtube and type in First Aid or CPR and you have information on video and audio no less.


We are going to need this if our leaders do not make it more difficult for people of hate to come and go here.


But considering everyday I see news about a serious accident or natural disaster or workplace incident would it not be better to know


I mean it would suck to watch your child or family member die because you were to busy to take a course or pay attention to


An old rerun of some lame doctor shows.

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