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post any firearm accessory failures here

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I wanted to post the failures of accessories that I have tried one was a shotgun tube extension it was aluminum


The threads failed even with a barrel / tube stabilizing clamp since I have not used any mods on my shotguns


Although I could have singly loaded the shells, but that is not an option for b@lls in the wall fire fight.



The flash hider for a Ruger 10/22 the Allen screw was junk metal and had to be drilled out so if you decide to use one,


have an EZE out and or replace the Allen screw with a small bolt that you can grip with pliers or use a crescent wrench.




Many rapid fire trigger adapters are fun, but I have tried a few on firearms that came trough and they work but are


Not heavy duty and might be used on a secondary weapon system but not the primary at your bug in on the trail


I think having one on your primary would be a mistake.


Military weapons have tested and heavy duty attachment points and even they can fail so I keep my stuff virgin


Strictly original no conversions no add on unless like a screw on flash hider or properly fitted kick pad I pass.


This last paragraph reminded me that a true rifle is able to be used as a close combat weapon so I do use


Laminated stocks or I use fiber or a severe duty material and a pad that still gives me some ability to butt stroke.


Military rifles have a metal butt plate it is to protect the grain of the wood from being sheared off when used a a butt stroke


Weapon or firing a rifle grenade or used as an alternative striking weapon to defend against multiple attacks


Bayonett on one end the metal plate on the other and the body can push back or smash frontal opponents while


At port arms so technically all of it is deadly to defensive.


Some people modify a stock to be ultra light this may lead to stock failure / breakage and this is what makes your


Rifle, accurate a stock that can warp or fit loose will probably not shoot well.


Bolt action rifles should be glass bedded into a laminated or fiber stock I like the feel of overmolded but the life span is not


impressive and with a free floated barrel and a replacement trigger like a Bold or Timney


I love wood but on a full time working bet your Azz on it platform you want it as durable as you can make it IMHO.





















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