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Ugly facts

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Warning!! This MAY be too controversial for everyone! Remember, we all have opinions and they are sometimes a lot like farts...your ALWAYS smells worse than mine!


People don't like ugly facts. In the soft gentle world we live in today we can chose to ignore or not believe ugly facts. In a meaner world you either deal with reality or you let it bite you in the butt! I offer here a few ugly realities...


Drugs: People are what they are in part because of their various drugs. We are almost ALL drug addicts to some more or lesser extent. This is a FACT! Even more important it has nearly always been a fact and it is in part what has made us successful. Every culture has their drug and they are different from place to place. What they all share is that they in some way or another make a person better able to deal with their environment.


Fact, drugs are chemicals. Nicotine, alcohol caffeine, the THC in marijuana, the opiates in poppies, cocaine, WHATEVER, they are all just drugs that have mind altering effects. In America we sort of have decided at random what drugs are now acceptable and good and which are bad. That is ALL bull poop! With the end of our culture you need to throw out that along with a lot of other stupidities.


They are just now starting to do REAL study on the human relationships with our various drugs. Great Britain, in part, became a massive world power because of their caffeine addiction. Caffine makes you sharper. That is just a fact. America today is massively caffeine addicted. The other thing that the Tea use did for them was make them healthier as a people and the upper classes especially benefited from this. THINK, everyone that is interested in survival topics spends a lot of time and money figuring out ways to make found water safe to drink. Boiling it to make tea works as well as anything and it helped make the Brits a little stronger and sharper than their adversaries! They simply had a slightly lower number of parasites and other water born illnesses. Very often survival is a matter of inches rather than miles. The Brits were a little stronger and a little sharper and that edge was all they needed. If you looked into the history of tea you will see that Eastern Countries discovered this a long time before the Brits!


The people that did the work building the pyramids were in part paid with BEER! I have Osteoarthritis and discovered several years ago after my second joint replacement that beer works better and is safer than Vicodin or other addictive drugs for low level pain. All of the old sailing ships included a ration of rum in their pay. If you work hard and have low level aches and pains a little booze will distance you from it and let you relax. Also, FACT, booze in limited quantities makes people more social and get along better. Note I said LIMITED!!


Cocaine used to be in ALL sorts of legal beverages. Like booze, in limited quantities it makes people calmer and more social. In places without a lot of grains and fruits you can bet that people still found something to "chillax" with. Marijuana and Tobacco were and ARE big in the more arid places. Like all the other chemicals they are, when used in moderation, very relaxing and actually pretty good for you.


Nearly all drugs are OK if used in moderation. There ARE exceptions but they are not naturally occurring things. When the world goes down the tubes crack, meth and the other chemically manufactured drugs will go with it. They are all dependent on very sophisticated ingredients and procedures. That will no longer be available.


The more natural chemicals will return. The old time snake oil traveling medicine shows were just traveling drug sellers. Most were based on alcohol, opium and or extracts from coca leaves. When I was little paregoric was a common drug given to kids for all sorts of things. Mostly it made a kid relax and sleep more and was pretty good for diarrhea. It was basically liquid opium.


People, contrary to what is believed now, are at heart viscous and sadistically homicidal. Sorry but it is just the way things are and ALWAYS have been. Whenever things break down, even a little for a short time, the truth comes back out. During war that is encouraged. I'm sorry but the fact is that Warriors LIKE to kill. Soldiers follow orders and are mostly canon fodder that gets the Warriors past the enemies first line but then they do most of the killing. In a firefight 85% shoot 90% of the shots but the other 15% do 90% of the killing. They LOOK at the enemy and are killing HIM. It is sort of personal.


In the past the spoils of war included killing the innocent and children, raping the women, and stealing anything that they wanted. After t he battle the camp followers (Women and kids) scoured the battle field killing the enemy wounded, often in horrific ways, and robbing the bodies. Even in the 1800s public hangings were like a carnival sort of thing that people came from miles around to see. Today people flock to the movies to see slash and splash films that are even worse than reality in general. People won't admit it but they LIKE watching death and agony. Most of these danm reality TV shows today that are so popular are just opportunities to watch someone humiliated. They love it when the poor person kills themselves a few weeks later and the show ratings go up! People ARE sadistic!


In order for a society to thrive it has to find ways to feed these sick needs so people can mostly get along without killing each other too often. Nearly all religions realize the truth of this and work hard to feed the hunger. Right now Islam is being looked at as a bad sort of thing but that is just our society directing our anger out and away from itself. If you want to survive you need to see REALITY! That means that you need to look past your cultural programing. Islam is a puppy when it comes to killing people. The Christians have been killing anyone that didn't see the world exactly like them for almost 2000 years. That means that when they can't find non-Christians to kill they turn to killing each other over small differences in Dogma. The KKK is a Christian Organization! That cross that they burn represents the light and truth of Jesus Christ...yet they blow up and burned Baptist churches because they were black churches.


Religions are not to blame! Each one tries to limit our violent natures but also understands that it must also feed it to some extent. In order for it to survive it needs to direct that stuff AWAY from it. You can see the small bits of it all the time. The Good Christian lady that told a friend of mine that her son was killed in a wreck because SHE refused to accept Jesus. (Go to HER sick born again church is what than means.) Those sick suckers that want to show up at funerals for our fallen troops and make the mourners even more miserable. They take such pleasure in causing pain and misery. They have been telling me that I am going to hell for my entire life it seems. I always tell them that if they are right then I will go there gladly rather than be around hate filled trash like them for an eternity.


You need to look and see the truth!! Instead of going with what you feel you need to analyze and make decisions based on facts. So much of the misery of the world is and always has been caused by people refusing to deal with reality. The French Revolution was in part the result of a cultural bias. They had a terrible famine and the people were starving to death. Other countries tried to help. America sent tons and tons of corn and the Brits sent Potatoes. The French government tried to distribute these supplies and the result was fury!! Somewhere in this was when Marie Antoinette made the famous "Let them eat cake!" statement. To the French people corn and potatoes were HOG SLOP! Food only fit for animals! It infuriated them that they were being, in their opinions, treated like animals! They burned the corn and potatoes and that was what led to Marie's famous statement.


Don't starve because you can't have a danm big mac or beef taco!


People will lose all their humanity if they don't have other people to care about. We are a clannish or pack sort of animal and need that to maintain our psychological balance. We may be violent sadistic and nasty to outsiders but we are also a VERY VERY social animal. We need to love and need to feel a part of things. Let me tell you the old mountain men were NOTHING like they are portrayed. They weren't loners so much as they were fed up with their culture. Back then Indian wives were not counted as being married! To the "civilized" people if you are hanging out with savages then you are as if alone. People that were truly alone were called hermits and they were mostly crazy as hell!! The same goes for the monks and other ascetics that were isolated.


As soon as or even better before things start to calm down you will need to join or gather a clan of people to help you survive and stay sane.


OK I'll try and wrap this up neat. Morals and mores are going to HAVE to change. You will either change or die. You need to make your changes as conscious decisions and not be controlled by cultural superstitions or fake realities. You need to do this VERY carefully because If you don't change enough you won't make it and if you change too much you could end up worse than dead. You NEED other people to keep your humanity. You will have to do things that would now be considered barbaric at the very least. If you are attacked or someone steals from you... KILL them. Save your mercy for those that deserve it. Never warn someone. If you think that they need killing just do it. If you warn them and let them walk away you just put a target on your forehead.


Drugs are a part of things human. Tea, coffee, Tobacco...whatever are all a part of us. It isn't just the effect of the drug. In part it has to do with the ceremonies that build up around them that pull us together. Coffee breaks are more than just opportunity to drink coffee! The Britts Tea time was about more than drinking tea and t he Native Americans smoked their peace pipes to do more than just feed their nicotine habits.


As soon as possible you need to return to as normal a life style as possible. All that means is that you eat regular meals. Relax with your family and chill out every once in a while and live on some sort of regular schedule. Returning to normal does not mean returning to things as they are today! As a part of a clan or tribe you get to do the things that make life worth living. Love, laugh and play with the kids. Those are the things that really count. Defend them mercilessly BUT do not become merciless to the ones you love in the process.


These are just a few of the unpleasant truths that we avoid but if you will free your mind and look you will begin to see reality differently.

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Ugly facts wheeew was afraid I would see a picture of my EX on this post lucky it was only a post from Damn and a good one.


I agree Damn Funny thing, I was watching a bible study program and the one fact was that the supposed lost 10 tribes of Israel


Went over the Cacacus mountains thus Cacasions thus WHITE FOLK LMAO so all the KKK that hates the Jews are really hating themselves LMAO.


And all the crud about lesser races are false as in the first age all souls were created and "IT WAS GOOD" so all Gods creations are GOOD.


The hate or blame from one to another regardless of any other aspect as in color, religion, ethnic or political origin is the problem and has

Nothing to do with the other.


Of course, most Adults or Mature people understand this Life is not about a political system as they will all fail you in the end.


Life is not about getting  High as after a while you will become desensitized to any drug and it takes much more for a similar effect.


Life is about what is right and wrong and to cover for those you agree with who are lying, stealing or perverting the truth makes you as guilty.


Having been on all sides at one time or another I can see the others opinion problem is once in operation as in all engineering startups you


Find the failure in the design.


This is true of life or a mechanical device It has a life span it has limits and failure rates and it has an optimum application,  speed and duration.

With a proper fuel IE racing fuel for certain engines and diesel for torque etc. etc.


The Human form is no different if you fill your mind with drivel, then it will spout drivel and there is nothing worse than a single minded idiot


You have met them all they talk about is one subject ENDLESSLY.


I try to live a normal lifestyle now just makes the transition easier in the future IMHO.

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"drugs and alchohol ruin lives and not just the one taking them..."


This is what I'm talking about Wally. I'm not in any way a proponent of drug use. I'm just pointing out that it seems to be an almost instinctual part of the human condition. In our culture there is a TRAINED knee jerk reaction that drugs are evil. (Even though most of us are alive today thanks in part to various drugs.) That is just the same as the liberal GUNS ARE EVIL reaction and not factual. People misuse drugs AND guns but the THINGS are neither good nor evil inherently. By the way, drugs save more lives than they ruin! A drug is a tool. I can take a hammer and build a house...or I can use it to bash in your head. Are Hammers  bad too? Drugs and booze CAN make our lives better. Drug and alchohol ABUSE is the problem.


The point of the essay is that in times of dire distress such as a TEOTWAWKI event you will need to dump a LOT of your cultural, moral and religious programming if you want to live. US and THEM will need to be totally redefined for sure. If you can't shake off your moral refusal to kill you may have to watch your loved ones killed, If you are a Jew you may find Kosher food hard to find! In that sort of situation the milk of Christian Kindness will be running REAL low.


You know the old "think out of the box" thing? Well the situation could easily be a GET the hell out of the box altogether because it is burning to ashes sort of thing. The quick and the dead will refer to those that can adapt to the reality that they face versus the ones that just keep hanging onto the past rules and beliefs that no longer apply. Start NOW learning to see reality even when it is ugly, even when it goes against your cultural programing. You don't have to like it and you don't have to act on that knowledge but ignorance is a killer in bad times.

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By the way, my familly has its share of junkies and drunks so I'm well aware of the potential for abuse. I didn't drink at ALL for twenty some odd years because I believe that kids will do as you do rather than as you say nearly every time. My daughter never saw me with a drink in my hand until she was in college. We did IBC Cream Sodas in frozen mugs for those special ocassions like new years and such. I do understand about the ugly side of abuse but also am very aware of the good side of those same substances as well.

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I KNOW exactly what you mean Snake. The debts for my misspent youth are calling for payments in my old age!!! I would probably still be alive but without the miracles of modern medicine I wouldn't be worth much. I'm working on becoming the bionic man. Hell I have to have a special ID card to get near a plane or enter a Federal building! I could set off a medal detector at twenty yards even if I was butt naked!!!!

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Funny, ain't it  now I take drugs that are scheduled alongside Illegal ones I keep a list and phone numbers as well as have travel size scripts


as I would not like to see a bulk bottle out in the world.


I think it is a personal responsibility to protect our medications from theft I have gone as far as to have a bolted small gun safe in my  bath


I also have one in the vehicle should I travel they may not steal the vehicle, but I don't want to give easy access to anything here is a site


that I get my special locks for my vehicles any deterrent is a good thing.

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I am a coffee person . It gets me going in the morning. ugly fact # gets ugly if i don't have any so i'm packing my bob with some now that you've brought it

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Hell I carry a backpack stove, a coffee pot, coffee, tea and fixins in my truck just in case I need a shot during the day. It actually makes a nice little break to park in the shade and make a few cups on a cold winter day.

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I always have a can of instant coffee it is an OLD  / NEW paint can type when I use it up I buy a new coffee and refill this can


It reminds me of a small axle grease can, I like it because it fits neatly in a camping stainless steel cup w/ folding handles.


I also keep some packs of instant  cocoa the sugar and caffeine as well as being heated are good in cold weather as well as


Honey or sugar in coffee.


Fact is I am not a fan of plain water I drink it but I like to spike it with some flavoring.


I have found from experience that a propane torch is better than any fuel stove as you can direct the heat if you need a bolt loosened


or start a fire if you have a striker or a bic lighter you can fire one up and they last a long time.


this addition to a bug out bag is a good thing if anyone has tried to burn their fingers starting a wood fire using a lighter you will find


a torch a good thing I also have a pencil torch that is refilled from a can of lighter butane not in my bag but as a shop tool for silver soldering.


I have seen the hand torch that refills the same way pretty good even if I did have one I would still keep a few bic's in my bag.


60 degrees in fog and a bit of wind and you can quickly become hypothermic and these are the conditions that nothing but a torch will start a fire.


Sap is a good fuel for torches and or a Pine knot these also burns very hot, so finding a downed log look for the joint of a limb to the trunk.


Chip out a notch and see if it is sticky with sap, If it is, it is also good as a fire starter when shaved thin with a knife.


I do have a Esbit stove because it is so small and so light there is no reason not to carry one. And you can use twigs to fuel it as well a as tab


or gel.


There is also a dry packaged apple cider for those who abstain from caffeine or if you want variety.

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At one point in my life, for a LONG point in my younger years, I "thrived" on adrenaline. I've since, come to my senses and realized how harmful a drug adrenaline actually is, when intentionally abused by seeking "adrenaline rush"es. I'm content to avoid the "rush", let someone else do the paperwork while I can drive away.

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One more to look at and people can recognize it, If their are not influenced by it is Seflrightousness / Pride / Ego


These have driven people mad as a hatter like the Reverend Jim Jones, Hitler hell history and news are full of them


We only see the most obsessed others just as crazy fly under the radar.


It dovetails into drugs, alcohol and all the other nasties of the human condition one thinks themselves superior or better and everyone else is


Beneath them many supremest or leaders are afflicted with this mental disorder.


This is one of the reasons I will not be joining a GROUP I may be at a disadvantage, but it is better than to be swallowed by a wave of evil


That is like a python slowly constricting the soul from you.


One of the best examples was the Nurenburg trials when your only defense is, " I was only taking orders" is not much to stand on before the trap


door falls from under you and you drop to your death by hanging.


Look what happened to El Douche' or Benito Mussolini, his his arrogance brought him to be hung from a power pole with fence wire his 


The wife was taken care of also it has always bugged me that the wife is excluded from the horror she herself helped to propagate if only by


Giving sustenance and or comfort.


But that is another story I have always thought the confederates in a crime should face the same judgement as the actors, it would tend to put a kink


in gang recruitment FAST.

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