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Survival Roll a Blades/skates.

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After reading todays article about survival bug out bicycles.

I was thinking why not use, roll a blades or skates.

They are much more compact than a bicycle & one could swap from shoes/boots to a pair of roll a blades/skates in a minute or two. 

If your in the city trying to get out, a viable option could be a pair of roll a skates/blades.


Drawbacks would be:


One couldn't skate through the woods.

One would not be able to skate through the snow if you get it in your area.

You need to know how to skate, if not you need to learn.

Depending how big your bug out bag is, trying to skate with it will be a balancing act for some folks.


Positives would be:


Not much bigger than a pair of boots.

Easy to maintain, not that many parts to brake.

Cost to buy would be similar to a bike, likely less.

Small enough that one could hang them outside of their BOB/GHB

Your getting exercise.


Having a pair of roll a blades/skates is another option like a bike that's quiet when your rolling along.

I like different options & these two are great ones in my humble opinion.


Oh safety comes first, helmet, knee & elbow pads wouldn't hurt to have, just in case.




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You could always opt for skate shoes like Van's or a unicycle I have seen people on one running trials trails


some even went rock climbing and rode down some not so well.


I still choose a mule but now I think a Lazyboy with large diameter wheels and a beach umbrella looks like an option.


HI HO HI HO--  it's off to prep I go with razor blades and 20 year canned food I go -- HI HO HI HO !

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For urban scouting the rollerblades could be a viable option.  Lower profile than a bike and assuming you take along a pair of steel toed work shoes to swap out for interior or vertical scouting, would be better from the standpoint of not having to hide the bike and retrieve it later.  Practice with a weighted day pack to learn how they/you respond  to traveling loaded.

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Well it's kinda hard to tuck duck & roll or fight in skates but your enimes could use them to roll you to the spot they are going to dump you IMO.


I just can't see hand to hand / CQB with skates I guess that is why no spec ops issues them  or has a training manual / self defense manual :lol:


Now if the IDF or massad comes out with Krav Maga moves for use with roller blades skates or such I will include it into my repertoire though.


I will bring it up at the next council meeting for the POPO instead of mountain bikes, see how they take it.

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I am neither talented enough to use roller blades or skates, nor do I care to "learn" at this point in my life. I did use an original skate baord back in the day when they first came out, solid wood, usually oak with the steel trucks being made from actual steel roller skates. The bid deal was to see how much of a spark trail you could leave when power-drifting, through a corner. Sidewalk use only, as the narrow steel wheels, WOULD stop on a dime and give back change if they encountered a small pebble.(ask me how I know this to be a fact...)

Still for the more "gifted" might be something to consider if in the concrete jungles.

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