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Wool sweaters, hats & gloves.

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Yesterday I signed a deal with a factory from Napal to make 100 % wool sweaters, hats & gloves.

Those that don't know, Nepal is close to Mt Everest.

The highest mountain in the world. It's cold their.

I'm hoping this little business venture will succeed, do to all the snow & cold North America been getting.

Those that know the brand Woolrich clothing. It's no where close to what i'll be selling as to quality & close nit weave clothing. Got my samples already will be expecting my first shipment in the fall of 2014.

Oh those that don't know wool repels water much better than cotton in winter clothing.

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Not yet Wally.

Have 8 people that gave me a 50% deposit so far that want the sweaters & it's only been 2 days now, since I received my samples. Their not fancy, but well made.

They come in the following colors , black, grey, dark green & brown. Earth tone colors.

My target for now are people that I know, shooting clubs, gun shows, boat shows etc.

Maybe, the owner/s at this site might want to sell my items at their store one day.

I'm just a small potato trying to see where I go from here in Ontario, Canada. 

I like to go slow & see where it goes. I know the product will sell it self.

The best advertising is word of mouth from personal experience.

Fingers crossed & hoping.

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Love to have it made in CANADA or AMERICA their Snake.

Would anyone want to pay 3-400 dollars for a 100 % wool made sweater made in North America ??

I prefer to make it affordable for everyone, at 1/3 the cost at those prices.

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well I guess it would be worth a cold water soak in baking soda and now that you say it I had noticed my favorite Hudson bay wool blankets


have gone out of sight in price.


But in winter there is nothing better than being wrapped up in a Hudson bay blanket in front of a  fireplace and an internet connection


Books are so passe' except for old reloading manuals IMHO.

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Snake, All Made in America means these days is that it MAY have been assembled here. The same people that are shipping the jobs overseas are the ones that make all the money and when they get tired of paying the benefits, pensions and retirement they are just going to take their money out, declare bankruptcy and let the workers go to hell. (I wasted almost ten years working for Bethlehem steel. Thank God I didn't stay and plan on retiring...they defaulted on their pensions.)


I buy American when I know that it IS made in America, is of equal quality and competitively priced. Otherwise I would rather give my money to whoever than further line the pockets of billionaires that want to be trillionaires. Why support a system that is corrupt and slowly destroying our great country with its insatiable greed? The middle class is DYING so that more millionaires can become billionaires and some billionaires can become trillionaires.


P210sig, LOL, in Southeast Texas we need something that will cool us off more than keep us warm. We've had the worst winter this year that we've had in decades and I still never wore a coat heavier than a hoodie. I've never even seen a wool coat other than a few suits that were for dress up more than warmth. Good luck in your new endever!


I love my books but have to admit that these days most of the time I'm reading on a Kindle, kindle fire or Ipad. I keep my books though. I look at them as survival material but am about to start selling some of them.

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 A few weeks ago I was not exactly sure where I woke up  I though it was friggin' Alaska !


But I do keep one for a ground sheet / cushion they also work ok folded in half for a saddle blanket or make a softer seat.


I have used mine as a knee pad changing tires or laying it  on hot asphalt to protect my arse.


And if they are wide and long  enough, you can make them into a hammock that is thick enough to keep Skeeters from the back side


And use a thin bed sheet to keep them off your front.


I got stuck in Beaumont one night waiting to ride that was broken down to get to a crew boat MAN them Skeeters could stand flat footed


and screw a humming bird.


If not for my habit of keeping a bed roll I would probably ended up with encephalitis or or died from blood loss them b@stards were in the thousands.


and loud enough to keep you awake and this is another reason I always have some BEN's 100% DEET and a head net Skeeters are brutal


along the coast and near rivers and lakes.


I have been stuck out in a lake over night on my boat NOT FUN but survivalble with an old school  cowboy bunk roll.


Another old school item is a bull whip very versatile you can knock out nuts from trees snag higher branches and pull them down to you


and back off a mountain lion or a bull or bear IF you can get it into action fast enough, I like an 8 to 12 foot with a quirt knob on the handle.


Cowboys knew the minimal gear for survival They settled this area and learned from it and I see little reason to change it now for myself.


other than changing a horse for a mule.


Modern improvements like a common caliber for a saddle / lever gun and pistol Back packs instead of saddle bags


And stainless steel tools like files, scissors hemostats needles and fishhooks etc would have made the Cowboy of old a perfect survival entity.


I have considered a minimalist bug out bag and it seems to compare to many descriptions of possibles bags carried by trappers and


Miners & cowboys.


IMHO the only thing we don't need in Texas is "UNREPENTANT"  antigunners,  liberals and Yankee's.


To me it does not matter where you come from or who or what you are,  but when you get here buy a gun leave the liberal stuff behind and eat


Bar-B-Q pork ribs Don't make a fuss when we pray and stand up and face the flag when the national anthem plays and don't touch my hat


or ride your brakes / tailgate  in freeway traffic And your alright with me.


I try not to drive with my middle finger used as a pointing device not that it does not happen here but I think it is unnecessary and rude.


Well of course this is only my opinion, but there you all have it. :P

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