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M35 Duce & a half. BOV.

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What's your view on this as a BOV?

I'd like to get one, on the other hand maybe not.

Draws too much attention & consumes huge amounts of diesel fuel.

Finding one with no rust is an issue as well.

Good choice to get or find something else.

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Buy a rubber tire loader or a front end loader w/ back hoe they  climb well carries a lot and can be added or altered to do almost anything


Including tow a trailer I would go with a high wall high centered trailer.


I do not believe in a one trick pony If it cannot perform many jobs well it is not worth having even a  large rubber tire fork lift is a better choice


IN any situation we will need to pull pipe on wells haul water carry building materials cut grass {make hay} dig holes move dirt plow gardens


dig trenches a man lift a tugger battery charger water pump etc,


the front end loader w/ a detachable  backhoe is the best all around there are an unlimited bunch of PTO driven equipment.


and can go off road something I would consider very important.


4X4's are ok until you get to your bag, then what now it is a fuel sucking monster most all good diesel tractors run a long time on less gallons.


They may be slower, but as most everyone that had posted on bugging out mentioned traffic jams would be the norm.


and having to use trails as well as road side would be more than likely with a backhoe and bucket you can wrangle your way out of most




Besides, if anyone was bugging out probably already has or needs to have duplicates in both places.


A few scenarios your not at home and you got to MOVE well now your screwed back to the house and then on to your bug.


one of you is closer to either place the other may need only gather what they can as every minute you postpone the window of


Opportunity dwindles to NONE of escaping log jam traffic or road blocks.


Look at Kiev in the Ukrain and what is happening there if anything happens in most major cities from 6AM to 8AM 11AM to 1:30PM and 4PM to 6:30


bend over and grab your Kankles I would not give half of them a chance in hell of getting home except on foot then a 50/50 chance.


of course all this depends on what the public knows at the time add in panic and it all goes to pieces.


Work equipment not honking haulers even animals are better like mules and burro's at 8 + pounds to a gallon water is precious in time


containers and hauling a front end loader pump with a PTO and can lift water to a water tower a big truck only means you have to hand load water


Time is an enemy weight is trying to kill you and suffering makes a person testy cranky, tired every way to limit your work load is LIFE


PTO generators, brush hogs, hole diggers, water pumps, backhoes, log spliters, forks for lifting but I have been all through this


If people do not have the means to store 500 to 1K gallons of diesel go mule, donkey or burro any of these 3 can haul more than any 2 humans.


And they are edible, try and eat your truck.

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