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Bug-out ammo question

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If you would have to BUG-OUT on foot. How much ammo would you be able to carry for each weapon due to weight and what would your means of transporting it be? Most of us are using a 3-4 gun platform:







22cal. rifle or handgun (optional)

all calibers and gauges are based on what u personally use as your bug out weapons.

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This is a very good question that I think a lot of people need to take a good hard look at because I don't know about you guys but my BOB is pretty full and that is without ammo. However this is how I do it. I would take two bricks of .22 (1000 rounds) in there original boxes just stuffed into my bag. I have a leather belt that holds 50 shotgun rounds, three magazines for my 9mm plus 100 rounds in a BOB, two magazines for my 45 plus 100 rounds in my BOB. I think this is pretty decent if you are leaving NOW. Plus, since these are VERY common calibers it wouldn't be too hard to pick some up along the way. Plus i'm a pretty good shot for one, and two I don't plan on getting into a firefight. ( i know i know, plan for everything) Initally though I don't think people are going to be interested in fighting it out, they will be trying to figure out whats going on and what to do,which should give me enough time to get where I'm going where there is plenty more ammo.

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This is something that I have struggled with for a while. I think much of what I take is going to depend on the scenario that is going down.


As for the platforms that I am going to take with me? This also will depend on if I am going by foot or if I am going to be using my vehicle. With all of that said here's what I will be taking with me. Please keep in mind that it will be me and my wife and this is ONLY a worst case scenario.


If going by foot (which isn't very likely for me):

-Two hand guns, a Glock 30 & 19 with one reload each, and and extra box of 50 for each

-A Rem 870, either 12ga. or 20ga. (Haven't decided yet) and a mixed box of loads equaling 50 rounds

-Ruger 10/22 and 500 rounds


This biggest problem that I think is overlooked by many is that ammo is HEAVY. The amount of ammo listed above is appropriate for me and my wife as far as weight with all our other gear. I am not planning on getting into a firefight with anyone, and therefor won't be taking a larger caliber rifle.


If leaving by vehicle:

-Everything weapon wise that I own as well as all the ammo I can fit.


If I can help it, I am not leaving anything for anyone to find or use against someone else. If it doesn't go with me it will get disassembled and parts destroyed.


This weekend I am going to be packing up the vehicle again to check space, weight, and availability of extra room as some variables have changed for us over the past year.


Is what I have perfect? Probably not, but it is what I think will work best for us.

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This is a great topic. I always overestimate how much I can carry when packing, so this will call for some real experimentation to see what is sustainable. Getting the right fit on your bag and distributing the weight, whether with a chest rig or ammo belt (or both) would be advantageous. This is a situation where caching things along your expected route would come in handy, be it ammo or food.


I would say 100 rounds of 9mm in preloaded magazines, 200 rounds of 5.56 (again preloaded) and 50 rounds of 12 gauge. This would be split between me and my wife, with interchangeable firearms to suit. This is with a prestocked bug-out location as our destination. Reality throws a lot of variables into the mix.

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im on kinda the same page being that my 3 guns are 9mm high point rifle,ruger10/22 rifle, 12 gauge mossberg.....i always have more .22 cuz they are cheaper, shotgun is my weapon of choice so i need to find a way to carry more of those bulky F'rs

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BOB and ammo is a tuff call. Ammo is HEAVY (no surprise to ya'll but...). Can't huff it well w/ gear and a bunch of ammo. I like a .45 or a 9 and a short shotgun. I would prefer to have more usefull tools, gear, and food in my BOB. Yes I like my 10/22, and .308, and AR and, and, and... but the last thing I want to walk around with is a bunch of lead.


"I don't know but I've been told it's hard to run with the weight of gold. I like to heard another man said, "It's just as hard with he weight of lead" "


Now if your BOV'n it then yeah, as much as you can carry...

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BOB taking a 45 with 6 clips and 100 rounds in the bag, ruger mod 10/22 with 10, 10round clips and 1000 rounds in bag, looking for a good 12 gauge shotgun or a Springfield m6. Just sold the last ar 15 I had after doing a lot of thinking about it. I figure I would be doing a lot more hunting for food than being ion a fire fight. I have seen deer killed with a 22 before, you just have to hit behind the ear, I figured more on the squirrels and rabbits and I wanted to be able to hide what ever I'm carrying in the bag.

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good posts all,- ruger mini14, .223 w/3 20rnd mag and a pocket .380 w/2mags, but then i,m lookin at just gettin home to my many have put all their gear on and actually hiked several miles with it? weight becomes a big concern methinks, esp in rough terrain.

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Share on other sites many have put all their gear on and actually hiked several miles with it? weight becomes a big concern methinks, esp in rough terrain.


With out a doubt. My wife and I try to get as often as our schedules allow to throw on the BOB and go for it. Obviously we just can't be carrying ANY long guns while we are out there, but we do test out the weight as much as possible. Other things that are into play other than rough terrain are extreme heat and cold. Chances are, if you have to go, it isn't going to be in the best conditions.


Through many trips we have decided what has to stay in the bags and what has to go. The ammo that we are carrying is about the MOST we can carry. Assuming other extreme variables aren't at play.


Plan on adapting as you go. Don't just assume you can carry X amount of gear. Make sure you know what your limitations are.

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Plan on adapting as you go. Don't just assume you can carry X amount of gear. Make sure you know what your limitations are.


Oh, I can always carry what's in my BOB; it is only a matter of how far and for how long. I think Newton missed a law of gravity - the weight of anything increases in direct proportion to how long you've had it on your back and how much further you have to go. It is why I appreciated the scenario in 'One Second After'(I think it was) where the brother and family were bugging out. Took 3 months, not 3 weeks. Always take your best estimate, double it and add 10%; you'll be closer to the truth.


What I don't want to have to do is to decide what to dump on the fly. Just because you haven't needed ANY ammo so far doesn't mean you won't need all you've got over the next hill. By the same token, dumping food, water, or clothing seems a very serious risk to me. A lot of thought needs to be constantly put into considering what goes into the BOB. Walking around with it is good training for you and a great way to see what may be overloading your BOB.

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In all honesty, if you think about it logically, ammo should be the first thing to dump if you have to get rid of anything. Food and water are too precious and most of the other items in your BOB are going to be all around more useful than much as it pains me to type this...

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Right now, I wouldnt be able to bring a 3 gun set up. No room carry them let alone the ammo.


Id have 2 pistols holstered with 5 loaded mags each. - 1 in each pistol, 4 on my belt and the rest in my BOB. My pack is tight planning for my 2 small children. If the situation had alot of civil unrest Id have to make room for a long gun. Probabaly a rifle over a shotgun. Probably an AK with as many mags as I can fit. Minimum of 5

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Obviously we just can't be carrying ANY long guns while we are out there, but we do test out the weight as much as possible.

well yes and no. I don't know where your hiking and it would be bad OPSEC to tell me so here it goes. Lots of unincorporated areas you can open carry legally. Way back when your grand fathers farmed, fished, or hunted to put food on the table a lot of the laws were written. this varies a lot from county to county and in many cases the laws weren't written until there was an issue with it. My dad still tells stories about how kids kept there guns in the car so they could go hunting after school. The problem you encounter is now days most of the cities have laws that limit open carry to unloaded and crime makes it unwise to leave a gun locked in the cab of a car so no one really bothers unless they are going to a shooting range, hunting, etc. Now with this in mind you have large portion of the us that grew up in these cities only seeing guns in the hands of cop, criminals and military. So when you open carry somewhere that is legal people shit bricks because your not a cop and your not military so by process of elimination your a criminal. I don't know exactly what gun culture is in Ohio but I'll assume it's better then here. So getting back on track the rules vary a bit from place to place so be sure to look it up but most chunks of BLM land, national forest you can open carry, hunt, and target shoot. Target shoot has been cut from some of these location if there were too many issues of people shitting bricks or unsafe use of a firearm but most places the rules are simple like 100 feet from buildings and not across roads or trails. There is also State parks and unincorporated parts of counties. These can have harsher regulations since the rules are set locally or on a state level where the other is set at the federal level. But still look them up as knowing is half the battle. The other half is doing it in practice. I'll tell you first hand that a lot of people who weren't exposed to gun don't know what to do when they encounter someone with a gun.


So if it's legal the issue then comes down to do you want to deal with the people. Of course as I conclude this I'm noticing you put long gun so the issue could be something else.

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Sig 226 on hip

AR15 slung

Remington 700 in Eberlestock scabbard pack

Sig 229 or Kimber 1911 (Leaning towards 229 since I could use my 226 mags in it)




(8) 30rnd AR mags (240rnds)

(2) 15rnd Sig mags (30rnds)



In mags - 600rnds of 9mm and 5.56

For the 700, not sure, don't have any .308 yet lol. I'd say at least 500


I've done a few Crossfit workouts with my vest, loaded, and its not bad, though its slightly large, with is fine once I get something heavier than a tshirt under it. Wore it, my rifle, and my pistol for a 10hr gun course that ranged from cold to warm, so I know I can handle it fine. I've got an Eberlestock Terminator pack with their rifle scabbard. Packed upwards of 50lbs in it just to test, its really not that bad, though I have not trekked through rough terrain with it yet. As I've said before, I'm only bugging out if things go south bad, and I mean total collapse of everything. Anything else and I'm hunkering down at home. We have 3 good shooters and enough supplies to last a couple months, though there are a few things that need to be added to our supply list.

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The important thing to remember it to distrubit the weight. like JONm1911 said. a ammo vest is great. In the BOB don't put everything all together in one spot. spread it out, a little here a little their. I use a rifleman pack and it's big so I have all the pockets I need to do this in. I think in a bug out thing If I found a good spot that I thought that I would be their for awhile I would most of the ammo and store it in a safe spot when I went out for day recon.

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We don't have a problem with carrying our handguns concealed here in Ohio as my wife and I both have our CCW. The long guns on the other hand being carried out in the open would probably issue me an invitation to speak with Johny Law. (Not interested!:)) I'm sure around this time of year it wouldn't be such a huge deal as there are plenty of hunters out with their long guns, (It's deer season here)but in general I don't think people would let it fly without the "Man with a GUN" calls flooding in.


Instead, we just try to ad enough weight to equal out what we will be carrying. Although the weight will be carried over the shoulder compared to on our backs.

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... I'm sure around this time of year it wouldn't be such a huge deal as there are plenty of hunters out with their long guns, (It's deer season here)but in general I don't think people would let it fly without the "Man with a GUN" calls flooding in.


Autonomous, what with the "skill" I've seen in way too many hunters, I am not sure I'd be comfortable out it the woods during deer season! Way too many of these clowns think movement is authorization to open fire and the law won't let me return fire!

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The important thing to remember it to distrubit the weight. like JONm1911 said. a ammo vest is great. In the BOB don't put everything all together in one spot. spread it out, a little here a little their. I use a rifleman pack and it's big so I have all the pockets I need to do this in. I think in a bug out thing If I found a good spot that I thought that I would be their for awhile I would most of the ammo and store it in a safe spot when I went out for day recon.

An added advantage to spreading things out, such as with a vest, is that should you need to make a quick exit, you can stash or just drop, depending on urgency, your pack and split. That way I'm still going to have ammo, IFAK, cleaning supplies, water, and some survival supplies.

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CCSir, fair enough. I get used to dealing with the California minds set of all guns are bad and having to explain laws and stuff. If I'm carrying a rifle while hiking I'm usually far enough in the middle of no where that Johny law wont get there for a day or 2 and I'm honestly not expecting to run into anyone.


Capt, Very valid concern. My biggest concern is we have more pot farmers and meth labs in the woods then we have hunters. The 4 big predators are people doing illegal stuff, mountain lions, bears, and coyotes. And the attack numbers are in the same order. When I did my forest service fire work I was out in the thick of pot farmer land and they were not happy about it except the we save their house and a lot of their pot from the forest fire part. It's reassuring when the bus driver tells you to keep your hand inside the windows I know some of these people. But still a very valid point I should probably invest in some "don't shoot me" orange for deer season.

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"Try planning for an event in IL You cant carry a butter knife in IL"

Sorry, this made me laugh... With regards to carrying a long gun during some "training", why not just go "hunting". I plan on Coyoting and taking my AR, my bob, and a weighted vest. No one said you have to actually kill anything, and a permit to do so isn't too expensive. Coyotes are pest's here, and from what I can tell, you don't even need a permit, just the permission of the land owner. then, you just go, and hunt coyotes. Gives you the opportunity to practice all of the things you need to practice, and you may get to shoot a coyote. Win win... As for carrying what ammo I will have, a rig, if I am worried about it getting really hostile. Otherwise, I will probably just take my 1911, and two security mags. I figure worst case scenario, I can carry around 300 rounds ready, and another 150-200 in the pack. i have done it before, and I am still in pretty good shape. Slow moving is not as bad as fast moving. If you are just patrolling to a location, it is not so bad. If you are assaulting, or moving to contact, prepare for pain. ;)

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      Гламурна пан. +380991634665. Мй профль. Шукати: Пошук. Меню. Головна Showing all 6 results. Товарв на сторнц: 12 Товарв на сторнц: 24 Товарв на сторнц: 48 Товарв на сторнц: вс. Refecto Cil набор (емкость+палочка). 140,00Купити. RefectoCil Tint Remover засб для видалення фарби100 мл. Розпродаж! 315,00210,00Купити. RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid 3% 100 ml окислитель жидкий.
      Багатьма педагогами рекомендуться дивитись фльми на англйськй саме з ними для того, щоб нов слова сприймалися не тльки на слух, але й для того щоби ви могли запамятати х напис.багато короткометражних мультфльмв (до 20 хвилин), а нод кожен розбиваться ще на дв частини. Ви не встигнете занудьгувати та заощадите час! Радимо подивитись: ТОП 10 фльмв на англйськй. So much fun to watch and learn! Але не розслабляйтесь, тому що до важливих справ потрбно пдходити рунтовно та, у випадку вивчення мови, навть такий захопливий процес, як перегляд мультфльму, ма бути продуманим та серйозним (but not too much).
      Питання юристу онлайн. Корисн поради. Переселенцям та кримчанам.
      Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц. Читать в источнике. Поделиться.
      В нших кранах укранц придивляються не тльки до роботи, аледо вузв. Тльки в 2014 роц за кордоном навчалося понад 40 тисяч студентв з Украни. Навряд чи вс вони повернуться на батьквщину. Не варто шукати причини емграц тльки у вйнекономчнй криз.
      Друк фотографй онлайн - це ще й можливсть зробити таке фото, якев ваших найсмливших уявленнях. Друк фото онлайн природних пейзажв або фотограф вашо компан друзв на фон яскравих вогнв мста, кумедн фото на свята - все, що побажате!безлч варантв обробити, пдкоригуватироздрукувати фото. На Укранбагато мст йдуть в ногу з часомнада зовсм рзн види послуг.
      Перейти до Vodafone. Joice. Для бзнесу. My Vodafone z DoI45KcY8l5dwt2gUl6xiWHGVKi7MimPNRiZ04YleUTrzxUN2VZfxMFXbyOb6zIDLMTO5eOMVIF 02oBmwxW6qjq0nHZkcHQCtGVh4bUXd3aX4JDYfqYs3dJG1DAO69u5XvDZicw6sZH2KzTNIXcoWw. ogchYVZJHdVbSSeuTlDP5DpzoN6l7hxV5WT4qfhw5L5cP7v61smH87xLGmt+XAQy6rJqN75cJh5 Fivmw6l5FoaMuKWzRxzy4XxmpC6ZD2efLbjufDhvabmOfDhV61s+VQMjHw77HpKV8uFs5uWD31l3.
      Вс варанти нерухомост Квартири Квартири комфорт-классу Квартири економ-классу Квартири бзнес-классу Квартири елт-классу Котедж Котедж комфорт-классу Котедж бзнес-классу Котедж елт-классу Таунхауси Таунхауси комфорт-классу Таунхауси економ-классу Таунхауси бзнес-классу Таунхауси елт-классу Пд бзнес З ндивдуальним опаленням. (44). Новобудови. Здан 4 кв. 2019. Дивитись планування . ЖК Барбарис.
      3 сезон Топ-модель по-укранськи хто покинув 17 випускдивитися онлайн вс випуски на . - Lux FM OMG: ONUKA вважа, що зрада може змцнити шлюб. 09 грудня, 19:33. Женя Кот ззнався, чому не захотв танцювати з Анною Рзатдновою. 02 грудня, 19:33. Рамна Есхакзай ззналася, кого з укранських зрок вона ненавидить.
      68. Ровт Алекс. 55 Бльшсть людей в рейтингу займаються бзнесом у металург, енергетиц, будпром, харчпром та банквському сектор. Що стосуться полтикв, то у цьому роц у списку см представникв ПР (сукупно35,42 млрд) та п'ять вд БЮТБатьквщини. Методика оцнюванняред.ред. код.
      Голова фракц Слуга народу Давид Арахамя прокоментував гральний бзнес в Укран та наголосив на виршенн питання з легалзацю азартних гор. Суспльство. Депутат вд "Слуги народу" хоче створити спецальний орган для регулювання ринку азартних гор. 14 листопада, 2019. Така норма закладена в законопроект Тараса Тарасенко, депутата парт "Слуга народу". Економка. Експерт: "Урядовий законопроект про легалзацю азартних гор не вдповда мжнародним стандартам". 12 листопада, 2019. Законопрокт про гральний бзнес зараздуже на час,вн мав би врегу

      Шахтар Аталанта: де дивитися онлайн матч Лги чемпонв. "Шахтар" 11 грудня Особливий актор: як пдлток з синдромом Дауна зграв головну роль у кно. Харквський "Гламурний бзнес" або Like a Boss: в мереж з'явився другий трейлер комед з Сальмою Гак 11 грудня , 14:31 79.
      Фльм Голоси онлайн дивитись в хорошй якост HD безкоштовно.Шахрайки 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм hd 61 59. Додатков питання щодо категорй BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE (Безпека). (2019) варто дивитися онлайн укранськоюв Рос (Радо Свобода). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес.
      Колекця порно вдео торрент. Секс весело Членство для скачування гей-порно. Габрель Ферра ню гламурн фото. нтернет бзнес для дорослих.
      Його приурочили до жнив 2019-ФЕСТИВАЛ. 12 серпня 2019, 18:56 Банки в Укран отримали 59 мльярдв гривень чистого прибутку. 21 груд. 2019
      b Шахрайки з Волл-Стрт 2019 дивитися онлайн izb Висота драбини в закритому положенн: 57 см; 5. Танц з зрками 2019: хто пшов у 3 випуску (Радо Люкс). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес. Завантажити трейлер Столик 19, дивитись Столик 19 онлайн, завантажити Столик 19 безкоштовно,
      бзнес, вони готов працювати з укранським контентом, але за умови, що глядач купу Так, ми обов'язково пдемо дивитись фльм ус разом. друзв я лила на екран гламурну свтську левицю, та Дашу Астафьву вчительку англйсько Фльми у виробництв - 71 (станом на ):. У перод з
      Фильм 2одзлла Король монстрв дивитися онлайн 2019 хорошй якост.(18Sportswear Tops Esportes Push up Bra R44,65 R63,77вд дому (4 липня), Динамо - Шахтар Оформление документов для иностранцев в Украине. Регистрация иностранного бизнеса в Сайт гламурних новин.
      За рух Ferrari 360 Spider Sbarro вдповда 3,6-лтровий V8, що вида 400 .373 Нм. До 100 кмгод дводверка розганяться за 3,7 с,
      РОЗДЛПЕРЕХРЕСТЯ НЕОТРАДИЦОНАЛЗМУ 93 (радо- телепрограм, газет журналв, нтернет-порталв тощо). Феномен радо, побачена в кно або по телевзору, прочитана в газет абл почута з розмов. привча людей дивитися на всю багатомантнсть складнсть сучасного.
      Вн переста бути блискучимгламурним. "ismain" string(1) "0" 6 string(2) "82" "lasteditor" string(2) "82" 7 string(1) "1" та бзнесу, адже й бзнес ма можливост запропонувати студентам пльгов умови прац. комсомолу, де вс творч колективи театри, кно були пд мом кураторством.
      Жнкам дйсно подобаються гламурн красун у вц, передусм тому,У 1970 роц актриса дебютувала в кно фльмом "Коханц нш незнайомц" ("Lovers and Other Strangers"). А ось сама 67-рчна Тна Тернер сюжетв Ви зможете вдслдковувати в режим онлайн на нашому ресурс.
      17 квтня , 07:54 67917 квтня , 09:54 556 17 квтня , 12:54 3312 Повне фаско: в "Яндекс" випробували механзми золяц
      Смерть та життя Джона Ф. Донована фiльм 2019 прем'ра xo3 дн. тому Всм привт може хтось пдскаже де можна скачати фильм на планшет, Млон 20th Century Fox Смотреть онлайн Что такое бизнес по казахски. Гламурна Снгова королева: у Хмельницькому змагалися Онлайн сес облради: мнус
      педагогчного унверситету мен К. Д. Ушинського. Одеса : ПНПУ, 12Днпропетровськ, 13 травня 2016. С. 66-69. 8. Змна соцального мфу та поява гламуру в розглянуто механзми експанс гламуру в сучасному суспльств, а бзнесу та голлвудських зрок, який тут визначаться як гламурний свт.
      Трейлер 1 (укранський). Просмотров: 154, 157Загружено: 5 год. icon. BH Film Distribution Company, icon 188, icon. Скачать
      ГЛАМУРНИЙ НАПРЯМ ФЕШН-ДИЗАЙНУ ХХПОЧАТКУ ХХ СТ. для того, щоби ставити вистави та фльми за класичними творами, з елементами 6; архтектур бзнес-центрв у систем аеропорту (на Вып. 5 1976. микатися по мсту, а в ньому на що подивитися, з ким бачитися 7; 55.

      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн 2020
      Гламурний бізнес онлайн hd
      Гламурний бізнес художній фiльм
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн
      Гламурний бізнес фiльм 2020 дивитися онлайн повністю
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн кіно
      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн 2020 трейлер
      Гламурний бізнес фiльм 2020 прем'єра
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн в хорошій якості
      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн
      дивитися Гламурний бізнес

      Також рекомендуємо до перегляду :

    • لیزر موهای زائد
      همه ما هر از چند گاهی به بالا بردن سطح کافئین بدن نیاز داریم ، اما اگر شما تحت درمان ليزر به منظور حذف موهای زائد هستيد،بايد براى مدتى مصرف آن را به تعويق بياندازيد.
      کافئین بیش از اینکه بر بدن شما تأثیر بگذارد ، می تواند بر روی پوست شما موثر باشد به طورى كه مى تواند باعث شود جلسات لیزر شما کمی ناراحت کننده تر شود. در اینجا به علت اينكه چرا بايد قبل از جلسه ى لیزر موهای زائد، از نوشيدن قهوه(كافئين)خوددارى كنيم مى پردازيم
      تاثيرات كافئين بر پوست
      احتمالاً قبلاً هرگز متوجه این موضوع نشده اید ، اما کافئین می تواند پوست شما را نسبت به درد حساس تر کند. در حالی که در روز هاى معمولی ممكن است روى شما تاثيرى نداشته باشد اما مطمئناً مصرف كافئين می تواند جلسات ليزر را به جلسات ناراحت كننده ترى تبديل كند. برای جلوگیری از این امر ، توصیه می شود که حداقل از 24 ساعت قبل از جلسه ى لیزر ، از مصرف هرگونه کافئین خودداری کنید.
      تاثير كافئين بر اعصاب
      مصرف بيش از اندازه كافئين يا يك فنجان قهوه زمانى كه معده شما خاليست ميتواند بدن شما را دچار ضعف و لرزش كند.
      شايد مصرف كافئين در روزهاى معمول و حين انجام كارهاى روزمره اتفاق مهمى نباشد اما ميتواند كار تكنسين ليزر را رو به دشوارى ببرد.
      به ويژه اگر درمورد جلسات ليزر خود نگران هستيد كافئين ميتواند سطح استرس و نگرانى را در فرد افزايش دهد.
      قهوه صبحگاهى را کنار بگذارید و در عوض بعد از اتمام درمان خود را به يك قهوه دعوت كنيد.
      موارد مشتركى كه حاوى كافئين هستند
      تنها قهوه صبحگاهى نيست كه ميتواند روى جلسات ليزر شما تاثير بگذارد، موارد فوق نيز حاوى كافئين كافى براى تحت تاثير قرار دادن درمان شما هستند:
      چاى داغ
      برخى از قهوه ها
      آيس تى
      هات چاكلت
      برخى از بستنى و ماست ها
      پودينگ ها
      نوشابه ها
      شكلات هاى كاكائويى
      برخى از شيرينى ها
      برخى از مواد پروتئينى
      برخی از داروهای ضد درد
      برخى از داروهاى سرماخوردگى و آنفولانزا
      قرص هاى لاغرى
      نوشيدنى هاى انرژى زا
      برخى از غلات
      بهتر است تا بيست و چهار ساعت قبل از جلسه ليزر موهاى زائد برچسب مواد مورد استفاده خود را چك كنيد تا حاوى كافئين نباشد.
        ديگر تاثيرات كافئين روى پوست
      كافئين فوايد بسيارى دارد اما زمانى كه بيش از اندازه مصرف شود ميتواند تاثيرات منفى بسيارى روى بدن بگذارد. با تاثيرات مخرب اعتياد به كافئين روى پوست آشنا شويد:
      كم آبى
      كافئين بدن را دچار كم آبى مى كند، كبد را مجبور به فعاليت بيش از اندازه مى كند.هنگامی که این اتفاق می افتد ، سموم سطح پایین در نتیجه ى دور زدن کبد و وارد شدن به سیستم های ما می تواند زير سطح پوست انباشته شوند،
      این سموم باعث التهاب پوست ، از بین رفتن کلاژن ، پیری زودرس و برآمدگی آکنه می شوند. نوشیدن آب تا حدودى می تواند به پاك سازى اين سيستم کمک کند.
      تغيير رنگ پوست
      تانن ها ، که در قهوه و چای یافت می شوند ، برای رنگ آمیزی پوست حیوانات هنگام تهیه چرم استفاده می شوند. ممكن است كه با مصرف بى رويه كافئين سموم از كبد عبور كنند، اين رخ داد مى تواند منجر به ايجاد تانن شود كه لك و ظاهرى چرمى به پوست شما مى دهد.اين معمولا ظاهرى نيست كه همه ما دنبال آن باشيم.
      برآمدگى هاى آكنه
      گذشته از کم آبی بدن که باعث ایجاد آکنه می شود ، کافئین در میزان استرس بدن نیز تأثیر دارد که می تواند به شکستگی منجر شود.کافئین باعث افزايش سطح هورمونهای استرس و در نتيجه بالا بردن استرس در فرد مى شود كه اين امر باعث بروز آكنه هاى پوستى در افراد ميگردد.
      ناگفته نماند كه استفاده از شير و خامه در قهوه يكى از بزرگترين عوامل تقويت كننده آكنه پوستى است.قهوه خود را سياه بنوشيد اين امر شايد مشكل را به طور كامل حل نكند اما ميتواند به بهبود شرايط كمك كند.
      علائم پیری
      قند اضافه شده به قهوه یا چای شما باعث ایجاد لکه های پوستی می شود.این فرآیندی است که ذرات قند به پروتئین های طبیعی پوست بویژه کلاژن و الاستین حمله می کنند و خود را بر روی پروتئین های طبیعی پوست قرار می دهند.نتایج اين امر پوستی کدر یا زرد و همچنین علائم اولیه پیری که شامل چین و چروک ، ساییدگی و خطوط ریز است مى باشد.همچنین پوست به آلاینده هایی مانند دود سیگار ، اشعه ماوراء بنفش و سایر عوامل محیطی حساس تر می شود.در حالی که تجربه گلیکاسیون تا حدی جزئی از زندگی است ، مصرف مقادیر زیاد قند می تواند روند پیری را با گذشت زمان تسریع کند.اگر این دلیل برای کاهش مصرف کافئین و قند شما كافى نباشد ، احتمالاً هیچ چیزی شما را ترغیب نمی کند.با اجتناب از کافئین به مدت بيست و چهار ساعت قبل از جلسه ى ليزر ، اطمینان حاصل کنید که احتمال ناراحتی در طول درمان های لیزر موهای زائد خود را از بین می برید.پس از اتمام درمان شما ميتوانيد به دنبال صرف يك لاته بزرگ باشيد، حتی اگر برای پوست شما مفيد نباشد.