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Did you forget, wallet car keys phone ? how about Fukashima !

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It is well known that the corporate information is either false or misinformation even the scientists are all over the place on this.


The one thing I did notice was that the cores melted / are still on fire, so if they melt into the water table the steam will shoot more


Radioactive material into the atmosphere the containment area is too small and it is obvious from the cattle in the one video it is not




so just what else is going on I am more worried that the brain drain from Japan  will flow to areas other than the U.S. to UNFRIENDLY ones


also the economic future of Japan is a concern,  they have been and are friendly to us. The segment where


people are leaving japan and that radiation is in the Tokyo water supply concerns me If we are going to be competitive we need to


absorb as many as we can instead of illiterate,  unskilled and from those countries that have shown a complete disrespect for our laws


The Japanese by percentages are way more law abiding than many other nations that we allow in our country.


The other factor in my opinion is that the Japanese are industrious  have a good work ethic and pride in their work.


I do remember the phrase,  give us  your poor blah blah but we got enough of them so I think we reached our quota on ditch diggers,


Landscapers, roofers, gas station owners, cab drivers  and stock traders {notice stock traders are last}.

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LALALALAL I can't hear you through my aluminum foil hat LMAO.


All I can say in defense is I was nowhere near the 6th floor, but I did have a private room and could navigate to the geedunk machine


by the elevators of course they did not make it easy I had to drag an IV bag with me.

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The problem with the current corporate system in Japan and in America is that corporations are owned, operated and intentionally designed to provide the maximum SHORT TERM profits. A CEO  is only as secure as the next quarters dividends. Let them drop and the stock holders go ape sh*t and jump the board of directors and then they nail the chairman and he cans the CEO. This leads to all manner of just insane decisions. ENRON was an example of this as is Fukashima. The same is why profitable corporations will still nonetheless move their work out of the country. It is all about the profit margin you know!!!


It didn't always work like this. At one time just a few years ago big companies were owned by families. They were thinking about their grand kids and looked ahead further than 3 months. Also, believe it or not, rich people were encouraged in America to employ as many people as possible and punished for being greedy. Sam Walton for example, became the richest man in America while mostly paying a 75% or HIGHER income tax! His wealth was in possessions not cash. If he made a 5 million dollar profit he opened another store. Wealth in America USED to be asset based not cash based like it is now.  In an economy like that employes are tax deductions!


We will soon have our first trillionaire in America. do you understand how obscene that is!!! Most rich people now actually pay a lower percentage of taxes than a middle class working man does. Good ole Romney paid a lower rate than I did the year before the last election and I assure you that I pay less than most people because I own a company and do like people used to. I invest my profits back into the company rather than try and put it in my pocket.


We are headed for a total break down if something doesn't happen pretty quick. Look at Fukashima and think, what is going to happen to the nuclear plants HERE if the system breaks down???? It won't matter whether it is revolution, plague, civil unrest, solar flares or what. Who is going to maintain those reactors? There are a hundred reactors in the US at 65 plants. You can't just say poop on it and walk away from a nuclear reactor!


Also understand that in every step they were built on a low bid basis. We only know what the original design was intended to be and not where the corners were cut. In Fukashima indications are that there were a LOT of corners cut and then the safety procedures were not set with safety as the TOP priority. They tried to SAVE the reactor and failed to do a shut down while they still COULD do it. They say Chernobyl fell to the same stupidity. It is EXPENSIVE to do a shut down!!! It's ALL about the profits you know!!

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NO SH*T AL GORE IS A TRILLIONAIR ?  Wahoo Al Jazira and global warming were good to him all the while he has multiple homes


With the energy footprint of the Astrodome as well as private planes and a fleet of vehicles as well as an entourage of security.


I like that he makes a profit while consuming and not manufacturing a great gig if you can get it.

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I wonder how fuel efficient his limos are!!! Al is a crook! He is still quoting a Berkeley eco nut ecologist that said that in 5 year the polar ice cap will melt and the polar bears will go extinct. The problem is that THAT prediction was made between 15 and 20 years ago. Romney is a crook too. Al would have had us all on welfare, Mitt wanted us to just be broke dead poor and to die and go away so he and his cronies could have it all for themselves.

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Fukashima is just another sad example of what i've been saying since the 60-70's. And now that the waste has nowhere to go (like I said back then) it's stored on sight at each reactor.

Fortunately the Frackers are exempt from the evil EPA so we can all put on our blinders about the pollution and earthquakes that seem to be just a coincidence.

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t2949, I'm not necessarily a proponent for fracking BUT, before you get too excited you need to do some SERIOUS research. What that means is that you don't just read the articals all about the horrors of something, you need to find out who wrote that article, who paid for the research and what are the motivations behind it.


American science these days is mostly like the sincere love and affection that a good whore might offer. If you will give them the money they will design and do a study that will give you the results that you paid for. All the stuff that you hear about some artificial sweeteners... the research was paid for by the people that grow the plants, make and sell sugar. Of course those results come out the way they were paid to reflect. Remember, or maybe not I'm an old fart, when they threw a fit about saccharin. It was the first artificial sweetener that was widely used commercially. It was PROVEN to cause cancer in rats and came close to being banned. It was allowed to be used because it offered diabetics a lot of help but the warnings on it were even more graphic than what they put on cigarettes.


A few years ago they reexamined those results and the methodology of the testing...Yes indeed it caused the rats to have would do the same to a person too...if they ate a chunk of it the size of a common brick every day for a long time. The problems didn't show up until the amount that they were feeding the rats became insane!


There was a government study done years ago that proved that marijuana was a killer. They did everything they cound and when nothing seemed to cause a problem they basically put the apes head in a box and filled it with pot smoke until it died of smoke inhalation. Presto!! The government had their proof that pot is deadly!!!


Remember a few years ago when we were all going to die from UV because freon was destroying our ozone layer??? That cost America and Americans 500 Billion dollars to eliminate the awful freon. For a while R-12 was the most smuggled substance even above pot and cocaine. THINK, when was the last time you heard anything about this crap... You WON'T hear about it again because it NEVER existed in the way that they presented it.


I remember when it was a new ice-age that we were facing! What you need to understand is that there is BIG money in bad news!! If you have a lab and go out and say everything is WONDERFUL, give me a few billion bucks so I can figure out just how wonderful it IS. How much money do you think that they will get? But if you come out with an exaggerated end of the world hypothesis based on some VERY questionable science it is different. The media people love that sort of thing so it will get a lot of coverage, idiots will panic and demand that the Government do something and the money will flow like a river.


I'm personally not sure about fracking BUT I can tell you already that a lot of what the rigid anti-fracking people are putting out is crap. Yes, fracking in Oklahoma may indeed have caused an increase in earthquakes. Fracking loosens things up in the deep substrata. The thing is though that NONE of those QUAKES were really quakes. They were tremors and most were not detectable by most folks. All the chemicals that they are using that are carcinogens are also under the counter in most peoples homes. The air pollution they talk about is most;y related to the diesel engines used on the rigs and the generators. REALLY!!!! The water polution is nearly totally a myth. These wells are WAY below the water table and the geology that makes fracking work also makes sure that the water put in that they don't get back STAYS where it is. If the formation was porus to start with you wouldn't need to frack!


I have a lot of questions about fracking and as someone that was raised in oil country and been involved in it on several levels over the years I assure you that my trust for oil companies is even lower than my trust of the paid for a preplanned result science we practice here.


As far as using oil for fuel, that is INSANITY!! It is far to valuable to just burn. It is a little like heating your house by burning dollar bills!!! Look around you. How much of what you see is plastic? The uses for oil are so numerous that it is just almost a sin to just burn it and that doesn't even include the carbon dioxide it releases that has some long term effects... some may be bad and some may be good but you just never know. I do know one thing, I would rather have global warming than another ice-age. New York would have hell opperating under a mile of ice!!! Besides, I don't like snow that much.


I MISS the spell check!

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fracking is not where the problem is oil is deeper than water the zones do not communicate in most areas first you have


primary casing {pipe that is cemented in { then intermediate casing that  is cemented in then production casing then the production PIPE


it is sealed by what is called a packer this isolates the production from the other zones above.


in a well without gas pressure a pump is used in this case there would be no way for Gas to invade the zone that water resides sin.


where there is gas it may under rare circumstances manage to flow up the casing BUT given that water has pressure and depth and oil and gas are


Under pressure then at what point does the hydrostatic head allow for the mass intrusion of petroleum gas  into the water table?


an oil well uses a choke the draw the oil up the pipe and a mathematical rate all a choke is is an orifice of a specific diameter.


if the well had no choke then the gas would escape and be wasted in a gas well pressure must be controlled but if you test this by getting a


Coke and put a pin hole in the side, then it will leak now open the cap just a crack and you will see the leak from the pin hole diminish or


Is bypassed altogether.


Gas is natural gas is held in suspension under pressure like the carbon dioxide in a coke until it is uncapped it is trapped.


I will not say that fracking has not ever caused a problem, but it is not the pariah it has been condemned for.


I would like to point out that there is nothing and I mean NOTHING as safe as fossil fuel for the amount of work it performs


1 gallon of diesel will propel a tractor trailer weighting 40 tons 4 + miles it will till or harvest a swath the width of the peice of equipment


about the same distance so unless these punks who think they know it all want to get a rope and drag a hay bailer or a road grater


or chop down whole forests to cook their meals they need to STFU nothing is so ignorant as one who has no concept of real work


Without fossil fuels starvation and disease would rule with an iron fist that antibiotic that was made in Europe got here over night


there would be no Iron lungs so people who had chest injuries would die life expectancy would be like it was before Air Conditioning


and central heat people got chilled or overheated chopping wood cutting hay and came down with pneumonia and died.


Watch naked and afraid and watch how these yuppies barley make it and on top of all that loose a considerable amount of weight.


there are many other products like plastic imagine getting an Ive with bamboo as a line into your arm I remember Glass syringes


Rubber masks, gloves and it were made from rubber from the far east I do not see rubber trees here !


Today plastic and silicone have taken the place or natural rubber and cost less is disposable and recyclable.


many fertilizers are extracted from gas high tensile steel could not be mass produced without coal natural gas and technology


There would be NO TREES as it would have taken everyone to power the vast need for cheap and easy access to power.


Imagine living 100 years ago that my friends would be your life infant mortality rates would skyrocket most people would not live past 50


travel would take weeks and like in New York the filth from horse sh*t and human sewage would stink so bad and disease would be rampant.


The power keeps the grass cut the shower flowing and the commode flushed your water clean and streets paved concrete would cost so much


We would all still live in wood houses and fire would be horrific whole towns would burn down with no water pumps or planes or helicopters


to fly in water or extract survivors it would take weeks if not days to get aid to emergency and disaster areas.


There would be NO electronics, no fiberglass paper was not common that is why children 100 years ago used a personal chalk board


Books were expensive clothing, shoes cost  out the ashes in fact, most people had or bought one pair a year if that


I could go on and on and on BUT whenever someone pisses and moans about fossil fuel or coal and power poles and oil wells


just remind yourself that 100 years ago he would have died along with his mother in childbirth or of any one of a host of diseases


science has beaten back because instead of having to chop chop wood and build fires to cook, walk and send letters that took weeks to get


an answer ]scientist have had the luxury of TIME and the power to run machines like cromatagraphs  high speed centrifuges autoclaves


mass produced petri dishes and test tubes and electron microscopes lasers hell blood work can be done in your doctors office while you wait


and all because of CHEAP RAW FU@KIN" POWER Nuclear OIL GAS that creates steam and electricity  with a skeleton crew to oversee


A plant that powers a whole city through electronics, electricity and automation.


Is or has it been worth is NO an HELL NO ! because the extra 150 million in this country that owe their very lives and life of their family members


Are so damn stupid and ignorant as well as unsophisticated, even with the internet and literally billions of books cannot understand the concept that


POWER IS LIFE it comes from either a short life filled with pain, blood sweat and tears or at the flip of a switch or the turn of a key.


The next time you see an ambulance or a police car well bent for the hospital or the get to a person who called for help remember your great


Grandfather had to hitch the horses and ride the victim to the doctor and people died and could not call because phones cost so much


Because there was no mass production to get the price down to where we could all have the luxury of having one.


My argument with nuclear and fossil fuel has been that we have the technology to do a better job of minimizing pollution and danger but


Greed and laziness protectionism trump good sense it took 20 damn years from the gas shortage to change Detroits mind set


water injection can increase fuel mileage 50% but we have gone to aluminum blocks and they will not handle the pressure /power


a 3 cylinder motor will yield morre torque at less speed so why do we have vehicles that go 120 when the damn speed limit is 65 ?????


Because people are stupid people live with this sense that I have to drive a Hummer when their pocket book is more an entry level SUV


Own a hundred pair of shoes when a couple dozen is enough own a house 3 times larger that their needs amd waste their retirement


money to pay the utility bills and pay hundreds on a pool they never use.


just to LOOK affluent and with it have a boat at the marina and use it once a month own a mink coat and live in Texas ????


I have seen people go to prison trying to keep up the facade credit card millionaires who can't buy a taco breakfast with cash money.


I knew a guy had 5 homes rented them if ONE was empty he was in a panic as he could not cover the payment without a renter


and he was planning on renters paying off the homes so he could be a slum lord because that is what they would be by the time


they were paid off.


I hear all the crap about a 5 year plan LMAO no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow, but they know where they will be in 5 years


What a load of sh*t.


We can all plan, but live in reality have insurance and some backup plans that do not include moving back in with your parents IMHO.


Petroleum = Butane ISO Butane Ethane, Propane as well as other gases then there is the distillates and the gasoline diesel


Oil greases and on and on wells also produce saltwater and can produce Hydrogen sulfide gas


From these many chemicals are produced as well as acids and fertilizers sulfur and tar many medications are extracted from sulfur


As well as pesticides cleaners and the list only ends when imagination and technology reach an impasse.


Eventually we may beat the average and begin to use less, but we have to reach the plateau first passive solar collection


Geothermal and some others are coming of age, but we did not make the jump from vacuum tubes to micro switches


in one leap it is going to take more than technology and or a change of attitude and what is considered success


Like owning a Bently or a 100 foot party yacht and owning a private jet and a 40,000 square foot home with a private


Golf course.


But as of yet Al Gore is not ready to give these things up as far as I can see LMAO.......

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I wanted to find a coherent guide to Radiation we are being lied to and bamboozeled with techno babble they are parsing words


and changing terms to confuse and mindboggle the common man and worse the moreons that are used in the man on the street


interview "You know the idiot who does not know who the vice president is"


this site explains the difference in radioactice jargon such as becquerels,  sieverts, Grays," Rem or roentgens" and Rads


each measure equates to disolved emenating and airborn BUT they are all ways to figure dosage that living tissue absorbe or are


damaged by I am not a graduate of atomic sciences so bear with me but I know when I am being scammed and the constant changes of


thenological jargon and the manipulation of numbers by changing those difinitions eventually becomes a backround noise and


NONE including Fox news has taken the agencies on and made them stick to fact in a common form and list it agaist known lethal dose


in minutes hours or days  puking up this regurgitated and reworked number in a different format is to keep us unimformed or 


kept in the dark and fed sh*t  een if this will not impact the west coast just what will it impact the pacifc rim has  hundreds of millions of people


our military is stationed their and Americans vacation there by the thousands.


We get more information on fire and smoke during wildfires but no charts and maps on the danger zones both airborn and in the sea water.


I f you think there are no scientist taking samples and or our military as they would have a special intrest as ours and many other naval fleets


are nuclear.


I can find out more about chemtrails and H.A.R.P. and UFO's than this and it is ongoing and a threat to humanity at least in the pacific rim IMO.


I am going to start monitoring my cans of tuna and packaged fish mercury be damned it has seemed stable since they have been tracking it


this is being hidden from the public and I for one want to know why?  Here is a site that might explain.

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New SH*T Fukashima is releases 1,000 times the amount to kill 5,000 sevierts humans succumb to 4 sevierts and is killing off sea life thyroid cancer is off the chart.

We are being kept in the dark on purpose, Navy personnel are suing complaining of radiation effects and poisoning. here is report from a Boniface source with pictures and video

Fukashima the monster from Japan  

Even the libitard fake news reported on it

NBC news reports 10 times the levels from previous tests but will you ever hear the real report

most recent report Published on Mar 24, 2017

LMAO radiophobia it's all in your head and if they dont move back they loose their benefits.

Disaster relief for salmon fisheries harvest down dramatically

Whooo hooo salmon fishing down from 14 million to 2 yes 2 

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Report of salmon runs are down way down if you want salmon better buy it now.

Commiefornia beaches show more than background normals and radiation is cumulative and Fukashima will not stop expelling radiation.

A scientist that had a photoremediation method was MURDERED... why, have you been told 20% of our reactors here are the same model as the ones at Fukashima ?

Farmers are not allowed to grow food in the 50 mile area but areas outside are as bad and he farmers grow but will not eat the food and crops are showing signs of mutations.

the constant flow of water liquefies the ground and turns it into quicksand and eventually the building will sink or if another quake the ground will swallow the reactors the rods will touch and KABANG. Japan has quakes so it is a matter of when not if. I have a thought that if the ground swallows the units the pressure of quicksand compressing on the fuel will act much like a powder charge in a cannon and instead of a conflagration it will explode that is not high in possibility but it is possible.  The big problem is all the radioactive water dirt and the buildings should they slide into the ocean will not be a good thing.

raised counts are showing up in the northern U.S. as I see it the allowable levels in milk and food will be raised like in Japan until we start dropping dead and we all strat looking like THIS

Goonies Sloth Mask

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Iodine 131 that is the bad boy that will give you thyroid cancer IT IS CUMULATIVE UNLESS IT IS FLUSHED OUT ! Here is an article that basically gives the ignorant a feeling of calm.

It is well known that spiders have been found in the stratosphere flying on air currents a spider is heavier than a atom of so many other particles that are wafting across. I watched a recent video of a seal having seizures on the beach in southern California if this same thing were to happen to a mammal at sea like a seal walrus whale etc that breath air they would drown razor clam fisheries have been closed and a few other problems like salmon numbers but it is hard to get facts with all the trolls on either side.

If anyone here has tried to spread dirt or sand you can see that it does not stay in a clump is scatters and in wind it scatters all the more radioactive material is not spread uniformly as the jet stream prevailing winds storms and many many other factors move it if one particle and it can be the only particle in your town lands on your deck chair your level will differ quite a bit from everyone else it is that simple.

Personally I see this as a very very very dangerous event that cannot be stopped look up one of our eminent Dr.  Michio Kaku Theoretical Physicist, Professor, and he was in the Army has real world experience and I feel he is being portrait as making this issue a cash cow and I think he does not express himself more emphatically, This may very well be an extinction event over time as these units sit on the coast and in an area that has earthquakes and tsunamis the ground under the reactors is being washed away the only thing keeping things in check are tons of water soon there will be no more space to contain the radiated water or soil and the containment vessels and bags are degrading pipes have had to be driven into the bags because the decaying matter like leaves and dead insects and critters are making methane and that is explosive and all it would take is a lightening strike to fire all those bags into one huge fire.

Dr. Kaku explains that a atomic reaction like that of a reactor cannot be stopped the Chernobyl reactor is still burning but contained by tons of concrete and when the reactor burned through its containment it was over a bed of sand that turned to molten glass that keeps it floating and fixed but Fukashima is on sinking sand being undermined by water leaking through into the sea many malformed animals and sea creatures  are being found more so than before so am I or you to blow this off and call it a conspiracy theory or foil hat fodder ? I say if half of what I have read is genuine we got 10 years before the pacific will not feed the 2 billion people that live in and around it and that is if the other reactors do not have some setback. I figure one day I will tune up Fox news and see some if not all slide into the sea and go full melt and if you have ever seen water drop into hot grease or into molten lead the explosions are terrific add into the fact this has rod that if they touch they explode and there are over a thousand LMAO that should set the tuna fishing back a few hundred years off of japan and they and China will have to fish the Atlantic  and that barley keeps north and south America in sardines in fact we import them from Spain and Portugal.

Its a food problem not a radiation one well both but it will be sporadic between starvation and cancer IMHO. Can you imagine half the Islands in the pacific that are populated now devoid of life human or animal ?

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Well here is the gift that just keeps on giving FUKASHIMA !

record levels of radiations

In order to understand how this is so bad we need to look at a hose power sprayer that has a bottle attached where you put in soap.   I have this one very good model this is just an example of how water works. Soap is place in the bottle as the water passes it is mixed with the soap and is sprayed under pressure and cleans it can mix many chemicals and spray them and this model does it well.

consider the bottle as one of the individual units in this example it contains radioactive material the hose end is where the water is pumped in to cool the reaction of the material the nozzle is  where all the leaks flow out into the pacific so all the billions of tons of water that is contaminated is slurried in the unit and is radiated I do not know the coastal currents but as sure as god made little green apples all the sea life that passes is effected whales sharks all the way down to plankton dependent on the life span as to when another organism eats it it will be effected and it's offspring years after the Russian Chernobyl fish and mammals have numerous genetic problems extra useless legs and other horrible deformities.  It is my opinion that  just as TEPCO hid information so has the EU and other agencies so as not to alarm the public If there were a real investigation into the long term effects of radioactive particles the increases in cancers from the plume that was tracked that would be very illuminating if we also had the data of health issues over lets say 20 years pre Chernobyl.

If we have to use sunscreen to protect us from the sun why do we get giggled at for 2 real disasters well really more the testing grounds in Nevada was close enough to give all the actors in a john Wayne movies cancer IMHO.

most have forgotten 3 mile Island it was small but did effect some area people.

then there are the ones you will never hear about deep deep in the oceans --but I digress, the world is a natural pump using the temperature differential and deep trenches of the Arctic and Antarctic to flow water to the tropic zones and back hot water rises cold water falls the salt in the oceans kills a lot of bacteria the sands filter as the clouds it is a real wonder the largest still we know of constantly desalinating filtering and redistributing  all the water of the earth since the creation of God he place into action and even with our mistakes it will keep right on pumping with the geothermal heat  sun moon and wind until God otherwise dictates.

One problem is that China feed t's population on fish and al of the China straights the Philippines and Australia and many populated islands are going to see and feel the effect many of those people migrate to the U.S.  if you think we are once removed I say guess again IMHO.


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      Середа, 29 травня 2019, 23:26 Арсенал - челс: дивитися онлайн-трансляцю матчу. У першому тайм команди показали невиразний футбол , як результат, жодного забитого м'яча. Вже в дебют друго половини зустрч псля подач з флангу вдзначився форвард "Челс" Олв' Жиру.
      Вже 30 травня 2019 року в Укран вдбудеться довгоочкувана прем'ра мультфльму "Секрети домашнх тварин-2" (The Secret Life of Pets 2). Перед презентацю автори виршили пдгрти цкавсть кноманв до новинки, опублкувавши фнальний трейлер Собака Макс та нш домашн улюбленц щодня очкують господарв з роботи та навчання. За цей час вони розважаються, сплкуютьсяходять один до одного в гост Дивться трейлер до мультфльму "Секрети домашнх тварин-2": вдео. У Швец з'явився найменший у свт Mc Donald's: мил фото. сьогодн.
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2 - офцйний трейлер (укранський)planetakino.2 . Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року. Режисер: Секрети домашнх тваринсекреты домашних животных. Трейлер 3 (укранський)BH Film Distribution Company.2Другий трейлер мультфльму "Секрети домашнх тварин" Домашн улюбленц втають з Рздвом! Прем'ра в Укра Смешные моменты из Тайная жизнь домашних животных The Secret Life of PetsBanana Gaming Time На канал Мультфльми - можна дивитися найкращ трейлери до мультикв в режим онлайн. Очкуван мультфль .
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      Студя: Universal Оригнальна назва: THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Жанр: анмацйна комедя Режисер: КРС РЕНО (Секрети домашнх тварин, Нкчемний я, Нкчемний я 2, Поспаки, Лоракс). Facebook:Instagram:Twitter: . Link Download. Download.
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      Опис: Тепер, ви напевно будете знати, що з ними вдбуваться, поки ви вдсутн, адже мультфльм Тамне життя домашнх тварин розкрива вс тамниц наших улюбленцв. сторя сповнена величезних клькстю рзних тварину кожного з них своя власна життя Домашн вихованц всляко намагаються виршити сво особист проблеми, хтось безтурботно насолоджуться життям, а хтось бореться з свою ненажерливстю. Однак нхто з них навть не може припустити, що для них готу милий кролик Снжок. Цей клубок вовни саме втлення зла, в його голов тльки одна думкапомститися домашнм вихованцямхнм господарям за х чудовубезтурботне життя. Хто ж зможе його зупинити? Як же закнчиться вся ця сторя?
      Секрети домашнх тваринсекреты домашних животных. Трейлер 3 (укранський). Published on Nov 24, 2015 11,522,558 views. Download Video Share. Download СЕКРЕТИ ДОМАШНХ ТВАРИНСЕКРЕТЫ ДОМАШНИХ ЖИВОТНЫХ. Трейлер 3 (укранський) СЕКРЕТИ ДОМАШНХ ТВАРИН (The Secret Life Of Pets) Старт в Укран: 4 серпня 2016 Жанр: анмацйна комедя Режисери: КРС РЕНО (Нкчемний я, Лоракс) , ЯРРОУ ЧЕЙН. Серед талановитих анматорвукранець СЕРГЙ КУШНЕРОВ ("Поспаки", "Мадагаскар", "Шрек 2"). Як гадате, що роблять ваш домашн улюбленц, коли ви переступате порг домузалишате х на господарств самих? Запевнямо, вони зовсм не нудьгують!
      Searches related to мультфльм секрети домашнх тварин 2. мультфльм секрети домашнх тварин 2 укранською. секрети домашнх тварин 2 мультфльм дивитися онлайн. Секрети домашнх тварин 2. Офцйний трейлер Як бути кицькою (укранський)BH Film Distribution Company. 3 months ago. Старт в Укран: 30 травня 2019 Славетн домашн улюбленц повертаються! Ми й не пдозрюмо, скльки усього Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у Планет Кноplanetakino Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року. Режисер: Секрети домашнх тваринсекреты домашних животных. Трейлер 3 (укранський)BH Film Distribution Company. 3 years ago.
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      Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року. Режисер: Тамне життя домашнх тварин укранський трейлер UA WStudio Secret life of pets trailer Другий трейлер мультфльму "Секрети домашнх тварин" Домашн улюбленц втають з Рздвом! Прем'ра в Укра Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у Планет Кно. by planetakino on 2019-04-16 In Video. Дивться мультфльм Секрети домашнх тварин 2 у кнотеатрах Планета Kно 30 травня 2019 року Купити квитки онлайн:Facebook:Тамне життя домашнх тварин. by саt's blog on 2017-01-28 In Video.
      Секрети домашнх тварин 2. 12 Квтня 2019 10:47. Вийшов новий трейлер анмацйно комед "Секрети домашнх тварин 2". 5 Лютого 2019 17:57. Оприлюднено новий трейлер мультфльму "Тамне життя домашнх тварин 2". Пряма трансляця. Прямий ефр. Дивитися Слухати. Коментувати 06:00"Новий день". 07:00"Репортер" - щогодинио 19:45. 09:00"Студя Парус" - Павло Рольник та Каролна Ашон до . 12:10"Кримнал" до 12:20. 13:00"Детал" з Андрм Карповим та Василсою Фроловою. 14:10"Кримнал" до 14:20. 16:10"Кримнал". 17:00"Ситуаця" - Тарас Березовець, Марина Леончук: ток-шоу.

      Фнал Лги Чемпонв 2019 - Multiplex Антонй2.19h;EditedНадо бы ещё на Секреты домашних животных сходить)Секрети домашнх тварин 2 - MultiplexMultiplex Такий фльм можна дивитисяне один раз!
      2 груд. 201840 Секрети зркового взажистаnezabarom, , prostobank, pop-zvezda, kinopoisk.Маленьк продавц пропонували рзномантну смачну домашню випчку.Вдродження, 2 Тел. для запису: (0332) 771-367, (095) 857 08 21,r e t s a m w or B t is t Make up ar (066) 051 54 92 пр.
      1 трав. 2019.рестру сер ААВ785572 вд .НФОРМУ ПРО ОГОЛОШЕННЯ КОНКУРСУ .2019 З ВДБОРУчику1 димова труба котельн та 2 свч про-время пересадки домашних20:30 Дс Дикi тварини. 21:2507:33 Планета без упереджень.
      грашки для домашнх тварин, игрушки для собак, игрушки для котов, игрушки в клетку62% позитивних вдгукв Трейлер 906-161 A с животными, звук, свет 48-17-9смИгрушки животные "Секреты домашних животных" R95м. Кив. 2 вдгукиИнтерактивная игрушка-чесалка для кошек Self Groome.
      11:50. 45грн. 13:40. 65грн. 15:30. 65грн. 17:20. 65грн. 19:10. 75грн. 21:00. 75грн. 23:00. 40грн. Зал 2Трейлер кнострчки: "Секрети домашнх тварин 2"
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      3-го червня дивимося четвертий фльм з конкурсно програми Члдрен Тривалсть: 90Ура! Завтра починаються перш покази анмац Секрети домашнх тварин 2!мистецтво бою у довгоочкуваному триквел - дивись на вихдних у кно!квиточки 2019-05-25.
      10 чер. 20180:001:42. Live Трейлер HD (укранський) онлайн, скачать видео. 15, 312Скачать это видеоБарбоскины - 73
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      1 день томуодзлла Король монстрв 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм без рестрац sxС.93.вдтворити англйський королвський двр, домгшись при цьомудраматичногонколи тут не було, який навесн отримав в Каннах 2 нагороди.2018Годзилла II: Король монстров Секреты домашних животных
      16 лип. 2018Смотреть Грнч Офцйний трейлер 2 укранською 2018 Скачатьдомашнх тварин, художник-постановник Нкчемний я 2), Скотт Мозь.Король Лев. Офцйний тизер (укранський)03:23Секрети домашнх тварин 2.Топ 5 Мультфльмв Зими 20182019 (трейлери укранською).
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      2. Живая вода. Сборник русских народных песен, сказок, пословиц,ного конотування мста спостергаться у популярному вислов Вльяма Куперакви, щоб священик прочитав над нею особливу очищувальну молитву Studia Linguistica. Випуск 62012. 34 асоцювалася з смертю, деньз життям.
      IMDb:(74 330)Ничто так не раздражает Вдмчай свого друга який також дивитьсяПдписка на. Вдмчай свого другаСекрети домашнх тварин 2Дивться у кнотеатрах Filmax з . Секрети

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