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Making your own 1 3/4 inch 12 Gauge mini shells.

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Anyone make their own 12 gauge mini shotgun shells?

Aguila manufactures them, that I know.

They've been around for about 2 years now.

I've made my own 2 3/4 to 3 inch 12 gauge shells in various loads.

This is a project I'd like to do & been in my list to do for over a year now.

The loads I want to make are # 4 , BB's & 7/8 ounce slug.

So anyone care to share a recipe for a mini 12 gauge shell load you've made?



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Now this is personal opinion and not meant for information for any persons dead or alive / living or dead.


Danger will Robison warning warning BEEP BEEP eeOOOOOOO eeeOOOO holy crap don't do it.


now that being said----


Sans the wad,  use a gas seal  everything else would be the same as everything between the powder and shot is a spacer 


If you use something that you need to protect the bore from, then a gas seal combo cup would be the way to go.


cut it for length and then overshot card and roll crimp I would not fold crimp period IMO.


Now the real problem in a standard chamber these can roll over and end  standing or reversed now a 2 inch shell makes a lot more


sense in functionality.


to a point a shorter shell makes for more in the mag tube But they have to function at 100% reliability 


Agila shells have been around many years and it is not a new concept I think it is English shells are 2 inch for break open guns.


As long as the data is forX  Hull {type}  X powder X amount of shot and no variation, then what changes ?


All of this is an exercise in mental agility only an assumption and not for real world use. 

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Just finished making one of these MINI shells an hour ago.

I've cut the hull down to about a 2 inch length overall.

Used a white-clear ward that I normally use for 2 3/4 inch hull.

Powder charge 800X  15 grains & 1 ounce # 4 shot.

Cardboard caped & rolled crimped.

Will be shot from a single barrel brake top shotgun.


WARNNING, I do not condone using or making any of these mini shot shells, do to the info stated above.

Making these shells will be the onus of your own doing & I will not be held responsible in any part.

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I think 2 inches is a good length overall it would give you one more in the tube  a very slight edge, but as far as ballistically


Should not be any difference in performance all things being equal.


I think the best load would ne 7/8th to 1 ounce of course you have to pattern the gun I think this is a good candidate for


#1 to 1 1/2  buck .300 to .308 diameter lead buck stacks good and has enough to get the job done,


I love the BB's perfect size for birds clean knock down or miss the smaller shot is not humane not that I am a purist or a fanatic


But as I can when I can I do not like to wound and I don't like picking sand shot out of my food either.


A 7/8ths ounce slug seems a fine thing at about 1100 to1200 FPS I don't need it to kill on both ends.


Well, I have seen some listed data on 2 inch have to look for it I imagine BPI load manuals will have some listed.


I do not care for loading hulls past 3 times for all I have seen and read diminishing returns and with components,


costing so much I would like to get data results from my loads.


I am getting some brass magtech shells I have a roll crimp die that will just roll the edge enough to hold the overshot card


without leaking a bit of Elmers glue and the shell should stay dry and tight.


One reason I have not done it yet is the internal dimensions require oversize seal wads and I do not need more stuff


but I may get a box to keep in storage I have punches and could make my own wads if needed but that is a pain


I have plenty of felt, cork and chloroplast to hack out wads from if push came to shove balsa or dry bark would make do


Just don't use them in a dry season Ol' Smokey bear would not like that, and people need to THINK it is rare but it can happen


When using alternative materials for wads and cards.

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