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Looks interesting and looks like it will work


Saw on a auction it is going for 97 bucks for 20 rounds I don't see me spending that much and saying that


I think they will shoot I think they will work and work well BUT I bet they won't be on the market long IMO.


I hope the emergency rooms have some vice grips cause they are going to need them for these these look like brass or copper


well it stick to flesh where lead is less prone to stick.

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I saw them going for about $50 for 20 rds  at gun shop web site, but all sold out.

I'd buy & try them at $50 for 20 rds  for sh*t & giggles LOL.

At $97 for 20 rds , I'd pass on the purchase.

If this ammo catches on by the general public, prices should go down.

Don't hold your breath though, I'm not.

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