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heavy chevy

admin pouch and your use

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Does anyone use admin pouches? if so what do you carry in them? and how do you carry it? I came across one at the swap meet for $5 made in the US no brand on it but a little used. I realize I have no idea how to use it with out putting it on my MTV, but I don't carry it any more so I'm looking for a more practical use. Right now just carrying a small Maglite with the LED bulb best upgrade ever, added the dummy cord for my watch, permanent marker, small notepad and pen. and the grim locks are just to increase my carry options. Thoughts anyone?







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I don't use an admin pouch but I use them I have a few Voodoo tactical ones this one looks like a cross between a emt and dump pouch


2 compartment with a zip pocket on the flap secured by a clip it has small dividers in each compartment


I don't use grim locks I use real carabiners


real as opposed to key chain types Real ones have a working load limit of between 3,000 to 12,000 pounds I figure if you don't have


at least 6 your lacking as I can use that many on a good hammock or anchored shelter as well as hang my ruck from a tree.


all the ground is for is a snake scorpion and spider habitat so anything on the ground will get wet or collect critters.


as far as pouches a 6 X 6 X 6 inch pouch can hold enough to survive


if you pack it with the right STUFF


connected to I have 2 caribiners 3 K pound


A compass on a nylon strap with 2X key rings and a Snap clip


a diamond coated credit card sharpener 600 grit the back can be a signal mirror


Smith's diamond knife sharpening steel 1000 grit


6 medium 6 large bandages 2X packets of antibiotic grease in foil packs


magic marker size Absorbine jr travel spray pen filled with DEET bug repellent


20 foot of braided 550 para cord


a Fresnel lens for magnifying or fire starting


a credit card tool


9 volt battery powered led flashlight  a solar charger for 9 volt battery


it came with 6 foot of 1/4 inch bungee cord and cord knocks


sewing needles a few fish hooks  waterproof matches in a coolghans waterproof match container.


second match container has benadryl aspirin immodium tylenol salt in paper packets and sand paper striker


a roll of hard candy / life savers


carmex lip balm it is also good as antiseptic.


and a Poy San nasal inhaler similar to the old vicks inhalers but smaller


Bic standard size lighter


half a carpenters pencil


10 foot of stranded copper wire


compact rubber armored binoculars 8 X 24 power want to get a Monocular to save space


Swiss Army explorer  plus has I think 17 tools scissors wood saw awl sm & lg knife blades file  tweezers etc.....


on another key ring a Swiss army Classic little pen knife


And you would not believe me if I told you !


and I have a head net I the package on one of the clips if I have to go I will tie it and a bandanna on it


I figure it weights 3 / 3.5 pounds  


If I had nothing else but this pouch and what was in it I would not be worried


I am getting a blast match and I will use a caribiner to hang it from 


this thing is packed and tied to the gills but each piece should be it's own life raft for you


I have 2 compass pouches one has a 5 X magnifier mirror and a bandanna the other a lensatic oil filled compass.

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Pouches and web gear / molle specifically helps you to organize,  compartmentalize all your gear and not have to empty your ruck to find


exactly what your looking for, and in an emergency time is something you don't have


Instead of using grimlocks use Carabiners like these


This allows for maximum versatility pouches need to have more than one security feature strap snap and velcro closure   velcro is not silent


so certain pouches like weapons and ammo pouches need to have plastic buckles you can add snaps it is a good idea to have a bag of them and


a snap setter kit  very small some extra strap and buckles I have narrow web belts these are also good to attach and secure back pack add ons.


your going to be carrying 40 to 70 pounds depends on your strength so adjusting your load and pouch size and components and test it.


this is another great reason to go with wise freeze dried meals they are lighter even than MRE's although if your area is devoid of water


MRE's are about as light weight and size conscious as can be had.


NUT butters as can be tolerated like hazel peanut etc. and honey are about as dense in nutrients for their weight as any vegemite is another but


I am not down with the taste.


here is one of the best small pouches I have found and I have a couple of these


every rifle needs one of these


A couple of these compass pouches and a similar compass


Plate carriers are one of the best ways to organize and carry your gear and still have it at your finger tips.


add one of these as addon hydration it hold a stainless bottle you can find stainless cups w/ folding handle at wally world

and a metal canteen with cup and cook riser in a issue canteen cover will suit you well.


Drop pouches are a must the fold / roll up ones are space conserving and yet pop out and hold many hags etc.



this one holds 25 rounds of 12 or 20 ga, organize by loading shot slug  specialty etc.


the Viet Nam issue 30 rnd -3 mag pouch without potato pockets hold a brick of 22's

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I do something similar with fanny packs. I've also done Bull Durham bag/Altoids can survival kits. I like it to either be pocket sized or big enough to carry an all weather set up. I DO really like the thing you did with that watch!! I have one that is much like it that the band died on but the watch is still going. It has the moon and sun rises and stuff on it. It will be going onto my fanny pack today!

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I just found some Stainless steel what looks like a pint spice can with a lid considering a few ideas for them


Stainless is one of my pet peeves I see no reason for buying aluminum nor anything plastic If I am suppose to be planning on


a long duration of difficulty or TEOTWAWKI then all my gear needs to be as durable as I can buy .


and survive being used as a distillation unit for water they can be repaired with silver solder brass brassing if and that is a big if


they ever need it rubber or plastic plugs can be replaced with carved wood plugs tied on silicone sheet


and everyone should have a stainless hip flask with brandy or better yet plum Geikan nothing works better for a congested chest.


If I had to bury things for a stash a stainless camping cook kit water bottle and a fry pan would be part of it because it would


not matter how long  decent stainless will survive the test of time.

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LOL, Mine that I DID go and find and rig for my fanny pack is about the same. A casio with the band shot and can't find another so presto. I now have a waterproof time piece  that will tell me about sun rise, sunset, moon phases and tides.


One of the advantages to bugging in Snake is that I am well set up in cast iron. I even have a huge old wash pot that you can cook for an army in. You can buy used cast iron these days for almost nothing. I have a huge pile of pots pans skillets and dutchovens that I have picked up over the years.


For the distilation use I have BIG stainless gumbo pots. The biggest is a turkey fryer. For boiling stainless is tops but for cooking over a fire cast iron is a lot more forgiving.

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If a person lives in a place that is not right in the middle of a really big city bugging in has a lot of advantages. When the oil industry tanked in the 80s and I was forced to move I made moving to a likely BOL a priority. Basically I bugged out 25 years ago.

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MAN, those Mall Ninjas are the living PITS!!! When ever we just HAVE to go to a mall, about once a year at the most, we keep it fast and furious. If I stay too long I worry that either I or my sweet beloved will be just FORCED to pinch somebodies head off!! Actually we even have serious troubles with the freaking Walmart Monsters too!!!


LOL, the last time we went to a big city mall I had to explain to a couple of young men what it meant when a lady said "Excuse me." After my wife had said excue me trice and only got dirty looks I leaned over so I was about a foot from their faces and explained.


 I told them, at first softly then finished at about 135 decibels, "When someone says excuse me that means, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE I STOMP ON YOUR PUTRID LITTLE BUTTS!!!!!"


It was just so cute. They jumped about 3 feet straight up and were already running before their feet hit the ground. They moved out so fast that there was almost a clap of thunder from the air closing in where they USED to be. I hate rude people don't you? ROTFLMFAO...true story though. I've done it more than once...

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I hate to pass early judgement BUT and I do mean BUT if I were on the jury of the 2 different issues one is loud music and the other is the


ex cop that flopped a phone user in a theatre I doubt I would vote guilty.


Now I was watching Fox news and there was a disagreement over a bus driver getting his job back after defending himself against a teenage attacker


the little guy had been rude so the driver got his information and was turning him in and getting his pass revolked well the kid sat down and then


as punks do jumped him from befind and these stupid beauty queens that they have for hosts were arguing that he should not get his job back


because he forgot to put the bus in park LMAO and because he was hired to frive the bus and he knocked the kid down but not out so they said






A friend of mine was stabbed to death just that way turned his back on a guy that was mad because he lost a bet on a pool game for


another game another words a quarter, he said, I ain't going to argue your game turned and the b@stard stabbed him in the back.


I am so sick and tired for what passes as news and friggin' ex beauty queens telling US how to live how the hell would they know about


street fighting anyone that will blind side you is like a burgular rapist a coward and will kill you or a child molester no honor no sense.


the argument was he was a teen ager well teenagers are doing life sentaces and on death row,


The bus driver was the injured party if he wants to put the punk in the hospital it is not for me to prevent it now he has lost a MAN his job


he will think he is in the right as any fool knows that if the other person is punished he is at fault it may be preception but self rightious punks


think that way.


I am tired of OLD middle age big butt EX beauty queens tryiong to make their opinions national policy/


this is why punks are the way they are no one beats them into a hospital bed I have seen it too many times some brat will do something


their own mother would bat them in the head but you do something and they are just the most perfect church chior member.


right after this,  the story on deadly force at the border against people throwing brick size rocks really what they a re doing is trying to


create a diversion and now there is an investagation into some shootings that killed these rock throwing punks Cain killed Abel with a rock


David killed Goliath and if your not a Bible person any one of a thousand pictures of achient battles shows defenders using rocks to defend


city walls so there is no question they are weapons just because they are not the best weapon and their leathality is poor makes them no less


a deadly weapon IMHO.


as we see in many countries if the law officials are not allowed to use deadly force and limited to rubber bullets and other crap the violence and


numbers of these creatans only gets worse and the numbers of them explodes,


now they know that it is a posibility that deadly force will be used


if it is prevented then what will stop herdes of illegal aliens with dope in back packs swarming the border using FLASH MOB tactics


I fear that a similar thing as the Arab spring and OCCUPY WALL STREET can be used as a model to overwhelm border agents at key


crossings to enable Drug cartels and Coyotes to swarm over the border their products and people if this were done at multiple points there


would be NO WAY to stop organized units on this side to pickup and disperse aliens and drugs as well as possible THREATS to our nation.


I am breaking OPSEC in a public format to WARN our leaders and  law makers not to listen to beauty queens on issues of national security


nor let political correctness defeat us before we even start.


The same segemt of news also detailed a child molester that AGAIN molested and killed 2 children in the 1970's  less than lethal is more than


useless over 60 Al Queda enemy combatants are being released in Afghanistan so not killing enemies is STUPID.


Now these released enemies will kill again and again and who knows one may become the next Bin Laden.


if anyone reads history Ho Chi Mhin was a waiter in New York he learned to hate Americans and learned our thinking and used it against us


he also was a college student here so please someone tell me just how can we as a people continue to coddle felons and play fair with


people that have no conscience or morals we lost 50,000 + and 14 years in the NAM  and we are doing it AGAIN !


NOW AND ONLY NOW that it is a political banner do we hear the term BLOOD & TREASURE after we have lost the farm and sold off


our childres futures to the national debt.


Where were all these BLOOD & TREASURE babbling idiots wehn the treasure was being squandered under the waterfall of money that's


where,  and like the old song Fortunate Son for the most part it was not the elite powerful and ultra wealthy childrens blood


that was NOT spilled.


Not to say some did not do their duty but as we all have found out that many found WAYS to avoid combat and yet did serve


in a rear eschelon position only to spin that  to buy a political seat at the kings table.


I am hoping to see a wave of battle vets take the reigns and guide us in a way different direction than book worms


and finishing school boys and girls.


we have tried this winnig hearts and minds and it is a complete failure Korea, Viet Nam, now we have Iraq and Afghanistan


50 years of failure you would think someone would wake up !


Blood & treasure thats 17 trillion and all the national cemetaries and all the jobs lost in the last 50 years the Panama canal


our honor and dignity has been squandered and sold at auction on the floor of the U.,N. and back room deals


People that could not afford a car in 4 to 6 years are millionairs doesen't anyone think there is a odd ?


freedom isn't free my friends.


And it starts from lack of respect and allowing chicken sh*t  & back stabbing behavior in people as well as countries.


Some of our foriegn relationtions  people need to learn to watch their speech it is becoming problematic,


and it shows they were not raised by any of my family you would get told right away if your to gutless to say it to their face


keep your mouth shut and if you kept running your head you may end up on the floor.


AS to admin or other pouches I love them no pouch goes unused or cannot have a slide out made to contain or organize


it's contents.


this can be as simple as card board or plastic card board "CHLOROPLAST" even as far as specialty materials like Kydex


even machined nylon sheet with velcro or straps and snaps


this allows for maximum use of the defined space consider material roll tool pouches A sewing machine is not only a womans


domain also you can fold tool rolls and slide them in a


flat pouch like this Admin one Molle straps and carabiners as well as grimlocks to attach it to your Molle platform of your




don't forget the oriental button like on AK chest pouches. these are not fast but silent go out at night and rip off a velcro


strap and it will become clear you need to be situationally aware use the best pouch for its intended use.


Ballistic nylon is not totally quiet people need to field test any and all gear clothing for sound reflection or equipment loss


or loosening during exertion.

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Swiss army back pack 5 pocket 3 sections.

Watch cap

Elk hide gloves long cuff


Insect Head Net

Swiss Army Explorer Plus

SOG Flash II 1/2 serrated

Sewing needles upholstery straight and heavy duty

150 yard roll of 50# tests braided fishing line

a cigar tube filled with hooks shot weights and some jigs

Pair of EMT shears

Curved and straight surgical scissors

Curved and straight hemostats 3 and 5 inch.

Antibiotic ointments 2 kinds

3 sizes of bandaids 4 Gause pads

1/2 inch wide cloth medical tape 1 roll

Packets of salt, sugar honey pepper drink mixes.

2 Water bottles, stainless steel 750ML had KRÜ 82 Vodka in them

6 heavy duty Carabiners

6 assorted aluminum Caribiners

100 feet of braided 8,000# climbing rope

Connected to a hunting block & tackle

100 foot 550 para cord

100 foot 220 para cord

Compass one Lensatic military

Full size Bic lighter

Folding camp clamp for hot pots

Stainless steel cook set of mixed pieces that nest .

Short cuff lightweight  leather gloves

Emergency first aid kit

Crank radio & LED light

Kabar combat knife w/ ballistic sheath

Chinese hatchet and hammer / nail puller

6 inch vice grips

6 inch channel locks

1/8 inch cable and stainless wire

A deck of cards and 6 dice half a carpenters pencil and a spiral notebook

A pack of sanitary wipes.

1 poncho

roll of quality duct tape


The others go on a web belt / Bat belt 4 pouches


I also have a chest rig panel and a drop leg panel


some cargo pants heavy duck fabric  w/ suspenders

Danner combat boots

Water proof gaiters

Columbia canvass thorn proof long sleeve shirt 2 pocket

standart weight T-shirt with 2 pockets

CQB belt

pair of goretex socks  a few tube socks

neck holster and billfold

shorts another T-shirt and kung fu slippers

a bed roll of canvass sheet 2 wool blankets a pillow case and a beach towel

Tube neck muffler / Balaclava


Every nook & cranny at least 2 of everything in different sizes


and I have a small  knife in each boot lace you never know but I have tested weight and considered what I would need for an extended

stay at the hunting shack.

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