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C.S.C? communist states of china. aka former U.S.A

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whats up with china buying up manhattan? reports say that china now owns 60% of lower manhattan. some of the buildings include the empire state building and the JP Morgan building. which just happens to be connected to the federal reserve building. are they cashing in on our debt? in cahoots with Omuslim, whoops, I mean Obama. my bad.  NEW WORLD ORDER? what do you think?

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As far as I am concerned the chinese already  have new york city did you see the mayors rant against conservatives.


if that is not an indication he is a less than positive proponent of the Constitution and the bill of rights and yes I said The bill of rights


the same one the left whines about they want upheld on their terms ONLY well you can't cherry pick who your going to give rights too.



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The USA is the ONLY place the PRC and other Chinese entities can place funds to have them NOT be devalued, in my personal opinion. I am not, nor have I ever been an economist. I work for a living. I am not interested in theoretical "sceanrios" at all. What I see happening, is pretty much what I posted before. It is "reasonable" for the PRC and other Chinese  ruling elites to park their monies here-where they are FAR safer, by purchasing hard assets like real estate. WHERE ELSE in the world, is that real estate going to be worth anything of value?

Pretty much nowhere. the infrastructure within the USA is far superior-even now, than anyplace else in the world, and even with are slowly deteriorating economy, (at present) the USA will last far longer than any other location in the world. Again, just as I see it, and I try to read and study the various geographical economies within the USA, first.

I look at things like, can the PRC actually project their military "might" such as it is, an yplace in the world, as fast and effectively as the USA can, even with the stellar lack of leadership we currently have? Nope. They do not have the sealift or airlift capacity to swiftly change from commerical materel handling to military logisitics.  WHile PRC companies like COSCO, do have significant sealift capacity, it is second only to the free market shipping available by the evil capitalists they would face. Major problem for the PRC.

Additionally, could the PRC itself support the actual logisitcs required for such a large military air and sea lift  emergency or response?

Not at present. They do not have the infrastructure within the PRC to do so, while they may or may not have significant internal economic pressures abnout to implode the PRC economy, that is entirely depending upon WHOM you consult with.

Those "ghost cities" to the PRC's economy were to them, what our Federal Reserve "quantitative easing"(QE) is to our economy. A huge unsustainable drain about to collapse.

Any country cannot artifically inflate the spending to create "wealth" within a truly capitalist based economy model. It's never worked before in history, nor will it.

I do not look to see the PRC(official name for China) "invade" the USA in the traditional military sense. they are already being economically smart, by using our capitalism and infrastructure delivery systems to purchase large agricultural food production companies. They need that food production industrial support, to FEED their population, or, the current power structure will definitely collapse.  Every revolution in China has occurred when and after the population has gone through a famine not seen in the outside world. The current population of the PRC is no different, billions of people cannot possibly be sustained with the current agriculture infrastructure China has in place at present.

They MUST have outside support through trade to feed their people, hence their aggressive trade policies and practices.

At least that's how I am lookling at it. They cannot replicate internally what we already have and possess.

I believe in free trade and not the crap our administration is pulling and the past admininstrations have done.

We must circle our own financial wagons first and foremost in order to secure our financial future or, we will become like the PRC.

Hope this helps to shed some light on what I see is the real reason the PRC is buying up viable real estate in the Northeast, they need the revenue from those properties to sustain other acquisitions like agriculture here.

Thanks and apologies for the long post.

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I consider what was stated many moons ago the U.S. will not fall from exterior forces but from within


so if that is the model then I would look along the lines of external pressure like that we placed on Russia to be employed.


I have given the analogy that we are an elephant dying from a thousand wounds,


we have turned into ENRON we make little we buy a lot and sell air.


our stock market boasts American companies but they do not sell American made goods for the most part and even if they do


large components are foreign manufactured.


Many years ago there was an agreement where American milk would not be used in manufactured foods here we apparently


buy dried milk from Australia & New Zealand and it is sold to candy and food companies who are forced to use it instead of buying American


dairy products.


It is these little factoids that make me wonder just exactly do we make and where does it come from "OTHER THAN HERE"


so are we like Pinocchio's , Gepeto  waking up to find already made shoes by elves at night and having no care because we are old and tired OR more like lazy and greedy and sell them as our own ?


We have all seen and heard of the made in America stickers are made in China that they stick on boxes made in the U.S now the


contents in the boxis assembled if we are lucky from some parts maybe labor from here but how much is automation ?


The Devil is in the details and I do mean Devil in the first person not as an analogy.


Remembering that the Devil is the father of all lies then it would make sense that nothing good comes from any of this there are


those selling us out for the sake of profit using unskilled underage under paid foreign labor "exploitation" while allowing


our nations people to go without Jobs retirement health care.


Now our gov want to buy your home and let you live in it called a reverse mortgage buying it with dollars that are worth less every day 


so you can afford to buy more expensive basics like food.


Now answer this if your children cannot find real jobs with stability now then just how will they be able to afford to buy that home from


in past generations people had a vision of retiring after working for a company now we have IRA;s 401K's and Roth's all are


complicated instruments based on YOU saving for your retirement because they have stolen all the money in the SSI system and


replaced it with virtually worthless bonds another complicated instrument NOW we are being told you need to convert your IRA's into


other retirement savings instruments or face a severe penalty ? why, it is not their money or is it ?


This country keeps pulling the rug out from under U.S. and giving it to someone else.


Look at the recent news about the supposed cuts to military retirement and benefits RIGHT AFTER WE LEAVE A WAR !  not during not


before we enter it but when they don't need us any more they think they can piss down our neck and tell us it's raining.


What is this with the wounded warrior program ? I am not saying it is not a program but by it's own mission statement WE the people


are again taking out of our pockets to fund what was suppose to be already paid for through our taxes and made to feel is we don't we are


unamerican but it is a;right for our gov to piss away money to the PLO and numerous other antiamerican nations and groups now we are


suppose to be supporting Iraq and Afghanistan  with ADVISORS LMAO and we can afford this but not take care of our troops ?


Now there are many organizations like wounded warrior not to mention the VFW and other organizations that support but also


do work for veterans did you ever wonder where all those flags come from on the graves at national cemeteries ? 


Well it ain't little elves and it is not the government paying for them.


and those flags are probably partially made in China too.


I am not against wounded warrior or any other group but as I see it gradually the government is passing off paying their bills to us


TWICE we pay fuel tax and road taxes then they flopped on another tax all while saying we need new roads and bridges


well where are they a trillion dollars needed in infrastructure and yes we are building but not at a rate anywhere near the national hiway


system in the 1950's  and that was no bed of roses either even though it did connect the country many areas were left desolate bypassed 


and died off the vine like route 66 ? travel that way today.


Again the government cut the peoples throat many roadside diners gas stations and motels went broke and rotted to the ground


all the while our fearless leaders bought land for pennies on the fertile new ground of the NEW highway system.


Americans act so sophisticated and everyday our government sells them the Brooklyn bridge all over again and what is worse the fall for it


again and again it's like watching the coyote and the road runner for me anyway I know the road runner is going to win and the coyote


is going to end up in a sling but I can't look away as he is tinkering with his new ACME do it your self kit.


We are seeing a wave of decriminalization of WEED next if I am correct will be legal prostitution I mean after all like many


countries that do not have enough jobs they count on tourist dollars next will be the lowering of the age of consent.


After all we have to compete with those other nations right.


look not even 20 years ago how many states it was legal to gamble in now look today they call it a new industry LMAO your kids


are dealing blackjack to wealthy people that sold their jobs overseas.


Now they are looking to invest those riches into pimping out your children selling them pot and putting them to work dealing


in a casino or trading services for WEED as seen on CNBC many people work for WEED growers trading their labor for


pot now I wonder if the pot sold 4X the price as street weed how much will a barter be worth to the government in taxes


because if you barter it is considered income and the grower is going to have to explain the difference gross and net


on a profit & loss form as well as show proof because if you think they ever take anyones word for evaporating product


just go ask you distiller even the grain they already paid tax on once it is reclaimed and dried it is sold as feed they get to


pay tax on that too, yea all these dope heads are about to get a real awakening come April 15th maybe not this year


the government is slow but neither do they forget or forgive past indiscretions.


Even now at the federal level pot is still illegal so what will they do make them pay a penalty ? I mean like the recent


BIG banks they broke the laws and federal charges should have been filed BUT NO they were fined and still made monet.


we have already been a nation of have and have nots if your justwho inthehell beever as well as many other rich folk


you can vacation in CUBA drive drunk and never stay more than a week or two in jail because they are special and your sh*t.


How far will we fall before we realize we are creating our own hell ?



King James Bible


Luke 17:26
And as it was in the days of Noe, {NOAH}  so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.


Genesis 6:5
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of

his heart was only evil continually.


people may not want a bible lesson but when you start selling your children for prostitution maybe you will realize


what I already think your selling off your children's inheritance {the family home} to a reverse mortgage.

just how far will you go before you start pimping you or yours off.

you can't pay the home taxes and but food so now your a greeter at China mart less than 29 hours a week.

you have SS and a retirement and still have to work to pay for part D state local and feds are gang banging

all of you and they are all in cahoots with each other. and you have to satisfy all of them or off to the street or prison you go 

and there you get to REALLY take it up the OL' WAHOO.


Some people already are handing out pink slips or driving their employees to work harder and longer and using devious

ways to cheat them out of their pay, and now working parents under 29 hours so the company does not have to pay


AHH what was that memo you got, " do it or your fired " you know like what the pimp tells the wh@re then they slap them

{the point of  IRS} to make sure they get the point.


I have heard a lot of hate speech about Christians and some of it is true and correct but at least we don't start every speech with

"My fellow Americans" LMAO  then hold you down and go through your pockets.send your children to wars they have no intention

of winning then cutting their money and support.


Your the Coyote but they track your credit & debit cards track your phone listen to your calls read your texts and e-mails

so they already know what you bought from ACME and what your going to do with it.

and your so screwed.   ----------- MEEP MEEP !

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I am not  Wiley E. Coyote and am extremely careful with my privacy at all times. Privacy and operational security is something my family has practiced since my wife and I were married more than three decades ago.

Now, you are correct in your ecclesiastical references, we ARE submitting to the "Father of all lies" by our wholesale committing to and embracing sin in general and specifically. We are in total agreement.

While I would not knowingly sell a darn thing to the PRC or any company affiliated with them, or one of their many agents/brokers, many people have succumbed to the lust for sex, money and/or power and do just that.

Again, it's falling prey to the "Father of all lies" and we know that.

I don't have any answers, and haven't claimed that I do, I just offered my personal observations based solely upon my subjective experiences. I fully admit, I am rarely "objective", I can't be, because I'm human. People who claim objectivity in my experience, are merely trying to obfuscate the true nature of their embracing of the "other side" or trying to not to show that they are a disciple of the Prince of Darkness.Again, just my personal observations. As for the PRC and their buying sprees, see my above post, I do believe at this point, that is their strategic objective.

Unless we the electorate make a wholesale change at the ballot box and get our apathetic friends to VOTE and off their butts, we will continue down this same path until the Republic is "fundamentally transformed" as the current Occupant-in-Chief of the White House likes to call it, I call it destroying the Republic. Are we screwed? Nope, God IS on the side of this Republic and as long as we draw breath, we must stand up for what is true and correct.

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Too many are in their own Twilight Zone and as long as they can work the system to their advantage they will.  I would not wish to be near any large population when the SHTF.  i.e. the free money, free housing, and free medical dries up.....not going to be pretty.  Between the OWG and our creditors, I would rate our chances as approximately the same as a snow ball in Hell.

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