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Damn Snake, talk about a trip down memory lane!! We had a bunch of sassafras trees behind the house where I was raised. We made sassafras tea all the time during the summer. It is a little like root bear. Also the leaves when dried and made into a powder is called Gumbo File'. We also made our own cocktail sauce. Ours was ketchup, Worcestershire, grated horseradish, lemon juice, garlic powder and sea salt. I also like a little Louisiana hot sauce but I was raised in Beaumont Texas and the Cajuns put that on and in everything. I love it.


Mud bugs are great. For survival though you need to suck the fat and juices out of the head and body. There are more calories there rhan in the tail. I'm like a cajun and love that part of the mud bug but some find it a little gross LOL. You are right though. If you starve to death in South or East Texas you just ain't trying. In a bind you can even eat the pine trees. The needles make a good tea that is higher in Vitamin C than oranges. Youpon Holly makes a good coffee substitute with a little work. Bugs are EVERY WHERE! Birds eat those bugs and they are easy to kill. I could survive as far as food is concerned with just a pocket knife and a little slingshot.


After the drought a few years ago killed a lot of pine trees. Lighter pine stumps are so easy to find now that you can almost use them for fire wood in a chiminea or outdoor fireplace. I make little match sticks size pieces for my fire making bundles in bug out bags. Speaking of fire. You need to get a peanut lighter. I got two for under 5 dollars on Ebay. They are like mini zippos but are round with o-ring sealed screw on lids. The fuel can't evaporate so it lasts indefinably. I'm a little obsessive about fire making and always have at least three different ways to make fire.

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since fire is THE survival pivot point I do not think anyone can be obsessed in fact I think many do not take it seriously enough.

no matter the weather insects reptiles and up to dangerous critters would like to make a meal out of us.

Fire smoke and ash are our defense and even that is not perfect.


I also keep a torch striker with a propane torch & 1 pound bottle I have had times when it was like now too wet to get a fire most any other way.

My everyday carry and my GHB I can get along well for a few months as long as the flora and fauna prevail if there is a bio or other disaster

that takes out a lot of specis that would change the outcome.


I have spent 2 weeks  in the swamps a few months in south Texas along the Rio and some long camp outs further south.

I did not loose much weight but I did have to learn regional edibles it is not a given that anyone knows all the wild foods in any area.

some edibles are only in a hundred miles and then they are not present or altered seasons.


One to two pounds each of lintles or pinto beans, rice, corn meal, flour,  coffee or tea as you like and sugar & salt pork your in good shape.

eggs are easy enough most of the year in the south and small game and fish all I need it a sliver of salt pork for seasoning and grease to cook it.

This is where knowing how to cook and keeping the amount to a minimum and waste nothing.


Making jerky is easy problem is it takes time and that is what we will not have in the first 90 days as I think it may be E&E for a while

until things settle down.

It will be hard to cook as the scent will waft a long way, to have mre's stored in a cache  so once you got there you could just heat water

and warm them or eact them cold but bury all your trash / police your area if they find nothing they may think there is not anything worth going after.


All this is speculation but has merit from past experience but then it is who we need to care about and those people probably are trained, military  or expeienced woodsmen / hunters people you would have a hard time avoiding / evading so we would have to be evasive and set traps to keep them off our tail., and that takes twice as much travel and awareness.

This is why bugging out is not as simple as it may seem and with a family and noisy members that places everyone in a dangerous predicament.

this is also where a barking dog is not a help.


300 million people looking for food water and medicine / medial needs and they may have a aircraft boat vehicle or animal so people can be a far piece in hours and scatter like marbles on a tile floor and it also depends from which area it begins.

Earthquakes along the pacific coast Yellowstone volcano western drought and fires the Madrid fault tidal waves from off the coast of Africa.

Nuc, bio or emp then there are natural elements disease or famine from one of these even water contamination.


It's a head scratcher, so none of have the slightest idea how this will play out

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Depending on the cause of the fall I expect 50% casualties in the first 60 days in most urban areas. More rural areas will probably do a little better but nonetheless they will probably lose 35% to 40%. If it is the dead of winter or the heat of the summer the numbers will be especially high among the very old and sick.


After the first die off there will be another as the urban dwellers abandon the cities and flood out into the rural areas. Gang bangers and thugs won't last long at all. I'll put a bunch of country boys with deer rifles up against a gang with uzies and AR-15s every time. They may kill some at first but without the police to protect them we will hunt them like hogs. I can easily take a man down at 300 yards with a deer rifle. Most of those fools can't even hit someone across the room. You just gotta aim a little you know.


Food in East Texas is everywhere. I suspect that I could make a living just killing feral dogs. Yes, I have no problem with eating dogs. I may even raise them as live stock. They are like chickens and pot belly pigs...meal size for a family. That is why they were so popular in Southeast Asia. When you have no refrigeration and live in a hot wet climate your meat is best eaten immediately. We don't have a long cold winter and in the summer even jerky will mold pretty fast. Kill it cook it eat it.


About the best way to store meat will be to can it. A pressure cooker works on a wood burner just fine if you are careful to control your fire and the cooker is set up right. I've got the stuff and have done it so that is an option for me. The thing is the stuff is heavy and  the jars are not very travel friendly. You just can't do that on a bug out. Drying meat extends the "shelf life" but it doesn't make it good for long term in South East Texas.


I will probably do most of my “hunting” with various pellet and BB guns. A bird in the pot makes for soup and there is no wasted calories that way. If you cook them on a fire some of the the grease melts out and runs into the fire. I want it all and the marrow as well. You grill or broil large pieces of meat but the little critters need to go into a pot. I'm not worried about food.


To tell the truth about the only thing I worry about is medical/health issues and getting through that first six months until most of the a$$holes are killed. You better bet that I will be a bit antisocial for that first year. I plan on organizing my neighbors and blocking off the road we live on. I want to make things about as secure as possible as fast as I can. I won't last much over a year because of health problems. They aren't a big problem as long as medicine for them is available but without that I will start breaking down after about 6 months.

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I tastes like rabbit! It is a very popular meat in most of eastern Asia. They are the right size and a lot more fun to have around than chickens. I think that it is a matter of perspective. I'm a country boy and the thought of killing and eating something that I raised is nothing new to me. I've killed my supper a good number of times. Chicken, cow, rabbit, duck, quail or hog I've killed them all right out of a pen or cage and eaten them that night. A dog isn't my first choice but I've not going to have to be very hungry for them to land on the menu.

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I can say, I never tried mudbugs as a boy, but I used them ALL the time for bait when fishing. ALWAYS, worked like a charm.

Went trapping crayfish as a boy in NorCal, and used to get a gunny sack full. Finally my OKIE father suggested we eat them. I was apalled. Never tried it until I was an adult. As a boy thought eating "bait" was for heathens...not so now.

Went with our son and grandkids on a "Man-trip", this grandpa trapped a slew of cray fish. You better believe we ate them, and they were GOOD. Bog ones too from a good moving creek with a nice quiet spot. Used a small can of tuna as bait in the trap. Caught more than we could eat.

Now, IF I could figure out how to make magpie palatable, we've got a huge crop of them in the trees out back, more than one hundred of them. I hate them with a passion. Pretty things, but love Mama's strawberries and we've been thinning that flock daily with the pellet rifles, with little to no effect on them at all. Grand kids like it though.

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4 and 20 black birds baked into a pie... I guess it would work on magpies. Robins are good fried. For all ofhter birds of the nongame sort you just boil them bone them and use the meat in a pot pie.

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First let me say this post is deeper than I thought I would go but once you scratch the surface you may as well sand and repaint.


I eat anything other than carrion so this means I try to avoid crow owl hawk buzzard opossum then scavengers or the larger breed as in mountain lion

wolf coyote and fox some of these are a danger to we as humans and our livestock or carry diseases so I will hunt and kill them as the need arises.


Feral dogs are dangerous more so than any wild species as they have no fear of man and will pack hunt in large groups and they are omnivors much like bears and should be killed on sight anytime.


Here is my thought that will a large die off killing of some species will halt cleanup and even now a large animal like a cow or horse that dies is not completely eaten or removed and that could taint the surface water table.

I think a funeral pyre and burn all dead things or else this would become the second wave of death and that is disease from the dead and the carrion

people are loaded with certain drugs that cannot be dealt with by burying unless it is as we do now chemically suspending and casket burial in a select location.

If we haphazardly bury dead anything just anywhere that would create a new worse biological disaster as animals will dig up dead and some would have died from disease one disease is rabies and anything that eats that will contract rabies if it is not cooked to recomended temperatures IE 165 degrees and held at theat temperature for 3 minutes this is all food I garner this from all sources and even eggs and pasturise raw milk.

yes there are temperatures ranging from 145 degrees up to 160 but that is normal precautions for normal times under TEOTWAWKI all bets are off and taking precautions to the maximum is only good sense, as all water will be effected even if you not in a area you may consider safe.

problem with decay or death is that the wind blows microbial matter  and water flushes it to it's lowest point and it pools.

Animals drink from these pools and just as I am sure god made little green apples something will come of this what I am not sure.


I have read and found public information that even now water is anything but pure and I considered long and hard what may be a problem for people and one thing I did remember is that drinking distilled water is that it leaches out the bodies minerals as it has none and water pulls / attracts minerals so your esscentialy flushing away your minerals and that would lead to bone density problems as well as wasting / mineral diffiencecy and that weakens the body in so doing a weakened body is more susceptable to diesease or death from even minor sickness like a cold quickly turning into pnuemonia a scratch into a infection.

People have drowned from drinking too much water and drinking too much water that is distilled will suck down your minerals and those are part of the regulatory system for heart rate, vision and mental acuity.

Ptassium calcium niacin and Iron are critical as well as trace elements or your body will shut down that is why all these survival shows people loose weight they are starting to go through entropy / death by a thousand cuts --- cuts in dietary minerals or fibers this effects the nervous system critical thinking heart and lung function also digestion / absorpstion of food.


We are omnivors for a reason there are no magic beans there is a difference in plant matter and meat in absorption times and minerals.

When we will need all the esscentials from food is exactly when we will not be able to get them you will not be able to eat the brains or marrow of animals certain plants are filtration or biological deconstruction systems for toxins in nature, to break them down into usable non lethal substances.

Certain plants exist in specific areas as to that fact that the soil has an over abundance oi natural toxins or induced ones.

In this case induced would be dead animals and people that their bodies held toxins and chemnicals like the drugs crazy people take.

I simplified some of this as I am starting to get into the weeds for most I don't understand it totally but I can and have seen what effects on nature

that mass die offs have it spawns another repair scenario that nature has built in problem is that these processes are deadly to humans like RED TIDE and meningitus molds fungi and bacterias.


The hunta virus comes from rat fecal matter the desert area is dry and the dust from rat turds carries this virus WHY ? the sun kills most bacteria and most viri.

but if the sun cannot kill Hunta virus in the desert then why do people think it can kill off all water borne problems ? it can't.


I do not have any degrees from a college but I have read enough that I can understand what people who are specialized and educated tell me

or what I can read in medical or scientific journals.

I don't read fiction I have too much reading of other things that interest me and that brought me to write about this problem that 99% are not seeing or those that have the knowledge are eerily silent on.

No major change of one species like a die off  will not effect all the others there will be a rise in insect populations change in mental acuity and overall state as in more aggressive cross breeding and mutation from changes in the natural world will cause a long term issue in certain areas like cities.

that will take hundreds of years of natural events to change back.


Anyone who watches nature or science TV should notice that in the begining creatures were more aggressive violent and mentally destructive.

It took centuries for those traits to change and man to be considered the apex predator to most species on the planet we have had to kill off many species by naturaql or mans intervention to get to the pastural almost "sound of music" nature we see now.

And that is why stupid people crawl over fences in zoo's but now I think we may see a tilt back to a more savage time by man and animal.


I give you an example some tribes that once were great nations or considered dangerous are now febal minded or dying out cannibalism and

genetic inbreeding has all through time cancelled out many indiginous peoples ticket and will again.

Even if you do not beleive in God or even Karma I tell you this nothing is permanant in the universe and even the universe is dying it took billions of years to make this planet habital for man and we have only been here a blink in the span of time and our time may be up.


If the United States looses this battle against the economy it is highly possible that the world would be thrown into another dark ages as it is unthinkable that other countries would not use nuclear weapons to prevent annihalation and in so cause the world wide pandemic or nuclear genocide

that they never wanted to see.

Even if it were not the fault of governments all it takes is terroists and warlords insane monsters to let loose the many bio chemical, nuke and emp weapons that are in arsenals the world over, and once hate fear or panic hits it will spread like a cancer.


As man we are arrogant and ignorant of our place and power in the scheme of things I have read enough to know that this era is not the only one that was or will be as far as I can understand the world has been wiped out a few times the ocean and it's creatures rulled then the dinosaurs then mammals then man and even man was once destroyed even if your not religous it was either by an asteroid or flood if you are religous.

but science seems to agree that something happened and man came back and over time was removed to a speck and now we reign again but will be either by an ice age natural or nuclear disease man made weapon or natures way of thinning the herd it is not hard for me to see that politics and power can be another catalyst for another gleening of the field I think 8 billion souls are the tipping point pray you die quickly I do not see a sunny side to this in any way shape or form.


I prep for the normal bias not the earth shaking ones as one of the 8 billion soon to be on this planet that is all I can do.

Today we weep for the dead young that will never have a family and family names that die out and have come to hyphened naming in a febal attempt to honor or continue the family line in a world of billions of people that is absurd a thought as any I have concieved in my imagination.

It shows the wave of mankind has hit a sand bar and now spreading out like a wave on the beach only to be reabsorbed into the sea from wich we came as as all living things to be the next biomass of nutrients for the next.

Life is neither fair not easy the good and bad are nothing if your not a Christian as it will not be remembered or amount to anything if your of any other religion you go to nothing or reincarnate to less and have to reclimb the ladder to become nothing again or at last how that works I have no clue, anyone that has had an IRS audit can tell you you do not have to have religion to become nothing and loose everything.

For that matter a nasty divorce will acomplish the same thing.


Man is a strange critter we watch a rocket launch and cheer and beat our chest as billions of dollars like a turd are flung into space and at our feet are children dying from hunger.

We watch a sports game and get excited to a point of rioting and burning a city fighting and breaking windows.

In the past soldiers cheered as their king ate best food and wine  and married the most beautiful and sent them to die for them to remain in power and they are all forgotten except for a hand full.

And not a mention of the millions that fought and died for scraps, I think that is why we now spend billions of monuments for dead men while the living suffer.

Sometimes I think I am an alien on a strange planet sometimes part of the problem sometimes I do not want to think but just BE in that moment on the beach or watching nature and see all the beauty wonder and love God created.

Yes love nothing funnier than watching 2 squirrels wrestling and playing or deer bedding down or fish swimming in a school birds in a flock knowing that new young will be born flowers will bloom and then fire flood disaster a hawk a coyote and it starts all over again but I have to concentrate on the beauty & wonder or the darkness will swallow me / us up.

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