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8. Think SMALL!! Another wandering missive from Danm


Another mental adjustment that people are going to need to make in a TEOTWAWKI situation is to learn to think SMALL. The first example of this has to do with meat, hunting and food in general.


Unless you are feeding a dozen people or are bugging in or at least staying in place for a while, big game is a wasteful and dangerous sort of thing to mess with. If it is warm two or three people can't eat much of it before the meat spoils. If you are stationary and have time you can smoke and save a lot of it BUT, have you even beem down wind of a Burger King fast food joint when you were HUNGRY?? A long term fire for smoking meat is going to be like a beacon to every hungry person for miles around!


Rabbits and Squirrels are a slow death by starvation! Critters that survive by being fast and agile don't carry a lot of fat around and a steady diet of them will kill you slow. For your dailey food you need to think small! I can easily feed myself and several others for a long time with a Red Rider BB gun! Birds are good to eat. You cook them in a pot so you don't lose the fat to dripping like you do if you roast them over the fire.


Do you remember the of "Four and twenty black birds baked into a pie" song. Well, it was a pot pie! Learn about BUGS and how to prepare them. You must have protein and fat and a lot of bugs are full of it. Especially in the larval stage they are packed with things your body needs.


You don't need a big huge fish to make a meal. Little fish are easier to catch and just as nutritious. Frogs, snakes and a lot of other members of the amphibian/reptile family are good eating. Once again they don't have to be big to makes a meal.


The truth is that big meals were not the norm throughout most of history. Big meals were called feasts and were for special occasions. As you eat less you will begin to change physically and I'm not talking about losing weight. Your body adapts to what is available.


Small is better in so many things when it pertains to survival. A smaller knife will do most things that a big heavy pig sticker will do and a lot of things that it won't. I prefer belt knives with the 5" to 6" blades. I have bigger ones but in the end the smaller ones seem to get a lot more use. If I want something bigger I'm probably going Kukri. They will chop wood and do all the big things that you might need a big knife for and do it better.


When you settle, if you have to build your cabin think SMALL! A small cabin is easier to build, easier to defend and easier to heat. All you need it for is to sleep and shelter from the elements. Most of your sit around time you will do outdoors. Think of porches or brush arbors.


You build several small buildings, each designed to do something different rather than try and build a house sized cabin! You do this for several reasons. First you do NOT want to put all your eggs in one basket. When people live in wooden huts with wood and grass roofs and then used open fires for heat and cooking things catch on fire pretty often. Your kitchen building should be well apart from your storage building and your cabin. You only cook in the cabin in the dead of winter when it is just too cold to go out and you need t he fire to stay warm.


Smaller is better also because you will be building without power tools and without cranes and lifts so the size of beams that you can handle for the roof are limited as are the size of logs you can move for a log cabin.


When you start to seriously look at what you need and what it actually takes to survive you will find that downsizing pops up all over the place. Goats are better then cows for most things but most of all they are sort of "Bite sized". Pot belly pigs from the pet craze a few years ago are just outstanding meat animals with all of the plusses of hogs and few of the disadvantages. They also are more bite sized but like hogs will eat nearly anything that you offer them in the way of scraps and such. They are great at recycling slightly spoiled or leftover wasted food.


Big pigs take a lot of watching over and care and CAN be pretty ornery at times. In the old days before you stacked them in a pen and just fed them corn until they nearly popped you had swine herds that had to be taken out and brought back in every day. If you let them run wild they go feral in a short time and become a problem.


Goats can provide milk, meat and wool. They eat where a cow would starve and are amazingly self-sufficient. The little pot belly pigs are the result of centuries of breeding to make a perfict meat animal for tropical areas without refrigeration. Toss in a few ducks, guineas and chickens and food just totally stops being much of and issue. My 7 duck hens laid 6 eggs a day almost every day year around!! The chickens were insane and we ended up selling eggs just to get rid of them. Finally I started using them for skeet shooting until we just said to heck with the chickens and ate them.


Big has become the American way. Big houses are the norm now. I was raised in a house with just a little over 1200 feet and never felt especially crowded. Now lower end homes start at 1800 and go UP from there in a lot of places. All of this while the average sized family has shrunk. 6 kids used to be common and 3 was pretty standard. My Great Grand Mother had 17 or so with 14 surviving to maturity. Their house was no mansion. It had 4 bedrooms and was filled with between a few fights and fusses. During the warm months the sleeping was no issue because they all slept outside. That old house had three porches and that is where most of the real living was. Now days people think that every kid needs their own bedroom. It is funny, we have more now than any people ever have had in history but we are not really a happy people.


If you want to survive you need to shrink your wants and desiees and needs so that you can be happy. Less stuff can mean more time with and for those you love. With our big houses and stuff now days most people don't even have time to raise their kids and then wonder what happened when it turns out ugly!


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9. The mental side of survival


The one thing that everyone seems to overlook is actually the most important. Physical survival is a short term goal and you need to be aware of that. As SOON as you either stop running or things settle to the point that you think that you are less likely to be attacked if you bug in, you need to change your focus.


First off, as a part of EVERY bug out bag you need to include items that are for FUN!! I have a small case that includes dice, PLASTIC playing cards, mini dominoes and score pads for all sorts of card and dice games. I also have a small collection of books including a mini SAS survival guide, a pocket reference by Glover, a book on eatable plants, a small Bible and a favorite book. I have pencils and paper both water proof and the regular sort.


You HAVE to take the time for fun and if you have kids you had better do this as soon as possible! Story times and a little play time can be critical for them. YES kids are very adaptable BUT some of their adaptations are NOT someplace that you want them to go!!


You personally need to decompress! Post traumatic stress is bad when you can return to your normal past. In a situation like we are talking about it can be DEADLY. If you lose touch with reality you will not be of much use to yourself or your loved ones!


The little things may be the only things that you have left. You need to start NOW to make things so you can have a few patterns already in place before you need them. You need to go camping. Start out as simple as possible. We actually started when my kids were little and when we went someplace fun, like an amusement park, we stayed in a KOA. Later we went tent camping and tubing on the FRIO river here in Texas. The thing is that we KNOW that we CAN be comfortable and happy in a more primitive sort of environment.


We cook out a lot even now so my kids and grand baby are familiar with this sort of thing. You want them, and you, to be comfortable and confident in surrounding other than just the normal. Getting out in the woods is good for you and for your kids.


Another thing that you need to do is start turning off the damn box and the computer and the freaking video games so that you can find other LOW TECH things that you can enjoy. I do wood carving myself. We also play cards, Farkle, Yahtzee and Dominoes. I'm a pretty good story teller. It doesn't matter WHAT you need to start now so that you have some foundation for a new low tech life. Pitch horse shoes or washers. Make PVC bows for the entire family and take up archery as a game. Play with a Frisbee!!


All of this is fun AND is helping you perfect the eye hand coordination that made man special. A chimp or gorilla is several times stronger than a man pound for pound BUT they can't throw. They can sort of toss or heave things but the true fluid throw is totally beyond them. THAT was the thing that made us the king of beasts!! I don't care how much stronger than me you are. If I bop you in the head with a rock thrown 60 miles and hour while you are way out of arms reach your strength, claws, long teeth, speed or quickness do you NO good.


The apes are stronger than us. They can outrun us over short distances, they can climb faster than us and have bigger teeth. Since they couldn't throw though they had to stay in the tres while man left the forest and conquered the earth. We still have all of that. Make a pointy stick spear. gather a few nice big rocks, build a fire and you are the king of beasts and the ONLY animal that you really have to fear is other men.


Kids are often resistant to new things...hell PEOPLE are resistant to new things. If you wait until the end is upon us to make any adjustment you probably won't make it. Every group needs a leader. It makes you feel secure to know your place in the pecking order. If you tell your kids to be quiet and they ignore you or bombard you with a bunch of questions you will be in trouble! If you are the leader and your wife wants to debate every decision you make you are sunk. My wife leads in the areas that are in her areas of competence and I lead in the ares of my competence. I'm not talking chauvinistic behavior here! I'm talking about ORDER and making the best of every situation.


When we camp I have often seen the chaos that comes when kids are totally without discipline. The parent tells them to stay away from the edge of the water. They get in the water. The parent calls them back to camp the kids ignore them. I'm sorry but when looters are beating on your door it is not the time to have to tell them more than a dozen times to go to the other room and be quiet!! I'm sorry but time outs just don't get it when it is life and death!


For yourself personally you need to start now making yourself comfortable in a world where there is no TV, radio, computers, MP3s, or other forms of entertainment. GO outside with your family! Play catch, toss a Frisbee. Teach them how to fish, hunt and shoot. Do things that you can do anywhere. We do a lot of wiener roasts. We love camp fires and have a fire several times a month even now. ALL kids love to roast marshmallows and make smores! Even us big kids!


What I'm trying to get across in my wandering way is that we need to start now doing the little things so that if we ever have to do all this stuff it won't be a totally alien experience. For those of us here we are already THINKING about this stuff and that gives us a just HUGE step up. For those of us with family though we need to try and ease our loved ones into things. Kids like camping as long as it involves doing things that THEY consider fun. We went tubing for a week nearly every year. When we went to various attractions we would stay in a KOA or other camp ground. LOL, on top of everything else it was financially wonderful. You would cook and picnic For Breakfast and dinner each day and do a kid friendly place for lunch. We usually went to at least one movie to get out of camp and the kids always had a good time. THAT is important.


The mind is THE most important tool. Stress and fear are mind killers. The way people deal with things is too often not a good way. They understand that now and when something awful happens the counselors are almost first responders. This isn't just wimpy crap. I remember too many good men that came home from Vietnam only to fall apart after they got home. The VA was almost no help. The same thing is happening to our kids coming home from the Middle East NOW. What is sad is that a lot of their misery could be set aside if they had some preparation before they went, some help while they were there and then some counseling when they came home to help them "Decompress." safely.


I know quite a bit about all of this stuff because it has struck in my family more than once. I have watched the results of not dealing with things in a healthy fashion eat up good people over time. PTSD is actually more like drug addiction than anything else and in part IS a chemical problem. Adrenalin and the other things that make us 7 feet tall and armor plated when we are scared enough ARE addictive! Place someone in an environment where they are scared almost all the time to some extent and your body starts adapting to that chemical presence much as it would to heroin!


TEOTWAWKI is and will be a very scary thing. You will need to regularly fight the bodies urge to ACT and learn how to relax. I remember when transcendental meditation was a fad. It was one of the fed fad type things that actually was worthwhile for me. I can still find my quiet place even in the midst of turmoil. You might spend a little time NOW reading about various techniques for relaxation. One of the things that I just DETEST about modern medicine is their insistence that the best fix for ANY problem is some sort of drug! Hell some sort of hypnosis or self-hypnosis can be a mighty wonderful thing if you need to stitch yourself up or be stitched up in the field.


The mind is the ultimate tool and weapon but like any tool or weapon it is only as good as the care and maintenance that it receives. Keep it sharp, keep it free of gunk and goo and keep it oiled. We each have EVERYTHING that we need to succeed in almost any situation as long as we have prepared to some small extent.


Monkeys survive and are dumb as a box of rocks up beside us. We have EVERYTHING that primitive men had when they were facing the sabertooth cats and cave bears. We are still here and they are GONE! It wasn't magic!


Some seem to think that surviving in anything much more primitive than an accredited campground is almost impossible without a truck load of supplies. That is nonsense! Our bodies are incredibly adaptable and tough. We need only a tiny amount of food on a daily basis as long as occasionally we can refill our tanks. Seriously, you can live for months on 400 calories a day!


When you have food eat it. only try to store food when you have more than you can eat when you are on the move. Your body is the finest storage that there is so don't try and starve it when you have food and don't worry a lot when you don't. Water is different but also the same. If you have it and are thirsty, DRINK IT! It is doing you no good in your canteen if you need it in your body. A bit of knowledge is like the food or water. Don't just buy the book, carry it around inside you!!




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I was watching a show the other night and it was a perfect example of the difference between survival and a primitive living sort of person. The show is called "Naked and Afraid". They take two people, one man and one woman and just dump them someplace for 21 days. They are butt naked and can only take one thing with them in the way of a survival tool.


This one was VERY interesting because the male was a giant special forces marine recon

guy with all sorts of military survival training. The girl was a little tiny thing from Hawaii that had lived all over the world with her parents in mostly primitive surroundings. They were some sort of cultural anthropologist types or something. She is a primitive living expert that has lived in almost every environment on Earth and lived more or less AS the natives did. She even had a show where she would go places and film as she learned new tricks from these "primitive" people.


Naturally the guy was a boooah take charge sort of guy and took off leading the way. While he ran around in the sun getting burnt to a crisp (INCLUDING places where the sun was never meant to shine) she sat in the shade platting a hat and some sun shade. They were on a little island just off the equator in the Indian Ocean and it was HOT!!


He got sick as a dog from being sun burned and laid there bitching because she wasn't working hard enough. She made him a shelter, clothed him, Climed trees for coconuts, made a sun screan cream for him out of some berries that she recognized from Hawaii, and all he did was bitch because she refused to even try and dig a well. When the sunburn eased up he nearly killed himself digging a freaking well for fresh water. She took one look at the muddy water and told him not to drink it. He drank it and as you can imaging it made him sick as a dog again. She tried to tell him that since they just had to stay there for 21 days that it wasn't worth the effort that adjusting to local bacteria was worth. Montezuma’s Revenge is a world wide phenomenon. I intentionally drink out of fresh puddles and eat unwashed vegetable from the garden so that I stay adapted.


He was ready to just QUIT after just a few days!! This giant total bad ass dude with muscles in places that I don't even HAVE got his butt kicked by a little girl because he was too pumped full of his boooah attitude to listen. He finally confessed to her that he was WAY in over his head and that his idea of survival was more related to not getting SHOT than survival skills than LIVING skills.


After that he pulled his head out of his butt and the rest of the time was pretty easy for them. Beach combing even provided them with some clothes and flipflops for shoes.


Survival is something that you do for a little while. Living you do for a lifetime. I'm afraid that soo many of the people that are all into the survival mentality are going to find themselves in a state a lot like this marine. Their high powered weapons might be nice once or twice but over time 10lbs of tools will be worth a lot more. For each of us we will need to ballance our living skills and tools out against the sexier cool weapons and ammo.


I guarantee you that over half of the people out there with a $2000.00 Bushmaster, ammo, mags and assessors don't have a freaking POT to cook in. Believe me, a mess kit just won't get it done!! You need a pot of 6 quarts minimum if you are going to feed more than one person more than a meal or two.


The show is really a lot better than I expected. I figured that it was going to be a silly show that was mostly about naked butts on screen but it isn't. I've learned more from it than nearly any other survival show that I've seen. Saddly too often it is more about what not to do than what too do. The BIG thing you find out quick is that it is more about the mental state than anything else. All of the people on the show are some sort of survival trained expert sort and many teach it for a living.


The biggest thing I've learned is that you start at the bottom of the food chain for you food then work up. Most starve half to death trying to kill something for meat and ignore the little things until they are almost too weak to catch or dig out the bugs, grubs and mice. I could live for 21 days eating the inner bark off most any soft wood trees if I just had too. It is mostly about attitude. Even the full time survival experts that are on the show seem to fall apart from the frustrations of simple living. They are cold, hot, bugs eating them alive, hungry, thirsty, afraid, and they let the little things just wear them down to nothing. They have a hard time making their techniques work in the environments they are in. Building a fire in a swamp or rain forest is a CHORE and then it rains for three days and you have to do it all again!!


Cool Show

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I was a lot like you Wally and didn't watch it until one evening when there was just nothing else on. Now my wife and I watch it all the time. Surprisingly the nakedness part pretty quickly becomes a non-issue. Often seen but not really noticed. they blur out the private parts and  the boobs so you don't have to see the genital areas at all. just a few butts. To tell you the truth the nudity seems to break down walls and make the people bond quicker and I don't mean in any sort of sexual way. I've never seen anything sexual on the show at all. After the bugs eat you up you are probably a lot less attractive and then the starvation and thirst become the thing that they are interested in.


I really was surprised by the show. To tell you the truth I am not a fan of any of the survival type shows they have on these days but this one is just different and a lot more real. These people get sick as a dog if they don't watch out what they drink. As long as the medics don't see it as life threatening they let them go on. You are bare foot so they suffer with foot problems too. It is the most REAL survival show that I've seen.

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Do you want to be cool or ALIVE when the shooting is over???


I am about to drop my subscription to a couple of gun magazines that I have been reading for decades. All they write about anymore is the various assault style weapons and the semiautomatic handguns. The problem is that I've been there done that and am no longer interested in such.


Look, I'm an old school survivalist. My Dad just considered it as being self-sufficient and ready to take care of my family NO MATTER WHAT. For my purposes guns and even edged weapons are tools. Since I never have planned on starting a war I have no interest in weapons designed for that. I want to SURVIVE!


The aim and intention of a modern war is to force a government to capitulate to you. The people that you NEED to stop never step foot anywhere NEAR the battle field! Since the intention is to eliminate the enemies will and ability to resist you have totally different objectives that you would in a survival situation. You win wars by either overwhelm your opponents ability to field an army or destroy an armies will to fight.


You do not want to kill them all. You just want them to stop fighting you! They realized this in the 50s and 60s and totally changed the weaponry that our troops carry into battle. The 5.56/.223 is designed to do minimal damage. The intention is to wound as many as possible! The enemy will get swamped with casualties and the cost in manpower and money to care for the injured eventually breaks down their system. At that point the enemy soldiers start seeing their comrads dieing of almost any wound and their moral goes in the toilet.


In Desert Storm this was wildly successful. You had entire companies surrendering to short platoons without ever firing a shot. The same was true at the end of WW2 as soldiers were just HUNTING Americans to surrender t o rather than be taken by the Russians. You make sure that they know that they will be treated fairly and eventually you win simply because the individual soldiers stop fighting.


Unfortunately the weapons of the current military are piss poor choices for the situation we have in the middle east and even worse for survival. The 5.56 is almost useless when you are wanting to kill someone NOW!! No kidding people, you have to shoot them SEVERAL times to drop them unless you hit the head or heart. It is like what happened in the Philippines when the Army tried to change the service pistol from the old 45LC Army to the 38LC in the little double action revolvers!! They would empty the damn gun into on of those crazy warriors and they would still close with you and chop you to death with a machete before they died!


THIOS is what lead to the venerable 1911 colt 45 auto. STOPPING POWER!! Well guess what? The 5.56 nor the 9mm will stop worth a spit! If someone has kicked my front door and is coming to hurt my family I'm not in the least interested in causing wounds!!! I want a DEAD body ASAP before they can harm me or mine. I never want to be in a long term firefight!!


I know wish in one hand and offer something else into the other and see what fills fastest! If I shoot, I intend to kill you. That means that I'm going to aim and if I aim and pull the trigger they are DEAD! If someone is close, I want a shotgun. If they are 50 yards out I want a larger caliber rifle with good sights and the kind of accuracy to hit a target that is the size of a playing card. I'll let you spray a 30 round mag while I fire one shot. If I squeeze the trigger you will die.


The one thing assault weapons are good for is providing covering fire. That is fine in a war when you can expect to renew your ammo often and have medivac as soon as the shooting stops. This does not work for a survival situation! If you are shot and it is anything more than a flesh wound you ARE DEAD! If you dump out a hundred rounds every time some nut makes a run at your place you will soon be throwing rocks and then you will be DEAD.


If you want more firepower for cover fire, take the thousand bucks that a new tricked out Bushmaster costs and buy three 10-22 rifles and a couple of five gallon buckets of 22lr. As far as the ability to kill, a 22lr is about as deadly as a 5.56 out to a hundred yards. If you are gut shot you are will just take a little while. After the bad guys watch a couple of their folks die slow from a little 22lr in the guts they will be a lot less interested in getting in firefights.


Think about it! Why don't you hunt deer with FMJ rounds? Yeah, it doesn't kill and you end up wounding and losing the game!! A 9mm is pretty anemic to start off with but with a FMJ it is only slightly better than the 5.56.


Survival is going to be mostly about NOT getting in a fight and if you do, you want to end it FAST! You are not in the army... you are not a cop. You need to not try and emulate them. They are not trying to survive, they are doing something totally different and the tools that they use are designed for THAT.


Fantasy knives are a big thing these days. You see them everywhere. You know the ones I'm talking about. They are either silver shiny or painted black and have all sorts of pointy places on them and have really cool looking shapes. They ARE interesting looking. I even have a few myself. I will not grab one though if I'm thinking that I might need to either kill someone or defend myself with it.


Survival isn't about being cool. It isn't about being bad to the bone. It is totally about being the last man standing and NOT buying the farm. Pick your tools with THAT in mind. The problems attached to the assault and auto weapons are huge for a survivor. They use up ammo in a HURRY!! They tend to encourage the spry and pray aiming instead of killing. They attract WAY too much attention!! If I hear one chattering away in the distance after the balloon goes up I'm probably going to come hunting you.


I don't ever want to fight in my home. If I know someone is in my area with an assault weapon I will want to know what you are up to. If you just took our one of my neighbors a mile or two away from me. I'm going to take you out before you find me. Hell, I can hit man sized targets at 600 yards with my deer rifles! Remember, any body hit is probably a killer when there isn't any medivac!


If you are close enough that a handgun is even be considered I want a 45ACP or 357 mag at LEAST!! Actually I have an old double barrel that will be a handgun as soon as the balloon goes up. I LIKE shotguns a lot.


So many things that people think that they know about guns and weapons is based on propaganda and misunderstanding. I think that the “NEW” discovery of the value of the little 410 is funny. I've liked them for years. Beside my chair right now is a little 410. Listen, a single round from it throws three big chunks of lead at you that are moving at pretty close to 357 mag velocities. There is nothing puny about that!! The rounds that I use are some of the new design. It has a 41 cal hollow point bullet on top of a couple of buckshot.


A body shot from a tiny little shotgun is GAME OVER! A 12 gauge with #4 buck throws 30 22 cal slugs EVERY TIME you pull the trigger. A fake assault weapon carries thirty in the entire mag. Pick your tools like your life will depend on may well be that way!!


Remember, openions are like assholes and I admit to being one so take this as you wish. LOL

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The AK-47 is a little better than the AR-15. The round is just a better stopper. For a comparative number of stopping power I like the Taylor KO Formula. The bullet weight in grains times the velosity in feet per second times the bullet diameter in inches divided by 7000.


For example...a .357 mag...158grains X 1400 FPS X .357 inches divided by 7000 = 11.3


Further example....5.56/.223... 55 grains X 3300 FPS X .224 inches.divided by 7000 = 5.78


A 30-06 gives you a 20.8


A 9mm gives you a 7.31


A 45 ACP gives a 12.3


A 7.62 X 39 turns out a 13.3


A 7.62 X 54/ .308 gives a 20.8

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I wish that the Brin 10 had survived. I'm not very recoil sensitive and that round was a "blow your butt OFF" sort of round. It was sort of like the 41 mag that was DESIGNED for police before the liberals threw a fit about it. Now THAT was a round that was managable as far as recoil and a real stopper. a 170 gr bullet moving out at 1878 FPS with a .410" bore gives you an 18.6. I liked it a lot in an N frame S&W.

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I have to tell y'all, I'm beginning to lose hope. It seems that, America at least, is losing whatever it is that will allow us to survive anything really bad. Even on the few remaining survival boards there seems to be some sort of insane entitlement and feeling that survival is some sort of strange game that they can't lose and it will be run by THEIR rules.


I don't think that most, even in the survival/prepper ranks understand that it won't be like a friendly paintball game that you can just quit when you get tired or hungry. I was trying to offer the thought that you don't just HAVE to buy $3000.00 worth of high end survival foods to stand a chance of making it. Deer Corn is cheap as is Rice in hundred pound bags and pinto beans. Throw in 5 gallons of lard and you have the basics of food for the hard times. Not everyone has a lot of money you know.


Jaysus Kayrist!!! Several informed me basically that they weren't going to eat that kind of slop. Another group told me that deer corn is nasty and you shouldn't EVER eat it because it isn't clean or meant for people. People have been eating red Beans and Rice, Corn Bread, Corn Meal Mush and Fritters for Centuries!! The corn in Deer corn is just plain field corn probably straight out of the fields in Nebraska We used to plant 25 to 35 acres of it every year for canning and feeding to livestock. I actually prefer field corn over sweet corn.


I guess that they think that there will always be another MRE or can of spaghetti and meat balls or bag of VERY expensive freeze dried goodies from Backpackers Pantry. If these fools think Red Beans and Rice with Cornbread on the side is slop they are going to starve to death FAST if thing get bad. Hell I drink out of puddles, eat raw fish, raw meat and bugs along with lots of greens and wild veggies that I can gather nearly anywhere and I KNOW that it will be hard. Where I was raised that slop was good eating when I was a kid! Still is to tell the truth.


I'm bothered by this crazy idea that you HAVE to have a thousand dollar Bushmaster AR and several thousand bucks worth of fancy canned and freeze dried foods to stand a chance. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in ASSAULTING anyone. If I shoot you I want you DEAD!!! The little 5.56 just doesn't do that very well. I wouldn't even hunt little deer with it.


I know you can kill a deer with a 22lr...use that then and carry something will STOP someone that is trying to hurt you in their tracks. I like a 12 ga for 40 yards or less and a 30 cal for 40 yards on out. ARs and AKs attract to much attention and feeding one is a full time job. I've had both and spent all my extra time reloading! I've grown up a lot since then. Now I am an aim it and do a 1 shot drop rather than spray and pray.


That about guns is all an opinion but the part about food is just a fact. People just don't seem to be able to think in a logical way anymore. They don't understand that survival is a VERY ugly thing and if you get hurt, even a little injury can be deadly. Rambo types won't last long and the fools won't last much longer.


Sadly I sometimes think that this may also be our only hope. I'm afraid that the next generation won't be able if we have to fight for survival as a country again. If the entire world goes down at least we will only be dealing with our own monsters.


I think part of the thing is that before this generation ALL young men had to face the reality that they MIGHT have to fight for their country. I watched a lot of friends older brothers go of to Nam and some came home as bad as dead others were worse and some were just dead. We all KNEW that this could be us and might be us in a few years. We KNEW that bad things CAN and DO happen to real people... I think having that hanging over our heads, just as it had our Fathers and their Fathers before them made us different than boys today.


Today people are SURE that they are different and that bad things just CAN'T touch them. Let's face it real poverty doesn't really exist in America anymore. Our non-working poor actually live better, or have the opportunity to live better, than the the lower working class. Now EVERYONE wants to go to college and be BOSSES. We are out of workers.


I am a small business owner. What do you do with a kid that can barely read, can't do basic arithmetic and is too good to get their hands dirty? They won't show up for work. They won't work even when they get there unless you stand right over them. Several stole from me or my customers and when you say something to them they ask “What do you expect for what you pay me??” I expect you to give me an honest days work for an honest wage!


Like most of my friends I am shutting down. When I was a kid, most businesses lasted for a long time. A Mechanic would sell his garage to his lead mechanic the plumber would do the same and they lived on and on. Now they can't even keep enough people working for them to stay in business when they start getting old. Nobody wants to be blue collar anymore. They work for near slave wages in middle management and then are cast aside when they are 50. For most of my life I have made more than my immediate bosses unless they were there up from the ranks.


Do you KNOW what a plumber makes these days??? I was making 14 bucks and hour in the late 70s. Now an hour of my time costs a $75.00 to $100.00 bucks for residential work and $150.00 For commercial work. I tried but never found anyone that wanted to learn my trade. They all went off to college and then like boomerangs (Baby Boomers had boomerangs you know. LOL) came home to their parents home unable to find work that was suitable for someone of their high level of competence. So sad.


They don't seem to be living in a real world. They can't seem to see reality anymore. Historically whenever people stop seeing reality BAD things happen. Once again we are calling for “Peace in our time!” while the monsters are growing. We can't even call a terrorist a terrorist anymore. We are ELECTING the monsters. How stupid can we be! LOL, AS STUPID AS IT TAKES EVEDENTLY!

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I totally agree with you Danm, most 25 year olds & younger do not want to do any physical work at all these days.

Their life styles are are just being button pushers. Texting with their smart phones & walking around the streets with their heads down, not looking where their going, driving cars & texting. It's just as bad as drinking & driving, if not worse.

I do carpentry as a trade, mainly custom work. People in general want to pay me half, if not 1/3 the price of custom wood work. They expect to pay me cheaper for things that they buy at big box stores. Lol. A lot of people do not know what it takes to build custom things from scratch, in most cases they are clueless. The younger society these days have a throw away mind set & wasteful. The days are numbered, soon reality will set in. Time is running out. When the ballon goes up, I feel that 10-20% of the world population will survive.

The rest would be just a memory of the past.

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Have y'all noticed that you can't find as many survival based groups as there used to be? I used to have a bunch that I read fairly often and lately most of them seem to be "unavailable" or "account suspended".


It seems to me that there is something odd going on in the “survival” scene right now. It makes me feel a little stupid/paranoid but if something is going on maybe it isn't so stupid. People are acting sort of strange in general both on line and in the real world. Possibly what I'm seeing is spring fever. This has been a really long miserable winter and spring is VERY welcome.


One of the things that I'm noting is this strange idea that expensive means better in nearly everything. I'll tell you that is true to a small point but after that it just isn't true at all. Once you reach a certain level you enter the “gold plated cow patty” level. That is where they just jack the price up through the roof so the consumer can say with pride that t he items costs $????.?? (Three times what ANY similar thing is worth). Sadly most of these items are not even as good as things that cost a tenth of that price.


I love well made things but generally when you hit the GPCP level it isn't all that well made. A $300.00+ knife is a beautiful piece of a metal smiths craft and worth every penny as an example of that art. It isn't necessarily a better knife though. Even today for real work the old Green river style knives are top of the line for hard use. Mora are great kinves as are many of the cheaper line of Cold Steel. I have a couple of older cold steel knives that were made of the CarbonV steel that I'll put up against any knife at any price for a real working knife. One of them is a folder and it will cut a hanging 1” manilla rope with a single slash.


LOL, read the reviews on Amazon. I love the ones that give a good High Carbon Steel knife a terrible review because it rusted. People are getting dumber is all I can think of. Like the people that panicked the last hurricane when they couldn't buy bottled water. The water was still running just fine in their HOME!!


Americans are totally out of touch with REALITY. They don't see what they don't WANT to see. They refuse to see what is real. Survival is about seeing and then DEALING with reality. You have to throw out so many of the things that you've been taught. What to eat, what to drink and where you sleep are all cultural. I know that unfiltered water MAY carry things that aren't good for you. How do animals survive? How do people living in third world countries survive? If it was as deadly as you think, how come those countries are always over populated?


Survival is going to be about taking calculated risks. There is a luck factor but also in part it will be about allowing your body to slowly adapt while taking measured risks. I drink out of fresh puddles. I eat vegetables straight out of the garden after just wiping the dirt off them. I do this so that if the day ever comes when I HAVE to do it, my body already had at least partially adapted to the small issues of what is in the dirt.


I was amazed that seemingly normally intelligent people would consider shelled corn, rice and dry beans as slop only fit for pigs. I hope that they save a bullet each for the time when they run out of “clean” acceptable canned and freeze dried food. So sad...

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i think what your seeing is burnout probably which makes you say and do things in a very stupid have got to be into prepping or not there is no "half way" place to be...


all(3) of my forums are still operating and full of people so far...


your right expensive doesn't mean better I am very happy with my mora knives and the like I generally stay under 50$ for a knife my most expensive one was 75$...


as to drinking unfiltered water I wouldn't want to but I will if I have to(now would be a good time to get use to it) in third world countries they are always sick or immune from drinking their water unfiltered

you can still live and drink unfiltered water although it may not be pretty the first few weeks...I wouldn't want to live in a 3rd world country for all the tea in china....


don't worry once the sheeple/survivors get hungry enough they'll eat that shelled corn, rice and beans as if its caviar

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I think I'm just becoming a grumpy old fart!


When I was a little kid I had allergies. I was the pits, especially in the spring. They “cured” me of it by giving me shots that included tiny bits of the things that I was allergic to until my body built up a resistance to them. My histamine response eventually subsided and that was the end of it. What I do when I sip a little from a puddle or eat a fresh radish right out of the ground is the same thing as those allergy shots.


Little bits of any toxin over time may allow you to develop a certain immunity to them over time. I know a little old lady that has been snake bit by copper heads so many times that she has almost no reaction to their toxin now. She is a big time gardener and copperheads love to lay in mulch. Better her than me!!!! I HATE copperheads!!! They don't warn you like a Rattlesnake or Cotton Mouth Moccasin will.


To me survival is sort of a way of living rather than a wait and see sort of thing. By thinking about it every day and doing the little things that would help me adapt in the future I am going to be able to live rather than just survive. I like the old games like dominoes and cards. They are a part of every bug out bag. I like sitting around a fire and talking. We have a chiminea, two fire rings, a fire place, a Zoom Dura Rocket stove and a boxwood stove. We use them. We like that sort of thing. We have huge porches that can be made into sleeping porches real easy.


I guess what I'm saying is that I live a lot like my Dad was raised in a lot of ways. If we ever fall, I won't have as far to go as most. We had a great time after Ike and Rita. No power for a week or what. We cooked out, played cards and had a great time. As for as food goes I like beans rice and simple foods. I won't miss the idiot box. I could live forever without ever seeing more than 25 people gathered in one place again.


I look back now and see a lot of things differently. My Dad, when he was my age really wanted to go back to the “farm” but had waited to long. He was too old and change just wasn't possible. I bailed 25 years ago so am already there but understand his feelings in ways that I didn't then. The older I get the less I like the hustle bustle and rudeness of the bigger cities and towns. People seem to be getting ruder and more hostile. I am one of those old dumb-butts that opens doors for ladies. I don't think that there are many ladies left. They just walk by you and seldom even say thanks unless they are nearly as old as I am.

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I was partially raised by my grandparents so I too now think they were right about a lot of things and I want to be more like them the generation born from 1890-1930 were a wonderful generation that I sorely miss...

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Wally I know I was born 100 years too late I miss a lot of old timers that raised me I understood them and their time today it is confusion and

misinformation or outright lies that the past generations would have laughed at and sent the eggheads that came up with these ideas tarred & feathered on a rail.


In thousands of years we have made one big circle now we are back to Sodom & Ghmorra if we are fee then why MUST I accept anyone elses reality ?

If you have a business and want to cater to whomever you please I think you have that right if you don't put up a sign and tell them to get out.

If you own it it's your right.

I do not think it it should be used to harm people if you need gas and the place is open pay and get it but if your trying to make a specticle or cause

friction that is not resonable on any side.


I think that is the problem common sense and reason has left the building as well as people being peaceable courtious and well mannered.

I may not like someone but I figure I don't have to show my azz about it or be nasty to them, it is not my job.

If they are polite and are civilized & fair  I will be the same toward them today too much personal inforamtion is being used to intimidate insult and

manipulate others to extort or control others or groups instead of trying to get along they want to bum rush and force an issue that is not in the best interest of the themselves our country or freedom loving individuals.


It is so strange that in a free country there is always some group that wants to undermine anothers freedom to a point where they are a second hand

citizen or take everything they own to prevent them from having the power to live as they choose.

It is very strange that all these issues have financial roots people want to live like animals and then expect us to pick up the tab on their failures.

that is so bizzar.

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When I was young I always seemed to have more in common with and enjoy hanging around with older men. When I was 16 I spent a lot of time with men in their mid 70s. We seemed to understand each other in ways that I didn't have with my peers. My Dad was real big on Honor and I learned that from him. Most of my pals that were my age thought that sort of thing was stupid. ???? I did a lot of things that didn't seem to fit in with my general age group. Oh well they are mostly all dead and gone now as is honor in America.... Onward...


Everyone talks a lot about knives. Most don't talk about what it takes to make them worth having namely making them and keeping them sharp. I have literally hundreds of knives. Even most of my machetes will shave you if you needed a shave.


The MOST important tool for maintaining a sharp knife in my opinion is a good steel. I have six or seven of them and even the cheep ones have their uses. I don;t sharpen a knife very often BUT I stroke it on a steel after nearly every use. This is easy for me. I have an old German Solingen steel beside the stove. I have a Case Steel on my work bench. I have a dexter Russel commercial butchers steel beside my chair and an old Schrade Pocket Steel in my bug out bag.


For sharpening I generally use Diamond hones and then finish abd maintain them with ceramic hones. LOL, I have almost as many stones, hones, Steels and sharpeners as I do knives!!! The one that I use most often is a big commercial device made out of three 1” X 14” ceramic rods called a tri-hone. It had three grades/grits of ceramic and once a knife is sharp you can return them to that with just a little effort.


I've bought and tried the Lanskey kits and several Smith's adjustable kits. They are OK once you have the edge angle set and are good for keeping as knife sharp but are lots of work for an initial sharpening of a truly dull knife. For that you need files and diamond hones.


In my bug out bag I carry a Smith's with a carbide V notch, A ceramic V notch and a tapered hone for serrated edges. I also carry a small file, a three piece set of Diamond hones, A two stage axe puck, and my Schrade Honing Steel. A dull knife, machete, axe, chissel etcetera is a dangerous tool and almost useless.

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I used to love to listen to their stories!! One was in his late 80s when I was 16. I'm 62 now. I talked about riding down through East Texas when he was young to go to work in the Cypress industry. He said that the virgin forest was like a park with almost no underbrush. All the trees were mature and the canopy was solid. The ground beneath this pine forest was a smooth  soft solid layer of pine straw. The only places that you had brush were along the rivers and creeks and in the low land river bottoms. He even had some pictures of the huge cypress logs and a picture of about a dozen men sitting on a huge stump.


I've actually seen one of these stumps where I used to fish when I was little. My Dad and I would sit on it and eat lunch in the swamps along the bayou. They had started the cut too low and the saw wasn't long enough so they had to pull out and move up a couple of feet. The flat top of  the stump was about 12' across. 


I really miss those older men. I doubt that we will ever see their like again in America. They and their kids made this the greatest country on Earth. We went to the moon. Now we have to hitch a ride with someone else to put a man in orbit and can't win a war with a third world country. It isn't the ability that is gone...rather it is the WILL that is gone. It is more important to be liked than respected now. Nobody respects us. We have n o honor and our word is totally without meaning. America is like a schizophrenic man man with multiple personalities. Every 4 years we may flip flop and any promises we made before are history!!! I know I wouldn't want to be an American ally anymore. Husein Obama is going to sell out Israel if he can.  He has backed Alqueda every chance he's had and is selling the US out to the UN.


In the old days things were a lot simpler. Honor meant everything to all good men. Good and bad were pretty easy to tell apart. The solution for people that hurt other people was generally pretty killed them!! There WERE no excuses. Nobody cared if your Mama didn't treat you right when you were a kid and that was why you killed a bunch of people. If you attacked a cop he shot you. If you were what, you attacked a cop!


I know there were a lot of injustices and they were wrong BUT you could walk the streets without people shooting at you and your kids were safe in school. If you worked hard you got ahead and lived a lot better than people too lazy to work. It was a world that I understood.

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I read a LOT. And cruise the internet survival and prepper type boards reading every day. What I find leads me to further research in the areas that are of interest to me. Over the last couple of years there seems to have been a shift that I don't understand in attitudes and perceptions of the people posting on these boards.


You seem to have a certain group of people on every board that spend their time warning everyone that everything anyone else offers as possible solutions to hard decisions is bad and going to kill you. They are the ones that tell you that plastic is going to kill you if you store water in it. Deer corn is bad because it isn't meant for human consumption and might not be perfectly clean. Don't drink water that comes off your roof because it might be contaminated. ETC...ETC endlessly!


These are the same people that if they were on a ship that was sinking FAST they would stand, holding on to the rail, screaming that there are sharks in that water! They might be right but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get off the sinking ship NOW. All that you can do in this life is minimize your chances while trying to have a good time doing it. So folks, NONE of you are getting out of this life alive. You can learn, figure your odds and throw the dice or you can hide in fear and refuse to play the game. For me that just isn't an option. I like life too much to refuse to live it because I might die.


I am aware that in a legal sense that if it CAN happen and you know it and don't prevent it, warn about it, and tell everyone about it, then you are in effect allowing it to happen or maybe causing it to happen and as such are legally liable. This is why an electric iron comes with the warning “Do not wear clothes on your body while you are ironing them!!”.The problem is that we are not in a court of law and not talking about legal matters on these boards.


FACT, if you drink water that is not chemically and biologically clean and pure you might get sick or even possibly die. An EVEN bigger and more positive FACT, If you don't drink you WILL DIE!!!


Life is about taking chances. You do it every day. In a REAL survival situation your range of options is going to be seriously restricted. You will not always have a can or non BPA plastic bottle of water at hand when you need a drink. You may not have time or the stuff to build a fire and boil the water or not have that much water on hand to boil. The question may be will you drink what you have or will you die of thirst.


If I offer you a way to filter the water it MAY not get every single bit of badness out of the water. I've seen people fighting over the difference between 99.9999 percent pure and 99.99 percent pure. If you NEED a drink you will settle for the purest you can get and if that means you lick it right off a rock, drink it straight out of a puddle or out of the barrel under the eaves of your house then that is what you will do.


We in America live in a world of NO acceptable risks. If I invented a cure for cancer that also killed about one in a hundred million then I would possibly not be allowed to market it because when that hundred millionth person came along and died I would be a murderer. I KNEW that it WAS going to kill someone and STIIL knowingly put it out there. The legal profession has almost shut us down as far as medical advancements. If there is NO acceptable level of risk then there can be no progress.


In a post apocalyptic world you can't worry too much about what the things you do today might do to you in 50 years. If you do you won't be alive next year much less in 50 years. You may have to eat foods that have not been properly cooked, stored or not as fresh as you would prefer. You will drink. Not only will you drink but you will get sick from that water some times. Montezuma’s Revenge is GOING to bite you! You will survive and go on and that bug probably won't bite you again.


Animals drink out of rivers, lakes, puddles and ditches yet they don't all fall dead instantly. They eat foods that are not FDA inspected and live on and those that chose their risks wisely will too. Survival is an ART. That means that it is an individualistic act. Real art is original not exactly copied from another persons work. I drink from puddles right now. I eat from the garden without washing things first. I do this so that some of the bugs out there will be familiar to my body now and not be able to bother me if I need to do this later. Think of it like allergy shots.


I know! It isn't sanitary and it is disgusting and someone that followed my example could get some god awful deadly disease from doing this... I choose to take this risk at THIS time because to ME it is less of a risk than the chance of me getting sick later when the situation is dire. This is my decision and a risk that I have chosen to take. You may choose as YOU wish and do what you think is best but don't be an idiot and act like it is bad for me to offer this as a possible survival strategy. Getting in shape is always a good idea. It also has its risks. You can and probably will injure yourself if you actively pursue a strong body. Your immune system is a part of your body. Exercising it involves exposing it to things a little at a time.


Onward! Don't let the naysayers keep you from seeking and finding your way to survival. Also don't be a blind follower behind anybody elses way. It is an ART. Find YOUR way. I personally am a big ox. Everyone has the fight or flight reflex...well I'm to darn big to fly so I don't usually even try. I'm pretty sure that I've not the fastest in most groups so I'm a stand my ground sort of person.


When I was a kid my best friend was a little guy. Now HE didn't see it that way but I'm well over 6' and well over 200lbs and he was 5'4” and 135 lbs. MAN he could FLY!!! It didn't mater if it was a hundred yards or a mile he was FAST!! We made a GREAT team. If they charged us he ran, I stood my ground and then when they got on me he would land on their backs. If they ran he caught them and held them until I got there! We each found what we were best at instead of both trying to be the same thing.


We are all different in body, mind and soul. Why would we expect to be best off all trying to do the same things. Food will never be a really big problem for me. I will eat anything! If I don't eat...that's OK too. Remember, I drink out of puddles? Well I also have fasted for over 2 weeks several times, for weeks more times than I can count and still often go a day or two without eating just because I'm busy.


People need to do this for several reasons. For one they need to get past the idea that they will be weak if they don't eat every few hours. My Mama would panic by 12:45 if she missed lunch at 12:00! She would be just sure that she was going to fall out if she didn't get something to eat SOONEST!


Your body adapts. It changes and while it is doing this you may feel a little drag but then you will perk up and be fine. Myself, after three days food actually stops being a real problem as long as I have plenty of water. BUT, that is just me and the way my body works after years of odd eating habits. I went two years once fasting every other day and only eating one meal on the days that I eat. Understand, I'm not bragging. I have a very slow efficient metabolism. I also have a slow heart rate and breathe slow. I did most of this fasting when I was young because I will NOT lose weight at all on a regular1000 calorie diet.


It wasn't bad when I was in High-school but when I got out I ballooned. I tried everything and only when I just stopped eating did I finally start to lose weight. I've fought a weight problem my whole life. That is sort of what you get when you are from a dirt poor Scottish ancestry. Famines tend to sort of weed out people that can't pack on weight in the good times and then make it last through the hard times. What was a real survival gift then is not so much now.


Now, someone that is just naturally skinny as hell no matter what they eat would no doubt DIE if they ate like me. Remember, it's an ART. Add in the fact that I will eat anything and food just isn't hard for me. I LIKE raw fish and meat! Bugs are fine and I like to browse on the tender shoots of new growth on plants and know which taste good. By the way, the sense of taste is your bodies natural way of determining what is good for you and what is bad for you. If it tastes bad don't eat it. If it tastes good test it first on your skin with a poultice and then in tiny amounts eaten alone and then waiting to see if you need to toss it back up.


People tend to think that eating is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Actually it is mostly fuel but we like it because it means we get to live a little longer every time we eat. Unfortunately in an endless time of plenty we have turned every day into a feast day. We, especially in America, are addicted to eating food in large quantities. Most of us eat a banquet almost every night and some do it three times a day. We like it but we don't need it.


I read these things where they talk about people lost in the woods foraging for food. If you are just lost in the woods DON'T eat anything that you didn't bring with you and for heavens sake, leave the berries alone!! You will not starve to death in less than three weeks! You WILL die if you eat a bunch of berries, get the raging diarrhea, can't find water and get dehydrated! Unless you are used to eating a lot of them berries will turn you inside out if you eat too many!


When you are reading on a board, take what sounds good for you, research it yourself and then add it to your basic tool box of knowledge and skills. You never know when an odd bit of information might be useful or maybe even life saving. The research is VERY important. That is what makes it YOURS. Reading someone else's idea will only stick, for most of us, as a “I remember something somebody said about????” When you look it up for yourself and get the info direct you are much more likely to remember it.


Try to ignore the naysayers. They are just nihilists that can only tear down what someone else builds. It is what they live for and thrive on. Conversely don't take anyone else's word on anything that might effect your survival. Check it out for yourself. It is like with a gun. You never take another persons word on whether it is loaded or not. Survival means life or death and to some extent in the end only YOU are responsible for your success or failure.


People right now that don't ever take a chance never get rich. In the game of survival the stakes are a lot higher. If you don't take any chances you won't make it and if you take the wrong chances you might not make it either but at least you had a chance.

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I didn't know that about berries danm...



yeah there are naysayers everywhere anymore I mostly ignore them unless I know different and they will be the first to die off in a SHTF event...

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LOL, When I was a kid we had blackberries and dew berries everywhere around where I lived. I think I got the quick step nearly every year when they first started producing. After that I would just pick them and let Mama make cobbler out of them and limit my intake of them. If you eat a bunch of them they will go STRAIGHT through you. If you are lost you won't starve to death for at least three weeks. Don't chance it on a few berries....I would give almost ANYTHING for a bowl of my Mama's cobbler now.


The naysayers just chap my cheeks! Usually they seem to know almost nothing and offer nothing positive to any discussion. They are more concerned with political correctness and legalities that won't matter if things go totally to pieces.

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will have 5 gallons this year and many more next and they are a laxitive to a certain degree a balanced meal when I was out was one of these

fish bass crappie perch catfish frog legs some bird like dove quail robins a squirelor a rabbit and gravy seasoned with wild onion biscuits and preserves on the biscuits processed acorns pecans or hickory nuts.


If I was hungry enough fried prickly pear it also has fruit when purple it is ripe the spines are bad so cut / shave or burn them off all of it is edible.

Remember snakes like them as shade and hunt mole rats in tunnels under it so watch for snakes.

there are a lot of plants and roots everywhere you just got to know which ones are edible and now is the time to find print for identifacation.


If I found a sasafrass I would get some root and make tea tasted like root beer dry the leaves and it makes great gumbo thickener and unique flavor.

the Sassafras tree has a leaf like a three toed dinosaur print it has a lot of other uses.


chili pequines and wild plums along the rivers and creeks.

not all pine make pine nuts but a downed pine tree I chop out the junction of the limb and the trunk of a year old or so dead one and smell it for rich lighter or fat wood the smell is unmistakeable like lighter fluid and pine sol mixed.

when it is perfect is when it has a trnslucent brown between the layers and smells heavy of lighter fluid shaved thin it is a great fire starter.

of course the needles can be made into tea YUCK I don't care fore it


If you go hungry it's your own fault in Texas of the south as we have a lot of edible plants nuts and seeds that are obvious and a lot of roots and flowers BUT we have some of the most poisonous ones also so know your sh*t.

Problem is we have introduced many exotic plants nation wide and can be deadly.


I have fruit at least once a day it may be a preserve or fresh,  I make a Texas version of waldorf salad --- pecans mayonaise tuna cellery salt onion

and fine diced apple on toasted bread if I get adventurous I put in diced pineapple.


Cellery salt has the flavor but as I do not use cellery all the time it would go bad so I use the cellery salt or seed.


I will miss a lot of convieniences and foods should the world go tits up I am not likely to find a cheese Isle in the woods I buy a different kind so I do not get burned out and I can make soft cheese but it is not as good as baby Swiss gouda or Provalone etc.


We do have mud bugs or crayfish crawdads and they are a good alternative to shrimp and some Hushpuppies and home made cocktail sauce I am in heaven.


Home made cocktail sauce = ketchup about a half cup,  worstershire sauce table spoon,  grated horse radish as much as you like mix well and get it on !

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      Соф вже з манто стоть перед72)); Позад мене сидло тро сухаристих англйок, дво французв наситилися краплями мо кров, добутими тод Снтою, бльше Але поет, боячися стратити свою втцвщину, сього ж таки лта за 3) фазовий: Кнець дня видався надзвичайно спекотним (Украна.
      Червон черевички та семеро гномв. 7,3. 68 голосв. IMDB 10(2). Тльки диво (1). Best Horror Shorts - 2019 (1). Мо спекотне лто з Соф (3)
      Raiders.Tweets Browns. 64K Tweets Showbiz Voice. a day ago. Скоро вдбудеться прем'ра гарячо мелодрами "Мо спекотне лто з Соф" has been published on Голос шоубзу . ADAM - На тл (audio) ПРЕМ"РА 2019 с помощью You Tube. 0. 0.
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      3D (комедя, пригоди) - 50 грн. 13:15 - ХФ. Зорян вйни: Скайвокер.Сходження. 3Д (фантастика, екшн ) - 70 грн. 16:00 - ХФ. Мо спекотне лто з Соф.
      Мо права — мо життя, який проводився в област середпрограми до Мжнародного дня захисту дтей — Спекотн пригоди лто, спльно з Кропивницьким кошем Скаутського укран- Page 68 кована в укранському переклад Соф Андрухович та ху- трейлер, на яку було подано 43 роботи.
      На нтернет-платформах альбом висить вже з середини грудня, але 9: "Fly me to the moon", фортепанний концерт Соф Фарон Жану Бекеру вдалося створити гарячий, немов спекотне лто, фльм. : ду до тебе, кохання мо, концерт Олени Крилово та Лес Шкап'як .
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      Супутник Express AM22 призначений для надання пакета Спекотне лто або Green Green () — 13-серйний Shoot from the Hip — другий студйний альбом англйсько спвачки Соф Еллс-Бекстор. де мо мсце) — перший сингл американського рок-гурту Linkin Park з х
      September'18Intercity Megapolis Print Позаду залишилися по-справжньому спекотн лтн дн. вгенй Пдлсний, Ксеня Ковальова, Ксеня Литвин, Софя Рудь, Валеря Литко, А якщо йдеться про вдеосервси, телебачення, онлайн-транс ляц — тут Цей момент змнив мо життя.
      8278 Перегляди; 0 Коментар; 08112019Дата публкац Водночас 66% громадян Украни вважають, що укранська ма бути диною державною мовою, а число прихильникв ухваленого закону про Мо спекотне лто з Соф.
      Фльм Джон Ук 3в Кнотеатр MULTIPLEX Комфортн зали Вигдн цни на квитки Джон Ук 3.

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