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Testing Water for Chemicals

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One aspect to consider is distillation. Distillation removes water molecules from the contamination. Research distillation from any reputable distillation website. NOT all distilled water is completely clean after distillation!! Research!

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It very much depends on the circumstances,  distillation may not work as it really depends on the vapor point of the chemicals


your trying to remove and some chemicals are unstable at high temperatures some like BPA, PCB's and even some sugar substitutes


become more problematic or turn poison  when heated not to mention all of the phenols propylene etc.


unless you have a gas chromatograph and know how to zero and use it I doubt anyone could decipher all that is in


our water now much less if we have no communications power outages and an event or storm ongoing.


I do have a system to distill water I also have multiple ways to filter but if anyone looks at some of my older posts


I mention a Miox water treatment system it produces sodium chlorite this is very good at literally destroying many chemicals and 


trace elements in drinking water it can be made by having a small amount of  distilled water and a pinch of salt and then using 9 to 12 volts


through it across 2  metal poles  like iron and copper this solution is mixed with the water you are treating at a rate of 5 drops per gallon 


it has a super oxygenating action that it burns / eats up everything but pure H2O but it also must stand open to allow the release of the


gas it creates similar to chlorine.


There are always exceptions chlorine and sodium chlorite or similar should not be used in water that has petroleum products in it


it would still need to be filtered before and then distilled and then treated it all depends on how polluted the water is.


some chemicals are hygroscopic they repel water and or do not absorb it  or are not effected.and release toxic fumes when heated


so under some cases you may need to filter distill and treat.


I will not mention too much information as it could be counter productive but a search for sodium chlorite the Miox system


and some reading and you can delineate enough information to figure it out.


and this chemical is used by many water utilities in the U.S.A. as well as UV light and pressure filtering through media like sand and charcoal


Beware of UV light as it kills bacteria all people no matter how clean have good and bad bacteria exposure to UV kills all and can and will


create a skin problems and your skin is the largest organ of the human body a reduction of good bacteria can open yourself to infections.


there are pocket UV water treatment battery operated pens they require 3 volt batteries so have rechargeable extra batteries and a charger 


Just one of many reasons I have 9 volt battery lights in my BOB first they last many hours Pak Lite is the best even their basic model is way better


to have than just a AAA or AA only 9 volt battery and 4 ought steel wool will start a fire I am not against battery operated equipment just


have extra rechargeable batteries and a way to charge them I like the  PicoTurbine 3- 6 -9- 12 volt Solar Panel Charger SPC36912


there also is a dedicated 9 volt solar battery charger takes 8 hours I would count on more,  that is under best conditions.


IF and that is IF TEOTWAWKI ever was to strike this is what would be a killer at any time thousands of things could get into water from many


sources and without the local emergency services and radio TV and each utility response how would anyone know what to look out for.


even with all our communications some people still did not get news so during any SHTF event I would consider being very cautious of water


and that is also why I advise everyone to have a couple 55 gallon drums or a king size water bed full and ASAP when you see something may


happen fill everything that will hold water bath tub containers of any and all kinds as you will use a lot quickly the containers are usable fast


enough it should not be a problem.


I do like filters of all kinds ceramic charcoal silver infused charcoal etc. but I think people should also know how and what to make their own from


as well as chemicals and how to make these also what kinds you can use to treat water like Iodine chlorine {bleach} sodium chlorite


UV light.


if your lucky get a lens from a projection TV and build a frame to make a solar boiler it produces almost 2,000 degrees on contact


at it's focal point.


it can burn you to the bone just by waving your arm past the focal point. there are also page magnifiers pocket ones also called Fresnel lenses


they are the same as a TV lens only smaller but they can be use to start fires super heat water FAST! cook and even weld some metals if you


have the right type rod and flux.


these lenses can be found in overhead  projectors etc... A light house uses a fresnel lens but its focal point is of no value as it is configured for




size DOES matter as to how much heat you need to overcome the size or thickness and dispersion of heat of


whatever your trying to melt burn or boil and other factors but a big screen TV lens will start a 2x4 on fire in seconds this is not a toy or should children be allowed to screw with something like this without supervision.

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from what ive heard , not all these water testers are reliable.. you spend hundred bucks to have well water tested.. i did this and found out a lot of nothing.. my wife took samples to her lab and tested for lead, arsenic, cromates, virology and other buggy things.. that livein the ground here.. well worth it to have her do it.. and now we drink bottled water or use the pur filtrations and boil.. (distilll

it works to kill the buggies, but not remove other contaminants, so beware of testing companies that are trying to sell purifiers for lots of bucks (silver strands, gold filtration)  horse hooey

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