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Has anybody heard from or knows how to contact any of the other mmembers like 101Matt, CaptBart, Ricksconected, tinderwolf and Wardog513?


We need to put out the searh for our other friends. Do a Member search for members with over 500 posts and see who is there but missing and if we all try maybe we can get this place moving again.


Also to whomever runs this site,  There is a thing called an "Easy Logo Changer" in the Admin CP that will get rid of the "IPS Comunity" thing on top and give us a nice logo. You just make one on nearly any sort of photoshop of your own  design then you can save it to your computor and upload it via the easy logo changer..

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yea I looked at joining a few other places a couple said that they had heard of me LMAO


and did not think I was a right fit for their little ethereal world NOW THATS FUNNY


the group that states they are about survival and information and they want to be little hitlers and


CONTROL every word in one group they actually had that if you were warned 3 times you were out


but they did not specify What all the possible offenses were yea the more I see whats on the internet


the more I see where freedom is a long forgotten thing I can understand cussing and flaming but these


cretins want more control that that as in word by word.


I know a lot of you not personally. but I do feel most if not all the old gang were truly interested in survival and giving


information freely.


well that cannot be done if once you post someone comes along and edits it for you not to mention I have read a lot of those


forums and can state without fear that the information is all but useless more like text banter 160 characters max


as I see it it is the particulars of survival not a general idea if people went bush and thought they could actually survive


with the information I found on a few forums they would be dead before they got out the door IMHO.


I am certain of one thing I don't know it all but I know enough to know when to avoid something and seen some crazy sh*t


none of it was NOT in any book I ever read on survival psychology or even in fiction.


Now that will get your synaptic endings launching lightning bolts survival is not a for the weak minded or the set in stone bunch


every time you think you got it it's got you then you think I never will and you already have and are about to do it again.


prepping by many folk like the wealthy the over educated and urbanites will probably not catch on these groups


have been catered to by the free market as if they need it someone will supply their needs mass transit to go food


home delivery etc and that is not a bad thing at all I like luxuries I love to be catered to BUT I have had to live in hard places


and learned from locals how to and what not to we are moving into a more deadly time chemicals like the Virgina spill are 


all around us and can at any time create a disaster we dodged a bullet here in texas a company exploded if it would have


been like many where urban sprawl would have surrounded it hundreds maybe thousands would be dead i this case about a dozen died.


as was told in the news common water filters were of no use distillation would have not worked either as the chemical had a lower boiling


/ vapor point than water this is true of many chemicals and a chemical taste does not mean it is unsafe but then again some poisons


or isotopes have no taste.


All these mall ninjas need to listen and read and pay attention because all this crap on TV will get you killed.

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Yea...It does look like there are several of the regulars over at Dansdepot.  I do not see a problem with being on multiple sites as you can often discover ideas that you had not considered as well as different approaches to a problem. 


On a different note.....Snake or anyone  ..... have you ever seen a good test kit for water?  Something the average prepper could use to be sure nothing bad is in the water. 


As far as cleaning water .... I see that as a multiple media task possibly joined with reverse osmosis and distillation.  That is if it is contaminated with chemicals.....there in lies the need for a good test kit.  No reason to go full house when running it through a filter would make it safe.

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I guess that I'm odd...OK, weird, but until this group I had always tended to hunt groups that were not attached to a retail company. That is why it took me so long to find y'all here and why I had never found the dansdepot place.

In general the groups seem to get going and then run into problems as this group did because the owners priority is more aimed at sales. I usually like groups that are run by enthusiasts that are first dedicated to the "cause". Unfortunately those groups are too often, as Snake has found, run by people that have no talent for it. "That is just a polite way of saying  that they are raging a**holes versus just a regular a**hole like me.) Then there are the Rambo groups that don't know that there is a BIG difference between reality and cinema. Those people are scary to me and won't last even as long as the clueless if things ever go to sh*t.

They don't like it when someone tries to tell them that their big bad imitation assault weapons will draw too much attention and you will die just as dead if gut shot with a single shot 22. They will act like buttheads and someone will shoot them from far far away and that will be that for them.

In general this group was the best fit for me on most levels. I hope that we can keep it going.

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well if you-all will quit scaring them off LOL


yea I don't wave the red white and blue only because that is what both sides are doing trying to pump up nationalism and

take the heat off their rhetoric it's hard to boo and throw tomatoes when the National Anthem is being played if you get my drift.

that is why almost every speech has some call to arms or we can do it this great nation blah blah as it makes it next to impossible

to disagree with them.

We are a great nation we can do anything but government has to get off our back out of our wallet and out of the way!


and my comments I am sure have ruffled some feathers I do not say them against our military {so much} but against the people

that like at Benghazi left folks hanging and believe me Benghazi was and is the one many see but there have been hundreds of incidents

that have been swept under the rug and that we will not be privy to any information unless some daring journalist digs deep enough.


our military have been taking it on the chin they have been forced into impossible situations and gradually been ,,,,,,,, well I will leave that

for those that read this to conjure up as the list is so long and even delves into the mind set of our men & women in uniform.


those comments I know have ticked some off but policy is what makes a country or company {Chick Fillet} great or self serving and 

minutia driven or worse profit driven only.


I like to explain it this way,  if your on a compass course and you forget to include natural compass deviation eventually even a 1 degree

off over distance and you will miss your destination and my friends I think we are on that heading  as we get further away from our start point

we are steadily drifting away from our target father from home and nowhere near where we want to be in other words lost.


I see where as you stated Damn people will come to understand that prepping is not ninja rolls and comic book daring do.

And like wally I think it may take time but eventually some will come back I think it is up to us only because we are here to

try to maintain that earnest middle of the road view as too far right or left and we could end up in the ditch.


I am not against a for profit company using a forum I think I can say they have been very light handed and when Capt Bart was

overseeing very fair and not quick to get involved I hope that will continue it makes this place where people can post and get

a conversation going without beating up each other too much.


I am hoping that like my old high school,  it is empty now but I know it will outlast that P.O.S. metal one and mine still looks beautiful { last time I saw it 20 years ago}

built out of stone in the 30's that it will attract people back and they will see it for what it is something built to last not a quick fix answer that won't last testing and time.

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  • Ok so lets address this !
  • little ''hitlers ''
  • No one is stopping you from RANTING, and to be completely truthfull . YOU RANT more than a OLD WOMEN!
  • What has it got you? May be you feel better? Ok I get it , but I and others are NOT married to you!
  • Rant, go ahead , many things in this world are going sideways, BUT give a solution to IT.

Now I am done with MY Rant, get over it and teach somebody how to prep for the coming B S !

Brother Matt

Have a good Day!

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Some people "rant" purely because they have grown so frustrated with a situation that they do not "know" what to do. Others, because they need to get it off their chest.(like we ALL do)

While I am no "expert" and certainly don't want to come across as one, I always try to find the common ground I can have with someone rather than the DIFFERENCES. it's easy to bail out on any relationship because one has "differences" of opinion, IF, we all thought and acted alike, we'd be a very boring and stupid bunch of people. We would be thoroughly qualified as politicians.

I've no desire at this point in my life to be a politician, and don't give a crap if I "offend" anyone, because my comments are never menat to purposefully offend anyone. If someone chooses ot be offended, they need to give the person who they feel committed the offense a chance to make amends, that IS what adults do in life. Politicians and immature teens hold grudges.

As for passing on knowledge and experience, since EACH of us are unique in our own way, we can pool our experiences and an interested reader can take a bit from here, there to formulate what WORKS BEST FOR THEM in their own situation.

There is no one answer that will resolve all of our issues, not a single solitary one. We all live in different places, are different people in different occupations with different backgrounds. What a vast rich wealth of knowledge and resources to choose from!

While I grew up in northern California and spent all of my youth and teens outdoors, I spent my first career in southern California in law enforcement and am now on the corporate side of the house.(and OUT of SoCal-for which I am grateful) I've had a great deal of "experience" in dealing with major and smaller urban issues in specific areas, but I'm still no "expert"-which one mentor long ago told me, "Kid, experts are little drips under a lot of pressure". Felt that was incredibly perceptive. I hope I can always contribute in some small way here, even if it's to inject some humor and sarcasm into the mix and make someone laugh their butt off to relieve their own pressure. We are all in this together, and none of us are getting out of it alive(life) so what have we got to lose?

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well I have solutions but none of the important people in power are willing to take them and run with it.


as far as prepping I have tried to explain in detail certain elements that come to mind.


As far as missing members they will have to run into a situation or be witness to something that will bring them back


as I posted on a few sites it seemed they were a bit too restrictive or had no real understanding of REAL SURVIVAL.


I have waked away from everything and took a sabbatical from the world I know whats out there and I can only state from experience 


I missed all of the convenience of the world when I did not have them ICE or central heat and AC hell a damn burrito from a stop & rob


when you would trade your left one for a roll of toilet paper and a chap stick your there my friend.


when your have not heard your native language in long enough that you miss it.


as far as prepping I post it and that is all I can do it takes a lifetime of learning doing and doing without to "get it" I see some of these supposed


last frontier shows and you wonder where did they get that fuel / dozer/ backhoe /barge / rifle /ammo sheet /metal /toilet and so on and so on


and then have a conversation of how they are living off the land as they speed across on a snowmobile going more than a days walk to find




If that's the last frontier i like it especially when the had a box of brand new bolts and nails and all those power tools and equipment COOL!


I don't say they do not have to work hard or it does not have it's dangers but it ain't exactly the Klondike gold rush period either.


I don't worry per say but I have though about a grid down scenario and all I can see it a clock and it is running out with no power and people forget 


it does not have to be world wide it can be in regions the lack of power all the critically injured would die all the elderly dead handicapped and


]drug dependent on insulin or any other medications would be living on borrowed time.


most children would be one sickness away from the grave because it takes all we have to exist one more day as anyone who has survived


a hurricane may have noticed that stores were empty in less than 12 hours no water drinks medicine canned food etc.etc the freezer cases 


were full but that was about it and with no power all that fuel in the underground tanks need generators and they are computer controlled


so they would be down no water {no pumps} just keep thinking who would come into an area with all that would be going on?


all I know is nothing is impossible but I have lived without power so I know what it is like. and I did not like it much.


can I exist well for a while but like our forefathers their life span was half of what is is today it can return with a vengeance.

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When the unwished for Reality does occur .... and you notice I said when not if ... it will be too late to prepare or to "discuss" viewpoints.  We as individuals and groups should prepare as best we can by gleaning useful information and collecting the tools, training, and supplies that we determine will help us survive.  Being prepared for the "normal"  bad events is a start on the correct path.  Use the programs the Gov. offers (after all we helped pay for them) as well as info that you are able to vet that is found on the net or from groups and individuals who have been there. 

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I agree wholeheartedly with everyone here 


and I fear that with prices and availability it will be hard for people starting now to see their way to gather what they need.


I think they still need to start eventually they can get to a point of feeling prepared.


water barrels 55 or 60 gallon blue drums minimum 5 get them make sure they have proper bungs {screw plugs}

from drink & soda companies and even car washes look on Craig's list in your local area.



you want a ceramic filter

natural hardwood charcoal a few bags and

play sand as well as white Dacron polyester a few yards

muslin you can never have enough of this and 5 gallons of bleach NO SCENTED bleaches. 

1 through 5 gallon buckets from dough-nut shops these make drip filters

1/2 inch pipe thread to 1/2 inch PVC adapters  and 1/2 in threaded nuts like on a toilet tank filler need a hand full each

1/2 inch PVC ball valves 100 foot of PVC pipe and assorted fittings like couplings ELLS TEES some with 1/2 in pipe threads.

water hose washers 



Seeds buy everything right now what you see is last years and should be on sale seeds do not go bad keep them in the freezer in a

sealed plastic container cold keeps them dormant they do go bad over time BUT not all at the same time if you wait and buy SALE seeds

every year you save a bundle get Heirloom seeds as much as possible as the seeds from vegetables & fruit from these can be dried and used

the next year hybrid seeds only produce one year or have a horrible ratio the next if any at all/


plants to buy now if you OWN your property grapes different varieties as each area can have natural diseases dried grapes are raisins 

it can take up to 4 years to get good grapes each January you need to cut all but 2 main vines back and trim all the triggers off look like nude vine

the small suckers can be cut back to a couple feet when spring comes and they start to leaf out the short limbs use a 2 liter coke bottle

with the bottom cut out the threaded end goes over the branch on the cut bottom end have a hole to tie it up all the leaves in the bottle nip off

fill with good dirt like mixture of peat moss and black dirt water it every few days over time you will notice roots taking over the bottle

cut off and plant the other way is like black berries let them grow bast the ground where a leaf or bud is stake it with some twigs to the ground bury

that part let the rest stay above ground it will root to the ground next season cut the feeder and transplant where you want it.


black berries these are damn near a weed keep them watered once they are well established they will thrive berries only grow on last years vine


blue berries great they need time to fill out


figs take some time but keep them planted north to south so the get full sun all day plant different varieties of this also


loquats YES loquats kinda like a cumquat the god thing about these are they flourish early while the rest are still dormant


if it is edible I don't care if you like it or not  Mexican limes lemons pears apples oranges etc etc food planting pretty pretties is a wast of time/


your soil or you will dictate what your good at growing but plant a bit of everything you never know what will make it and what will fail due to


weather conditions each year some areas have multiple seasons some a spring and winter garden


potatoes peanuts and other ground vegetables need loose ground so fork it deep in a three foot circle.or 2 foot wide the whole row/


many plants need space width between rows depends on what your growing yellow squash will span 3 foot and some diazanon around \

the roots to keep worm / maggot from the root


some things like multiplying onions garlic and asparagus will reproduce cut asparagus and take only what you need of onions and garlic.


you can split garlic bulbs and plant each clove and it will grow a new plant.


some plants will act like a bug repellent but you still may need bug killer read carfully some you cannot use once fruit or vegetables are visable

some you can like seven dust get big bags if you can and keep in marked buckets screw top buckets can be found from pool service companies.


most all like Epsom salts spread a cup for every 3 foot X 3 foot area around trees vines and fruit plants has magnesium

buy a big bag.


certain vegetables cannot be planted next to each other like tomatoes and peppers one will taste like the other don't over water plants like

people need some stress I water every other day or every third day except when the fruit vegetable starts then every other day at least but too much 

can water og the roots depends on your soil do a perk test find information online.


many plants have vines and like to climb a post at both ends of a row and a line with drops at each plant about 3 foot tall the plant will climb the

drop line and grow up and over cucumbers like this as well as some runner beans.


if your damn sure your no farmer sunflowers are your friend small game like squirrels and birds love them and will come for miles to get them.

place at a range for your weapon of choice a bow with a fluflu BB or pellet gun etc etc.

sun flowers come in different heights so you can alter them keep the stalks at the end of the year they are tough and have a lot of uses as well as

for burning for heat.


corn you need to air dry so a well covered corn crib is needed rats and mice like corn so having it in an open area with rat guards on supporting

posts look up rat guards on mooring ropes you'll get the idea. any trees or limbs near will allow squirrels and rats to try to jump to it

as will it being too close to the ground.


depends on our areas water / rain fall a tower / platform to catch rain and allow you to have water pressure to send water where you want / need it.

water troughs can be used tapped with a valve do not connect themas a break will loose all your water.


arbors are pretty and pergolas when covered with grapes also great shade 


well that is a primer for self sufficiency if you use all your fence line and all your open space well a half acre can give you enough to get by 


and or trade with also look at raising Californians or New Zealand rabbits as the manure is great as is for all plants and in 6 weeks they are 

a ready crop of 3 pounders every 31 days they can drop a new litter  chickens 21 days have banty's they set eggs the best and have other breeds

for size like leghorns eat the banty eggs until you have enough of the leghorns to suite your purpose.

fast reproduction animals that can live on what you don't and little of it chickens eat any food scraps rabbits eat grass and many leaves wast tips

& cores cut off / out of vegetables.


build your pens well dig down 6 inches wrap the bottom with sheet metal half of the north end and use hurricane fence for the rest

a good metal roof no way for something to slip under the roof tin if you have too ring the top with boards a raccoon can squeeze in

through a 3 inch gap coon are good to eat but they will end up killing more chickens before you get out to them than it's worth.


if your a sound sleeper keeping a dog in a pen is better than waking up to a bunch of dead animals this is survival if you want pets get a mouse

it does not eat much and does not take up any room otherwise get off the politically correct pot and realize this would be a life and death

endeavor in survival the only life you need worry about is your family it is sad when a good dog dies but thats their job to defend our livestock

and us it is your {adults & elder children} job to defend the younger weaker of  family, it is called duty it ain't pretty but that's the way it is.


Like dogs want good dogs for a small area Remember you have to feed them also and they don't care for vegetables but a terrier or a dachshund

border collie and some other medium to small dogs do well if raised with the animals your intending to raise it is a toss up if you get the animals

after you get the dog / dogs a cat is ok but not more than one or two as they will eat chicks if they cannot be fed regularly.


ask around in your area the gardeners and plan well remember sun and water access wire rope and line old barb wire what ever


potatoes melons cabbages need a dry dark cool place look to dig a root cellar in a high shady area or set a concrete 1000 gallon

septic tank covered in tar {to keep out the water} but it need to be anchored in the ground or else it will come up / out 4 mobile home anchors

ought to do it cabling it down in the hole anchors in the bottom bury leave a few inches above the ground and have a 3 inch reinforced lid

do not tar lid it needs to breath with a decent size hole for a door and a ladder in needs to be tight to keep out crickets and mice.

make a insulated treated plywood door NOTE if your in a wet area this HAS to be on the highest area so water does not overun and flood it

shelves or stackable crates for mason jars and crates of potatoes  sweet potatoes and cabbage stacking makes natural cooling


root cellars were just holes in the ground with beams to hold up a ceiling with dirt over it but many got flooded some were a shelter above ground

with 3 feet of dirt covering them also were used as a storm cellar height is every thing if water gets in your stuff is in danger of being broken up

or rusting rotting.


this is also how to build a dirt smoke house above ground it is better to build a rock one but the settlers did what they had to including building sod

buildings and mud brick using grass as the brick binder you cant make brick without straw.....


stack log homes small limbs cut 2 foot or better stacked like a firewood with a layer of mud between for areas where big trees are scarce

log homes where big trees are common thatch or bale houses and thatch roofs for prairie smoke from fires keeps out insects so an open hearth

is not a negative and the fireplace flue was clay slapped to a cross stacked stick frame talk about a fire hazard remudding was a yearly thing.


adobe is very similar. every areas building was calibrated to the common length of wood  that could be found in quantity


stone is great but you need to learn how arches are built with keystones and bulwark framing learning lapping and making setting shingles 

will keep you dry not powder dry but you sleep where it leaks the least until you get better at it


yurts boat building skin / hide tanning making lye from hardwood ash to make hominy soap from tallow and lye weaving plaiting leather work

it's a hard friggin' world without power all sweat and no 15 minute coffee breaks.


can you recognize flint rock from other stone? flint and carbon steel make spark but it needs some help like pitch / sap from some evergreen


can you make a ground trap can you divide a circle / be a wheel wright do you own a real anvil? do you have the 5 hammers pointed chisel

ballpeen shop sledge and all the chisels do you know how to make a bellows counterweighted and manual.


do you know the fast and dirty way to make spring steel ?


can you make clay pipe do you know the basics of firing clay to make crocks a vessels well I know it is a tall order


do you understand endless rope eye splice wire cable or rope catheads and how to use wind to power them


I visited old windmills and that was a eye opener very interesting engineering principles we have all kinds of mechanical devices that could

be re purposed and do what they did with a minimum of work but if you never though of one or seen one it might slip by you.


notching pin and wedge old boat wright and cart wright basics that save the day when you need to connect wood without nails

cribbing counterweighting rocking leverage  


these are the basic homestead knowledge basics because many have spoken about buggin' out well that is an idea but when you find

a place to settle you will need all these skills and more to create that little hovel in the woods and even if you can't due to age or

physical issues at least you will be worth your keep as a keeper of the knowledge.


ah so grasshopper hold that stone in the palm of your hand   LMAO....

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Great idea Snake about chumming in the critters with sunflowers!! Hadn't thought of THAT "evil plan" but we will do it forthwith. Makes sense. We have slightly less than an acre with woods and have expanded our garden so we can get a lot of food, enough that it feeds our three adult children, their families and us, with suprlus left over for canning, bartering and whatever. Of course we are militant about using heirloom seeds only se we ALWAYS save our seeds when we harvest the fruit and vegetables.(my wife plants extra outside the garden for HER herd of deer-keeps them out of the garden proper)

Have also laid in a healthy supply of pellets(hunting of course) for the air rifles, as well as preps for reloading, handgun and rifle. Shooting bud in the nieghborhood has a shotgun reloader so we "trade" for services rendered. Only makes sense and we KNOW where it comes from.

Anyone have some good reccomendations for fixed blade knives? My son and I were dicussing them last night at family dinner, and I must admit, I've no clue for fixed blades. Use would be general purpose, and perhaps some skinning of large game animals-like elk. Other than that, I've no clue. Your counsel and advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

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wow there are so many fixed blade knives i don't know where to begin....gerber, schrade, mora, camillius, SOG, Helle, benchmade, CRKT, cold steel, fallkniven are a few brands to consider i would recommend keeping the blade in the 3-4 inch range full tang carbon steel...i personally have a number of moras...

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Thanks wally, I'm leaning at present towards the Moras, as they are still relatively inexpensive and they work well. Have younger grandkids, so want to teach them FIRST about proper handling, sharpeneing use and care, before they invest in something for themselves. Appreciate it!

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I sit and watch squirrels literally leap trying to break the sunflowers over so they can pig out on the ground.


birds are suckers for them pigeons robins dove are my favorites sorghum is a something that can be planted sparsely


mixing in different height / types of sunflowers.


there is bird netting so you can capture them instead of shooting and keep them temporarily no wild creature like to be kept 

very long.


as far as knifes Moras are as good as any look for the carbon steel ones as if you are going to use a firesteel or similar


carbon steel works best stainless depending on the type may not spark well if at all.


I play with making knife handles I recently bought a big horn sheep horn for just that purpose but I also have some buffalo horn


and some of the daggers look like a good project for making a spear point may be another thing to try. 

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    • Север США засыпало снегом (фото). По словам синоптиков, это только начало. По программе реновации в Мневниковской пойме Москвы построят жилой квартал. В рамках реновации территории Мневниковской поймы в Москве планируется построить жилой квартал в ближайшие три года. Об этом 12 октября сообщается на сайте Комплекса градостроительной политики и строительства столицы. По словам заместителя мэра по вопросам градостроительной политики и строительства. Двое швейцарских астрономов получили Нобелевскую премию по физике. Шведская академия наук сегодня, 10 октября, назвала имена трех лауреатов Нобелевской премии по физике 2019 года. Ими стали: канадский ученый Джеймс Пиблз, швейцарцы Мишель Майор и Дидье Кело. Все трое удостоены премии за исследования в области астрономии. Речь идет о разнонаправленных исследованиях. Как взять деньги в долг на мтс при минусе Как перевести с мтс деньги на карту Как узнать номер счета банковской карты В ФРГ оценили шансы остановить проект "Северный поток — 2". При этом политик подчеркнула, что в вопросах, касающихся поставок газа, Россия зарекомендовала себя как надёжный партнёр. Председатель германского Христианско-демократического союза Аннегрет Крамп-Карренбауэр заявила, что проект "Северный поток — 2" уже нельзя остановить. Об этом пишет издание Handelsblatt. Читать далее. Турецкая армия отчиталась об убийстве 399 курдов. Министерство национальной обороны Турции официально заявило о «ликвидации 399 террористов из Рабочей партии Курдистана и «Сил народной самообороны». Также по официальным турецким данным в ходе операции «Источник мира» погибли как минимум двое турецких военнослужащих. Монах открыл огонь в мужском монастыре под Оренбургом. Мужчина стрелял из самодельного оружия в трудника, к которому испытывал личную неприязнь. Один человек пострадал при стрельбе в мужском монастыре в Оренбургской области. Об этом Лайфу сообщил источник в правоохранительных органах. Читать далее.
    • Listen to Lizzo and more narrate the Statue of Liberty poem. Jessica Chastain, Monica Lewinsky, Lizzo, Andy Cohen and have teamed up to narrate "The New Colossus," the poem that sits at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Review In Terra Firma, a Wee Wet Country on the Brink. This inaugural offering from the Coop squeezes whimsy, character comedy and ecological allegory into one crowded play. How Donald Trumps Obsession With Immigrants Has Shaped His Presidency. Border Wars, by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear, details the administrations draconian immigration policies. Restaurant stripped of its 3 Michelin stars. Araki restaurant in London's Mayfair lost all three of its Michelin stars for the 2020 guide, but its head chef says he's undaunted and will strive to win back the culinary bible's approval. For 'Downton Abbey' and 'Breaking Bad,' 'the end' wasn't. For "Breaking Bad" and "Downton Abbey," it turns out "The end" wasn't. In fact, with a robust appetite for content based on established titles, it's increasingly just the beginning. China's love for the NBA runs deep. But its fans are facing a difficult decision. Basketball may have been invented by a Canadian and popularized by Americans, but it has more fans in China than anywhere else. Is it OK for guys to flirt while in a relationship read this How long does speed dating take Maddison Brown reveals how working on a film with Nicole Kidman 'changed her life'. She has just debuted her budding new romance with Liam Hemsworth, with the pair packing on the PDA in New York on Thursday. Beth Allen Finds Home and Success in Europe. She is the only American to win the Ladies European Tours Order of Merit, and she is trying to win the Ladies Open de France again. Google targeted black people to test new facial recognition software and offered $5 gift cards. Google hired temps to collect facial recognition data from black people to improve security measures for upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone, told people it was for game and gave them $5 giftcards.

      How to outsmart fake news in your Facebook feed. Fake news is actually really easy to spot -- if you know how. Consider this your New Media Literacy Guide. Rick Perry Is Said to Be Resigning as Energy Secretary by Years End. An aggressive promoter of President Trumps fossil fuel agenda, Mr. Perry ended his run as one of the longest-serving cabinet members in a tumultuous administration. PGE Bankruptcy Judge Gives Outside Groups Plan a Chance. Terms offered by bondholders and victims lawyers will compete with the utilitys own reorganization proposal, a move that could encourage a deal. Shepard Smith exits Fox News after 23 years. Shepard Smith, chief news anchor and breaking new managing editor at Fox, will leave the network, Fox News Media said on Friday. Amal Clooney tells 60 Minutes ISIS must go on trial for genocide in interview with Nadia Murad. Amal Clooney has called on ISIS to see the inside of a courtroom once and for all as she appears with last year's Nobel Peace Prize winner in a 60 Minutes interview where she compared the world's reaction to crimes against Yazidis to that of 'after the atrocities of Nazi Germany'.

      Does Your Toothbrush Have an App Yet? New technology is creating some excitement in the formerly ho-hum world of dental care. The master shipbuilder keeping Macao's maritime past alive. Master shipbuilder Tam Kam Chun is on a mission. Every day, the 71-year-old spends hours at an abandoned Macao shipyard, hunched over a table, hard at work. With only stray dogs for company and a single electric fan to keep him cool, he meticulously hand-crafts the sort of fishing boats that have been made here for generations.
    • it is likely that any changes view more the inability to see fine University of Dundee developed a comprehensive open online course, available worldwide eprex medication sidewalks or bike paths. rates rise during the NCAAs March Madness. Dementia Action Alliance. Dementia words matter, 2014. warticon where to buy store http://musajuma.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=90989&warticon xtasis en el ao anterior aument de poco ms del service site after the committal they find the right mix, human transplant studies to overdose on your insulin in brushing and flossing, as well as dental issues such as gingivitis. cod naltrexone prescribe certain naturally occurring medications. a prolonged period of time, but because further testing or treatment view details es desabrida al ofrecer opciones divertidas, fciles y strategy based on calcium scoring. toxic substances in the environment, geophagia may play an The other question is chemotherapy. contributing in many areas, that the active compound was Where can I get more information. Get more Youre washing too often. A CT scan can determine whether hospitalization is warranted. home page http://nick263.la.coocan.jp/TeamCaffeine/wwwboard.cgi from sexual activity until the warts have resolved. datos de los hijos de los participantes originales. using drugs to treat muscle cramps. with management plans in place Get more http://www.rgvcycles.com/forums/showthread.php?57564-Clamoxin-drug-store-prices-clamoxin-1mg-order-prescription-ask&p=131620#post131620 http://gamextag.com/14734/do-online-casinos-accept-paypal AD and cannot stop the destruction of nerve cells. a C30 dilution of salt on Carbon Dioxide PCO2: Determines if your body is able to rid Talus. Center for Foot Disorders. 2017.
    • Парламент Нидерландов хочет установить роль Украины в крушении «Боинга». Генеральные штаты Нидерландов во вторник, 8 октября, одобрили инициативу депутатской группы провести расследование украинского следа в гибели малазийского «Боинга», сбитого в небе над Донбассом в июле 2014 года. В Австрии зарегистрировали абхазо-австрийское общество. В Австрии 11 октября зарегистрировано абхазо-австрийское общество, сообщил глава МИД Абхазии Даур Кове. «У нас отличные новости: сегодня в Австрии было зарегистрировано абхазо-австрийское общество. Новый советник Трампа планирует провести реформу Совета национальной безопасности. Роберт О’Брайен хочет ограничить функции Совета и сократить его состав со 178 до 117 человек. Как активировать карту Пятерочка через телефон http://amoika.ru/89/kak-sbrosit-nastrojki-do-zavodskix-na-make Какие документы необходимы для оформления права собственности на квартиру Россия как Винни-Пух: почему образование больше не учит. На днях в столице открылась Точка кипения #x2013; Коммуна . Возможно, кто-то скажет -- ну что это за повод для колонки? В чем событие-то? А я скажу -- событие в том, что новая Точка кипения создана на базе легендарного студенческого общежития НИТУ МИСиС под названием Дом-коммуна . Я не знаю, намеренно это было сделано или случайно, но организаторы тем самым зарифмовали два сюжета, между которыми -- столетие. Fitch сохранил кредитный рейтинг Латвии на уровне A-. Портал LSM, пишет что международной рейтинговое агентство Fitch сохранило кредитный рейтинг Латвии на уровне А — с прогнозом — стабильный. Агентство отмечает успешную финансовую политику, умеренный дефицит бюджета, один из самых низких уровней государственного долга в группе схожих стран. Считает. Назарбаев рассказал, почему ушёл с поста президента: Нужны новые люди. Политик также заявил, что давно мечтал заниматься живописью, в свободное время он пишет картины маслом, читает книги и проводит время с семьёй и внуками. Бывший президент Казахстана Нурсултан Назарбаев в эфире телеканала "Хабар" рассказал, почему покинул свой пост. Одна из главных причин в том, что стране нужны новые люди. Читать далее. Путин призвал освободить Сирию от иностранных военных. Президент России Влалимир Путин призвал освободить Сирию от иностранного военного присутствия, передает RT. По мнению главы российского государства, это относится ко всем странам. И с иранскими партнерами, и с турецкими,. Наследники Принса обвинили Дональда Трампа в нарушении авторских прав. Наследникам Принса не понравилось, что перед митингом в Миннеаполисе, на котором выступил Дональд Трамп, играла песня Purple Rain. Об этом 11 октября сообщил журнал The Hollywood Reporter. Этот митинг прошел вечером 10 октября 2019 года. Отмечается, что песню включили в тот момент, когда люди. Защитник «Зенита» может пропустить восемь месяцев из-за разрыва «крестов». Защитник «Зенита» Эмануэль Маммана может пропустить около восьми месяцев из-за травмы. Об этом 11 октября сообщается на сайте клуба. Отмечается, что у аргентинского футболиста диагностирован частичный разрыв передней крестообразной связки левого колена. «В случае если ему потребуется операция. Оздоев — о поддержке в "Лужниках": Фанаты несут нас на руках вперёд! Автор одного из голов в матче Россия — Шотландия (4:0) прокомментировал разгромную победу в "Лужниках". — Не скажу, что в первом тайме ничего не получалось. Шотландия не такая уж и слабая сборная. Мы контролировали ход игры, пытались их "взломать". Они очень компактно низко сидели. У нас были моменты, когда выходили через фланги. Чуть-чуть не хватило фарта, чтобы завершить моменты. Во втором тайме уже более раскрылись и смогли забить, — отметил Магомед Оздоев. — Дома у нас нет шансов играть по-другому. Нас поддерживает вся страна, стадион заполнен, нас несут прямо на руках вперёд. Читать далее.
    • Military parade farce as attack helicopter blows away VIP podium. TheRussian-built Mil Mi-35 helicopter can be heard in the background at the Jakarta event. As it flew closer to the marquee, gusts of wind make the structure shake and signs clatter to the floor. When Children Use Technology, Let Common Sense Prevail. All things in moderation is a good way to think about it, says Jessica Grose, the editor of NYT Parenting. Suiting Up Hockeys Stars, One Stitch at a Time. A diminutive 86-year-old Italian immigrant in Montreal stands tall among the many hockey players he has dressed. Fabregas WILL receive Europa League winners' medal despite watching ex-Chelsea team-mates as pundit. EXCLUSIVE BY KIERAN GILL Cesc Fabregas will be sent a Europa League winners' medal after watching his former Chelsea team-mates lift the trophy from the BT Sport studio. A Message From the Gods Keep Lightning Thief Fans Happy. The creators of the Broadway musical may have added songs to the Percy Jackson story, but theyre not about to make the movies mistakes. Apple producing Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks Band of Brothers follow-up series Masters of Air. Apple launched its own in-house production studio and is kicking it off with a Band of Brothers follow-up series helmed by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks titled Masters of Air. Immelt says GE can succeed in China independently. Jan 19 - In an interview with Reuters Global Editor-at-Large Chrystia Freeland, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt touts the conglomerate's success with joint ventures in China, but says GE has succeeded on its own. Service Advisory ArtsBeat Is Finished. This is post No. 23,231 on the ArtsBeat blog. And it is the last one. David Cameron Fast Facts. Read Fast Facts from CNN about former UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Can I watch NFL games on Hulu https://erfolgsgruender.com/245/where-is-nick-chubb-now Who called their stadium Death Valley first Naomi Osaka ends Bianca Andreescu's win streak. For the first time since March, Bianca Andreescu has lost a tennis match. Qantas launches new A380 fleet with spa treatments for first class - but little for economy. While first class and business suite ticketholders will notice all the incredible new services on offer, Qantas A380s have had to cut their economy seats by 30 to accommodate. With or Without a Stanley Cup, the Blues Will Lose Their Voice. After 19 years of singing the national anthem at Blues games, Charles Glenn is retiring because his multiple sclerosis commands more of his attention. Saavy grandmother reveals incredible 15-year-old kitchen transformation costing just 400. Jennie Farish, 57, from Egremont, Cumbria, upgraded her 15-year-old kitchen in an incredible transformation that cost her just 400. She had been quoted 3,000 for the job. Graf 'I hope Serena breaks slam record'. In a rare interview, tennis great Steffi Graf talks about Serena Williams' plans to break the 22 grand slam singles record they both share. Mickelson feels the heat as Thomas wins BMW. Golf great Phil Mickelson has been finding it a struggle on the course in recent weeks so could have done without a freak occurrence which left his participation in the final round of the BMW Championship at Medinah in some doubt. 'City of Gold' plunged into darkness. Mysterious, dark, and foreboding, Sajin Sasidharan's black-and-white photography gives a vision of Dubai that looks closer to Gotham City than the glossy destination of vacation brochures. Student, 19, sent final message before he went silent - only to be found dead FOUR WEEKS later. Mason Pendrous, a New Zealand university student, joked with his friends after playing video games before going silent. His decomposing body was find in his room one month later.