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Just various ideas and such

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I saw an idea on instructables the other day that I added to a little. You take an old plastic credit card thing, drill or poke a hole in each corner. I then wrapped about 10 feet of duct tape arount the middle going across the narrow side. Then I wrapped a dozen feet of paracord around it length wise using the holes to make it secure. Then I put a little baggie with a few hooks and a couple of needles on it an d wrapped 35 yards of 40 lb spider wire over the paracord. I'm thinking about maybe another layer of monofilament and jute for tinder.


I've used spider wire as thread and it works good also as a heavy fishing line or to hang things around camp. A little 6 and 10 lb mono wouldn't add much to the bulk and a small ferrocerium rod in the bag would make this a small cigarette sized kit.

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First let me say it takes some time to build a good kit and when your standing in line at any store they have these small racks with

impulse buy items LOOK AT THEM some are fantastic and irreplaceable in a BUGOUT kit.

there are also travel size medications some items  from foreign countries that are a one time find as Capt Bart likes to remind us

two is one and one is none


I have an old dental floss container to hold braided line as far as duct tape I just take a roll and flatten it needles i buy them on a card leave them on it 

it is not in this kit but in a ballistic nylon pouch one of 2 that contains a split of the 2 if I loose one I still have equipment.


and put it in my MTM survivor dry box it looks to be 7 inches X 5 inches X 2 inches deep water tight has a compass embedded in the case

and a mirror Chrome tape on back it contains most of my first aid stuff here is a list of what I crammed in there and it floats.


1 pair surgical scissors SS 4 inch has notch to cut sutures

1  rubber tourniquet they throw them away after they take your blood

1 roll i inch wide paper tape has 10 quarters in the open center

1 athletic tape {has the rubber tourniquet rolled inside

1 tube oral pain jell

1 tube carmex lip balm it is like camphophinque

1 bic lighter

1 tube Bactrim antibiotic ointment LARGE TUBE

1 SS 12 straight 1/2 serrated key chain knife

1 set large nail clippers has file

1 double LED head lamp with elastic head band takes 1 AA battery extra AA battery

12 baby aspirins in a travel tube

12 benadryl tabs in a used needle container

12 alcohol prep pads 1 inch x 1 inch

12 sewing needles varied sizes needle threader looks like a dime

4 packets of salt from sonic 3 or so more band aids to keep it quiet in its 3 1/2 in ling X 1 inch round clear tube

3  packs of instant Arizona iced tea different flavors

6 Q-tips extra toothpick & mini tweezers for any Swiss army knife {in another kit I have}

1 snake bite kit has multiple uses 

1 water proof container of weatherproof matches

1 1 1/4 inch X 2 inch magnifying glass rolled in 5-1 dollar bills has a nylon cord wrapped around all of it.

1 pair of super trauma shears {the ones that will cut a penny in half}

1 EZE lap 600 grit credit card sharpening steel diamond embedded pad I am going to get a 1000 grit one also

1 carpenters pencil

4- 2x2 gauze pads

2 4x4 gauze pads

2 - 5 inch hemostats one straight one curved

     if you have ever tried to extract shrapnel or stones from flesh you'll find you need these also can be used for a probe

12- band aids

12- loratadine tablets similar to clairitin


Believe it or not It still has room so I am considering honey packets drink and peanut butter packets from MRE's 


A IMPORTANT NOTE:  every year you need to repack your kit's look them over check for any degradation to any items every 5 years

you need to exchange drugs for fresh ones.


We live in a micro wave world most people do not realize how much sh*t they grab as needed off a stop & rob shelf when they don't feel good

lip balm is nice but if your using a NAME brand it is good for nothing else there are a few I consider you should never be without

I like lip balm especially with oils like eucalyptus menthol and camphor you can and should have 4 ounces of these or just have a large

bottle of  Camphophenique and jar of vasiline.


back to our spoiled generation it is so ingrained that people do not even consider those things that have killed and made our forefathers

miserable chapped lips bug bites fleas mosquitoes and ticks have killed more people than all the wars since the beginning of time PERIOD.

any skin rash or cut can kill you infections are a real and constant threat sore throat can become strep.


Go ahead forget all the little and minor things that hit a person once in a blue moon and in a real depression or tumultuous event YOUR SCREWED

there will be no essential oils no vasiline  chapped lips sore throats and nicks and cuts in a TEOTWAWKI situation or even away from rescue

a few days your going to loose a finger toe limb or your life many people loose toes to ingrown toe nails.

If you think your going to hike miles and miles with pack like a mule and never have a problem your MENTAL blisters have sidelined REAL men

I like that suck it up B.S. well you can to a point and then it is no longer a blister it is exposed bone.


Comfort is not your enemy WHY do you think the government spend so much on equipment we have the best I know some people b*tch

but remember they are in bad environments with extreme weather and situations so for all the negatives this equipment is great for a one kind 

to fit most can be,

We can take time and custom buy for our purpose and we should if people want to I use military some from foreign contract as long as it

is comfortable because a comfortable person makes better decisions can go farther rests less and has a much better attitude.

try having a blister for days you will be the biggest baby or a real B@stard try having chapped lips to a point of bleeding and every time

you try to breath or talk it bleeds and or hurts so bad even drinking water is no fun.

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A kit needs to reflect an individuals personal skill set. That is the nice thing about making your own versus buying a fit-em-all premade kit.


My med kit reflects MY needs and includes my medications and other special needs. The same goes for all my kits. I LIKE putting together little kits and trying to make them as small as possible and near perfect in their content, completeness and ease of use.


As an example I will describe on of my sewing kits. I do leather work of a fairly high quality but then only sew in the crudest of senses.


For thread I use two sorts of storage. I bought a hundred plastic bobbins for a little of nothing and fill them with the sort of threads and bindings that I like. I use heavy thread and fill the bobbins with them on a bolt stuck in a drill. My boogy kit has black, white, brown, and olive drab thread bobbins then another filled with 40lb sinew and another with heavy nylon stitching line used for leather work and sail making. Then also I carry what I call a “Thread braid” This is a very loosely woven strip of cloth made of many colors of thread that is about 20” long and 1.5” wide. You can easily pull one thread out of this braid from the end. I also have a militay braid that is in the green,white, black that you would need for maintaining a Korean age American Uniform.


I have buttons in camo color, safety pins, diaper pins, sewing needles, leather working needles both harness and glovers types, hook carpen upholstry needles and a couple of long heavy needles.


Good folding scissors, a little awl that is points for poking holes in leather then becomes sort of diamond shape as it goes up for leather work and repairs. (For sewing you just need a hole but for lacing you need a larger hole and a diamond shaped one works well.) I think it's called a Fid. I have some big thimbles and a small home made stitching palm.


With a little luck I can take this kit and both maintain the clothes I'm wearing and also clothe myself from skins and salvaged bits of leather. (Boot tops or just boots in general are a great source of heavy leather for serious moccasins. Even if they don't fit you they are a source of materials. I made my wife a nice set of leather gauntlets that cover her from wrist to elbow out of a pair of boot tops. I actually got them for free at a goodwill store. I told them what I was doing and that the soles didn't matter. (I donated 5 bucks but the boots were free.)


My BOB has a little larger kit that has thonging punches and a lace maker Since I like working in leather and am pretty good at it I cover that in my sewing kit.


My tool selection also caters to my skills and has things in it that others would have no use for. I made and carry a set of old style wood working tools. Gimlets, crook knife, small gouge and a home made small draw knife. Gimlets are like small T handled wood augers with a screw on the end. I have 4 of them running from a tiny one up to a 1/4” inch one. If you will drill and then run your paracord through you make a VERY strong joint that wind won't take apart then in your leasure you can make pegs to replace the ties. A crook knive makes spoons and bowls a lot easier to carve.


I've tried to get this over to people but without a lot of success that in a primitive survival situation you will actually have a LOT of spare time on your hands and will need things to occupy those hours. Plan adead for this so that the down time will be productive and entertaining and your mind will stay busy as your hands work away your tensions.


Surviving in the sense of living another day is pretty easy where I live. But if you lose yourself in the process it just isn't worthwhile. Among my other must have things is a small collection of pocket sized books. They are both reference and inspirational. I also always have 6 dice and a deck of pure plastic playing cards, paper (all weather) and pencils.


Just so you will know what these things look like...


Rainbow thread braid at Amazon


Gimlet at Amazon

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I have the gimlet set  in my main bag mine look a bit different but work the same.


I like to make my own as it were problem I do not have enough bench space


as soon as I get an idea I have to clear off what I was still working on or have set up.


I like leather work and have a 20 gallon tote of scraps I buy to make stuff I made a simple


carry strap adjustable because the so called leather ones I saw were made of thin material


I like thick leather not 2 thin pieces sewn to make look look like harness leather, gets wet


and curls up like dead worm I saw a really neat cross draw knife holster I think I may try my hand at.


The button snap buck knife case is great I just want something different.

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