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As if there isn't enough to plan for

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Just when you think you have some handle on basic survival problems you come across something like this.... Apophis ... a 50 million ton asteroid that is due for a near miss in 2029 and possibly a hit in 2036.  Popular Science magazine has an article on line that goes into some detail on the chance of changing it's trajectory and where it might impact.  has an updated article on this.   While it looks like this will prove to be a near miss, it does raise the issue of what would be the outcome of an impact.  The Russian experience suggests even a relatively small rock can do some extensive damage and our present technology is not up to tracking everything.


My personal thoughts are that there is little in the way of advance planning for this sort of WTSHTF event so it is better to focus on what one can do to mitigate the more likely events such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and ice/snow storms disrupting our lives. Oh let's not leave out government  as a disruptive possibility.....


Let us hope that the New Year is good to all of us and the Bad remains a possibility rather than a probability.


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If I remember correctly it is a meteor or comet etc. called wormwood and it turns the water to blood we have had blood rain recently so it

shows that it is possible that an extra terrestrial body could do this.


So that ought to put to rest that the E.T's are going to save us in fact I wonder if it is the cause if they are so all knowing and millions of years

advanced and can fly at light speed why have they not defended us?


here are some videos that should make you think I do not agree with everything form anyone BUT this information has more merit than most of

what passes as fact now of days

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