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Alaskan Leather Holster Great Carry

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On a recent trip to Alaska to restock my freezer with fresh salmon and halibut, a usual stay at the LongHouse Hotel near Hood Lake to watch all the seaplane traffic yielded an interesing revelation. The retired guy that drives the airport pick up van for the hotel is getting to be an old friend. He loves to tell me hunting stories using his Remington 700 in 416 Rem. Does a heck of a job on caribou he says. He brought me a copy of Hunt Alaska magazine and within its pages I made a great discovery.


I found Diamond D Custom Leather in Wasilla, AK (town sound familiar?) via an ad in the magazine. Long story short, I have in my possession one of their primo excellent Guides Choice Chest Holster. It is custom fabricated for just about any handgun made, but this one was crafted for the N-Frame, Smith and Wesson Model 29, with the 6.5 inch barrel. It also works quite well for any N-Frame with shorter barrels and even the 8 3/8 inch model with the muzzle sticking out the open end.


Out of the box just the smell of the leather is intoxicating enough. The fit, finish, stitching, sizing, and positioning is spot-on. The Guides Choice is a chest holster not a shoulder holster in the classic sense. It positions the gun in the center of the chest just below the sternum. This location makes for an ideal crossdraw if in the throws of needing a quick draw for offensive or defensive action. Philosophically the holster was made for Alaskan anglers known to share salmon waters with bears that don't like sharing or hunters out in the bush for same or to take down a target of opportunity for dinner.


I found the 29 fit the holster like the perverbial glove. There is a tension screw adjustment which I loosened up a tad for a smoother extraction, but it did not release the gun with several tries of josseling it around. Options to add include a reload loop feature, and a flap. For weather conditions, I can see the flap, but of course it slows access. I did not get the flap. You can wear the holster outside of a coat in cold weather, but where I live under the jacket will work fine. We don't have grizzles and our black bears are a novelty.


Next, I want the same rig for a classic 1911-45. Check out their products at This is one holster without compromise.

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