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this place is dead

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Patients that is all I can say even if only a few are here at least some information will be imparted even if people do not post.

and only come in here to laugh at all the boyscouts posts.


I think some have burned out or the message has been watered down by all the good news well before any disaster people have

been doing what they do every day before partying marriage vacations can we say Tsunami here!


We will have events of all kinds happen in our lives if nothing ever happens and someone saves one life because they too a CPR course

as one of their preps would that be a waste?

It is all in the prospective of the reader of this post or the actor I have said it many times prepping will save your butt if you go thorough a long

unemployment event or a sickness or injury money that you don't need fo4r food can be used for other needs but if you have no preps your toast

people after any short term event like the last blizzard a few years back some people froze IN THE 21st century YES it happened.

Prepping is about being ready not just enough but a horn of plenty.


I am a Christian and I realize that there have always been a bunch of people saying the world is going to end well, I can tall you I have no clue anymore than anyone else if anything will happen but I have had to go through many ups and downs of life I have worked in industries that have

cratered and had to start again hurt and had to survive until I got better surgeries family members falling on bad times and friends.

This is not new and will never go out of vouge although our nation thinks that all these unemployed can get foodstamps and a government check

we see right now where the check did not make it this month for quite a few people and if they were not ready for it to bad because anyone that thinks

they will live forever never get sick or hurt or have any friend or family member under the same pressure is an IDIOT IMHO.


I see people everyday making the transition from employment to retirement many companies don't want you after a certain age they can hire 2 for

your sallary that biger paycheck gets traded for a smaller retirement check unprepared people think it will never happen as wellas young people

that think people will always need the service they provide will that may be true but a cheaper group like illegal aliens can undermine the

business your in and it happens all the time most good jobs at some point can be outsourced and or gone altogether think DETROIT.


I will never get tired of defending the prepper lifestyle it is not about the end of the world it is about being ready to survive all the problem this world

has always thrown at us shifting economies weather desease etc. all I know is that any children will be looking to you matters not if they are yours or 

extended family today children are being raised by grandparents the same ones that are being forced into retirement and or other family members

one friend had to take in 3 of his brothers kids as he had cancer and could not work and the wife had to work and try to keep him from giving up.

It worked out but there are times when it does not!


This forum may die nothing lives forever BUT I hope that one day if I have posted something that got someone through a tough spot

it is enough for me.

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HEY!!! I found y'all! What in the world happened? One day I tried to go to the board and it just kept forwarding me to some place else. then it hit me with a virus when I kept trying to find a way around the blockage. I kept looking into "Survival forums" on google but never could find this place until today! I think that as we post the various "bots" will make us easier to find. (providing that the owners don't have them blocked) There is something to be said for flying a little under the radar these days. I have owned and operated several Invision boards and they have pretty good security if you work it right. Even the spammers have never managed to get past on them. ANYWAY I'm glad I found y'all. I'm even glad to see that the Snake is here and going strong still. ;->

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Well I was going to hang back and read but it did seem a bit slow so I figured I would be a placeholder until some of the old gang showed up.


Good to see you back Damn.


I cant get a virus as I run a live version of linux but it was kicking me off to a spoof site and not allowing me yo login I just would drop in to check

now and again finally it started working again I like the new look and it seems to run smoother.

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Invision is a good provider. I've been doing business with them for ten years. I didn't actually GET a virus but my McAfee security grabbed and quarantined them then notified me.
It will take a while for people to find their way back but it will happen over time. This was the best group that I ever found for this sort of thing. So many groups are made up of too many Rambo wantabes and such that intelligent discussion is almost impossible. Sadly if things ever go down the tubes a lot of good people are going to get hurt before they figure out that the difference between movies and reality is MASSIVE. Things that made for good movies don't in general make for very long or happy lives.

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Time will tell ..... You would think the owners would have sent a priority e-mail to all the registered users to let them know the forum was back up ...DU


Too much to expect I guess.   I just recently found that it was fixed by trying  it one more time...... HEY it is good to be back with like minded friends.

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I agree Partsman nice to be back


As far as viruses I use a live CD or DVD version of linux on a spare PC without a hard drive for internet browsing so no virus can effect my computer.


should a person want to,  a small hard drive 40 to 120 GB is more than enough the extra space can hold music video etc put on a thumbdrive

and scanned with any antivirus software before loading onto your WiNDeRs computer

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Yup, Invision is a lot more versatile and up to date than that other program and will let the staff do what they need to do to protect the place without having to take away anything from the members.  


Heck, that other program was so unstable, had a test forum on my server to play with and just about every edit I made to that program caused something else to crash. Thought I had that whole timed edit button worked out, it was working smooth and seamless, and as soon as the time set for edits ran out it erased the entire database.  :(


Anyway, I hope to be diving back in real soon, SHTF for me last year but I'm almost back to a point of having time to enjoy this place. 

Will be talking to the boss later this week, and maybe we can start to liven things back up.  :D

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Is there any thing wrong with copy & paste? I don't seem able to paste when replying to a topic. Or is it just my comp?



I can do it but only before I open the reply window.


to see you VB hope your doing


So to do multiples you have to submit. Grab the next then hit edit and paste.

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I have been having similar problems and I tried to put a shortcut to pictures on web sites and it came back with a popup that action

was not allowed.


Minor problems I have to find workarounds if I can but not a game killer this new site is nice seems more secure and fairly easy to navigate.


I wondered if my history messages and other information would be lost in the transition but all of it was there a good job by whomever


migrated the site, many times all the user information is lost and even to a point that everyone has to sing up all over again.


So yes some issues but if you got a workaround post it and let us all know.

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Ok, I can help with this. I've owned two Invision boards myself... When you click to make a reply and your tool bar pops up you need to go to the 3 little folders on the top row on the right. The first one is just a plain "paste", the second one is a "plain text paste", and the third one is a WORD paste". When you click on these it opens a box that you can then paste onto. When you click "OK", it translates the pasted stuff to the right format and does it for you. Once you get used to it it works real well. 

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Another thing that seems to work for pasting is to type something, then highlight it and paste over it...left click, highlight...right click paste. I mean type just something short like aaa. I guess that since the thing you highlighted is already formated that when you paste it automatically assumes THAT format.

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      Где взять кредит 20 лет?
      Как получить срочно деньги если банки отказывают?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Займы всего за 3 минуты! Никаких справок. Нужен только паспорт!
      На карту, кошелек! Одобрение автоматом! Подать заявку!

      Как взять кредит 30 тысяч?

      Оформить кредит через интернет - ЗДЕСЬ

      Большой срок кредитования, очень выгодная процентная ставка. взять кредит актобе Мы в соц сетях: Facebook Instgram Перечень документов для автокредита Перечень документов для лизинга. 2012 Все права защищены. штраф от 200 000 рублей;; удержание из зарплаты/иного дохода за период мко кредиты астана Право на получение страховки после выплаты кредита: в этом обзоре мы займ казахстане Что лучше взять: кредит или займ? Что удобнее и оперативнее: кредит или займ? Это главный вопрос, когда требуются срочные деньги на разрешение Город: Уфа когда будут давать кредиты в тенге втб кредит астана Поэтому, лучше потратьте время и узнайте сколько будет стоить услуга в Есть несколько способов, позволяющих взять денег в долг: через сайт у сбера самые дешевые кредиты (ИМХО), плюс недавно отменили комиссию за выдачу. Лев Давыдыч астана адрес хоум кредит ресурсы, в некоторых случаях можно даже оформить через онлайн заявку. займ в кокшетау После одобрения заявки деньги поступают на карту или другим удобным способом в Этот банк является дочерним предприятием Почты России, банка ВТБ. Он предлагает выдачу кредитов наличными с 18 лет. У него большая офисная астана евразийский банк кредиты