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new BOB ideas

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What's up guys and gals?! Liking the new forum set up hope the spammers can be better handled now. I have come to the realization that my shoulder injury will not be taken care of in a timely manner by the VA system since its been close to 18 months since i went in to try and get a surgery. So my question is what are my other options for a BOB since a dual shoulder backpack with waist strap isn't really effective? I thought about a rolling backpack, a small duffel bag, and one of those cheese backpacks with wheels from REI, but I'm worried about how they will hold up and how effective they will be. So far I think I will be moving to a small duffel until I can find something more permanent.



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I had considered a hand pulled wagon it could be pulled in many ways with rails / tree added on.


Bike motor cycle 4 wheeler animal manpower better than a wheel barrow and could even carry a person / child


it is off the ground so with a tarp or cover it is a weather resistant chair sleeper


and once at your bug out it would be handy as a way to move bulky loads,

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I thought about a carrying cart of sorts but I always thought what if you need to cross some serious terain. Can you lug that wagon. I wonder if one could make

a foldable wagon or cart. Light weight. What if your carrying and its slow going could you protect all of your stuff.

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My GSD she can pull a wagon/sled & a team player in guarding/protecting stuff if needed.

Dogs are helpful in more ways, than being a family pet.

Here are 3 positive ways a dog is helpful. I'm sure theirs plenty more.


1/ Companionship.


2/ Guard dog, earning their keep with food they've eating.

    Owning a cat is useless in my world.


3/ Pulling their own weight, they can smell an un-welcomed guest way before any human can.

    Portable alarm system.


I love my dog more than most people I know. Sad but true.

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Cool Partsman good price and looks like it could double as a chair or bed to keep a person off the ground


that is the only drawback to most bobs and bugout bags most lists do not have a way to keep off the ground


ground is infested with insects cold , wet or hard takes a toll on the body this looks like a great alternative


even if it only allowed a person to carry double the normal weight it would be a  magnificent addition


I think with a bit of home spun engineering it could be towed albeit slowly by a animal or a 4 wheeler and it looks well made.

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I mention staying off the ground as in many instances I have spent wet and in mud or have been chewed on by bugs all damn night.

we live in a way different world than even when I was a kid.


when I was younger I don't recall anyone getting lyme desease or many of the intestinal parasites that seem so common today

I have drank from lakes streams rivers and never had any problem I would NEVER do this now unless I had "0" choice.


in the last5 5 years sand fleas here have been horrendous and they seem to be resistant to any commersially sold insecticides

it takes professional insecticides and spraying to end the egg cycle now let us imagine that some problem causes us to abandon our homes

or bug in without any availibility to get insecticides you and your animals will soon be miserible sickness and desease will be right around the corner.


prepping means a wholistic approach and not the warm and fuzzy sh*t called wholistic I mean be ready for ANY circumstance even if a situation only

lasts a year or so it will be hell whenm all your garden is eaten up by bugs your animals infested with ticks and fleas there are so many problems that animals get that having simple things to find today to heal and protect them and ourselves.



I like the two people idea and hauling a second person as there is never a time where someone can't use some help due to sickness or

some injury.


mentioning injury that puts pressure on the other or others in a group to do all the work to set camp and injuries do not happen at a perfect spot

so having to move to a better camp site is a probability.

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I made a sort of rickshaw thing out of a folding light weight wheelchair after my Mama passed away. I used it for hauling equiptment when I was bank fishibg or doing over night Carp Tournaments. It will carry a load and is pretty easy to pull. I plan on getting some off road wheels and tires for it but ,as is, it pulls pretty well.

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AHH fishing time to get out my new ugly stick fishing rod 6 foot 6 inches of fish killing technology and Ambassadeur bait casting reel and get some fish,

got it for Christmas just  put some braided line on it and got it ready to WHIP IT WHIP IT GOOD!

{DEVO what a group who knew a S&M song  form a punk band would cross over to fishing}

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I like it ,


In Europe there are Gypsies that used to live in wagons I consider this a bug out wagon it fills the bill of keeping a person off the ground


and it could be like a Conestoga wagon covered keeping the dew and insects off you. keeping your equipment dry also.


Every Pioneer had shelter of some sort if your threatened by a severe storm in many areas it really means FLOOD SAND STORM


HAIL LIGHTNING BLIZZARD you understand in a real sure nuff hail storm most BUGOUT preppers would be in a world of hurt or dead


in parts of Texas herds of cattle have been beat to death mesquite trees beat to stumps and pear cactus to a green ooze even cedar fence 


poles shattered and barbed wire is laying on the ground where a fence once stood, and worse in minutes the temp falls like a rock.


This can happen any where anytime in the plains where there are no trees it would be deadly.


I see this and know it could be flipped over and made into a emergency cover we have all seen it rain for days as long as your off the ground


dry and warm enough it ain't no big thing.


in some places I have been hundreds of inches of rain per year  is not uncommon here we get 30 to 40 and it comes in waves one year it rained


every weekend the whole summer I remember as I had a John boat and could not go fishing quite a few times I had to pull the plug and run


out the water to keep from getting swamped.


If you live in a swamp / area with a lot of waterways a small boat may be a better idea than a cart I have hunted and fished out of boats


slept in them and other things keeping it family friendly I will not mention what.


No matter where a person maybe some rigid shelter off the ground is going to be a prayed for item or in a swamp a boat to keep your butt dry


I do realize that there are bridges and other natural cover BUT if a displaced population needs shelter I think that most other people would


already have jumped to that conclusion also.

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A side note here Sand storms are a freak of nature there is no way except in a zip lock bubble that you can escape a sand storm


and then the wind will blow you off to who knows where or bury you in sand and suffocate you extremes are part of nature, and because


we have not had severe weather in a region does not mean they will not return as we have been seeing in the last decade IMO.


it will go through a zipper on a sleeping bag the only fair place is a blind cave if there are any exits that wind will howl through like 


the midnight special train highballin' for the yard.


If you live in a desert you need to make special provisions for the violent weather they have

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This all fits in a Voodoo expandable accessory pouch about 6X6X6 it is a great pouch has inner pockets with a zippered main and a expansion that is covered by a flap velcroed and has a backup clip.


Diamond steel knife sharpener pen style pointed and blunt hook sharpening groove

Diamond credit card style sharpener

Swiss Army explorer has saw magnifier tweezers 2 knife blades scissors and punch mini screw driver etc etc 

water proof container with matches

binoculars 8X25 I intend to change this out for a monocular of similar power.

1/2 carpenters pencil

Fire steel

Bic lighter

Fresnel credit card size plastic lens

9 volt led light w/ extra battery

2 medium size Caribiners

20 foot 550 para cord

large bandanna

5/8th eye trigger swivel {there is a specific reason I choose this over a snap swivel of any style}

1 inch key ring X 2

wrist watch compass

pen style sprayer filled with DEET had some other bug repellent I consider useless.


The monocular will allow space for a emergency space blanket  and a water proof match container filled with different medication.


Any pouch should have it's own self defense piece of equipment look to North Americans Arms to fill the bill in 22 magnum I would opt for the 

black widow with the 22 LR conversion cylinder. this set up will hold 5o rounds in 10 rnd stripper clips stuffed here and where they can fit.

a 10 round pack of CCI shot shells and you are as fitted out as you can get.

now add a single shot break action 410 / 22LR rossi or similar add a chamber adapter for 22 LR & MAG and your by no means butt naked.


add in a MTM small hard case filled with first aid supplies and a couple  M 16 magazine pouches filled with 22 Mag and 22LR and some 410  to balance out a belt a back pack filled with MORE stuff.

since we all seem to have a tarp this should be used as a water barrier or get a dry sack for your clothing.

I particularly like the civil war pack configuration a back pack with a bed roll in the bed roll clothing and other items could be stashed and it it is water proof then everything in it would be protected from rain.

I have no plan for any sleeping bag {fart sack} they are good but in my area it is rare to deal with temps below 20 degrees for very long.


I look at this as a hobby within a hobby reconfiguring repacking looking to maximize equipment in a given space most of us drive everywhere

so we have storage should anything happen we should be able to have access to a GHB in the vehicle.

still if all I am trying to do is get home too much would be detrimental for speed.

My way of thinking you will have a window of opportunity of less violence all depends on the EVENT certain ones would be virtually immediate 

others would take time before the sheeple would understand them to be problematic IMO.

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nice heavy is it when its full?

It depends with what i fill it with, It is suppose to have a max rating of 700lbs heaviest thing I've put on it was a full size Chevy truck axle didn't strain it at all. With my fishing gear, folding chairs and a "medium cooler it probably doesn't even come close to 30 lbs.

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heavy but that is the kind of stuff you want on a long bugout on foot folding chairs cooler fishing gear etc. after all if you have to be afoot


it will double your capacity depending on terrain to much and it might take more effort than a person could muster.


but each person can custom fit the type and size of cart with a load they can bare.


I had considered a TEE PEE of course with a futuristic twist using military aluminum poles 4 foot each and a 4 foot pipe 1 inch in diameter as a stake


drive it in the ground put the poles together and stand them on the stake using eye hooks and 550 para cord out rig 5 or 6 lines anchoring them to the


ground with tent stakes one of the eyes of a eye hook would be a pulley to raise your tarp wrap your corners and you have a large diameter


lodge with a built in chimney.


here is a link to colemans they have some poles like i am posting about very light weight.


I tried to fid pics of the eye hooks but we live in a world of prissy crap so use heavy duty S hooks close one end OR

use Carabiners either works and you really need both for a myriad of reasons one really cannot replace the other 

with a S hook made into an eye hook using the eye as a pulley and truckers hitch you can easily double your lifting

or pulling power.


I even have a few of the old stainless steel large laundry pins looks like a huge safety pin all this new crap give me a

head ache  some like velcro are fantastic grimlocks are not but I can see where a break away clip would be useful.


oval snap link carabiners are good the notched tip hold a load like putting up a hammock a cheap carabinner will not hold up

most of the inexpensive aluminum ones are not fit for long service or high strength and will fail so I would spend a bit more and get  quality.


If your in an area where there are a lot of tall trees consider a pair of pole climbing spikes and decent braided climbing rope


for all those that do not know braided rope does not twist so if your hanging your not spinning like a chicken on a spit.


here is a simple internet tutorial on how to tie a truckers hitch


a book on Knots everyone needs to be able to tie a truckers hitch, a bowline, a clove hitch,  cow hitch square knot,  slip knot

mooring hitch  half hitch and a carrick bend.


being able to back splice / splice line or splice a cable is a good bit of skill to know for climbing descending etc.


many dug wells are quite deep and stacking logs are very heavy so knowing these will make your life a lot easier.


never dig a well deeper than you can climb out of without 3 poles that can easily hold you about a foot wider than your hole 


and a 10 foot section of rope or better.


Figure it out it is a good exercise in rational thinking.

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