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Ideas to surviving nasty winter ice/snow storms when hydro is gone.

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As we all know that some of us that live in the United States & Canada are going through some wicked/nasty ice & snow storms lately. 

The hydro lines have gone down by falling tree branches everywhere.

Some places have lost electricity for 4 days or more now.

A lot still don't have power till this day, in their homes or apartments.

People are throwing away their food that's in their fridge & freezer do to the lack of electricity going down.

This is an idea, thought one could do to save their food when the electricity goes.

Assuming one has a food cooler that they use when camping or use for pick nicks.

The food coolers could be used outside in their back yards/balcony to store the food.

If  one was going to throw out their food in the  garbage bin, do to the lack of electricity.

People in southern Ontario, Canada are complaining that they lost a lot of their food stores.

People are just not thinking. If it's cold outside why not store that food outside to save it.

Members your thoughts & ideas in this matter would be helpful to others, if you have one do tell.

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OMG live in natural refrigeration and loose their food


P210SIG your solution is perfect dependent on temp as to what side of the home north colder for longer as per shade.


the lower the temp as to if they would need to block it open or close it to hold temp for a frig instead of a freezer.


of course some security from animals cabins used to have a meat box outside for winter or a smoke house.


these new coolers boast keeping ice for many days this would also hold freezing out.


pickled foods need to be kept cool 40 to 50 degrees most condiments have enough vinegar or preservatives to remain


usable in that range.


even if there is no snow if temps are below freezing shallow pans should freeze overnight so if daytime temps get high


the Ice made could be placed in the coolers.


hanging meat from rope in trees in the cold air at night and people used to keep it in a sheepskin w/ hair to insulate


it from the heat of the interior of the cabin and would keep it under a bed or such in the coldest room of the house.


food could be put in closed jars and kept in water if it was cold enough in the shade during the day.


natural storage without power required our forefathers to be very aware of the weather / temp and locations during the


different times of the day root cellars were good as ground would be warmer than outside but depends on where you are


as to if it could still freeze.


as far as water SC has many people posting on storing and filtering purifying water people should have taken the time


to have prepared for this weather since they live in areas that are capable of having extreme weather events.


It is sad but there are hordes of people that count on emergency services or government to save them too many are


spoiled from living in this day of so many services that were only 50 to 75 years ago considered luxuries,


like running water heat and food and indoor plumbing not to mention specialized clothing & battery operated helps.


I have tried to explain to people that "something could happen" many times it is a waste of breath.


last years storm in the north east a few people actually froze to death lack of preparedness on another's part


does not constitute an emergency on my part I can't have enough for everyone and am only able to do so much.


in a regional or national problem I am afraid they are or would be on their own and if these folks had no radio


or communication how would they know what was happening I had a neighbor ask if I knew what was happening after a


hurricane and I had to remind them that they had a radio in their vehicle as well as AC sometimes people get so


excited they do not see the obvious.

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This really cuts the cake & gets me angry.


Since the sheeple in the greater Toronto area threw out their stored fridge foods in the trash bin with the power outages.


The Liberal Government is handing out $50 to $100 gift cards for them to buy food.


Well what do you know, the tax payers will be footing the bill, one way or another.


Oh it's an election year & the Liberal government got to make it look good that they did something for the people.


Goes to show, no need to think for your self & have some common sense. Just stomp your feet & complain like a spoiled brat.


The Government will look after you. The time for people to think for them selves & with some brains have gone to the wayside.


Dumb down sheeple are out there. It' the new world order for all to see.


OMG is this what society is becoming.

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That would be perfet here. Though we haven't lost power, its been in the -10 degree range for the past day and half when factoring wind chill. Pretty cold for Ohio. During some bad ice storms, I've done just that. Chuck the food outside in the 3ft of snow, all better. Or buy ice and fill up the cooler and keep it indoors.

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Hey JonM1911,


 No need to buy ice, just fill up the cooler with snow & it's all good.

 To keep the cooler cold indoors.

Yea should have specified. We had a bad storm during the summer, power out for almost a week. Right now I could just throw it out in the snow and it would freeze like a rock. -10 and supposed to get 10 more inches Sunday, high of 7 on Monday with a low of -17, 0 on Tuesday with a low of -3.

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It is for this reason ( and they are great in the summer to take with you) I keep frozen 1 liter and two liter bottles in the deep freeze you can move them right into your icebox and they will not make a mess (if you rinse the frost off first) and then refreeze them outside or whatever. My deep freeze is in the garage so not an issue for it.

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In summer I still have ice I hate squatting and diging in the freezer so the bottom is full of bottled water if I am going out I grab one and even here

it will stay cold for hours.


I only need to run my generator 6 hours a day to keep the freezers cold and not loose food I can just as easily run them to power ceramic heaters

and power some entertainment in the house in the winter.


I do not feel sorry for people prepping is not new and people choose to be ignorant in a time of untold free information on the internet they

piddle around and do not spend at least a portion of their time on important matters.

When I was a kid the internet did not exist we had to read or learn from our parents or others, now kids see stuff on TV and say I can do that

but never experiment to know it for a fact.

It bugs me that we now live in a society that thinks skill are imparted by only watching or that money will solve all their problems.


Anyone that lives north of San Antonio Texas need to be just as ready for winter as we in the south are for hurricanes with the appropriate

considerations for the differences.understand carbon monoxide dangers and have ways to exhaust it from garages and not get suffocated

in a parked vehicle while stuck iin a snow bank / drift.


some years back a whole family died in the bed of their truck in a camper trying to stay warm with a bar-b-q pit.

the further we move toward technology the more people loose their survival skills and count on being able to use their cell phone

how many people have been found dead clutching a cell phone { a LOT}

flipping a switch for light microwaving a meal and adjusting a thermostat for their comfort this not only promotes ingnorance but laziness

having had to cut trees and then cut logs and then split and stack the wood I can say from experience it is hard to freeze to death when your working that hard but once you tired and stop that wood comes in mighty handy but now your like a chicken on a rotisery warm your front at the fireplace

then turn your back to it so your butt don't get frost bite.

there is a reason a pot was in the fireplace THERE WERE NO MICROWAVES! so a meal of soup or stew was better than nothing.

 pea soup was not alway creamy at first it was just raw peas then it was cooked peas then after a half a day it was pea soup

if you were lucky it had chicken stock or a ham hock in it and a slab of bread that took 4 hours to make.


people today have no clue how almost impossible it is to survive without all the fancy tools my mother actually wated a stand mixer for christmas

she loved to make home made bread BUT it is HARD WORK and the kitchen has to be wam enough to keep the yeast from rising.

now people understand why flat breads were and are in many cultures a must have skill they require less than a quarter of the heat cycle

and no yeast or rising time.

and how many know that I fear that people will be starving even when they have the substance to make food but not the knowledge.


Men used to know how to do many things as when out for days hunting and fishing they had to cook for themselves smoke and dry the meat or fish

make their own meals I can cook a whole meal in one pan and make biscuits on the lid or corn bread muffins {dollops of cornbread }

now they go hunting kill a animal the BOYS at the ranch  field dress and skin it while he gets drunk back at the lodge that about as much as real hunting as porn is to the real thing IMO.


making a camp is a process clear a safe spot get wood or animal chips dead cactus etc. and build a defense or shelter by the way I do not know about you but I aint eating food cooked directly over cow chips!


then find food or set out unattended fishing lines jug or throw lines and then look for small game or large as it is within the confines of your area.

drying meat wether on cactus thorns or in a raised rack under a tent of foilage even then it only last a few days unless you have salt and

fine ground pepper to keep the bugs off you also need a poke or a muslin bag to carry {tote it}


should we ever get to a point where there are no utilities water electricity and plumbing I figure 3/4 of the people will die off the only reason

many 3rd world countries have a population is still due to utilities they eat from fresh garbage and pick through dumps for clothing and things they

can sell to make enough to buy items they need.

most population centers have a squallid shantyville nearby usually at the dump.


It has been said we could feed whole families with what we here in America thow out well I will take it further we could feed clothe and they could build

a shack and furnish it.


Real HOBO's not this new wave group that panhandle and sell themselves but old timers could to some extent survive without being near

a town as many years ago you tried to keep away as the Sherriff need workers on the county farm and road crews so entrapment of hitch hikers

using the now defunct law of "no visible means of support or Vagrancy" - no job and you could be tossed into jail for 90 days. then they would let you out and snag you again!

People today think that will never happen again I got news for them if the homeless and jobless become a eyesore the cops get told to make it go away

in the finer neighborhoods you do not see unwashed bums if your seenig them then your one of the bums yourself as defined by the upper class in

your area.


Imagin trying to survive homeless and only with what is in your BOB in these weather conditions and I think you will find your less than prepared.

A word to the wise in any event when people think no one is watching or emergency services are too busy that is when many crimes and assualts

are commited as well as some just taking advantage of others  so not having a way to defend yourself is not a good idea.

Rmember Ted Bundy he used the wounded bird act to grab and kill his victims everyone that knew him though he was a nice guy...

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Even if like here the temps are going up (50s yesterday, hi 40s today, back to 20 tomorrow) if you have an out building or even the underside of a deck, someway to keep it contained and out of the sun and wind (rain here destroyed all our snow) You can shovel in a pile of snow and pack it around your food to keep it days after the freezing temps and snow are gone.

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