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How's the Weather in your area lately.

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Their's  been a lot of talk about Polar Vortex that's causing these cold winter snow storms.

I'm hoping this is not the new normal as to what some scientist are saying.

Minus -15 C & warmer I could handle it all winter.

At minus -20 C or colder i'll stick to my man cave.

Sleep away the winter blues like a bear.

On a good note, spring is 3 weeks away.

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Many people do not like the cold weather, granted.


I would take it as a learning experience, if you don't get a lot of snow or ice in your area.


Now is the time, even in your back yard or neighborhood playground park, try making a igloo or a snow fort wall.

You will learn something.

Time your self & see how long it takes you to build it.


If you have a pond, river, lake close by have a go at some ice fishing.


Just make sure that the ice is 12 inches or more thick when venturing out fishing.


Have a go at snow shoeing with your BOB, it's a whole new venture & certainly not the same.


Try making a fire in the snow, see if you can do it as well with a ice lens that you need to make. Like a magnifying glass.


I've done these things with my son, you might not need it, but good to know that you can build it, make it & do it.


When the SHTF happens, one never knows what time of the year, the weather or terrain one needs to overcome.


Knowledge & experience once learned how to do, it just might save one's life.

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A quick & easy way of making snowshoes in a pinch, is cutting a pine tree branch if they are in your area.

Make sure the tree branch surface area is  2 1/2 to 3 times the surface area of the sole of your boots.

You will need some type of cordage/rope to tie it with your boots & your good to go.

It's not the best, but will help you walk on top of deep snow a lot better.

Give it a try & happy trails.

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We have a version of snow shoes here, we call them tennis rackets


I got no use for them or snow chains snow mobiles ,  snow blowers, snow planes,  Avalanche alerts or worry about the spring thaw


if I want to know what the world looks like covered in snow I buy a snow cone and look over the top of it aligned with the horizon curiosity satisfied


then I eat it.


And with the new safety features on the walk in freezer it is zero chance I will ever get frost bite,


Anyone who lives north of San Antone and complains of snow confuses me to no end. :rolleyes:

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AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH freaking forkin' weather sucks power went out 3 times and it's colder than a well diggers azz in Wyoming


the only issue was I was trying to post and lost the content BUGGER! but I still stayed warm and got a good nap,


I hope this is the last cold spell one of my dogs has a receding hair line {from his neck to his balls } and gets cold and stays cold poor baby


The only problem is he want to cuddle and his nose is frozen wahoo nothing worse than a cold nose up the ol' wahoo when you ain't existing it.

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It's been cold for the past 2 months or so up in beaver land, I mean Canada.


My German Shepard Dog snipher she been wanting to sleep in between my wife & me in our bed for the past month, maybe a bit more.


My wife will have non of it.


So snipher sleeps near the foot board of our bed.

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beautiful day and then it went to hell,  damn router went out had to go to wally world and get another and setup my home notebook 2 desktops


and a shop computer OH HAPPY DAY and one is a WiNdERs 8  box a real POS but due to the fact I still do some work with WinDerS I keep one


around just for the misery of having one.


the others have linux in different flavors unless you play java or flash games simple stuff like playng MP3's MP4's watching youtube and dvde's


is not a problem and if your printer is a HP pretty easy so set them up as well as HP or cannon scanners for digital cameras GTKam works great.


Live versions in ISO format LIVW = run from CD or DVD without installing to your computer} are free to download here is the site


some versions are not compatible they will not harm your unit but if they dont run your network card or sound etc. try another.


most all you can add a free office suite LIBRE office image paint program called gimp and card chess and majong if you like all free


yes it is different but I like keeping myself busy and try to exercise my mind as well your never too old maybe too impatient but we can control that.


If you like windows a lot of freeware can be found at NO NAG WARE

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On a positive note, getting rain in some areas in the states would certainly help in the food production of growing things.

I for one would certainly wouldn't want too much rain at one time, which would cause a big issue of flooding.

A healthy balance is what's needed world wide, which seems to be a long fond memory these days.

God help us all, I for one surely needs his help & guidance daily that's for sure.








If your not physically fit, then your just food for the Zombies. LOL.

In GOD I trust, Everyone else keep your hand where I can see them !

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Spring is here but a cold spell is supposed to be coming, but I am not worried I don't plant till after good Friday {your area may differ}


It was in the mid 70's today, but over cast now it is drizzling at least my fruit vines and trees look like they are going to be fine all have buds


so I am looking forward to a bumper crop as long as we don't have a drought. But if anything I think it will be a wet year here.

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Just when I thought spring has sprung, old man winter will be showing up again tomorrow with 5 to 8 center meters of the white stuff.

A snowball curve, that's been forecasted. People living in central Ontario, Canada & in Buffalo New York area will be getting a lot more snow.

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Mid seventies here was so nice I had to start spring cleaning I can actually see the shop floor OMG!


the ceiling fans and light globes are clean you know do that top to bottom thing it ought to take a few days.


I hate this part of spring, but when it is done, I feel better than I dread fall cleaning.


It is time to start casting so I can have  what I need by august, It is not quantity its quality

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With this winter season prolonging more than normal.

The gas companies in Ontario Canada want to now charge an extra $400 per house starting April 1st as of this year.

They are saying that all the natural gas that they had in reserves are now almost depleted. 

They're not fooling me, Canada has one of the largest resources of natural gas on this planet.

I say it's GREED showing it's ugly head & taking advantage of the working class with the outcome of this years winter weather.

People just don't think as to what's going on & pony up with fund$ taken from them. For what ??

The dumb down folks will accept it as gospel & not even question or research these things. OMG.

Times are a changing & not for the betterment of community.

Keeping an eye on things from the sidelines.

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