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OK let me see I went off for a while and WTF !

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Just to let you'all know the news of my demise is premature but it looks like someone left the bgarn door open


and a skunk {cardinal3} made a home now I don't want to be too critical but seems like things have gonne south


{past the rio grande} and in a hand bag.


recently I was looking at other siurvival sites and guess what they are full of socialists commie anti first amendment

fu__tards one asked me to change my handle as it might upset the yuppies,

I was polite but stated that I considered free speech to be a prerequsite to having a forum based in the good old U.S.A.

I guess they think that freedom of speech only applies to them?


anothre refused me outright that was one of my fondest memories makes me feel warm all over as I must have

made an impression.


I may not be politically correct but I know what is reality and and what is vapor we are about to see some

very interesting SOON.

I am not swayed by much but recently information of 2 blood moons and a eclipse and 2 more blood moons

starting in april of 2014 that is only 6 months away peeked my interest.

the heavens are a billboard for God and he uses them from time to time to tell man things are about to happen.

those that do not believe may scoff but then once that event occurrs it will be one they will have to try to explain

away with empty rhetoric.

I have no clue what it means but in shadow of recent events I think it may be bad VERY BAD.

so keep your shoes and BOB ready.


I want to let all the wonderful members here know how much I appreciate them and their posts I have to have surgery

so to all those that at least tried to understand my offerings I salute you, to those that disagreed well thank you also

a one sided conversation is not a springboard for ideas.

and as we are a free society you have the right to state your case and may well be right I have no corner on the market of right and wrong only what I can accept for myself.


as soon as I can I will post again on the outcome if not someone will post for me I considered what should be on my

stone and decided "RETURN TO SENDER" should be more than adaquate although the V.A. does not incribe such

I think I will have it placed at my parents plot.

I had considered a concrete arm sticking out of the ground shooting the bird but as a Christian probably not one of my

better ideas besides some nimrod would break it and it would look like I was shaking my fist.

I had plenty of other ideas but none of them past muster under most circumsatnces.

I did think to do a submerged in dirt multi part statue of a skinny dipper swimming would look neat.

or a butt sticking out with an eternal flame issuing from it.


Try and clean this place up before I get back it's a mess.

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I don't come here much anymore so I just saw this. I can't speak to the rest of the board because this was actually the very first post I clicked on and haven't had a chance to catch up on anything else. I hope your surgery went well Snake. I always enjoy your posts and appreciate all of the knowledge that you share with us. You are my favorite poster! :) Take care!

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Sorry to have been away soooo long but things have been popping, toss in surgery and an accident 


and it appears this site does not like me posting from other regions.


I hope the owners understand that prepping is a lifestyle and should never go in and out like bell bottom jeans with the extremes of weather 


as well as other considerations like long term unemployment etc the prepared person will fare best and in better health.


unprepared people panic add to the confusion and cause more disruption and take longer to acclimate to stressful situations.


This is fact not conjecture and why fire and emergency drills are needed for many jobs and professions.


specialized training and knowledge has prevented total disaster and many more fatalities.


I do not mind if they {the owners of SC} are business minded we all need to pay the bills 


even though some may fade in and out as much of what we learn in life we may use it only


once LIKE algebra, but if it saves your life or someone else was it worth it, I think so. 

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Snake ...see you survived the knife and the holidays.  Wish you well.  Did you ever finish your BOL?  I remember you talking about a secondary location but then the forum crashed? and I just discovered that it was back. 

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Well partsman it's ready but only because a friend did it for me looks good as well as I would have done it.


probably get down there in the next couple of months.


I am glad to see you and the rest that are still around but it has gotten kinda slim round here.



hope the spammers can be weeded out quicker I think that had a real negative effect on the forum.

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Hmmm i've been away for a while as well. Got some catching up to do and I always enjoy reading you snake. (and you other blogger buddies)

I sort of left because I was getting weird messages but it was probably only the NSA making some adjustments.

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LMAO U 2 huh well I was running a version of linux it was telling me that there was a page hijack if you went further then you would have


gotten messages as it would have got your e-mail address and maybe even your passwords etc etc.


very good to see you back in the rooms if you have contact info let them know we are still here.


I don't use windows and not because it is a bad system but it draws the most attention from hackers and miscreants not to mention


online you can find instructions on how to do anything in windows it is just not very secure I do like many programs they are what I learned on


so they are easier for me not to mention all the freeware available to do any and almost anything linux programs may do it but the names are so


innocuous for the novice it is hard to figure which to get.


The largest problem that I have found is it is so complicated or at least the programmer types and some that act like it are not helpful.


they tell you to read X on a website and it is in jargon windows users are not familiar with many act so superior like a punk kid with a new bike.


some are helpful but not very many in my experience, and there are so many versions that have their own quirks.


Some will flat not run on some hardware so finding a version that will pick up your network and sound as well as see all types of partitions.


And the mounting hard drives logging in to open drives is a bit of a pain but you do not get security without some barriers to keep others out.

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