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Thinking about the future

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More and more often lately, I have been questioning what skills I have to bring the the table in a SHTF scenario. I have been thinking about what I could as a "job" to barter with. I have looked into to leather goods, such as bags pouches etc. which could also include horse tack as one possible option. Currently I make jewelry so I have some small tools to do this with. I know I'm on the right tract with wanting to get a hobby going that would be of benefit which is partly why I have put my jewelry making aside for something more practical. A few other options that maybe I haven't thought of yet would be appreciated.




A wolf is fed by her feet.

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Ladywolf, I recommend that you study some emergency medicine and/or how to use nature's bounty to treat illnesses and injuries. You can educate yourself online so the cost is free. All you will invest is time. But having emergency medical skills coupled with a knowledge of nature's medicines will make you a valuable asset to any group of survivors.

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Copper rivets are also great for canvass / denim and leather projects some EMT shears { the ones that cut a penny in half }


and anything can be made into a punch.


one thing I have been doing is stocking up on scrap material mostly cotton as it can be treated with neat's foot oil or similar


for water a repellent on any canvas denim leather or muslin material.


scrap cloth is also very useful for sheets pillow cases under clothes I also buy decent thread count on sale sheets


if they are too cheap they will file off your nipples 400 thread count is good 300 maybe but anything less is like sand paper.


most material if not all is not made here and that will become hard to find just as anything not made here will be as it


is a expendable most people buy socks and underwear a couple times a year washing it until it looses that new look.


if people do not have good cold weather under garments better find them no matter where you live a few weeks a year


it is cold enough that if your not used to it it will kill you.


if you have considered a glue rosin works well but it need to be finished off with a dust like flour corn starch etc to work it


or it will crawl all over your project.

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