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The end could be closer than you think...

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First, the IMF is NOT our friend nor ally, inspite of we the taxpayers contributing the majority of funding for that organization. Second, the IMF's "SDR" special drawing rights are specifically for the individual IMF member to use whatever currency they choose to use, instead of having to first buy US dollars, that has now been eliminated. The Chinese came up with the "reminibi" specifically for use to replace the US dollar (economic warfare) as the World's Reserve Currency and at the same time to set themselves up to become the currency of choice for the IMF's SDR program. This effectively neutralizes the financial position of the US government, the Federal Reserve(also a privately owned entity NOT affiliated with the US GOV), and paralyzes the US economy and GDP.

No longer are other countries required to "buy" USD on the open market, they can use the Chinese reminibi or the IMF's SDR program.

This is extremely dangerous to our economic position in the world, regardless of the US being the largest consumer "trading partner" for many countries. IT freezes US out of the international economic markets with the strokes of a few pens. This has the fingerprints of George Soros and company all over it, and the baahing sheep in D.C> are too egalitarian and stupid to see it coming at them at full speed.

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