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Did somebody predict that all of these mass shootings were coming? YES, INDEED!

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For a long time I have been wondering about these horrible school and other shootings that are getting too common these days. They are all so similar: A wacko enters a school, business or wherever, starts shooting, and, as soon as any resistance shows up-the police or somebody else with a weapon-the wacko generally kills himself. Sometimes he is killed by others, but in almost every case the perpetrator ends up dead. You can't interrogate a dead person! It seemed to me that somehow these fiends must have been programmed just like certain other things can be programmed. I didn’t know for sure if it was possible or not. But, I have thought for years that somebody must be putting these killers up to their evil deeds. Then I happened to come across THIS:


“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”


This quote is from the book titled: Behold a Pale Horse. This book is subtitled: “Exposing the New World Order." This book is available today. I have seen it on both Amazon and eBay. This book was written in 1991 (22 years ago) by William Cooper. The author, a former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by our government since the 1940s, including UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more. At one time, Cooper was considered to be one of the world's leading experts on UFOs.


This type of thing has happened before. On February 27, 1933, Adolph Hitler had some of his goons burn the Reichstag. Using that event, he blamed his political enemies and was able to suspend all law and make himself the supreme ruler of Germany. As the old saying goes: “There’s nothing new under the sun.”


"Behold a Pale Horse" could have been written Today! It foretells that the government may be involved in these school shootings in order to disarm the people. The government later murdered Mr. Cooper. They probably felt like he knew too much. “Dead men tell no tales.”


After his book came out, the government went after Mr. Cooper for blabbing too much! Finally Milton William Cooper (58) was shot and killed by deputies of the Apache County (Arizona) Sheriff's Office while they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated assault and endangerment on Nov. 5, 2001. His death on UNRELATED charges is most interesting. Were those phony charges just a way to shut him up and discredit him at the same time? Did the sheriff's office go to his home that evening with the intent of getting their man dead and not alive? While there is no proof of this, it does make one wonder.

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This is not a conspiracy theory! It was written in a book by a former government agent more than 22 years ago! That's not a conspiracy! That is an honest Fact of Life. Today it is happening exactly as he wrote it; again I say: 22 years ago!

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conspiracy [kənˈspɪrəsɪ]

n pl -cies

1. a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, esp with political motivation; plot

2. the act of making such plans in secret



the·o·ry noun \ˈthē-ə-rē, ˈthir-ē\ : an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events


: an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true


: the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject



To be technical, it is a conspiracy theory. One man writing a book shouldn't be proof enough, government agent or not.

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Well it is not new it has happened the world over remember last year the 2 incidents in china where they killed


many students with knifes or machetes Russia has had a couple one was a mooslim another was a nut


infuriated people hate that others are happy and living life in order to vent their rage they murder anyone in their wake


until someone stops them that is why the second amendment is a JOKE if we supposedly have the right then why


does every damn business like the post office and banks etc etc have a sign that on these premises no guns are allowed ?


why do I not see a sign that if your of color your to be treated as a slave? I mean after all it is no more a right to be free than


it is any of your other rights I am damn sick and tired of some SOB perverting everything to their benefit but you have no


say the government is not suppose make any law that alters your rights but GUESS WHAT who is the first buch of Aholes that


stomp on your rights the Government your not suppose to double tax well they got around that one 50 cents a gallon then


state and I finally got so fed up I no longer have a land line if they keep this sh*t up I will drop having a cell why do I want


call anyone most of them are dumbazz sheeple anyway.


I got one for you try being homeless and owning a gun ROTFLMAO they hassle homeless people like crazy because they


have not the money for a lawye, r people who say this is a free country have not a clue what they are talking about.


there is not anything free if you get something count on one side or the other pinning you to vote on it today it is the


democrats to morrow it will be the republicans trying to snatch the carpet from under you can trust neither side


unless you have a place and even that can be used against you as if it is rented they can have the owner allow


them into your home a home owner is a misnomer as until you make the last payment the bank owns your sh*t


now they have made it to where a drivers license is a privilege not a right every day some new wad of crap


to restrict corral or remove your rights and stealth laws with fine print and even the obummer care


how about your doctor asking if you own a fire arm????


non gun anti gun people are so ignorant and refuse to see that the same undermining of rights can be aimed at them


I am so glad that I am at the end of my time in this world as I am nearer to the end of insurance life expectancies


as I find most people are so stupid it is like trying to have a conversation with a monkey fact is a monkey would make a better




I cannot number the times that some turd has had lawyers come to their rescue and get decent people fired put in jail


sued and loose everything because they were so frustrated they lost it after dealing with dipsticks every day, one day


you are going to loose it it is just a matter of time but our judicial system screws up continually and leaves it for the


police and innocent civilians to deal with it is your representatives who have been screwing around with minimum


and maximum sentences and the criminal INjustice system that has been sticking first timers and people with less


than 5 years in with lifers and growing the gangs as well as keeping them corralled so they can never escape the


gangs now you wonder why crime is more violent because it is organized not like the old mob but younger people


who are threatened with beatings or worse most just get murdered if they do not pay TAX a portion of the ill gotten gains


they have to produce.


Our government has by every means tried to take us back to slavery in one form or other they place burdens on


we the people they them selves will / would never accept like the obummer care notice that they opted out


and many huge corporations that give millions to their campaign funds and yet we still have people on both sides


voting for health care that is not worth a tinkers damn.


they do not really care about guns or you, every thing these clowns do is for their popularity and cash in their campaign


coffer once you get that through your thick skulls you understand the plan every one of these folks are 2 faced


they feel your pain and vote themselves a raise then they understand you need a doctor and give you piss water


compared to the champagne they drink call them and all you get is a lot of lip service unless it is no skin off their


bank account.


last election the herd of republican candidates was such a freak show I did not even want to vote half were pansies the other


half were fruit loops and of course the Manchurian candidate guess who that is.


Well he is still at it wants us to go into Syria and Egypt etc. etc. all the people that have the right stuff are smart enough to


not run.


until the voters figure this out and vote out anyone who was there before regardless of party and show these narcissistic


b@stards they do not own us and cannot screw us whenever they want to maybe we will get a handle on this freak show


but I do not hold out any hope for that as I do not see children getting smarter in fact quite the opposite.


as I have yet to see an occupy the NSA or CIA or the FBI they occupied wall street ? WTF like investment bankers give a sh*T


really every thing they tweeted e-mails and phone calls were searched sifted and cataloged and these stupid punks


are not even voicing any opinion about it no slogans no marches NOTHING people are getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan


and NOTHING we should never have gone to either place we should have bombed them into the stone age and left them


hanging like a Florida hanging chad { remember the voting ballot chad fiasco}


we don't owe any country anything we are not the world police and the U.N. votes against everything except taking


our money.


I am from a military family was in the military and support our men and women in uniform but we are going to have to


start being smarter and only fighting on our terms and not throwing our children under the bus labeled the U.N.


as far as this recent shooting no one has mentioned stress and the constant barrage of killing murder and death


not a day goes by where all the news channels are jamming it down our throat if it is not some

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local deviant that


should have been executed for some other crap they did then it is the wars and now every damn day it is Syria


mentally challenged people cannot handle violence not movies or news some become sheepish some aggressive


when people feel there is no hope they whack out some commit suicide some go postal that is why we must as a nation


be careful and deal with problems swiftly once we ran Iraq out of Kuwait we should have flattened Baghdad and left


in and out apparently we learned nothing from Vietnam you become like a family member that just won't leave


after the party eventually you hate the sight of them.


and believe me when I say Iraq and Afghanistan hate our guts and the longer we stay the more of them that will learn to hate


us and people here that are hearing voices and other mental issues will start to flip out and do more and crazier things


the more NCIS and similar crime shows breeds more violence Maury and many other programs may seem hilarious


but like any garden you get what you plant and we are sewing the seeds of violence murder and hate and we wonder


why our world it turning to sh*t. perversion is the norm and you wonder why your children are sending naked pics


sexting and bullying on the internet and through texting.


I was watching a commercial and it had children praising a phone or tablet saying it was smart and brilliant ? REALLY


if no people were on the earth to use it is it smart enough to plug itself in to recharge?


I think not but that is the mentality of a child they have no concept that a machine is only as smart as it's user


if a user has an I.Q. of a doughnut do not expect his computer to print out the cure for cancer.


the further down the rabbit hole we go in futurism / technology count on the less common sense and morality


we as a species will have and if we are relegated to the limit of 160 characters of a text figure an I.Q. of 90 will be


a brainiac or as in the old adage the one eyed man is king in the world of the blind.


bulling texting and tweets causing deaths from suicide of our children and I hear nothing from any source of power


suicide is more prevalent than crazy killers but all the brains of our age can run their mouth about is gun control


children are failing and quitting school in record numbers mental health is not being handled but we have money to send


Syrian freedom fighters weapons {who happen to also be terrorists that hate us} we gave Egypt planes tanks and other


equipment we pay for the U.N. for all the nations that state they cannot afford to pay for their membership.


we give away food money and aid to anyone for any reason weather they are friends or NOT if you wonder why we are


sinking in this morass of sh*t now you know we have thrown our pearls before swine and we are going to reap the


whirlwind of destruction and like the saying stupid is as stupid does is about to slap this nation silly.


when your toilet paper is worth more than your money you will figure it out at what point will other nations


get so worried about their own survival and quit investing or lending us money if you think that one guy who went nuts


and killed a dozen people is bad wait till people are starving or a depression sets in it will hit the fan it won't even be crazy


it will be just like every day before in fact it will be a breaking news event if some nut had not killed a bunch of people


and even if they take all the guns nuts will be doing many other things I won't mention as I do not want to give


crazy B@stards any ideas.


there is an upside once your dead none of this crap matters just hope it is fast and painless as possible


but I would not bet on it IMO.


One last point if people were allowed to use that damn second amendment right less people would be dead


but OH NO you people are way to stupid to trust with a gun but they want your vote in my mind that is the most powerful


one thing a free man has is his right to vote.


under federal you have the right to defend yourself well would someone please tell me just how in the hell you can do that


when you are not even trusted with fingernail clippers? or more than 4 ounces of liquid?


do you have an AARP card? well if you do your supporting one of the largest antigun groups in this nation if saving


20% on coffee and other little freebees you get from them just remember they are as large or larger than the NRA


so grab your ankles there are a number of people that are voting for and members of groups that take your money


and use it against you if you by an album or rent or go to a movie with stars that are against your views who is


the dumb one?


I have not been to a movie in over 20 years just for that reason I wish I knew more about the companies and people


that own them if they were not decent or honorable I would not do business with their company or buy their products.


every penny into a jerks pocket is wasted there are more commercials and benefits for dogs and cats than for mentally


challenged people if that is not a damn shame that humans are the last to be considered then it is no wonder we have


so many crimes committed by sick people but I think you have noticed that instead of raising money for medications


and asylums that could house and benefit these lost souls are not being spoken of instead your the bad person


because you won't accept harsher and more restrictions on your rights but to hell with spending money on sick people


we send it to our enemies over seas no school lunches but let the grain rot in the field millions of tons of it.


teach alternative religion and sex but not how to work or the benefits of hard work be kind to animals and save the whales


but shoot the finger at anyone on the freeway.


free condoms and abortions or the morning after pill but cycle mentally ill patients to the maximum of the medicare


or insurance kick them out on the street and wait X number of days as legal and do it again and again and again.


seen it done one lady I knew every time she was RIGHT they changed her meds and off the edge she would go and


back to county or a hospital and out on the street.


many doctors milk the system as there is no money or advantage to helping the patient our medical system has not checks


if a person is on medicare they get no bill so how would they know what they were charged for how many hospitals


pad the bills of patients that they know will never see an itemized bill especially mentally disabled people.


or homeless illegal aliens etc.


we are living in a house of cards for all the scammers they catch twice as many are ripping off the system.


now after this man who had a security clearance slipped through the cracks what else is going on after all


the billions for all the security at the TSA NSA FBI CIA INS and hundreds of others cannot seem to thwart


the Boston thing Snowden that other private nimrod and so many others like the Ft hood shooter hell he was


e-mailing terrorists we are suppose to give up our rights and pump money into a complete failure of intelligence


and security they tell us they have stopped 50 incidents well I will be willing to bet they were aliens and were let in


not locals with an axe to grind but even though they caught them they released a bunch and on top of that over a thousand


were broke out of prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq with such a glowing record of success if you were running a


commercial enterprise do you really think you would still have your job?


there are so many important sites that have NO repeat NO security whatsoever and even those that do cannot


hold off a group or even one man with a clearance I.D. card


I have posted before I worked at prisons you know the normal ones with murderers and thieves rapists child molesters


freaks and crazy people well they breached security on a daily basis so if any of you think your government knows their


azz from a hole in the ground your smoking too much of that sh*t and it has effected your mind IMHO.

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I do believe the proliferation of extremely violent and near pornographic video games has played a significant role in the "development" of the last several mass shooters. Their "psychological autopsies" (for lack of a better term) have nearly all indicated that most of them were heavily into (as in obsessed) specific violent video gaming online. They crossed over the thin veil in their minds between their own fantasy-reality, to make their "vision" of "reality-fantasy" come true.

As a young teen in the early 70s' in high school, those into bird hunting as well as deer hunting routinely stored their rifles and shotguns in the vice-principal's office to avoid theft from their vehicles, so they could hunt before or immediately after school. (high school was small only 1400 students in three grades) No one thought it "scary" that someone was walking across campus with a shotgun with the action open, or a rifle with the bolt out of it, safety from theft was the primary concern.

Of course, we didn't have the extremely violent imagery back then either. As a law enforcement officer in southern California for twenty plus years, I responded to hundreds of calls of out-of-control teens who were obsessed with violent gaming and then imagery who acted out on their families, parents or siblings.

is there a correlation there? Sure seemed reasonable and prudent to me, especially when most of those families used gaming as a baby-sitter instead of interacting with their children regularly. All the security in the world will never stop a lone gunman, from doing his nefarious and terrible crimes, especially when society in general is routinely HUA.

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TP you raise an interesting point. I recall reading that back in the day when everyone was "trained" to shoot at bulls-eye targets it was very hard for them to pull the trigger on an enemy soldier in combat.....that was "solved" by changing to the human silhouette target.

Now days the games are very realistic and I would agree that too many are incapable of telling the difference between reality and fiction. After all they see the same people playing different roles on TV and in the movies after being "killed" in a previous show.....little wonder that they have no connection with their fellow citizens.

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