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Big Easy 2012

Shelter in place?

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My thoughts and prayers go out to those victims/families of the shooting which occurred today. I can not wrap my mind around this concept of "shelter in place" in the event of an active shooter situation. In my experience its harder to hit a moving target!!!! My mind always goes back to those poor kids who were executed in the library during the Colombine shooting. Why must our first responders set up a perimeter, form a command post, etc... Go in that building and get the SOB!!!!!!! I'm sure I'm over simplifying things but it seems like we're teaching people to be victims with this tactic and I just don't understand it. Am I the only person who doesn't understand this?!

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the active shooter video which i think was either houston or dallas said to hide, run, barricade doors and offices, and if all else fails fight back with fire extinguishers and in larger groups. Some people are just not meant to be fighters, You know what I mean? Like those scared people would have to muster up a lot of courage to fight back and lets face you can't defend yourself confidently against a gunman without a gun.

True Story. It truly is a sad time though in the US.

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the one thing really sad is there are a lot of people that would rather many people be murdered that allow people their


right they already have but cannot use for political correctness and fear mongers.


teachers are not allowed to carry by what right who are the ones that have the power to prevent the citizen from


their second amendment right?


will these same ardent disrespectors of rights accept the responsibility for the deaths of adults and children


to the point of going to prison? I mean after all they are responsible like a captain of a ship if they make a decision that


causes the death of persons under their authority when they could have prevented it are criminally liable, and so should


these people that usurp the rights of the individual.


I tire of the so called civil rights bunch that pander to race but not to rights they do not agree with and never do they


mount an effort for another race and all races have their proponents and feel that their group is special and have


excuses and exceptions that allows for them to be exonerated from acts that others do not have reasons for.


It has happened many times in history one group fears or hates another so fiercely that NOTHING will change their thinking


and will look upon their demise as reasoning for their own warped sense of right or wrong.


What completely confuses me is we are at war and new threats of action against other countries or leaders and


yet our military has been murdered in cold blood here and in many other countries and STILL they are not allowed to carry


on base and are left to be executed at will for any deranged fool and their protection is left to police who are great do


not get me wrong but they are not the primary target and police are in uniform and easily avoided until an assassin


decides to make their move if a person in the military cannot be trusted to carry then they should not be in the military.


we live in a world where the gutless and useless mandate and demand that your uninformed and too ignorant to


be trusted your children are of no value as they send their children to private schools they live in gated communities


with armed security are driven to work in armored vehicles and their place of work have metal detectors and guards.


What really surprises me is that people put up with this second class treatment.


I guess P.T. Barnum said it best there is one born every minute {sucker that is}

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