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spool tool

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Seen it a few days ago, but I can't see my self spending almost $20 for a piece of plastic holding paracord, a bic lighter & a razor.

If it was selling for about $5 i'd order a bunch & give them as gifts to family & friends.

I couldn't see it costing more than 75 cent to manufacture. IMHO.









If your not " Physically Fit ", then your just Food for the Zombies.LOL.

In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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Well of many supposed survival tools at least this has some good features paracord can be a pain strange how a hank of 100


foot can turn into a wadded up base ball in a couple of days.


I use a similar Item but it can double as a fishing reel as this could


A kendama a Japanese toy but can be used as a reel for cordage and a fishing reel with a tackle holder using a


used medicine bottle these flat H type reels have been used for many years I like the blade fitted in to it


the H style with a protruding handle off opposite ends is like unto a old style kite reel.


my personal favorite is a glass coke bottle with a cork plug new metalized epoxies allow you to glue a container on


the butt of the coke bottle to hold your tackle and the bottle floats it can hold water or live bait like worms or crickets.


remove a couple feet hold the bottle by the neck and point the butt of the bottle toward your target swing the line


in your off hand pitch it and the line will spool off the end of the bottle a strip of velcro will hold the line from unwinding


or a good truckers hitch knot.


A coke bottle or a can also be used as a coon trap with 1/8 inch cable and cable crimp


here is a COOL product


for those that do not have the time I think this is a good product I like the warranty LIFETIME


The one thing many people do not consider as the perfect survival tool is a 6 to 8 foot bull whip


small game like lizards snakes and birds at night can be taken easily larger game like dogs hog or a black bear


do not will not last long if you know how to work one as it will split hide to the bone and the sound is disconcerting


to animals also.


if you were in the middle of nowhere and had no idea of what you might be dealing with as far as a bull whip


sling shot and a Hand fishing reel most could do well with these tools.


this tool looks like it could be adapted into a rubber tube sling shot


many moons ago a guy with a bull whip managed to walk away from a few people with knives


In my BOB I have a few frog gigs they even work in the desert you just won't be giging frogs.

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