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2 thumbs up to the people of Colorado

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this renews my faith in people not just because it is about the second amendment but we are a country that allows for


self defense and rule of decent law / laws they were forced into a fight that was pressed on them and did the legal and proper


action and removed the offenders I am against lefties as much as most right wingers are but let us not forget some


right wingers are just as anti firearm and have an agenda also so we need to be watchful and defend our rights


against anyone that seeks to undermine our freedoms.


now we need to restore posse comutatis and IMHO innocent until proven guilty we have moved away from these


corner stones of freedom although not of the same importance we need to have our representatives to reimpose


the 7 year strategic reserve and have a secondary plan to bolster our monetary system with a metals bank of not only


gold but many varied and important metals and chemicals and drugs that our country would need in case of the horror


of a depression or Japanese flat line long term malaise or national emergency.

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