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Somebodies watching me...

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Did you ever wonder if the government is watching the I.P. addresses of those that visit sites like these?

Did you ever wonder if some of these sites are actually run by the government?


In light of what the government has been doing with regard to the IRS and Conservative groups; the NSA monitoring phone and email conversion under the guise of national security; you know the rest...


Do I think they are watching me, personally? Not necessarily but I do think they are monitoring in the sense we are all being put into a database for future use. This is especially true of those that visit sites like these. Paranoid? Maybe.


What say you?

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Consider this...


I have mentioned several times to pay cash for various things, there's a reason. One of the things that is on the governments 'are you a terrorist suspect' list is people who pay cash for things as small as a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


If you are a veteran then you are already on one list, if you are a combat vet you are probably higher on that list. Should you be SpecOps or certain other rates <Navy term> then you are again higher on the list.


Going to sites like this won't help.


But then again, they already have access to all your email, your phone calls, they can access your home computer and turn on your web cam and mic, same with your smart phone, and tablet.


They can track you through the use of your credit and debit cards.

Do you have LoJack or OnStar for your cars?

Have a smartphone, does it have a GPS built into it? I know that Iphones do.


I read somewhere that by 2015 all cars will have a black box installed on them...but that may just be my paranoia, surely they wouldn't use something like that to track your vehicle.


So given all of the above...nope. They don't need to track your web traffic...but they probably do anyway...just cuz they can.


Remember the three biggest lies in the English language?


The biggest one is: Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

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it really does not matter as eve if they did not have all that technology like during Hitler's Germany


they did it all with index cards and onion skin paper hell police use to find people with a pencil drawing.


evil knows no boundaries If they cannot see what they are doing is wrong they are no better than Nazi's


it is a matter of time before death squads will be operating.


Kerry is this morning talking out of his hat to strike Syria for chemical weapons and we use them here


people have died from their use tear gas and pepper gas are chemical weapons we would not use


them to extract a group of terrorist that inhabited a mosque in Iraq because they are deemed chemical weapons


we also use tazers people have died from their use and that is considered torture but you don't see anyone going


to prison when someone dies from their use do you?


Soon as we have see in Europe they intend to enforce the speed limit by drone or satellite there has been talk about


blocking texts from moving vehicles or placing electronic deterrents along highways.


Now let us say your being chased by someone and your life is in danger take an ex spouse or someone


posing as a police officer it has happened and who will be made to be responsible?


life is not simple and one set of rules are for police states, Marxists regimes or totalitarian governments.


OH sorry I forgot we are already there,


I want a black box on all representatives I wont to hear everything they say these secret back room conversations are


placing us in danger as well as they are probably illegal and reek of collusion and or blackmail IMHO.

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Wait. Isn't this the camping website at Cabelas? Did I make a wrong turn? Oh, no, now I'm on the list. Just kidding, guys.



Yes, I kind of figured somebody with the government was taking notes, but that is a pretty big pool of candidates. Hopefully since I am the voice of reason around here I will get a minimum security cell at the reeducation camp. You know, the one where they only educate you with the rubber hose, not the harsher methods.

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Texas Bill so what do you mean I will be getting the jumper cables to the B@@LLS or surfing the kiddie pool face down ?


well it cannot be any worse than the friggin' DMV as my picture can attest to it looked like it was taken in a Siberian gulag


{same background peeling sea foam green paint you know mixture of white and Russian milspec green}


What I have considered is that the think tanks are using our posts as a couple looked vaguely familiar to some of mine.


plagiarism as they even used the word "ain't" like i do ----- weird AIN'T IT LMAO.

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Since the secretary of state, John "Did you know I served in Viet Nam" Kerry, has already labeled me a war criminal for serving in RVN, I suspect I'm on every list extant. Oh, FYI, the GPS option is NOT necessary to determine your location from your cell phone. At least once a minute, every cell phone 'pings' the system to check on incoming messages. With the advent of high speed systems, the arrival time of a ping can be measured in nano-seconds. With that information, your location to within about a yard can be determined at least once a minute and that is WITHOUT you actually using your phone. (the ping contains your phone number - that is one way "track my phone" works.) Only way to stop that is to remove the battery. Cute, huh?


The only way we get privacy now is to be buried so deep in the noise that they do not recognize you are there. Once you appear on the radar, you are stuck there. It is possible to disappear again but it takes a great deal of work, care, and the disruption of your life. Even your purchases at the grocery stores are now being tracked; every time you use a "discount card" or a cell phone coupon or a cell phone bar code reader you pop up.


You can sleep well tonight because you are being watched over by your beneficent big brother!


Just my not so humble opinion.

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