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Biden made me angry today

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I was reading an article on Yahoo! today about Obama's new attempt at gun control a found this about half-way through...




--Renewing his pledge to keep working for legislative fixed, Biden suggested that one opportunity for improving prospects for gun control may come next year in the midterm elections. Liberal groups and those supporting gun control have vowed to hold accountable in 2014 those lawmakers who voted against gun control.


"If Congress won't act, we'll fight for a new Congress," Biden said. "It's that simple. But we're going to get this done."--




If I could get face to face with VP Biden I would say "Excuse me, but isn't Congress' job to represent the citizens of the United States of


America in the lawmaking process? So... shouldn't you be asking what we want and not trying to force your agenda down our throats? 'Getting this done' should be up to us, not you and your liberal congress"



I know this happens all the time but it makes me upset when they say it outright like that, like We The People really don't matter anymore.


Message to Congress: Your opinions are not the important ones. The important ones belong to your constituents.




I need a snack now. Frustration makes me hungry.

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He's an insurance policy...if something were to happen to Obummer, Biden would move up to fill his spot. Even the most retarded person in this country would offer their kidney, liver, lung or whatever to help prevent that.

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Yea .... their latest idiot idea will prevent people who want to use a corporation to pass on their weapons to their kids......they contend that felons are using this loophole to buy weapons. I wonder if they really think we are that stupid. Felons steal or buy on the problem. We need to run the bastards out on a rail.

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Ham is absolutely right they cant push their liberal agenda on the people and they wont stop until they have what they want. Why are they so adamant on gun control? I must be missing something here, I guess ill go watch more news to better inform myself, ya right!

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and that is just the tip of the iceberg I won't mention these other tactics because I don't want to give them


more ways to get at us.


It is coming as I have tried to tell people there has never been a day when you can relax like rust it creeps and


appears in unseen areas and you never win against it your only keeping it at bay get lax and it will win IMHO.


keep prepping keep stocking up or your going to wake up without or not enough basically the same thing.

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He's an insurance policy...if something were to happen to Obummer, Biden would move up to fill his spot. Even the most retarded person in this country would offer their kidney, liver, lung or whatever to help prevent that.


I am about to the point of thinking he would be an improvement over his imperial highness.

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I have TOTAL faith and confidence in DrunkUncleJoe-Biden. It's only a matter of time, before he is drunk enough to give us all timely advice on dealing with thugs, miscreants and the Syrians.

The man could not BE a bigger moron than he is, even when he's trying so hard not to be. The late night talk shows should be paying him royalties for all of the fodder he gives them. He does not make me angry at all, he has zero credibility at all. Pretty much like the Obamafuerher has no credibility with the other world leaders. He's another laughable buffoon.(difference is, the Obamafuerher BELIEVES the Schumer he spews from his mouth.) Remember, these guys are from the Party of AnthonyS Weiner, so what kind of credibility do any of them have now?

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I have faith, faith that should we hit Syria one of our detractor nations there will do something and it will only


make it worse over there for our troops REMEMBER the BOOK burning incident.


What may seem of little consequence here or to our leaders may not to some other group


The cost of a Tomahawk missile IS $1.41 million and they want to use 100 to 200 of them HOLY SH*T


but they wont give status to the men wounded and killed at Ft. Hood to help them and their families


the Administration will not open oil exploration NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT and we need the oil and the jobs.


they keep pushing bad policy and worse laws.


We are told that the spying on Americans works YEA RIGHT but it did not catch Snowden, Manning the Boston


Bombing suspects even after Russia warned us and many more examples,


now freedom of speech and association through forums and such are as we find that the IRS and the NSA are


not only monitoring BUT who is to say they are not constructing / manufacturing evidence against all of us to use


when we become a problem.


the technology we have today that we see in movies and on our computers are old junk compared to cutting edge


that our government dollars have paid for and they can make a video of anyone and make it appear that your


anything to put you in prison or worse.


It is coming and even the NEW YORK times has printed that they are wondering why the government is doing these


things it is about power and control crushing the opposition at all costs and without fear of reprisals.


we now know that the FBI has used information to convict dealers but do we know that they are all dealers?


and then they were told to obscure the information and where it was decimated from that my friends is


a conspiracy and collusion tinged with fraud and intent to overturn the constitution and our rights.


By our own government and it's agencies.


Anyone that thinks this is not a problem that could grow legs and walk up rip your head off is not considering


how this started first I am sure that the dealer was a kingpin but when will it end ? a traffic ticket speaking out against


our leaders? your friends then your family?


When will it cause enough pain and suffering to move some to vote and get involved that is my question.

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